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Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour


“Fleur Delacour, whose whole narrative is wrapped up in her physical beauty until the point where she stands up and says hey, it’s not. Fleur Delacour, the Beauxbaxton’s champion, Fleur Delacour who stands with the Order, Fleur Delacour who loves and fights with fierce devotion […] How is this someone to hate?” (x

Meet Abigail! She’s the third of the four romanceable girls in my next project.

She’s a cow, which I honestly kind of resisted at first because she’s kind of a country girl and it felt a bit on the nose, but as I was drawing it I just felt like she was too cute this way and so it kinda stuck.

I don’t have colors here so I just have to inform you that she has pink hair.

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Not to be negative but I feel like Bella's back to her 2014 weight when she first got signed to IMG. Obviously I don't want her to restrict herself in any way, but no other model would get the work that Bella does if they had her current measurements. You can see a difference in the size of her arms and legs on at that Cannes runway show compared to SS17 shows and VSFS

Lara Stone and Barbara Palvin are both models with thicker body types that get/have gotten plenty of work; not to mention the rise of plus size models in general making it easier for girls without the stick-thin body type to still thrive. And then no one’s hiring Bella because of her body. Bella has always been bigger than other models through her whole career, no one is hiring her expecting a super thin girl. However, I don’t think she’s at her 2014 weight. She was still much larger than she is now then, this looks like mid-late 2015 weight when she first started modeling full time/seriously and getting work. While I do think her weight could hold her back since her print isn’t the best and she’s not that famous, I don’t see it being too much of an issue. Especially because she yo-yos, this body might just be stress-related or a result of her binging after VSFS (though I think it’s a bit too late to eb just that) and by the end of the summer we’ll start being worried by her weight loss again. 

Bella lost weight intentionally for VSFS, that was never her ideal weight for herself or intended to be her new body it was a mission oriented weight loss. No one in-industry anticipates a girls VSFS body to be her new look because even the skinniest girls push themselves to loose even more weight for that show. I don’t think she’d lost that much weight for VSFS to be honest but she has clearly gained back more than she’d started off with before VS. Her arms and legs seem bigger now but seeing her legs at the VSFS is what made me feel better about her weight loss then because she wasn’t as skinny as she was stunting herself out on instagram to be.

And again, since when I talk about this some of you guys miss the point of what I’m saying, there’s nothing wrong with her gaining weight but it’s the yo-yoing and her weight/body image issues of the past that have me concerned. Like if I thought she would maintain this body then I wouldn’t care but the more she gains the more she’s gonna force herself to loose before fashion month and VS (assuming she gets in again) this year and the more drastic measures she’ll take to do so.

I feel so weirdly shaped now I kinda miss being big but that’s mainly because I lost all my muscle mass when I took 3 months of soooo we’ll see how I feel when I put it back on (80kg in May / 76kg in September)

When people mock Skai Jackson or Rihanna for not having a “black girl’s body,” it’s misogynoir. It’s not skinny shaming. It’s also people hmphing at the fact they can’t fetishize those two females (one is a girl and the other is a woman) like they want to. Most black men who bitch about fourteen year old Skai’s body are saying, “She’s dark-skinned and black, so she SHOULD have curves and a big booty.” They’re sexualizing her and saying that’s the only thing they find attractive about girls like her. Without a body people can fetishize, exotify and hypersexualize, they find her utterly useless. It’s not about whether they find her desirable or not. It’s rather they can get use out of her as a dark-skinned girl. They’re literally pissed they CAN’T fetishize her body if she did have wide hips, a large butt and curves.

 Rihanna is a black woman who is known for her opened sexuality. However, she does not have a “big booty” the way people expect her to have. So it’s not saying, “Wow, big butts are the standard of beauty. All black girls should have it.” It’s, “If you’re going to be black and/or dark-skinned, at least have something I find sexually appeasing to me or else you’re useless.” Do you really want to be objectified that way? It’s not desirability or value when most men demand black women to have “curves” and an “ass.” It’s saying, “Have a body I can use for my own pleasure.” They don’t say that to other women because they find everything about them attractive for the most part. White and non-black women don’t need to have “curves” or a “big ol’ booty” because they don’t need incentives to be seen as beautiful or desirable like black women. As FedUpBlackWoman said, how can you claim to know your history about black womanhood when one of the main scrutiny we get as black women is how large our bodies are compare to white women. Sarah Baartman? 

In defense of SM Entertainment

This post is long overdue. It seems like everywhere you go in kpop-ville these days someone is crtisising one of the big 3 companies - Mainly SM Entertainment. This post is not meant to cover-up the fact that SM does have their talent sign long-term contracts or the fact that life for a non-Korean in SM is difficult. This post is here to simply point out the fact that SM isn’t as bad as its protrayed, so please consider the following before joining the SM bandwagon of hate.

