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More than Friends

Title: More Than Friends

Word Count: 1161 words

A/N: Requested :)

“Ya, what are you doing here? Children have no place at the Okta.”
His voice rang out across the crowded hall as he stalked towards me. His long black hair was carefully pulled back, his red robes of the finest silk brushed the floor as he moved gracefully to my side.

Ban Ryu.

“Ohh Abeoji, I’m sorry.” I mocked him “Do you want me to take you home? The elderly should not be out so late.” My beautiful friends giggled behind me nervously, their painted faces glowing whenever Ban Ryu glanced in their direction. They weren’t as used to his beauty as I was, having grown up with it. Still, even I had to admire how radiant he was.

I first met Ban Ryu when I was 6 years old. He was a tall, strong, 8 year old boy, always surrounded by friends who looked up to him for his power and influence.  Ban Ryu seemed to be more knowledgeable than those his age, but to me, his face seemed to hold sadness, his eyes guarded. I remember running up to him that very first day, my favourite children’s book in hand.

“Read to me, please!” The boys behind him had snickered and poked Ban Ryu before he sent them a death glare and pushed past me, his eyes meeting mine briefly. I’d felt tears sting my cheeks and walked to the riverbank in humiliation. To my surprise, Ban Ryu followed shortly after, without his followers, wordlessly taking the book from me to begin reading in a clear voice. From that moment on, he looked out for me. We met by the riverbank behind the Okta almost every night in the warm months. He often confided in me the problems he had with his stepfather, or his distaste for a local boy Soo Ho.

One uncommonly chilly night, when I was about 14 and he, 16 something changed. We sat slightly closer due to the cold, and I became very aware of how long his eyelashes were, of the endless black pools that were his eyes. The way his whole face seemed to relax when he was next to me, a small smile creeping onto his lips. Every time his arm brushed mine, I felt chills that had nothing to do with the weather.

“Ban Ryu,” I breathed, leaning towards him. “Don’t you think I’ve grown so much since you first met me?” His eyes widened slightly and he swallowed.

“What a question. Are you an idiot? Of course you’ve changed. Come, I’ll take you home, it’s too cold for you out here.” He roughly pulled me up and walked a few steps ahead on the way back. I frowned a little. Did he not feel anything?

We spent time together just the same as always after that, separately, never in front of his friends. But I knew now how I felt. I was in love with Ban Ryu. With the way he made me feel safe, protected and understood. I made him smile and he made my heart glow.

“Listen to me!” Ban Ryu’s annoyed voice cut through my reminiscing, pulling me back to the Okta. “Go home, this is only a place for the fabulously beautiful” He reached over and tugged on my hair.

“Ouch!” I slapped his arm angrily. “Then why are you here?” I stuck out my tongue, while my friends looked at each other with wide eyes. This was normal though. If we were weren’t by the riverbank, Ban Ryu and I bickered and teased worse than siblings. He’d asked me once, to keep our time together secret. He didn’t want to show weakness to anyone, except me.

Ban Ryu’s regular crowd appeared behind him suddenly, their eyes clouded with a little too much to drink. 

“Oh my. If it isn’t Ban Ryu’s little stalker. Go home ugly duckling, but leave your friends” one of Ban Ryu’s least favourite followers stared at the girls behind me, his eyes raking over them like a predator. “Move.” He shoved me so hard I lost my balance and tumbled backwards, my skirts flying up. The jerk turned around and laughed, seeing me all dishevelled on the floor. My “friends” giggled as well, their eyes on the awful (but obviously wealthy) guy still trying to get their attention.

I sat still for a beat willing myself not to cry but when I finally met Ban Ryu’s eyes I burst into sobs and rushed out of the Okta. I know he wants to maintain his image but letting one of his buddies embarrass me - that was too much. I ran straight to the riverbank, furiously wiping my tears. My chest constricted with sobs as I cried out my embarrassment, frustration and heartbreak over the fact that it really didn’t seem like Ban Ryu loved me the way I did him. Reputation or not, if you were in love with someone you would protect them, right? 

Heavy footsteps sounded behind me and I hid my tear-swollen face.

“Y/N, look at me. Did you hurt yourself when you fell? Don’t cry anymore. Please.” I was shocked. Ban Ryu’s sweet and concerned voice filled my ears and I got the courage to look at him. His lip was slightly bleeding and he was breathing heavily but his eyes were focused only on me. Suddenly, he pulled me into a tight hug.

“That was too far. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry this is my fault.” He rubbed small circles on my back, his deep voice softly tickling my ear.

“How could it be your fault?” My voice shook slightly. His whole body tensed. His hands, little fists on my back.

“I make them think it’s okay to tease you with how I act. Okay to say-” He broke off, “Ya, I’m so angry I can’t even say it. What he said to you, how dare he-” the usually so careful and eloquent Ban Ryu choked on his words again. “When he touched you, I just about killed him. If the guys hadn’t have pulled me off of him I would’ve." 

I pulled away, shaking my head.

"Why? You want us to be apart in public. You don’t want people to know we’re………friends.” I hesitated, not willing to call it what I knew he wanted it to be. I was ready for more, I loved him more. He watched me carefully for a few seconds before seeming to decide something. Slowly he raised his hand to my cheek.

“Friends?” He whispered so low I could barely make out the words. Ban Ryu moved closer while I watched him, anticipation blocking my throat. When his lips gently brushed mine, I felt my body melt into his, my arms going around his neck.  

“You are more than my friend, Y/N. You are my safe haven. My love.” He kissed me once more, deeper this time before pulling back to give me a bright genuine smile.

