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I F   I T   W O U L D   P L E A S E ♡

15 Days of Valentines ♡ | a Jon/Sansa meme
↳ 4/15: Blind date/Setup | Arranged Marriage

With a reputation tarnished by falsehoods, twenty-one year old Sansa Stark in unable to find herself a husband in a time where a woman’s utmost requirement is to be married off. At wit’s end, and fed up with her turning down every husband he can find for her, Ned Stark arranges one final match for his eldest daughter; only this time, her charming suitor is a former acquaintance.

I took some liberties with the theme; there’s no denying that. But it’s also the only thing I could conjur up today so let’s just… go with it? I’m leaving it with one chapter for now, but if it’s enjoyed then I may write more to it one day. Anyways, enjoy! :)

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You Won't Leave, Right?

I can’t believe that I’m too addicted to this ship.

Warning : neck-kissing(?), hinted nsfw, +16, surprises and uhm…. This fanfic??

Just to be clear, this isn’t the NaJ AU. But they have the same age as the NaJ AU I guess?

Try and figure out who these characters are without skipping to the end notes.

Good luck!


A girl ran to the top of the hill she and her companion visited.

Her pink dress and ribbons flew with the wind as she turned around to see her partner leaning his back against the tree, watching her.

“Let’s watch the sunset now, sweetheart.” He told her. She slowly went to him, a sweet smile on her face. No wonder he calls her sweetheart.

He took her hands in his, pulling her to sit down next him.

They leaned back at the cherry blossom tree as they watch the scenery which was beautiful and calming.

You could clearly see the sun as it goes down, the wide, open view of the sea reflecting it’s golden rays.

There are also cherry blossoms falling down around the two if them, which adds to the beauty of the enchanted golden flowers growing around the tree.

Watching this view definitely brings them serenity and calmness.

The sun had finally finished setting.

The full moon along with the thousand stars rise, each group of stars forming a unique constellation.

If he can, he would consider the eyes of his partner stars. They seemingly make the rest of the sky look dimmer.

To be honest, she looks like a star herself. Like he would just be a shadow compared to her bright beauty.

They both look down at the field of flowers surrounding them.

The enchanted flowers around the tree slowly changed color from gold to blue, one of the many things why this is their favorite place.

The flowers change color depending on what time it is.

At night it is blue, going dark violet through midnight.

Glows as red as blood at the first sight of sunrise.

It soon becomes orange during lunch and slowly turns golden at sunset, retuning to it’s brilliant blue.

It’s just like her. With her colorful personality.

The girl is still mesmerized by this even though she’s seen it probably a thousand times already. She took a flower in her hands and picked it off the ground.

One by one, she pulled of the petals out of boredom.

“He loves me…. He loves me not…. He loves me…. He loves me not….” She kept saying as another petal was pulled off.

She continued this up to the very last petal of the magical flower.

Seeing this, she smiled.

She pulled off the last petal, and breathed happily. “He loves me….”

She looked at her partner who was just watching her with a smile but his eyes tell a different story.

“See, Snazzy?” She started, letting go of the petalless flower. “Even the flower knows you love me.”

She hugged the boy next to her, leaning her head on his chest.

“Of course they do, Xahji.” Snazzy nodded and wrapped his arms around her.

“Then….” Her smile faltered, her hug on him got a little tighter. And somehow…. Possessive? “You won’t leave me, right?”

Snazzy looked at her piercing eyes. It would scare a total stranger or anyone else. He knew that feeling before. But now…. He’s used to it.

He wasted no time for words and kissed her.

He knew her for so long now to know that she just need a passionate kiss as an answer.

He also know that she must be the one to pull away so he just enjoyed the kiss longer than usual.

After a few moments, she pulled away, panting for air.

.“I will never leave you.” He said in between pants.

“Good.” She smiled.

She gripped his jacket and pulled him into another kiss.

He pushed her back to the tree, pressing against her to deepen the kiss.

He licked her lips(?) asking for entrance and she gladly accept it. No need to fight for dominance because he wins anyway without trying.

Muffled moans escaped her as she push his head towards her to make the kiss deeper than it already is.

It felt like an enternity. Xahji just wants to kiss her boyfriend forever. But the stupid air is needed so she pulled away.

Breathing heavily, Snazzy leaned onto her shoulder.

She closed her eye and looked to the left, exposing the right side of her neck.

He immediately pampered it with kisses, occasionally nipping it.

“Zee~ You’ll stay forever… Right~?” Xahji asked, opening her eye.

“Mhmm~” Snazzy hummed, removing the part of the dress that covers her shoulder to reach better.

Xahji’s face was in a total blush. Her sight is beginning to blur as she focuses on Snazzy more.

Her mind is clouded with lust and a possessive feeling.

“P-promise you won’t ha-ahh~ lay eyes on another~?” Xahji asked.

Snazzy stopped kissing her to answer, making Xahji whine. “I would never~” he cooed and returned to abusing her neck.

Her breath hitched when he passed a certain spot. He immediately attacked it, torturing that part with licks and bites.

“Hmm~ Ah~ Snazzy~” Xahji shifts uncomfortably at the feeling of wood behind her. He noticed this of course and teleported them somewhere.

She felt the warp thay made her dizier than she already is.

The feeling if the cherry blossom tree on her back disappeared, replaced by nothing.

