girl with the ribbon around her neck

Entanglement (M)

Rating: M (NC-17)

Warnings: Language, adultery, explicit sex

Pairings: Jaebum/Reader, Jackson/Reader

Synopsis: While being in a long term relationship with Jackson you begin to suspect that he is cheating on you.


To be honest I don’t know how much I can keep up a facade. Knowing that your fiancé is cheating on you is a tricky situation. I didn’t know what the girl looked like but all I remember from that night was a bright red ribbon.

An electric red that stood out against her dark brown hair.

Jackson’s arm had been around her that night, his hand stroking her neck and a smile against her ear. He was whispering something to her.

It was a scene so intimate I felt my blood run hot.

Quicker Hamilton Facts

Y’all STILL ALSO need to realize:

Lafayette go soooo drunk once that his brother-in-law had to drag him home

Hamilton’s ship caught on fire coming over to America

Jefferson had a mockingbird named Dick

He also owned a goat that killed someone

After being told about Hamilton’s death, Jefferson became quiet and aloof as he quickly found Burr to arrest him.


Which is why Hamilton didn’t want to get close to Washington in fear he would be a father figure and let him down.

Washington refused to respond letters from the British because they didn’t address him correctly.

Hamilton was announced dead after destroying British supply and trying to cross a river with British gun fire only to show up soaking wet later while everyone was drinking to his memory 

When Lafayette came back to America before his death, he and Jefferson hugged and cried with each other 

They said God Bless to each other

AND Jefferson and Lafayette did a lot of weed and a lot of alcohol

Washington liked to pretend his knife and forks were drumsticks and play music on tables

Despite common belief, Hamilton would often make time for his family and would write home to Eliza about how homesick he was

Martha Washington outlived four children and two husbands and said the worst day of her life was went Jefferson came to visit.

Laurens was getting out of bed when he hit his head on the ceiling

Hamilton was supposed to go on Washington’s boat while crossing the Delaware but he wasn’t used to this thing called “winter” and often got sick a lot.

Thomas Jefferson told his grandchildren to flirt with everyone despite their gender so everyone would like them

Jefferson had an expensive bust of Hamilton in his house for no other reason than he wanted one.

Burr set himself on fire trying to lite a candle on fire with gunpowder.


Hamilton was not only gay for Laurens, but also for the spy John Andre.

He said Andre was too pretty to be hung

Franklin and Adams shared a bed and fought over whether a window open was good for your health while you slept.

Franklin won because he ranted so much that Adams fell asleep.

Lafayette often joked about his name, saying “It’s not my fault, I was baptized like a Spaniard, with the name of every conceivable saint who might offer me more protection in battle”

When George Washington was 17, a girl stole his clothes just to see him looking for them while naked.

Eliza had a mourning ring which she had on a ribbon around her neck which contained a strand of Hamilton’s hair

Engraved inside the ring was the day he died and how old he was

Lafayette was buried under soil from Bunker Hill in France

During World War 1, General Pershing and a parade went to Lafayette’s grave and said “Lafayette, we’re here!”

Sooo…America help Lafayette in a war, just a little toooo late.

After Hamilton’s death, Eliza referred to her late husband as “my Hamilton” and “my Alexander” 

When giving tour of her home, she would stare at a bust of Hamilton for a few seconds and would whisper “my Hamilton”

Burr bought a coconut for about $40 today because why not.

Hamilton was called “The Little Lion” because of his mouth and small stature.

Burr would often refer to Hamilton as “my dear friend Hamilton, whom I shot”

Burr was attacked by bedbugs and then proceeded to sleep on the floor for 6 hours

Burr’s daughter, Theodosia, was lost at sea.

Burr had sex with A LOT of ladies in Europe…after he killed Hamilton

So This Is Love [3]


Summary: Y/N is heavily mistreated in her household. Prince Peter has to find a bride to become the queen of the kingdom.

AN: THANK YOU TO @hufflepuffholland FOR MAKING ME THIS AWESOME MOOD BOARD!!! also i would really love it if you guys gave feedbacks!!! they literally make my day and they encourage me to write faster (so like faster updates *wink wink*)

Peter Parker x Reader


// Masterlist //

I hummed to myself as I sweeped the floor clear of the dust. I moved all of the dirt to a small pile which I would pick up later.

