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Today was a lovely day. Girl power! — January 21st, 2018.

The Signs as Crushes I've Had

Aries: the prettiest smile and the weirdest laugh, long, gorgeous hair, unintentionally funny, always wanted to go on adventures with me, tall and handsome

Taurus: seemed like a fuckboy, turned out to be the sweetest most caring lil cutie, was ready to do anything and everything for me, first love, would pick me up for late night drives, loved cuddling

Gemini: quirky and cute, definitely a fuckboy, thoughtful, deep thinker and great to have serious conversations about life with, heartbreaker

Cancer: seemed weird at first, was weird but also so caring, sweet, smart and funny, wanted everyone to be happy, GREAT body, very sexy without knowing it, someone i had lots of fun with

Leo: fun to be around, giggly and jokey, breathtakingly beautiful, amazing at singing, loved animals more than anything, good at sports, first girl crush

Virgo: sarcastic, beautiful on the outside but GORGEOUS on the inside, gave actually great advice, philosophical, gamer girl, good party host

Libra: tried to seem harsh and cool but actual sweetheart once i got to know him, always wanted me to read his favourite books, creative and handy, helpful in all situations

Scorpio: looked like someone from a band, an asshole at first but very cute and great listener, was always low-key sad, pushed me away when i wanted to help him, smelled ridiculously good

Sagittarius: (also my sign) seemed goofy, funny and caring at first but turned out to be the biggest fuckboy, helped me realise new things about myself, hot and handsome, great for having a laugh with, loved going to parties with him

Capricorn: always wanted the best for me, the type of person who always checked i got home safe, protective, supportive, kinda serious most of the time but goofy when we were alone

Aquarius: straight to the point, honest, great athlete and singer, best hugger, weird humour, very masculine, the one you’ll never completely get over

Pisces: sweet, emotional, fell in love fast, big music fan, great at school even though he wouldn’t admit it, quite jealous, if he likes you he will always put you first no matter what, the kind of person i wanted to protect at all costs, clingy

Hot Things Girls Do

Aries: Being able to smell their shampoo as they swish their luxurious hair

Taurus: Telling you exactly what they want, no passive aggressiveness involved

Gemini: Holding your hands when they really excited about something

Cancer: Getting flustered and pink when they say something wrong

Leo: When they walk into a room and smile confidently at you

Virgo: Staying grounded to their morals even if they want to break them

Libra: Smirking at you from across the room

Scorpio: When they throw their head back and laugh their natural laugh

Sagittarius: When they lay with you, talking about their hopes and dreams with no restraints

Capricorn: Reading a book 

Aquarius: When they accept a compliment, and THANK YOU for it

Pisces: When they smile at you before they kiss you

The Signs On Their Period

Aries: Unstoppable; tampons let her stay as active as she’d like and lots of water keeps the cramps away

Taurus: Very grumpy; wears sweats and eats chocolate all day

Gemini: Tells everyone that sees her that she’s on her period so they won’t bother her

Cancer: Lies on either her boyfriend’s or bestfriend’s lap and whines innocently until they rub her stomach

Leo: Bitching and being overdramatic; cursing God out for giving her a vagina

Virgo: Tries to be as normal and perfect as possible so no one knows her vagina bleeds; changes tampons every hour

Libra: Silently suffering and wondering how it could possibly be fair for women to go through unimaginable pain that men will never understand

Scorpio: Has an attitude with everyone for apparently no reason and just expects them to know she’s on her period and not feeling well

Sagittarius: Pops a few Tylenol and pads in her bag and is ready to face whatever the day brings her

Capricorn: The one time she is actually vulnerable; spends three days straight throwing up while clutching her abdomen

Aquarius: Carelessly wears white, frequently forgets she is bleeding, and usually has to ask to borrow a pad as she always seems to forget to put extras in her bag

Pisces: Just as cheery as always, until the cramps start kicking in and she realizes she left her drug tote at home


💛 I love that Rin, who felt so unsure of herself as a school idol, ended up inspiring Hanamaru to become one!  Girls inspiring girls is one of my favorite aspects of Love Live!! 💛

Signs a Girl Likes You: Online Edition

someone asked me for this a long time ago and i think i accidentally deleted the message so here it is! sorry for the delay!

  • this one’s obvious but she spends a lot of time talking to you! she messages you the moment she gets online and you talk until you go to sleep. maybe you do more than text, like video chatting or phone calls or online gaming
  • she introduces you to her friends! she wants you all to get along so maybe she adds you to their group chat or invites you to join a game they’re playing together 
  • she trusts you with personal information that you generally don’t tell people you’ve met online like her last name, where she lives, etc
  • she talks to you even during other social engagements! she texts you even while she’s at a party or sends you snaps when she’s busy just to show she’s thinking of you
  • OR she actually cancels plans to hang out with you! maybe she ditches her friends to video chat or play games with you
  • she gives you a cute nickname or a cute emoji next to your name. this is a big one i’m not kidding
  • she apologizes for being away/not being able to talk even if it rarely happens
the signs as things I love about girls
  • aries: the sparkle in her eyes
  • taurus: the warmth of her hugs
  • gemini: the bubbling of her laughter
  • cancer: her beautiful lips
  • leo: the hair that dances with her skin
  • virgo: the intensity in her gaze
  • libra: the cutting of her clever words
  • scorpio: the softness of her skin
  • sagittarius: the burning of her inner fire
  • capricorn: the gentleness of her hands
  • Aquarius: the eyelashes that touch her cheeks
  • pisces: the curve of her body

Signs as girls i’ve met :

Aries:Passonate,everyone loves her,dominant,you can see her soul trough her eyes.

Taurus:Stubborn AF,one day your best friend,next day hates you,she thinks she’s always right.Mirror is her best friend.

Gemini:Fun,outgoing,honest,gives great advices,can be moody.Very intelligent.Everyone is jealous of her.

Cancer:Manipulative,sweet,very emotional,but hides it very well.She’s never alone.Very friendly.

Leo:Sassy,bitchy,nice friend untill she cuts you off because you didn’t compliment her yesterday.Center of attention.

Virgo:Really mean,but pretends to be an angel,competitive to fault,either really messy or perfectionist. Everyone loves her.

Libra:Always chill,beautiful,lazy af tho,hates everyone at some point but won’t admit it. Will keep any secret very well.

Scorpio:Always ready to attack,smart,mysterious,mischief,could get away with murder,natural charm.

Sagittarius:Very beautiful,open for adventure,loves dancing,very social,will NEVER start a conflict with no reason behind it.

Capricorn:Classy,Bossy,Intelligent,Mysterious,either hates you or loves you. Brutally honest,Agressive,Competitive.

Aquarius:Always trying to please everyone,wants to be under the spotlight and recognized,thinks too much.

Pisces:Really sweet,moody,honest,very brave,smart.Always angry,but hides it. Forgives easily.