Hey eye shot open as she fell back, pulling Snazzy along with her.

The warmth of the sheets behind her was noticed.

She looked around to see the scenery of the sea gone, replaced by the sight of a familiar room.

“T-this room is-” she was cut off by Snazzy kissing the other side of her neck.

“Ngh~ Zee~” she moaned.

“Hmm~?” Snazzy answered as he also slowly removes the other part of the dress covering her other shoulder leaving both shoulders exposed to the cool air in the room.

“W-who do you belong to~?” She asked.

Snazzy paused for a bit. He lifted his head and looked down at Xahji’s flushed face. He can’t help but bite his lower lip, his own face in a deep blush as well.

He removed his jacket and shirt, exposing his ribs in full view to the flustered girl below him. He leaned down to where her ears would be.

“I belong to you, and you only~ You said it yourself.” He whispered seductively.

Xahji purred when she heard that.

“I’m glad you know…” She said.

Snazzy resumed kissing her neck, biting it hard enough to leave another mark on her.

“And if anyone ever tries to steal you away~” she pushed him away a bit, his face oh so close to hers. She put a finger on his mouth, looking at him with lust. “I will personally make sure that their death will be slow and painful~”

He gulped. He knew very well that his girlfriend is sweet and definitely lovely. She is what any guy could have wished for. That’s why her siblings are so overprotective of her.

He felt lucky to even have her. To claim her as his. To know they belong to each other.

But she still have…. Questionable tendencies when it comes to him. He loved every inch of her but her yandere side is too dangerous.

That’s probably gonna be the reason why he should be careful of her.

He’s too scared of loosing her but he is also scared that she would love him too much that she might kill someone.

He dismissed those thoughts and just kissed her deeply, the sudden kiss made her moan as he slowly undressed her.

It’s not like he won’t do the same if anyone takes her away from him.


And done! Did you figure out the twist?

Xahji’s a yandere, yo! Anf so is Snazzy, I guess.

I think everyone figured that out. Someone once said that a good story has a yandere in it.

I hope this is one of ‘em.

Like I said, this isn’t NaJ but they are the same age as NaJ.

That’s why Snazzy can teleport.

And why Xahji has probably 7 sibs.

Cil, Cray, Goth, Lilith, Muffin, Glitch Color…. Is Fatal counted?

Eh, whatever.

I just wanted to write this.

And I’m rambling again, aren’t I?

I should probably stop before this goes longer.

Like, I usually ramble alot of things.

Like this one.

I should stop.

Ok, bye. See ya next time.

Snazzy- @anrez-op-skele
Xahji- @azzyloraaandkanto

And the plot is mine.

i wish someone can draw this

Lost (Part 1)

Note: Kind of based off of fanart by @chloesimaginationthings. I hope you enjoy it!

Pairing: Minicat


“Mom, stop it! It hurts,” Mini whined as his mother brushed his hair.

“Oh, hush. You need to look nice for school,” she said as she put the brush down, grabbing a ribbon.

“Yeah, but I don’t need to look like a girl!” He exclaimed as he tried to take the ribbon out of his mothers hands. She held it out of reach before putting it around his neck, making a bow tie.

“See? You don’t look like a girl,” she said, turning him to face the mirror. He huffed and crossed his arms.

“Whatever.” His mother sighed as she got up.

“Come on, you’ll be late for school!” She said, grabbing her purse. Mini sighed and grabbed his school bag before reluctantly following her out the door.

She drove him to school and dropped him off. “Have a good day sweetie!” She called before driving away. He sighed and fixed his bag before walking into the school.

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Philippines’ bio

(( I have my own version of Philippines so I did this post. Sorry if my grammar is shit right now.))

Name: The Republic of the Philippines  (Filipino: Republika ng Pilipinas)

Human name: Maria Juana Carriedo de la Cruz

Gender: Female

Age: (( She’s probably 400+ but I don’t know about her appearance))

Birthday: June 12 / July 4

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Height: 5′5/ 164 cm (( RIP Converter))

Official Languages: Filipino and English

Other Languages:  Aklanon, Bikol, Cebuano, Chavacano, Hiligaynon, Ibanag, Ilocano, Ivatan and Kapampangan

Apperance: Philippines’ appearance has some similarities with her  younger sister, Palau. She has long, dark brown hair that’s a bit messy; her eyes are also dark brown. some of her hair is tied with a mini bun and wears Sampaguitas on her hair to symbolize her sisterhood with Palau. The curl in her hair is her erogenous zone representing Palawan. She wears a white baro(blouse) and red saya(skirt). She also wears a a brown rosary necklace and a blue ribbon around her neck and  a pair of bakya (a footwear).

Personality: Philippines tends to be friendly, hospitable and warm towards to visitors. She’s caring and respectful towards her family and friends. She always smiles and tries to be funny to lighten up the mood. Philippines is still positive even in bad times and likes being free. She looks shy but is actually a talkative girl. When angered, she can be salty and rude to people who messed up with her.

Interests: Singing in karaokes, travelling, helping others, taking selfies, watching the sun rise and set

Pet: A “pusakal” (stray cat) named Ning. Sneaks to the kitchen to eat Philippines’ food and reliable when guarding the house. Likes to play with dead mice instead of eating it.

(( I finally did this post. I heavily based this post from @palausgooglehistory‘s bio post.))