No matter how your heart is grieving…If you keep on believing…The dream that you wish will come true…” I sang to myself. My mother taught me this song before she passed. She told me that whenever times were tough or if I was feeling down, that I should sing this song.

I was finishing up when suddenly, Stepmother’s cat, Lucifer, jumped out of nowhere and pounced on the pile of dust. He ran around a few times, scattering what I’d just cleaned. The cat even turned to look at me with what, I swear, looked like a smug look in his eye.

“Why you little-”

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anonymous asked:

14 for Elucien

Lucien is in for quite the surprise when Elain’s seer powers reveal what they are to expect in the future. But the seer and fox make sure to announce their pregnancy to their friends and family in a very special way.

Pregnancy/Birth Headcanon: 

- Once Elain discovers she is with child she has a vision of the date when she is to give birth.

- She decides to tell Lucien through a note that she tells him was “written by a little special someone”.

- Lucien is perplexed, but he assumes this is one of Elain’s little notes that she and him write back and forth to each other for fun.

- As Lucien reads the note aloud Elain holds his large hand in her dainty one on her lap.

- “Hi papa, we can’t wait to see you and mama when Autumn arrives-”

- Lucien stops reading and his eyes slowly raise to Elain who presses his hand to her still-flat stomach.

- “Are you sure?” Lucien asks softly as though the moment would shatter if he spoke any louder.

- Elain nods with a bright smile as Lucien begins to kiss her cheeks and forehead.

- But then he leans back with a confused look. “Wait…the card…said we can’t wait to see you…”

- “Our hands our going to be full with two little bundles of joy,” Elain said just before her lips were captured my her mate’s own lips kissing her with such unbridled happiness.

- The Inner Circle was thrilled by the news and even helped Lucien and Elain plan a pregnancy announcement party for Lucien’s mother.

- When the Lady of Autumn pulled out a pale green baby onesie from a box she immediately jumped from her seat and pulled Elain and Lucien into a hug with tears of joy streaming down her face.

- “We have a surprise for everyone,” Elain said as Lucien winnowed away and came back with a large box painted intricately by Feyre in shades of pinks and blues.

- Elain and Lucien then had everyone guess the gender of their baby. Cassian was extremely adamant that it would be a little girl (so that his own daughter would have a little niece to play with alongside the boys.)

- When everyone made their guesses Lucien and Elain tapped lightly on the box and out popped a fox with a bright pink ribbon tied in a bow around it’s neck.

- Everyone cheered, especially Cassian and the Lady of the Autumn Court.

“But,” Lucien said and hugged Elain close. “We have one more surprise…”

- Everyone was silent as Lucien winnowed away and back with another box. And so they all began to make guesses again with shock gracing everyone’s faces as they realized Elain and Lucien were having twins.

- When all were ready out popped another fox, but this one wore a bright blue ribbon.

- And when Autumn arrived so did two little babies with red hair that matched their father and brown eyes that mirrored their mother.

- Lucien was with Elain throughout the delivery. His hands gripped hers gently and both of them breathed a sigh of relief when the room was filled with the cries of their two children.

- Elain held their precious children in each arm in the bed while Lucien supported Elain’s exhausted body against him.

“They are so small… so perfect.” Lucien murmured as his little boy grabbed onto Lucien’s thumb. He chuckled at the sight before kissing the top of Elain’s head. “Thank you Elain…for everything.”

- Elain kissed Lucien’s jaw. “And thank you for being here with me. With us.” Elain smiled down at their children who now slumbered. Even Elain couldn’t hold back her own yawn after hours of contractions and finally bringing her babies into the world.

“Rest dove,” Lucien whispered. “I’ll watch over you all.”

- It didn’t take long before Elain fell asleep against her mate. Lucien indeed kept to his word. He watched over his family with a proud smile on his face.

- He couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them next. 

