girl with the skeleton hand

To Protect His Heart

He wanted to throttle his brother. The girl was a skeleton, fae with their eternal powers died at the hands of the Weaver. Those fae, although stupid or desperate, at least had fear. This girl was broken to a point that she wasn’t even afraid of the ancient monster.

“Mother’s tits Rhys, the Weaver?”

With a face that he knew to be the High Lord, a mask he now wore every day, “We need to test her abilities.”

He wanted to punch him. He wasn’t sure his brother would ever return from that mountain. They heard rumors during the fifty years he was held, each time almost breaking them further. The rumors were nothing compared to the reports the wraith twins had given when they had returned. Even the twins admitted they only knew a fraction of what had happened.

He had survived hell, at least his body did. This brother spent fifty years in a court worse than the Hewn City, all the while wearing a mask of cruelty.  He sacrificed himself for the things he loved. He would give anything to see his brother smile again, to watch him as he barked his signature laugh.  

Fifty years alone. That thought was the only thing stopping his anger from growing.  He softened his voice, like he often did while talking of the woman who provided him a family, “You know, there was more to it than she told you. She gave that ring to the Weaver not only to ensure the girl could survive the marriage, it was to ensure you would as well. To ensure that she loved you as much as you loved her.” He drew a breath, “she did it to protect your heart.”

He almost sighed in relief, just a little tell but before Rhys answered, he knew the mask dropped, “I know. I know she did.”

Shit. Rhys was making a silent declaration to himself and his brothers. It was her or no one. He loved her, at some point in that cesspool, Rhys fell in love with the girl. He could see it, he could see in the shadows of what was left of the girl, that they could have been evenly matched.

“You love her don’t you?”

“Is it that obvious?”

In the deepest folds of his soul, he really hoped that the Spring Court had not taken yet another person from his brother.


Kate Bogucharskaia for Meadowlark’s Dynasty Spring/Summer 2014-2015 Collection

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RFA Reactions To MC With Nipple Piercings

•he dies when he sees them through your shirt
•he likes the contrast of your warm nipples and the cold metal in his mouth
•likes to tug on them a little during sex

•poor boy is red as FUUUCK
•he thinks they’re really intimidating
•'omg mc is so badass’
•is scared to touch nips
•baby doesn’t want to hurt you :((
•a questions crosses his mind…
•"if you…breast feed will the milk come out like a sprinkler?“

•a bit taken back
•surprised mostly… and horny
•instantly thinks they’re hot
•like saeyoung, he chokes when he sees them through your shirt!!!
•likes to play with the jewelry in his fingertips
•"You enjoy a little pain, do you MC?”

•thought of getting her nipples pierced when she was really young
•kinda envious of mc
•"didn’t take you as the nipple kind of girl!“
•always giggles when the skeleton hand jewelry is in

•tbh he had his nipples pierced when he was in the biker gang
•thinks it’s so cool that you look like an innocent sweetheart but with a dirty secret
•realllly turns him on