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Maid - Joker x Reader imagine PART 6 (what)

a/n: so yeah hi heres the sixth part i don’t really know how it will turn out right now cause i just have one thing for this part planned out - the girl gets a tattoo - and i will just see how i take it on so yeah :))

characters: ok you know the deal JOKER x READER

warnings: tattoo gun, needle (it’s triggering even for me, needles make me feel uneasy but it’s not as bad as doctor needles so yah), daddy kink, hehe and smut after all

I was standing in the kitchen, leaning onto the high table and reading a book. One of J’s white shirts was hanging on me with a pair of pink pyjama shorts. It was raining outside and J had some business to do, he gladly let me stay home. He had gone out a while ago and I was starting to think there were complications, but then I heard the main door open. 

Small talk was coming from the hallway, but I acted like I didn’t hear, reading my book away. Soon enough, a pair of footsteps stopped just behind me and pale hands were placed on my hips. I smirked.

“Princess…” He spoke in a sweet tone. I closed my book and placed it down just before he turned me around to face him. J had a pleased smile on his crimson lips as he looked down at me.

“Hey there,” I replied, putting my hands around his neck, letting them hang there loosely, “I was starting to worry. You took longer than expected.”

“No need to worry, angel. Daddy just remembered her princess’ question a while ago…” he spoke in a low tone, “about getting a tattoo.” I think my eyes sparkled.


“Yes. And Daddy thought it would be pleasant if he did your tattoos.” J smirked.

“How would he do that?”

“Well, he got a tattoo gun for him and his baby girl.” He said and bent down to the floor, only to pick up a large velvet box with a pink ribbon tied around it. J handed it to me and said: “Open it.” 

I nodded and turned around to place the box on the table. I undid the ribbon and removed the lid of the box, feeling J’s breath ghosting over my neck. The gun inside was purple with ’Mr. J’ written on the corpus. I lifted it - it wasn’t as heavy as I expected - and turned it around in my hand to see it closer.

“Do you like it?” He whispered, his lips resting against my bared shoulder. I could feel his blue eyes looking at me with question, and I nodded.

“I love it.” It was the first time I had seen, much more held, a tattoo gun in my life, and it felt good in my hands. I didn’t know how to actually use it, of course, but I definitely wanted to learn…

“It comes with many color pigments so you can have whatever you like, doll.” J said, smirking and laughed quietly in my ear. I turned around to him and threw my hands around his neck, hugging him.

“Thank you, thank you!” I squealed. J chuckled and pulled me back by my waist. 

“Do you want a tattoo now? Cause Daddy’s got some free time for his princess.” He said with a smirk and placed me on the table next to the box. He took the gun from my hands and placed it back in the box. “What do you want, baby? What kind of tattoo? Where?” J spoke, running his hands up and down my thighs, his eyes burning holes through mine.

“I want..” I look up, in thought, “…I want something that says I’m yours, so everybody can see it.”

“Really?” J asked, I nodded in reply. “That’s what I had in mind, too, angel face.” He said, smirking and leaning up to my level. “Where could everybody see that you’re mine?”

“My neck? My face?” I suggested.

“No, not your face, wouldn’t want to ruin that with tattoos.” He said, pouting.

“But yours look good on you.” I admitted, running my thumb over the little ‘J’ under his eye.

“I know, darling, but I’m different.” He said. “So, should we tattoo your neck? Shoulders? Arms?”

“Can we tattoo my collarbones? Everybody would see it.” I suggested with a smile.

“Of course we can!” J says almost excitedly. He then takes the tattoo gun and, I guess, loaded it with black ink. He placed it down on the table and unbuttoned the first buttons of my shirt, revealing the most of my top half. I had my baby pink lacy bra on and J’s eyes widened once seeing it. “Baby girl…” he almost whined, “you make me want to fuck you every time you wear pink.” He growled and kissed in between my breasts. “It always looks so good on you..” He trailed off, his hands caressing my breasts and I knew this would be ending differently if i don’t change it.

“J,” I sternly said, tilting his head up to look at me, my hands holding his cheeks, “the tattoo. Am I getting it today?”

“Oh, yes, yes…” He said, drawing back from me as if nothing happened. I almost laughed, but muffled it with a smile. J took the tattoo gun in hand and turned back to me. “So, what should we write on ya?” He smirked. 

“Whatever you like, Daddy.” I said with a warm smile, placing my hand on his shoulder.

“Alright, darling.” He agreed. “So, as I remember, you don’t have any tattoos. And I tell you - it’s going to sting a little.”

“I can take it.” I replied, although I didn’t know if it was true.

“Can you? I mean, there are far worse hurting things than a tattoo, but ya know - I’m just warning you.” He said.

“Daddy, it’s okay.” I reassured. “Just do it.” 

J stood even closer to me, between my legs and put the gun close to the skin on my collarbone. I inhaled and he put the needle in my skin. I gasped, trying not to move - it hurt like a bitch - he kept going. I didn’t want to ruin his art piece, so I kept calm. 

The ink burned into my skin and I couldn’t help the tears coming out of my eyes. I bit my lip to contain the whimpers, but they came out muffled. Who knew I would be getting my first tattoo like this? 

As J finished with one of my collarbones, he stopped. I released a breathy whimper and he looked up at me. His hand wiped my tears away and I opened my eyes to look at him.