Keye (pronounced key) the thief

He was a lock smith, trained from birth through unpleasant and unlawful activities. Never was he without his several sets of lock picks. One set wrapped in leather settled permanently on his belt, another in cloth carefully stowed in his plain canvas backpack, one set hidden in the soles of his leather boots, handmade and strange, several more sets sewed into the lining of his clothes, and stashed in carefully constructed holsters under his clothing and in special pockets inside his jacket.

His name was not his Name, and he never truly had one. And though his parents did call him monkey, even that was not his Name. He was called many things when he worked under his parents, Ghost, Pick, The Skeleton Key, or simply Thief, all monikers of his trade. These days however, he went by Keye.

He grew up in a world of grey, where words are binding, and blood ties are even more so. He struck a deal to get out of that world, though not with any fae. No, the price would have been lesser had he gone to the fair folk. He was used to saying nothing explicitly, not saying please, thank you, nor promising anything in return.

He had managed to be honest for a while after his deal, opened a shop and had been doing fairly well. But then they’d come to collect, and he had gone to pay his debt. How did it go so wrong so quickly? He had been quick, had done everything right, and still the flashing red and blue lights and jarring siren had come for him. He had only one thought before he saw the blue shirts and black vests, Don’t let them get me.

He woke up in a room he didn’t recognize with memories he knew he didn’t have before. The windows were salted and lined in iron. His bed had a simple blue comforter, a plain white quilt and raw cotton sheets that smelled of fresh mountain air. He was still wearing his clothes, his backpack was beside him, his shoes next to it. Everything he had was cleaned, though none of it had been altered. He knew he was a junior at Elsewhere the same way he knew the rules here, he remembered.

He still had his habits from Before, but new habits had joined them. He had always worn his quilted jacket as well as his socks inside out as a silly superstition he picked up from a favorite book of his. He wore his iron pendant tucked firmly against his chest at all times as well, its heavy weight an anchor, though now he added the crystal of Himalayan rock salt in a glass vial to the leather thong. He found that he had luck rituals too, and though he wouldn’t call them that, rituals were the best way to describe them. For example, he knew that on Tuesdays he knocked three times on his Rowan door before leaving, Wednesday had him drinking only water, never soda or flavored beverages of any sort, on Thursdays he shared fresh baked bread with the wind, Fridays were the days he spoke only when spoken to, and on the weekends he followed his instincts. Monday was the day he left open, fair play, he reasoned.

He was an unusual subject major, meaning he took whatever classes he liked and didn’t really classify as any specific major and his room wasn’t really in any particular location. He knew how to find it, and he Knew it was his domain, part of what he was given in return for whatever he was brought here to do. He was a locksmith, a pickpocket, a thief. This he Knew deep in his bones. Whatever brought him here had a reason, and he would play its game for as long as it suited him, for as long as it took to get all the information he needed.
Keye dragged himself out of his thoughts, having determined all he could of his situation at the moment. He was deep up shit creek without a paddle. “Fuck,” was all the brown haired smith could think to say as he prepared himself to take the plunge into the unknown, and he pulled on his comfortable boots. He searched the room, and upon finding several crystals and sage smudge sticks scattered on his dresser along with an iron box in his underwear drawer, abandoned the search until later that day.
Keye seized his backpack, made sure he had his lock picks, knocked thrice, and grasping the simple handle, he left. As soon as he blinked the light from his emerald eyes, he found he was outside the doors to a dorm building on campus. He shrugged and went to his first class, letting his memory guide him to the right classroom.
“You just got here, didn’t you.” A voice said after the class had ended, one that reminded Keye of crows, holding a wicked humor and a quiet wisdom, it had not asked a question, so he merely nodded in confirmation, “What can I call you?” It asked, the owner finally coming into view as Keye turned to face it. The speaker was a girl with pearls around her neck and glossy black feathers in her hair.
“Some call me Keye, and, if you don’t mind me asking, what may I call you?” He replied easily, as this ritual was something that took place before although for very different reasons.
“Feathers, if you like, crow girl works as well,” Feathers answered, noticing his phrasing and approving, perhaps the stranger wouldn’t be a sitting duck after all.
She looked at the man with an appraising eye, taking in long chocolate brown hair tied back with plain cotton ribbon, his sharp emerald gaze and the inside out coat he sported. She noticed the strange leather case on his belt, and how he left his fingers and wrists free of anything to weigh them down. The chosen of the crow king saw the weight of Keye’s past, though couldn’t tell quite what it was, and she could easily feel that he was, different. Not here by choice, nor as a result of a deal, Feathers realized with a jolt. “Come with me, it’s not safe to talk here. I am not fae and I mean you no harm.” And with that she was off, and not having anything better to do, Keye followed. Seeing that his human was moving with purpose, Barnes quickly moved to settle on the girl’s shoulder.
Once they were all safe in the cafe, she began to ask him questions, and he answers them all as truthfully as he could, though age old habits caused him to be extremely careful with what information he divulged. As soon as Feathers has finished, she huffed. “You’re in deep buddy, and this information is freely given. You need to talk to Cat Eyes, tell her what you told me, and tell her Feathers sent you. See what she has to say.” And then she stood, wished him luck, and left. He simply raised an eyebrow and watched her leave. At least this promised to be interesting, he thought ruefully.
(Ooc) yo, this is an idea I had. Can people who live by similar rules to fae and maybe have ties far back in their family get brought to elsewhere by powerful and old beings? What would happen if they did? Why would they be Borrowed? Idk, I may or may not continue this.



