girl with tongue piercing

“Happy almost Halloween cuuuuties! 💕
I’m sorry for my random hiatuses, but thank you guys so much for being patient with me. 🦋 For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been working for a year on the first novel in a fantasy series, so my focus has been primarily on that. You guys have been so tolerant of it and I promise you it’ll be worth the wait. 🌙
On another note, how have you guys been doing, hmmm? 💕 What are you going to be for Halloween? I’m probably just going to be a wizard because well? There’s no bad time for wizards.
Contact lenses: Freshtone Super Natural - Icy Green from @ohmykitty4u
Hair dye: Poseidon and Sterling from @arcticfoxhaircolor (you can use my code THELEDABUNNY for 15% off 🦋)”