“It hurts.” I said.

“I warned you, darling. It’s a sensitive place for anyone, that’s why it hurts so much. The skin is thin here.” Joker explained, stroking my cheek. “Do you want me to continue?” I nodded. 

“Alright. Just let me make this a tiny bit better for you, doll. Just try to keep still.” He said and took the gun again, attaching it to my skin. I just started to wonder what did he mean, but was stopped when his lips attached to my neck. Both his tongue and the needle pressed down on my skin, making me whimper and moan at the same time. 

I gripped his hair in effort to not move my body and groaned as he sucked on my neck. The tattoo needle burned my skin, but the pleasure his lips were giving me was like an instant cure. 

Soon enough, he was finished with the tattoo and placed the gun in the box. He detached his lips from my skin and kissed me on the lips roughly. I put my palms on his cheeks and kissed him back, tears rolling down my cheeks from the burning wounds, also called tattoos. He wrapped his arms around my back and pulled me - impossibly - closer to his body, putting my legs around his waist afterwards. 

Our movements were full of lust, his hands were roaming all over my body, everything was happening so fast. J was kissing my neck as he carried me upstairs to our bedroom and then laid me on the bed beneath him. I didn’t know how much time had passed, but we were both fully naked and panting, craving each other more and more. There hasn’t been this much lust since the first time with him. 

He kissed my lips one last time and slammed into me, grunting in my ear. The bed was hitting the wall from his roughness and my nails were scratching down his back. We were both groaning, moaning and we weren’t far from release. 

“I-I’m close, very c-close..” I managed to say between breaths and moans. His lips kissed my neck, my whole body shaking and soon I released all over his length. 

His thrusts became sloppy as I waited for his release, and I felt him cum not long after. J pulled himself out of me and, breathing heavily, fell next to me on the bed. He pulled me on top of him, pulling my hair out of my face.

“Do they still hurt?” He asked, referring to my tattoos. 

“Not so much as before.” I responded. “You make everything better.” I smile, tracing his tattoos. J smiled at me.

“That’s what I’m for.” He replied.

“Can I see them now?”

“Go ahead.” He said and I rose up from the bed, heading over to the mirror. I came up close and read what the tattoos said. They were mirrored, the letters, but I could still read them.

'All mine’, read the one above my right collarbone. 

'Mr. J’s’, the one above my left one. They were written in a beautiful cursive. I saw Joker come up behind me in the mirror and wrap his hands around my waist.

“Do you like them, baby doll?” He asked.

“I do. I like them very much.” I said. “Thank you, Daddy.”

a/n: okay here it is i don’t think it’s that good, personally, but i just wanted the girl to get the tattoo. next part will be interesting, heehhehehehehehehehe i hope you like this on. love you guys, thank you for everything babes :)

blue ribbon


Autumn groaned as she woke up and looked around. seeing that she was in a strange room with one side that was a window looking out into the street. she sat up and blushed as she noticed she was naked before moving to stand and cover herself. she gagged as something jerked at her neck. keeping her down. she raised a hand to feel a collar and a leash that tied her to the wall. she growled and looked around. where the hell was she!?

GSNK || Meet the Parents

Fandom: Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun
Meet the Parents
Characters: Umetarou Nozaki, Chiyo Sakura, Mayu Nozaki
Rating: G
Genre: Family/Romance/Comedy
Summary: Chiyo realizes she accidentally took home one of Nozaki’s notebooks on a school night that he happens to be spending at his parents’ home.
Author’s Note: I mistakenly recalled Nozaki’s character info as stating he had a much younger sister, but she’s actually around the same age as Mayu. I already finished writing it and didn’t feel like fixing it when I found out, so, uh, oops.

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Vernon/OFC: For all the marbles, a SVT!kindergarten AU

Genre: Fluff/Friendship/Puppy love

Word Count: 1173

Characters: smol!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, various SVT members

Prompt:  Imagine your OTP meeting as kids and Person B (lil Hansol) decides to woo Person A by giving them pretty rocks that they find. And lil Hansol gets schooled by his bros in marbles and the art of puppy love

“You’re stupid!”

“You’re stupid!”

“You look like a squid!” Hoshi laughed, his puffy cheeks spreading like cream puffs as he pointed at her hair. Today it was shaped into four pigtails, two low and two up, secured by thin sky blue ribbons.

She was getting red in the face, and stomped her sandal-clad foot on the ground, lifting a ring of dust around their area. “I do not!”

“Do too.” Hoshi stuck out his tongue, thumbing the straps of his denim overalls. “I’m going to call teacher-nim, because squids aren’t allowed in school!”

“You’re so annoying!” the little girl clenched her fists, her shoulders tensing all the way to her neck. “I’m not playing with you anymore!” and she threw the plush dinosaur at his face, which Hoshi easily caught in his arms. It only made her angrier, and she stomped away to a corner of the playground, fed up.

“Good!” Hoshi called out, surrounded by his band of three friends. “We don’t want to play with a dumb girl!”

Hansol frowned from his safe spot in the sandbox, where his friends were surrounded by their marble ring. They were playing for keepsies today, which meant Hansol was already set up to lose. He already lost all his cateyes to Jeonghan, who was currently arranging all his new marbles by color and size. He didn’t care, it happened all the time, but he cared when a pretty girl in blue ribbons was sitting alone on the swing set. He rather liked her hair, it was unique and stood out from all the other girls who wore matching flower barrettes. It was different, just like him.