I F   I T   W O U L D   P L E A S E ♡

15 Days of Valentines ♡ | a Jon/Sansa meme
↳ 4/15: Blind date/Setup | Arranged Marriage

With a reputation tarnished by falsehoods, twenty-one year old Sansa Stark in unable to find herself a husband in a time where a woman’s utmost requirement is to be married off. At wit’s end, and fed up with her turning down every husband he can find for her, Ned Stark arranges one final match for his eldest daughter; only this time, her charming suitor is a former acquaintance.

I took some liberties with the theme; there’s no denying that. But it’s also the only thing I could conjur up today so let’s just… go with it? I’m leaving it with one chapter for now, but if it’s enjoyed then I may write more to it one day. Anyways, enjoy! :)

Below or AO3

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Elide let out a groan and shut her tired eyes, leaning her head back against the mound of pillows on her bed. She had been suffering from the world’s worst headache for days now, and it wasn’t just affecting her. Lorcan was so terribly stressed, torn between between being overbearing and freaking out because she was in pain, that Elide had to put an end to it. She had invited Aelin and her family to visit Perranth for the day, and then promptly shoved Lorcan and Rowan out of the house. Elide had loved catching up with Aelin. Now the Queen of Terrasen with two children in tow, she was a force of nature, and her lively conversations about raising two power-ridden children kept the headaches at bay. But the Galathyniuses had left hours ago, late to some court meeting which they could not miss, and now Elide’s headaches had returned.

The headaches didn’t help the vomiting she had been suffering from every morning for the past two or three days- Lorcan, who had dutifully held her hair back and stroked her neck calmingly every time, was positive that she was sick. But Elide thought otherwise. She refused to believe the signs, refused to believe that there might be a tiny chance she could have a baby growing inside her. The odds alone of a baby being created from a demi-Fae and a mortal with witch blood were slim to none. And yet… Elide supressed a sigh at the sight of the bedroom door opening, revealing her husband, dripping with water and shirtless with a towel slung low across his waist.

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That’s My Girl -- Bughead Au

Word Count: 1,828

Rated: PG-13

A/N: Because Protective!Juggie is something we could all use a little more of in our lives. (Also on AO3)

Jughead Jones found his fortune at the bottom of whiskey bottle. The new bartender at his usual spot already knew his order, double shot of Jameson and Coke. All he had to do was sit down at the far end of the bar and the blonde haired bartender was already pouring his drink. Tonight was different.

“You drank us out of Jameson last night, Mr. Jones.” The young woman behind the bar rested on her elbows on her side of the bar. There was only one other person sitting halfway down from Jughead in the small, desolate bar. “You want me to get you something else?”

“Just get me some of your cheapest whiskey. And I told you, call me Jughead. Mr. Jones is my father’s name; I’m far too young for that.”

“Coming right up, Mr. Jones.” She teased.