-Firstly SM does its best to keep their talent natural on the camera. Unlike many other companies who want to protray the maknae as “cute and adorable”, best looking as “cold city man” and the dancer as “the manly man”. SM just sorta lets the artists be. We see Kyuhyun who’s the maknae but often speaks up and we have Sehun managed to come off as cool, calm and collected even though he’s Exo’s maknae. Kai is the groups dancer but everyone knows he’s just an adorable goof-ball who likes chicken, sleep and having fun. Krystal is stunningly beautiful but we normaly just see her and Amber goofing off. Most of the time what you see is what you get with SM artists. So yes, you can easily pick out the ones who are really cool from the ones who suck.

-SM handled the Exo saga pretty well. Instead of letting Exo talk about it, which would have led to the media twisting their words. SM choose specific times and places to adress the Exo members leaving without letting it become a big thing; despite being sued. They also allowed the boys to write a song for the past members which gave them the opportunity to express their sadness without the media pouncing on them.

-SM hasn’t sold its female groups to the whole sexy concept yet. You can blame SM for a lot of things but they’ve managed to make some of kpop’s best girl groups without selling their bodies. Yes some SM girl groups have had some revealing clothing and some questionable dance moves but its nothing compared to some of the stuff we see out there. They’ve opted to show these girl groups being cute, adorable and a little awkward allowing the girls to be comfortable. Look at RV, they made ‘Dumb Dumb’’ which is argubaly one of the best kpop videos of the year yet they didn’t have to sell their bodies to do it.

-SM made Amber work. This relates to the point I raised about not selling their girl groups to the sexy concepts. Let’s be honest had Amber been signed to another company she would’ve had to grow her hair out and find a way to be sexy. They even let her be as free as she is on Youtube. Instead of trying to change Amber, SM worked on her strengths to make her the best possible idol. This way she’s managed to help girls out there realise that they’re all beautiful - her personality makes her sexy & thankfully we get to see it.

-SM is more accpeting with relationships. Most companies don’t want idols to admit that they’re dating because they’re afraid of losing female fans. However SM was very open to the idea of Baekhyun and Taeyoen and I think they even supported them.

-SM changed up their music style. Yes, in the past SM has made some cringeworthing attempts to get their artists music sounding like Western music. We all remember the RingDingDong, “oolf” and “Sexy, free & single ready to bingo” phases that SM has gone through but this year they really came back with a different style of music that incorporates Western sounds without losing its Korean roots. It’s not perfet yet but it is pretty good. With SHINee’s View, F(x) coming back with such a deep concept after losing Sulli, Super Junior getting to show their fun side and RV not only succesfully introducing Yeri but gaining popularity with their subtle yet catchy pop songs; its safe to say SM really had a successful comeback muscially

Those are just the few that come to mind but there are many more. Yes, SM has made mistakes and they’re not the perfect company but I think too many people never really get to see all the good stuff SM does.

TL;DR SM is crappy sometimes but they’re not that bad.


Parents/adults don’t understand the impact of their words or explanations. Kids take everything literally so when u tell a little girl she’s a woman now, she’s going to believe u. It might not be so dangerous if womanism wasn’t equated with sexuality, but it is. So when ur a child who doesn’t know the first thing about their sexuality, that can/will put a lot of pressure on a them. A kid should be a kid. There’s nothing “grown-up” about having boobs or a period or pubic hair. That’s our anatomy & that’s all it is. Acting like these are the traits that make u all grown up reinforces the idea that a woman or girl is nothing without her body.

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Idk, Caitlyn, idk, I had my prom last night and I felt good and I danced but now I'm looking at pictures and videos and I feel so ugly. I want to say the nicest things and truly, my home is warm and my exams are finished but it is so tiring being a teenager and it is so tiring being the girl without a body to be proud of. I'm so sorry for sending this and I feel terribly selfish and I hope this would never upset a soul, but this feeling is quite lonely. ( sorry again) much love and admiration xo

You are a body in motion. You are a body dancing and swaying and eating and drinking and hurting. Not a statue or a painting, all sprawled over a bed, body stretched thin and soft. You’re here and your body is magnificent, all sparkly and shiny in your tuxedo, in your dress. You are magic when you move. You are magic when you dance, arms wild and outstretched, hair shaking around your gorgeous head. Your cheeks shiny with a little sweat from all of the movement. You are captivating and alive and alluring, living your life and enjoying prom. That’s what happened. That’s how that night will go down in the books. Pictures and videos, too. You were in it. You danced. Glorious and full and SO, so beautiful.