“Hoshi can be so mean sometimes.” he mumbled sourly, fisting the sand between his fingers.

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Hotline To Hell

“You called?


If you really want to take revenge on his enemy, should undo this red tie

Doing so will be an official contract with me

The one who wants revenge will be immediately sent to hell

However … If I carry out revenge, you will have to pay a price

When a person is cursed, two graves are dug

When you die, your soul will fall into the abyss of hell

Well, only when you die

The rest is up to you “

In the darkest corners of the internet, there is a website with the name of Jigoku Tsushin. This page can only be accessed at midnight and only by people who keep a lot of hatred and resentment by someone else. After writing the name of the hated person, Enma Ai delivers the customer a wicker doll with a red ribbon around her neck. When this tape is removed, the person who had the name entered will be taken to hell for the girl and her helpers, always reminded of it with a mark on your body as a tattoo. However, the one who hired the services of Maiden Hell must also pay a price. After you die, your soul will be taken to hell.


@icharibaxchode (Starter for you!)

On a flat rock in the middle of a field, a beautiful voice could be heard singing. “I’m waiting for the rain. I’m bracing for the thunder. A twig that wouldn’t sway in the wind~” sang a young girl with messy crimson hair wearing a pale yellow dress and pale yellow ribbon around her neck.

“I’m waking from a dream. I’m rising from the slumber. I’m far away from home…on my own…” she continued but stopped when she saw someone watching her. A…ninja? “Pardon me. I didn’t see you there. I hope my singing didn’t disturb you.” she spoke, voice a little sincere but expression blank.

Hair Stylist

Cullen grinned at the tiny sparks of pain.

“Sorry, daddy,” Myra said as she slowed the brushed through his curls.

“It’s all right, sweetheart.” He laughed when she tugged his hair again, pressing his head back on the bed so he could watch her. She had her legs spread open with his head in the center. Her forehead was crinkled in concentration and she was biting her lip as she set Elysse’s brush aside.

His daughter ran her fingers through his hair, almost petting him, before she took a small handful and began making a delicate braid.

“How many today?” he asked.


“Why seven?”

Myra grinned, abandoning his hair for a moment as she reached into the little pockets sewn into her dress. “Mommy got them for me,” she said, showing him seven delicate ribbons—one for every color in the rainbow.

“My, my. Wasn’t that nice of her.” Cullen shook his head with a chuckle. “You’re going to put all of them in my hair?”

“Yep!” She leaned down and smacked a kiss against his forehead. “Now hold still, daddy.”

“Anything you say, darling.”

“All done!” Myra climbed around on the bed before plopping onto his stomach. Cullen grunted as he propped himself onto one arm.

“How do I look?” He tilted his neck this way and that, making silly faces until the girl burst into giggles.

A gasp in the doorway drew Cullen’s attention. Warmth crept up his cheeks as he saw Elysse standing there, hand over her mouth in an obvious attempt to keep from laughing. Clearing his throat, he stood a little straighter. “Well, my dearest? What do you think?”

“I barely recognize the dashing man before me,” she said through poorly suppressed giggles. “I feel unworthy to be in your presence, ser.” She placed a hand to her forehead in true dramatic fashion.

Myra giggled, bouncing her way towards mother. Elysse caught the child, hauling her up to hold Myra on her hip. “Doesn’t he look pretty?”

“You did an excellent job.” Elysse kissed her cheek and Myra beamed.

Cullen chuckled as he walked over to the pair of them. He wrapped his arms around the women most precious to him, raising an eyebrow at his wife. “Perhaps she should do your hair one of these days, my love.”

“Perhaps.” Elysse grinned, cupping one of Cullen’s cheeks in her free hand before she pulled him in for a kiss. He smirked when their daughter made a blech sound, letting his lips linger on Elysse’s for as long as she let him. Resting his forehead to hers when they parted, he drew the pair in closer.

“I love you,” he whispered in his wife’s ear. His heart squeezed in delightful agony when she said it back.

Myra hopped to the floor and started tugging on Cullen’s hand. “Come on, daddy,” she whined. “I want to show everyone.”

Cullen groaned as he gave into her demands, trudging alongside his daughter as she lead him to the main hall to display her work, Elysse’s laughter echoing behind him.

Day 13: A Furry, Wiggling Gift

I really like this one I’m so sorry

Day 12: Christmas Carols

Mark was sleeping so peacefully that Jack almost couldn’t bring himself to wake him up, but Pip was wiggling in his arms, desperate for freedom.

Jack had gone to the trouble of waking up unreasonably early to walk down the street in his pajamas and pick up an energetic wiggling golden retriever.  The runt of the litter, exactly the one Mark had picked out not a week earlier.

Jack told him the day they visited that they couldn’t get a dog at the moment, but the following day, Jack returned to the house to ask if he could pick the puppy up on Christmas morning.

The moment he picked her up, Jack fell in love with him tiny, yipping friend and had affectionately named her Pip.

He then made his way back home, Pip in tow, to stand by Mark’s side of the bed, hovering over his snoozing boyfriend.

Giggling, he dropped Pip on the bed near Mark’s face, letting her explore at will.

After padding around for a moment, she came to the decision that she would nuzzle and lick at Mark’s face curiously.