The girl, Betty, took her time. She didn’t have to reach for the cheap bottle of whiskey on the bottom shelf. Jughead watched as she mixed the two brown liquids and placed a yellow straw in the drink. She returned with the drink, but instead of going back to work, she hopped up to sit on the bar in front of Jughead.

“Is there something you want from me?” Jughead asked, taking a swig of his drink.

“Not a thing.” Betty responded. “As you can see, there’s not much going on in this shit hole.”

“So what are you doing working in this dive then?”

“What are you doing drinking in a dive like this?” She threw back.

Jughead grinned, this girl was sharp. “I asked first.”

Betty paused before answering and took a drink from a glass of water from under the bar. “The last place I worked shut down. This job is just a filler until my next opportunity comes around.”

“And what would that be?”

“I could show you sometime.” She teased. Hopping off the bar, she pulled a pen from behind her ear and started scribbling on a napkin. “Stick around until close and I’ll give you a private show.” Jughead raised an eyebrow as Betty slid the napkin to him, revealing ten digits of a phone number. “I’m a dancer, you could say.”

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Love in Panem presents - Cadavres Exquis part 7

It was up to @titaniasfics to continue a crazy fic she knew almost nothing about - but the very first lines of the story and the two @nancymay left for her. 

It’s now  up to @hutchhitched to follow with a perfect count of 500 words …

Please, readers, do keep in mind the authors had absolutely NO CLUE of what happened before they started writing … we are publishing with a 10 days delay :) so … the story’s a bit ahead :)

As usual, story’s under the cut…. (and yes, we’re still hoping for an alien invasion at some point !!!)

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You Won't Leave, Right?

I can’t believe that I’m too addicted to this ship.

Warning : neck-kissing(?), hinted nsfw, +16, surprises and uhm…. This fanfic??

Just to be clear, this isn’t the NaJ AU. But they have the same age as the NaJ AU I guess?

Try and figure out who these characters are without skipping to the end notes.

Good luck!


A girl ran to the top of the hill she and her companion visited.

Her pink dress and ribbons flew with the wind as she turned around to see her partner leaning his back against the tree, watching her.

“Let’s watch the sunset now, sweetheart.” He told her. She slowly went to him, a sweet smile on her face. No wonder he calls her sweetheart.

He took her hands in his, pulling her to sit down next him.

They leaned back at the cherry blossom tree as they watch the scenery which was beautiful and calming.

You could clearly see the sun as it goes down, the wide, open view of the sea reflecting it’s golden rays.

There are also cherry blossoms falling down around the two if them, which adds to the beauty of the enchanted golden flowers growing around the tree.

Watching this view definitely brings them serenity and calmness.

The sun had finally finished setting.

The full moon along with the thousand stars rise, each group of stars forming a unique constellation.

If he can, he would consider the eyes of his partner stars. They seemingly make the rest of the sky look dimmer.

To be honest, she looks like a star herself. Like he would just be a shadow compared to her bright beauty.

They both look down at the field of flowers surrounding them.

The enchanted flowers around the tree slowly changed color from gold to blue, one of the many things why this is their favorite place.

The flowers change color depending on what time it is.

At night it is blue, going dark violet through midnight.

Glows as red as blood at the first sight of sunrise.

It soon becomes orange during lunch and slowly turns golden at sunset, retuning to it’s brilliant blue.

It’s just like her. With her colorful personality.

The girl is still mesmerized by this even though she’s seen it probably a thousand times already. She took a flower in her hands and picked it off the ground.

One by one, she pulled of the petals out of boredom.

“He loves me…. He loves me not…. He loves me…. He loves me not….” She kept saying as another petal was pulled off.

She continued this up to the very last petal of the magical flower.

Seeing this, she smiled.

She pulled off the last petal, and breathed happily. “He loves me….”

She looked at her partner who was just watching her with a smile but his eyes tell a different story.

“See, Snazzy?” She started, letting go of the petalless flower. “Even the flower knows you love me.”

She hugged the boy next to her, leaning her head on his chest.

“Of course they do, Xahji.” Snazzy nodded and wrapped his arms around her.

