girl with the ribbon around her neck

Does anyone else remember reading that creepy story called “The Girl with the Green Ribbon Around Her Neck” from that An I Can Read book called “In a Dark, Dark Room,” and Other Scary Stories as a kid? That story fucked me up as a little kid, and even if I read it today it would still probably make me cringe. Now that I’m older, my biggest question is how the fuck did her husband, Alfred, never notice that his wife’s head was being held on her neck by a green ribbon the whole time? It’s not like Jenny superglued her head on before tying it with that green ribbon because when he untied it at the end it just fell right off. Wouldn’t Jenny’s head look at least a little bit wobbly, just being held together by a flimsy green ribbon? Also, poor Alfred. How did he explain the dismembered head in his house to the police after he untied the ribbon from Jenny’s neck, her head fell off, and she presumably died afterwards? How would they ever find him innocent of killing her, and how would they ever believe the truth about his wife basically being a zombie? This story makes no damn sense! It’s full of plot holes, and yet it freaked me out so much!

Blue’s Little Secret: A possible new friend in this madness? (Closed RP With Huntressofremnant)

Blue was sitting near the doorway of the brothel, of all places her mission took her, and it was here. Well, at least she could edit out her STD’s at the end of the day… and this was proving to be helpful. A lot of people walked through this place, she recognized some faces, some games of catch up was enough to give her hints on where to go next. Sadly she wasn’t close to her goal, however.

She heard the bell chime, someone walked in. She got up and walked up to the girl, blonde huh? “Hello! Welcome to Ribbon’s brothel.” She said, hoping greeting the new comers was natural, she was wearing just a pink and blue bikini and a pink ribbon tied like a collar around her neck. “How may I help you?” Oh god she wasn’t doing it right was she?


“The Girl with the Green Ribbon Around Her Neck

A long time ago there was a little girl who had a green ribbon around her neck. One day she went to school and met a boy named Jim. Jim sat behind her in class and noticed the ribbon under her pig tails.

"Why do you wear that ribbon around your neck?” he asked. Someday I’ll tell you, she promised.

When they were teenagers, Jim asked the girl on a date. While they were drinking frappes, Jim asked again, “why do you wear that green ribbon around your neck?” She laughed nervously and said, "Well maybe if we ever get married I’ll tell you.”

Jim fell in love with the girl and they got married. In bed their first night, the only thing his new wife wouldn’t take off was the ribbon and he asked, “Okay, we’re married now…why do you wear that ribbon on your neck!“ She said, "I’ll tell you if we ever have kids.”

After they had a boy and a girl, Jim asked again,“Please, please, please, WHY DO YOU WEAR THAT RIBBON AROUND YOUR NECK?!?!” She said, if you love me, you’ll drop it for now, some day I’ll tell you.“

So he dropped it. Just accepted the fact that his wife wore a mysterious ribbon around her neck all the time. They got old together, then the woman got very sick, went to the hospital, and the doctor said she was going to die. Her distraught husband sat by her side for days, and finally said, please, tell me now, why do you have that ribbon around your neck? In a croaky voice she said, okay, I’ll tell you, take it off now.”

He pulled the bow loose and her head fell off.“

Closed RP

It was about a year after the end of the Giants war, and camp was fully functional again. As fully functional as it could be, at least. But the most recent development was the day Nico Di Angelo lead a little girl by the hand into the Mess Hall.

She was a tiny thing, with short, thick black hair that curled lightly and fell into her big, cornflower blue eyes. She wore a blue overall dress and a white shirt underneath with little pink flowers, and Mary Jane shoes. She held a toy bunny with one arm, the thumb of that hand stuck firmly in her mouth. The bunny was white, with floppy white ears, and a blue ribbon tied in a bow around her neck. She was pretty shy, hiding behind her brother as the Mess Hall watched in shock; the glowing symbol of Hades appeared over her, and Nico watched with a soft smile as she watched it with wide curious eyes.

Days went by and they were inseparable; Nico was pretty much her parent more than her brother. Her name got around to be Jacqueline but she went by Jackie. But Nico couldn’t keep her on a leash and she wandered off at times. Like now.

Jackie turned in a circle, looking around for him as she stood lost in front of the Hecate cabin.