“Oh, Jack, that’s gross. Stop.”   He swatted at the air before settling back into bed.

Jack covered his mouth with his hand to try and muffle his laughter.

Still curious, Pip climbed onto Mark’s back, sniffed at his hair, tilted her head, and….bit Mark’s ear.

Well, that hadn’t been what Jack was expecting.

Mark either for that matter.

Crying out in surprise, he shot up, causing Pip to fall back onto the mattress.

Yelping, she scrambled over to Jack, curling into his arms.

“Jack?  What is that?”  Mark asked, rubbing his ear.  

“Well, this is Pip and she’s supposed to be your Christmas present, but you scared the shit out of the poor little thing.

“Oh, God.  I’m sorry!” Mark scooted over, closer to Jack and Pip, trying to console the trembling ball of fur.

Jack held her out for Mark to hold and Pip immediately relaxed into his chest as soon as he cradled her.  She nuzzled into him when he began to scratch behind her ears.



“Is this the puppy I wanted?” Mark asked, booping Pip on the nose.  She nibbled on his finger.

Jack smiled, rubbing the back of his neck, “Yeah.”

Mark leaned over, pecking Jack on the lips, careful not to squish the adorable bundle of happiness lying on his chest.

Jack showered Mark’s face with butterfly kisses before pulling away, “I’m gonna go make some coffee. Then we can open the rest of the presents alright?”

Mark nodded, watching Jack walk away with a soft smile.

A few minutes later, Jack was still waiting for coffee to brew when he heard the scritch-scratch of paws on the tiled floor.

At an insistent tugging sensation on his pajamas, Jack looked down to see Pip playing with his pant leg.

Looking around, he noticed Mark had not joined her, so he assumed him to be showering.

Bending down, he scratched under the dog’s chin “You’re so adore-“

His fingers brushed against something on the bow wrapped around Pip’s neck.

“Watcha got, girl?” He asked her playfully, twisting the bow around to inspect it.

It was a ring.  A gold ring was securely attached to the scarlet bow.

Jack carefully removed the ribbon, detaching the ring and allowing Pip to play with his pant leg again.

He stood up to inspect it, twirling it around in his fingertips.  He caught the sight of an inscription on the inside and brought it closer to his face to read it.

My sunny skies and rain clouds.

That’s something that Mark always said to him.  He called Jack his sunny skies and rain clouds.

Was this……was this an engagement ring? Was Mark asking him to marry him?

He cradled the band in his hands, tears springing to his eyes while he stared down at it.  A hand slid underneath his to support his hands while another covered the ring, blocking Jack’s view of it.

Their jumbled hands still between them, Mark pressed his face into Jack’s shoulder.

His voice rumbled against Jack’s skin, “My beautiful Sean, with a smile like burning stars, with eyes like clear sunny days and thoughts like rain clouds.  My breathtaking Sean with skin like the smooth curl of silk and a heartbeat that matches my breathing. My world, my hopes and dreams.”  The hands holding Jack’s tightened. “Will you please become my husband?”

Jack instantly burst into sobs, clutching at the ring.  He somehow managed to push out the words, “Yes, yes!  Oh, my love yes!  I’ll marry you.  Oh my God, Mark.”

Mark took the rings from Jack’s shaking fingers as Pip began to roll around and bark, sensing the excitement in the room.  Smiling brightly, he slipped the band onto Jack’s finger, giggling as it fit perfectly.

“You ass.” Jack said as he tried to mop up his tears. “I was supposed to give you the best present ever this year, but you bested me again.”

“Oh, my love,” Mark replied, rubbing the side of Jack’s neck as he leaned in close, “you gave me the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.”

Mark bent and picked up a hopping Pip, scratching her behind her ears as he kissed Jack sweetly, “You said yes.”

Miraculous Ladybug - Ladybug Getup

Marinette and Adrien attend a Halloween party as their alter egos.

“Alya, I don’t know about this…” Marinette hesitated and held the Halloween costume at arm’s length.

“You would look great in it! At least try it on! Don’t make me be Lady Wifi all by myself,” Alya pressed her. Marinette frowned at the red and black outfit in her hands.

“Alright, alright, I’ll try it on,” she sighed. She ran into the bathroom and quickly changed. “The real costume is so much easier to put on,” she muttered.

“Of course it is - it’s magic!” Tikki laughed and floated between Marinette and the mirror.

“I’m not so sure this is a good idea, Tikki. What if everyone finds out I’m Ladybug?”

“Everyone’s going to be dressed up on Halloween, Marinette. There’s probably going to be a lot of girls dressed up as Ladybug, too! I wouldn’t worry about it too much if I were you.”

“How does it look, Marinette? Come out already!” Alya called to her through the door and Tikki hid quickly.

“You’re right, Tikki,” Marinette said, mostly to reassure herself and stepped out of the bathroom. Alya stared at her and Marinette was sure that if it was physically possible, Alya’s jaw would be on the floor. “Alya?”

“Girl, you look so good!” Alya squealed. “Are you sure you’re not actually Ladybug? You could totally be her twin! We are so going to win that costume contest!” Marinette laughed awkwardly.

“Wait, costume contest?!”

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Leaving Once More (Narnia- Prince Caspian One-Shot)

“Susan, Lucy, what do you think of this one?” Adley asked, holding up a pale blue gown with gold embroidery across the bodice.