“Then….” Her smile faltered, her hug on him got a little tighter. And somehow…. Possessive? “You won’t leave me, right?”

Snazzy looked at her piercing eyes. It would scare a total stranger or anyone else. He knew that feeling before. But now…. He’s used to it.

He wasted no time for words and kissed her.

He knew her for so long now to know that she just need a passionate kiss as an answer.

He also know that she must be the one to pull away so he just enjoyed the kiss longer than usual.

After a few moments, she pulled away, panting for air.

.“I will never leave you.” He said in between pants.

“Good.” She smiled.

She gripped his jacket and pulled him into another kiss.

He pushed her back to the tree, pressing against her to deepen the kiss.

He licked her lips(?) asking for entrance and she gladly accept it. No need to fight for dominance because he wins anyway without trying.

Muffled moans escaped her as she push his head towards her to make the kiss deeper than it already is.

It felt like an enternity. Xahji just wants to kiss her boyfriend forever. But the stupid air is needed so she pulled away.

Breathing heavily, Snazzy leaned onto her shoulder.

She closed her eye and looked to the left, exposing the right side of her neck.

He immediately pampered it with kisses, occasionally nipping it.

“Zee~ You’ll stay forever… Right~?” Xahji asked, opening her eye.

“Mhmm~” Snazzy hummed, removing the part of the dress that covers her shoulder to reach better.

Xahji’s face was in a total blush. Her sight is beginning to blur as she focuses on Snazzy more.

Her mind is clouded with lust and a possessive feeling.

“P-promise you won’t ha-ahh~ lay eyes on another~?” Xahji asked.

Snazzy stopped kissing her to answer, making Xahji whine. “I would never~” he cooed and returned to abusing her neck.

Her breath hitched when he passed a certain spot. He immediately attacked it, torturing that part with licks and bites.

“Hmm~ Ah~ Snazzy~” Xahji shifts uncomfortably at the feeling of wood behind her. He noticed this of course and teleported them somewhere.

She felt the warp thay made her dizier than she already is.

The feeling if the cherry blossom tree on her back disappeared, replaced by nothing.

Hey eye shot open as she fell back, pulling Snazzy along with her.

The warmth of the sheets behind her was noticed.

She looked around to see the scenery of the sea gone, replaced by the sight of a familiar room.

“T-this room is-” she was cut off by Snazzy kissing the other side of her neck.

“Ngh~ Zee~” she moaned.

“Hmm~?” Snazzy answered as he also slowly removes the other part of the dress covering her other shoulder leaving both shoulders exposed to the cool air in the room.

“W-who do you belong to~?” She asked.

Snazzy paused for a bit. He lifted his head and looked down at Xahji’s flushed face. He can’t help but bite his lower lip, his own face in a deep blush as well.

He removed his jacket and shirt, exposing his ribs in full view to the flustered girl below him. He leaned down to where her ears would be.

“I belong to you, and you only~ You said it yourself.” He whispered seductively.

Xahji purred when she heard that.

“I’m glad you know…” She said.

Snazzy resumed kissing her neck, biting it hard enough to leave another mark on her.

“And if anyone ever tries to steal you away~” she pushed him away a bit, his face oh so close to hers. She put a finger on his mouth, looking at him with lust. “I will personally make sure that their death will be slow and painful~”

He gulped. He knew very well that his girlfriend is sweet and definitely lovely. She is what any guy could have wished for. That’s why her siblings are so overprotective of her.

He felt lucky to even have her. To claim her as his. To know they belong to each other.

But she still have…. Questionable tendencies when it comes to him. He loved every inch of her but her yandere side is too dangerous.

That’s probably gonna be the reason why he should be careful of her.

He’s too scared of loosing her but he is also scared that she would love him too much that she might kill someone.

He dismissed those thoughts and just kissed her deeply, the sudden kiss made her moan as he slowly undressed her.

It’s not like he won’t do the same if anyone takes her away from him.


And done! Did you figure out the twist?

Xahji’s a yandere, yo! Anf so is Snazzy, I guess.

I think everyone figured that out. Someone once said that a good story has a yandere in it.

I hope this is one of ‘em.

