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Reasons why you ship steggy, go!

I think the main reason for me is the way Peggy was able to humanise Steve? Like, the title of Captain America would be intimidating to anybody, esp. for somebody who was dating the man - to constantly /not/ feel like you were overshadowed by him. Peggy to me, was someone who held very strong moral values of her own, and wasn’t swayed by what anybody else thought irrespective of who they were. That’s why a lot of people, including myself /and/ Steve admired her so much.

Peggy Carter believed in Steve before he was Captain America - she believed in the little guy who stood his ground and fought to do the right thing. It didn’t matter that he eventually became Cap, she had fallen in love with /Steve/.

And I feel like she was one of the only people who could ground Steve, keep him from not becoming his title, because that responsibility can go to /anybody’s/ head - and I feel like Steve would appreciate that - somebody who /could/ and /would/ say ‘no’ if something he suggested, or did, wasn’t necessarily the correct choice. So basically what I’m trying to say, is that they are unreservedly /equals/ and balance each other in a way I feel like, nobody else could.

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how the heckie do you talk to girls, and i'm asking because you got an A+ gf and i am jelly

Remember that you’ve got nothing to lose. If you go up to a pretty girl and she’s not about it you’ve literally lost nothing, you’re in the same spot you were before and you move on to the next one that makes you feel the butterflies. Because the point is SOMETIMES it works out but someone’s actually got to make a move for that to ever be possible.

It’s never as scary as you think it will be 🌈✨
Go get em

Sealed With A Kiss

The School For Good and Evil

Word Count: 3264

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Tedros understood that the battle between Sophie and Agatha was significant. He understood that this wasn’t his story and that it was theirs instead. He could accept that Agatha had struggled between what was Good and what felt right. He had felt a similar struggle, and at the end had been able to choose something that felt both right and Good: Agatha.

He hadn’t been joking with her when he said that physical cues were helpful. They had certainly had a history of miscommunication and he admitted that most of it was his fault. Still, though, she chose to stay with him and care for him. She chose to love him, and Tedros had never felt so thankful to have another human being’s affection in his whole life. The new struggle was articulation, non-verbal or otherwise, and this struggle was one that Tedros felt particularly in the weeks leading up to his princess’ birthday. 

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Please give me a fic where the Legends are there for the Music Meister  crossover and Mick (and Len!?!) are A) absolutely furious with how this bottom feeding white bread alien jackass treats Kara and her boundaries and B) how no one seems to notice there are major issues here

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A friend helped me get my first binder last Christmas and I love it so much! Gc2b even! But it's my only one so far and I want it to last. This question is probably a bit different from the usual about binders, but for days I can't bind/need to swap, I want to get a few sports bras for comfort and support. How do I measure myself for that? Does anyone have brand recommendations?

Absolutely. I really like Victoria Secret’s, honestly I would just grab a few and try them on, if you feel comfortable allowing one of the girls to measure you then you can do that


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Seth has acknowledged Tumblr on one of his interviews and he's all like "I see you Tumblr girls, and I know what you're doing. It's weird. Stop that" and in my head I'm like aw poor baby. But in my heart I'm like I DO IT FOR YOU BITCH. YOU CANT BE HERE IN PERSON TO LOVE ME AND FUCK ME AND CUDDLE WITH ME. Seth knows about us. He knows all about all of us!

No I def know he knows all about it but I doubt he lurks bc he sounded so weirded out about it lmao.
But I feel you friend. I feel you.


Chyna got up and looked over the railings of the roof out into the city,

“With all the girls you talk to, do you bring any of them up here to look at the view?”

Antonio got up and followed after her.

“No one really comes up here remember? Angie does sometimes to play basketball and me when I use the karaoke machine.”

“Well you should, it’s beautiful and peaceful up here” she said, her gaze fixed on the city

“Um no, this is our spot remember”

Antonio kept staring at his friend watching the view and thought to himself “what a nerd”.

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Hiya! I was just wondering if you could write #19 of the quote writing prompts for ponyboy? thanks! xx


Ponyboy Curtis Imagine
Prompt No. 19 “Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?”

You were at the Curtis house hanging with Ponyboy since Darry and Soda were at work. You all were sitting on the couch, watching a movie on TV.

Now, Pony has liked you for a while now, and he wanted to tell you so badly. The problem was, he didn’t know how to tell you. He had thought about it and since Soda was good with girls, he would ask Soda for advice.

“Hey, Soda?”

“What’s up, Pony?”

“Can I have help with something?”

“Yea, sure.”

“How do you tell a girl that you like them? Or how do you hint at it?”

“Well you could just tell them or you could just be funny about it, I guess. It really depends on how the girl would take it.”

“Well, what if she would just laugh it off?”

“Okay, you could look at her and ask her if you could hold her boobs. Like, I know that is weird but I have done it and it was kinda funny so I guess it could work.”

“And you promise that it will work?”

“Well we could pray and hope she doesn’t slap you.”

“If this doesn’t work, I swear I’ll skin you.”

He wasn’t entirely sure about his brother’s advice. He was afraid that you would get mad at him and slap him or something.

But if Soda did it and it worked, what could go wrong?

He finally gathered the courage and decided to try it.

“Hey, (Y/N)?”

“Yea?” you said without looking away from the TV.

“Can- uh- um-” he stuttered.

“What?” you laughed, finally looking at him.

“Hey, can I hold your boobs for a sec?” His cheeks blushed a bright red pink.

“Excuse me?”

“I- I have to go to the bathroom.”

He shot up off of the couch and ran to the bathroom. He was so embarrassed.

It was a while before he decided to come out and face you. He didn’t know if you would laugh or cry and run away.

Well, if you didn’t, he probably would.


“Yea? What’s up?” he said, avoiding eye contact.

“What was that you said that a few minutes ago?”


As coincidentally as it may seem, Soda walked in the door and saw how red Pony’s face was and he died laughing.

“I- *giggles*- can’t believe you actually did that. *giggles*”


A/N: I rly hope you enjoyed this. if you didn’t like it, I will be more than happy to write you another!

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hi i'm really interested in hooking up w a girl but this would be my first time & i have no idea how to find a sexy ass girl to hook up with. i don't even know what to expect or how to go about this. ugh i want it tho. fuckkkk

I honestly don’t know how to find a girl bc it seems to me that this things happen eventually, but when you’ll be about to hook up you should do to her what you’d like a girl to do to you and just do what you want to. And i bet you’ll like it so don’t be afraid ;) 

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I hate being feminine, everyone makes me fun of me for it, I wanna stop performing femininity

Girl, do you like being feminine? Besides people making fun of you, does being feminine bring you joy? Does putting makeup on and cute clothes and speaking/acting a certain way are something you genuinely enjoy? If you do, don’t change because of them! It took me years to figure out who I wanted to be, how I wanted to dress and how to be myself for myself. Don’t waste years like I did trying to impress other people and being uncomfortable with yourself.