“It’s alright,” Lucy said. She went to rummage through Adley’s trunk, looking for the perfect dress to leave Narnia in.

“How about this one?” Lucy asked, holding a red dress with a yellow stitching on the sleeves.

“No, that’s too bold,” Susan said. She made her way towards Adley’s trunk, and pulled out a pale purple dress with grey embroidery on the skirt.

“Here,” Susan said. Adley shook her head again, looking through the bottom, and then found a pale green dress just under a dagger and a shield that she had once used.

“How about this?” Adley asked. A stunned looked appeared on Susan and Lucy’s faces, and she knew that this was the right one.

Adley slipped off her robe, pulling the dress up and onto her body, lacing the ribbons in the front and back. She looked at herself in the mirror, fluffed her hair behind her back, and deemed herself appropriate for the occasion.

“Alright, is this good?” Adley asked, receiving smiles from the two sisters that stood with her.

“Perfect, Ad, it’s perfect,” Susan said. “All of the boys are going to swoon over you.”

“As if,” Adley mumbled, putting her gold pendant around her neck. It had a lion on it, and at the top rested an emerald. It matched her eye color to a tee.

The three girls left the room, going to stand with Edmund, Peter, and Caspian by the tree arch. The three girls drew the eye of every boy in the court, including all of the three who stood with Aslan, Trumpkin, and Reepicheep.

“Come, dear ones,” Aslan said. Adley walked to stand next to Edmund, who looked emotionless.

“Narnia belongs to Narnians as much as it does to man,” Caspian said. “Any Telmarines who wish to live here in peace may do so, but if you wish to begin again, Aslan can return you to the land of your forefathers.”

“We haven’t returned to Telmar in generations,” a man from the crowd said.

“We’re not referring to Telmar,” Asland said. “Your ancestors were seafaring brigands. Pirates running aground on an island. They found a rare chasm which connected their world to this one. The same one as our kings and queens. It is to this island I can return you, to start anew.”

“I will take this offer,” a man said. Adley recognized him as one of the Telmarine soldiers that worked alongside Miraz in the battle. A couple and their child also stepped forward.

Aslan slowly approached the Telmarine soldier, and spoke to him softly. The four people went through the arch, slowly, and disappeared before the very eyes of the kings, queens, and Adley. The townspeople gasped at the sudden disappearance of the four that had stepped through the arch.

“He killed them,” someone announced.

“How do we know he’s not leading us to our deaths?” another questioned.

“Sire, if it’s any help,” Reepicheep said. “I’ll take eleven mice through, no question.”

“We’ll go.”

Adley turned to Peter in shock, almost frightened of his reply. “We will?” Lucy asked.

“After all, we’re not needed here any longer,” Peter said. “Come on, time’s up.”

“I will look after it until you return,” Caspian said. Adley smiled, then looked to Peter for his reply.

“That’s just it…” Peter said. “We aren’t returning.”

“What did you say?” Adley asked, now upset.

“You three will,” Peter said.

“Aslan, what does he mean?” Adley asked. Aslan gave a peaceful look to Adley, reassuring her that everything would be alright.

“Peter and Susan have learned everything they can in this world,” Aslan said. “And now it is time for them to live in their own.”

Adley looked to the floor, upset that they wouldn’t be returning. She walked up to Reepicheep, and knelt down before him. “Brave knight, may your courage grace all around you. I’ll miss you, dear friend.”

“Thank you for your kind words to me, Lady Adley-Beth,” Reepicheep said. Adley embraced him, and she smiled contently.

“Thank you for keeping me lighthearted.”

Adley moved onto Trumpkin, who looked sad, but had a facade of gruffness upon him. She smiled, and curtsied to him. Adley hugged Trumpkin, tossing out the formalities, and whispered soft thanks in his ear.

Caspian was the final one she had to say goodbye to. It brought tears to her eyes, saying goodbye to the ones she loved dearly.

“It was a pleasure to have met you,” Adley said, curtsying to the newly crowned king. Caspian rolled his eyes, and lifted her off the ground, enveloping her into a warm embrace. He kissed the top of her head, brushing the hair from her eyes.

“Until we meet again, Lady Adley-Beth,” Caspian said, bowing to her. She rose up and kissed him on the cheek, leaving him quietly stunned for a few seconds.

The Pevensie’s finished saying their goodbyes to everyone, which resulted in a tear fest. Aslan stopped them before they went through the arch, however.

“Lady Adley-Beth, you are to remain here. Your fate lies in Narnia,” Aslan said. Adley almost dropped to the floor in sheer shock.

“She can’t stay!” Lucy exclaimed in outrage. Aslan gave her one pointed look, and Lucy silenced herself quickly.

Adley went to hug Lucy, holding onto her as if she was her lifeline. “I’ll see you again soon, I swear,” Adley said, letting a few tears drip from her eyes. “I love you, Lu. I’ll see you soon.”

“You have to,” Lucy said, starting to cry. “I love you too, Ads.”

Susan came next. Susan practically threw herself around Adley, crying streams of hot tears. “Oh, Adley, it’s going to be horrible to not have you around,” she said. “I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“I’ll miss you terribly, Su,” Adley said, crying still. “I’ll be there with you, you know. I’ll come back.”