Like I said, this isn’t NaJ but they are the same age as NaJ.

That’s why Snazzy can teleport.

And why Xahji has probably 7 sibs.

Cil, Cray, Goth, Lilith, Muffin, Glitch Color…. Is Fatal counted?

Eh, whatever.

I just wanted to write this.

And I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

I should probably stop before this goes longer.

Like, I usually ramble alot of things.

Like this one.

I should stop.

Ok, bye. See ya next time.

Snazzy- @anrez-op-skele
Xahji- @azzyloraaandkanto

And the plot is mine.

i wish someone can draw this

TDBM Drabble: Meant to Be

Okay, had to fit one more in before 5.2!  
Word count: 300 

Jean looked unenthused. “I’ll go to support Shirley. It’s an awful fright for her to watch Ray punched.”  

I’ll be the fight doctor,“ Lucien pointed out.

"Will you know when to stop it?” she asked.

He harrumphed.  "I boxed in school.“

Her raised eyebrows caused him to fetch proof, producing several photographs of a teenager in singlet and satin underpants. She was shocked that he’d had wild curls, not his short-cropped hair.  Did she really know her fiance?

Young Lucien held a boxing stance with upraised gloves which made her smile. His serious scowl caused her to grin. Another photo had medals around his neck and his trim arms crossed under wide shoulders. He’d been such a handsome boy. He wouldn’t have looked twice at a farm girl, she decided. Occasionally her mind flitted to ‘what ifs’ but this wasn’t something that would ever have been. She shared the first thought, "You were so lovely,” but not the other.

His ears’ tips went pink. “What about yours? We should start a family album.”

Her steps dragged as she fetched her box of photos.

He looked at a formal school portrait, and his breath caught. Masses of curls tied with a ribbon, large innocent eyes–that flare of curiosity in her gaze. Innocence had been replaced by hurt reserve but the curiosity was still there. Her soft mouth gave him a flash of desire.

Dirty old man, he thought and startled Jean by giving her a kiss. “There’s more?”

She reluctantly showed another. She was still a schoolgirl’s age, but in a wedding dress.

She was a beautiful bride but he couldn’t stop from saying, “You didn’t see much of the world, did you?”

Her mood suddenly lifted; she kissed him back. “Sometimes we end up exactly where we’re meant to be.”

Lost (Part 1)

Note: Kind of based off of fanart by @chloesimaginationthings. I hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Minicat


“Mom, stop it! It hurts,” Mini whined as his mother brushed his hair.

“Oh, hush. You need to look nice for school,” she said as she put the brush down, grabbing a ribbon.

“Yeah, but I don’t need to look like a girl!” He exclaimed as he tried to take the ribbon out of his mothers hands. She held it out of reach before putting it around his neck, making a bow tie.

“See? You don’t look like a girl,” she said, turning him to face the mirror. He huffed and crossed his arms.

“Whatever.” His mother sighed as she got up.

“Come on, you’ll be late for school!” She said, grabbing her purse. Mini sighed and grabbed his school bag before reluctantly following her out the door.

She drove him to school and dropped him off. “Have a good day sweetie!” She called before driving away. He sighed and fixed his bag before walking into the school.

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Beloved Bewilderment: Part 3

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General Scenario / Recap~

ADA Rafael Barba has been seeing Genevieve, a recent-divorcee who is as (if not more) illusive and busy than he is. After realizing the ‘why’ wasn’t only because of work, but also due to having a five year old daughter (sweet Carina) he had been unaware of; he realized precisely how willing he was to ‘try’ and make it work… and is learning how much work that could take.

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Note: Indented, Italicized text are text messages.
Barba’s changed his tone: so all ‘Zing’s are always Genevieve.

It had been a very typical Wednesday afternoon… that is, until quite the inquiry came his way via a text message from his Genevieve.

Zing; “Are you free Friday evening?”

Rafael could barely type fast enough to confirm, as he did whenever she asked anything from him-

~ “I can be, what do you have in mind?”

Zing; “Carina’s father wants to keep her that night. If you have no other plans, I’d really love to see you.”

She really didn’t have to say anything else: There was not a thing that could take presidency over spending a Friday with her… or, any day, really…

~ “I’ll be there whenever you want me to.”

Zing; “He should be by around six, would you want to come by about half an hour later?”

He was already going to type the time and place into his calendar, setting up multiple alarms to ensure he’d be there precisely at 6:30 and not a moment later…

~ “Perfect, Genny…”

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The Black Ribbon

In honor of Shepard’s favorite holiday, Halloween, she forces the crew of the Normandy into some mandatory downtime post-Saren, before Tali leaves them all to go back to the Flotilla with the data on the geth they collected. Joker decides it’s the perfect time to break out Shepard’s favorite story from when she was a child, one she told him when they first met, and uses it to push hers and Kaidan’s relationship out into the open.

Based off ‘The Green Ribbon’, from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY! Also on AO3 if you prefer.

The lights of the Normandy were dimmed, trying to get the human crew members into the Halloween spirit, the flickering candle inside the werewolf pumpkin Shepard had carved cast an eerie glow on the table of the mess. Participation in her favorite holiday had been mandatory—bonding time, she called it. Tali had been the most excited about the prospect of learning about the human holiday; something to maybe take back to the Flotilla when she went back, which would be soon since they’d stopped Saren and she had all the data about the geth incursion in the Armstrong cluster. The Halloween party was their last hurrah as a family. Joker  smiled…they may be rather unconventional, but that’s what they were: a family, and when they’d first started no one but Shepard, could’ve predicted such a thing.

“Tell us a scary human tale, since this is your holiday and all.” Tali sank down in the chair next to Joker.

Garrus shrugged and sat across from them, his brow plates twitching. “I can’t believe you get joy out of scaring yourselves and others. You humans are crazy and the galaxy really should fear you more than they do…”

“I think it’s great! Your species is my favorite.” Wrex boomed.

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GSNK || Meet the Parents

Fandom: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Meet the Parents
Characters: Umetarou Nozaki, Chiyo Sakura, Mayu Nozaki
Rating: G
Genre: Family/Romance/Comedy
Summary: Chiyo realizes she accidentally took home one of Nozaki’s notebooks on a school night that he happens to be spending at his parents’ home.
Author’s Note: I mistakenly recalled Nozaki’s character info as stating he had a much younger sister, but she’s actually around the same age as Mayu. I already finished writing it and didn’t feel like fixing it when I found out, so, uh, oops.

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Philippines’ bio

(( I have my own version of Philippines so I did this post. Sorry if my grammar is shit right now.))

Name: The Republic of the Philippines  (Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas)

Human name: Maria Juana Carriedo de la Cruz

Gender: Female

Age: (( She’s probably 400+ but I don’t know about her appearance))

Birthday: June 12 / July 4

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5′5/ 164 cm (( RIP Converter))

Official Languages: Filipino and English

Other Languages:  Aklanon, Bikol, Cebuano, Chavacano, Hiligaynon, Ibanag, Ilocano, Ivatan and Kapampangan

Apperance: Philippines’ appearance has some similarities with her  younger sister, Palau. She has long, dark brown hair that’s a bit messy; her eyes are also dark brown. some of her hair is tied with a mini bun and wears Sampaguitas on her hair to symbolize her sisterhood with Palau. The curl in her hair is her erogenous zone representing Palawan. She wears a white baro(blouse) and red saya(skirt). She also wears a a brown rosary necklace and a blue ribbon around her neck and  a pair of bakya (a footwear).

Personality: Philippines tends to be friendly, hospitable and warm towards to visitors. She’s caring and respectful towards her family and friends. She always smiles and tries to be funny to lighten up the mood. Philippines is still positive even in bad times and likes being free. She looks shy but is actually a talkative girl. When angered, she can be salty and rude to people who messed up with her.

Interests: Singing in karaokes, travelling, helping others, taking selfies, watching the sun rise and set

Pet: A “pusakal” (stray cat) named Ning. Sneaks to the kitchen to eat Philippines’ food and reliable when guarding the house. Likes to play with dead mice instead of eating it.

(( I finally did this post. I heavily based this post from @palausgooglehistory‘s bio post.))

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