The two boys were the most difficult to say goodbye to for her. A large spill of tears flowed freely down Adley’s cheeks, making her face splotchy.

“I… I don’t know what to say,” Adley said. “I… well, I love you, you know.”

“I love you too, Adley,” Peter said, pulling her in for a hug. “You’re one of the best friends I could ever have, and I hope I’ll see you again, one day soon.” Peter kissed her on the forehead, then let her go to Edmund.

“I’ll miss you the most,” Adley said. “Thank you for making me laugh everyday and for not letting me go insane.”

“You’re welcome,” Edmund said awkwardly. Adley hugged him, holding on for life. He hugged her back as fast as her arms touched his waist. “I love you, Adley-Beth.”

Adley was shocked that he had said it first. “I love you too, Ed,” she said. She kissed him on the cheek, and in return, he kissed her on her cheek, causing her to become somewhat embarrassed by the gesture.

“Goodbye,” Adley mumbled. Edmund was becoming sadder by the second.

“No, you’re not allowed to say that,” Edmund said. “That means we won’t see you again. We will see you again.” Adley smiled, looking over to him, and then spoke two simple words.

“See you.”

Edmund fought back his sadness, and looked down at the floor. The four Pevensie’s made their way through the arch, disappearing for who knows how long.

Adley sunk to the floor in front of the tree, looking at the stone pavement and realizing that her best friends had all gone, the ones she loved so deeply that she couldn’t understand.

Adley felt warm breath over her shoulder, so she turned to face Aslan, who had a somewhat pitying look in his eyes.

“Rise, Queen Adley-Beth the Wise,” Aslan said. Adley’s eyes widened in utter shock.

“Pardon me, sir?” Adley asked. “I’m not a Queen.”

“You are to rule alongside Caspian,” Aslan said. “As equals and friends.”

Trumpkin came forward with a silver tiara, which had forest green gems captured throughout the leaves and flowers that created it.

Adley bent down slowly, and once she felt the metal gracing her head, she stood up, and embraced Aslan.

“Thank you,” Adley said. “I love you. I always have.”

“As I have always loved you, dear one,” Aslan said. “And I always will.”

Adley was completely shaken up. She was still overflowing with tears of sadness, for she felt as if she wouldn’t see Edmund and Lucy for a very long time.

Caspian walked to her, and took her hand. “I’ll be here for you, Queen Adley-Beth,” he said. “We’ll make an excellent team.”

“Thank you, Caspian,” Adley said. “For starters, however, please just call me Adley. We’ll be with each other for a while, and Adley-Beth is a bit taxing, don’t you think?”

Caspian smiled down at his friend, who he thought looked beautiful in her pale green dress. He brushed a stray strand of hair from her face, and tightened his grip on her hand.

“Wait, Aslan?” Adley asked.

“Yes, dear one?”

“Is that gate still open?” Adley asked.

“Yes, but you cannot go through it,” Aslan said. Adley nodded, smiling.

“Can you keep it open for ten more minutes?” Adley asked. Aslan nodded, and Adley sprinted off to the library, where she found a piece of parchment and some string. She scrawled out a letter, then rolled it up, tying it with a piece of string.

She then ran to Edmund’s room, grabbing the flashlight he had left, and tied the parchment around it. She sprinted back, throwing the flashlight and parchment into the arch, watching it disappear.


“Can we go back?” Edmund asked. The other three siblings smiled. “I’ve forgotten my new torch in Narnia.”

As soon as those words were uttered, something metal hit the ground in front of them.

Edmund’s flashlight.

Edmund almost began to laugh. “Look at that,” he muttered.

“Look, there’s parchment on it!” Lucy exclaimed. The siblings were now eagerly looking at the piece of paper, awaiting the words that were on it.

My dear Edmund, Susan, Peter, and Lucy

I noticed you forgot your torch, so it is with great pleasure I return it to you.

I was crowned Queen around fifteen minutes ago. I don’t understand how or what happened for me to get this position, but I’m taking it in with open arms.

I’ll see you soon. I love all of you so much. Edmund and Lucy, I’ll see you soon. Peter and Susan, until our next meeting, remember me.


Queen Adley-Beth the Wise

Adley Rogers

The siblings smiled at the letter, wishing they could write back.

All that Edmund could think was, “I’ll see my best friend again.”

Miraculous Pavo Real!

Oh hey…here’s that thing that no one asked for…except for like maybe one person…

Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4

Alya yawned as he walked into the school building, having to discuss something with the principal for a project. She slowly opened the door, only to see the principal speaking on the phone. Alya left the door open a bit, but didn’t enter his office. 

Alya watched him from the slightly ajar door. 

“Yes, I am aware…yes…do not worry sir, we have the friendliest students here, I’ll be sure to keep watch over her” Principal Damocles said, pausing suddenly as the person on the other line spoke “Ah…Y-Yes…I am aware…” the Principal said, sounding a bit frightened now “Yes sir, I will see to it. Goodbye” Damocles said before hanging up.

Alya took this moment to knock on the door before entering the room. “Hello Alya, you’re here for that interview, right?” Mister Damocles said “Yes, that’s right. Who was that on the phone?” Alya asked, confused “The guardian of a new student who is joining today. She will be in your class and he had a few…concerns…She’s new to the country and he is, naturally, very worried” Principal Damocles said. 

“I see…” Alya said, smiling to herself.

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