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✿without thinking✿

↳ Simon x Reader

Requested: can you do a simon imagine where he’s just acting like a complete asshole to some guy who was hitting on you and there’s angst and fluff and stuff because you didn’t know he felt that way?

Warnings | swearing

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Mini-Rant-- Because I Need To

Do you have any idea how things would be if Emma had DARED to see a version of Killian in WishRealm and hesitated to go back to Storybrooke? Let alone let a portal close to stay there? 

“Fans” would be foaming at the mouth saying that she was weak, a bad mother, that she was sacrificing her real son for a fake man. That girl was raked over the coals for taking her son to help her find her lost love, even though we learned through deleted scenes that he would have gone alone if she wouldn’t take him. Because she couldn’t just “get over” losing Hook her son wasn’t enough and that somehow indicated that as a mother and a woman that she was weak and less than. 

Yet we’ve known for three months that Regina saw a WishRealm Robin and never thought of Henry. She stayed and she closed the portal, and Emma didn’t jump through and just leave her (which is what I would have done). So if they were unable to get back to Storybrooke she would have cost Henry both of his mothers in one realm and because now “Princess Emma” is aiding and abetting the Wicked Queen who killed his grandparents she would have cost him his mother and grandparents in the WishRealm. I’m’ not saying that she’s bad or wrong. I get it. He’s gone and now she can see him again and it throws her for a moment. But if her focus is on Robin, and not getting home (with or without him) I hope there’s at least a portion of the vitriol that was poured on Emma for Regina. Yet, somehow, knowing this fandom I doubt it. I think that with the exception of a few that are not taken in by her the above mentioned “It was emotional and she has just lost him. To have the chance to have him back again is overwhelming” explanation is going to run rampant. The thing that will make me mad is that Emma wasn’t allowed that. When you said, “Emma was emotional and she had just lost Killian. To have the chance to save him and bring him back again was overwhelming” was tossed aside as “She’s a mother. She doesn’t get to x, y, and z. She dared to love a man and let that love take some kind of priority in her life so she was a bad mom. I just don’t think that Regina will see the same kind of hatred from the fandom for once again jeopardizing everyone and everything to get what she wants. 

Till I See You Again (part 2)


Summary: Jace Wayland was 4 years old when he first fell in love. When he was 9 years old he lost the little girl he loved and he’s been blaming himself ever since. Seventeen years later a mundane girl with an identifying necklace walks into his life and changes him forever.

Jace Wayland X Reader

Words: 907

part 1

Author’ notes: Sorry this took such a long time guys. I’ve been crazy busy. I hope you guys like it. 

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“ Woah woah! Calm down! My name is Y/N Y/LN. I’m a reporter for The New Yorker, I’m investigating the recent murders of the four young women. I…. I fallowed one of the detectives here.” I put my hands up in the air and slowly backed away from the group.

“How can you see us?” The man keeps his arrow pointed at me, not believing my story.

“What do you mean? You’re here, that’s how I can see you. Look, if you don’t believe me, I have my reporter badge in my bag.” I open my bag and riffle through my things to find my badge. Once I find it I hold it up in front of me, the blond man grabs it from me and studies it.

“Jace, she has the sight, she’s one of us.” A woman steps forward, she’s stunning, I stared at her in awe and notice that she’s holding a whip.

“Guys, remember when I saw you kill that demon at Pandemonium? I didn’t know about the shadow world then, but I was a Shadowhunter. What if she’s the same as me? Maybe she’s a Shadowhunter.” A red-haired woman looks at me along with the others.

“What are you talking about? Who was that man and why did he have fangs? Why is the dog still here?” I step towards them cautiously as they study me. The dog steps forward and becomes smaller and smaller until he morphs into a man, Detective Garroway to be exact. He steps forwards and I take a step back in shock, tripping over my heels and landing on my hands.

“Miss Y/N you’re relentless. Looks what you’ve gotten yourself into.” Detective Garroway crouches down and looks at my hands, they were cut open from the sharp rocks on the ground and my neck has been spurting blood since that man cut it open, I didn’t realize how much blood I’ve lost until my vision started to become hazy.

“She’s definitely has angel blood in her, I can smell it.” I hear someone say before my head hits the ground and I close my eyes.

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High Tensions - Fifteen

So fourteen was the last official chapter. This is an alternative ending to chapter six. What would have happened if Spencer had said yes to the three way with Emily.

Spencer had needed get out of that bar. The sight of Y/N making out with Emily had made him so hard he’d been scared he’d not be able to walk.

What she was offering….. Was she serious? Spencer wanted to fuck her so badly, but adding another person into the mix as well, another female. Well, that was every guys dream.

And Emily, fuck. When she’d first joined the team, Spencer had developed a tiny crush on her. Although is was more like….. Worship. The woman was older than him and had a confidence about her. A “don’t give a fuck” attitude. And she’d been kind to him, them developing a bond, a friendship. Nothing like what him and Y/N shared but a bond all the same.

He leant against the brick wall outside the bar, the cool air doing nothing to calm the heat that was rushing through his body. Seconds later, the door flew open again and Y/N burst out onto the sidwalk, scanning the street in one direction and then the next, before spotting him against the wall.

She came over, standing close, her eyes raking over him. “You okay?”

“Nope. I hate you right now. Were you two actually being serious?”

“I’m not sure how far Em would have gone to be honest Spence, but I know Tash would go all the way.”

Oh god. He closed his eyes for a moment, the image of Y/N and Emily’s mouths pressed against each other flashing through his mind. She reached out her hand, lightly touching his arm.

“Do you want to go back inside?”

No he didn’t. He shook his head.

“Do you want go back to my place?”

More than anything; he nodded. Knowing at that second he’d lost.

“Do you want me to get Emily or Tash?” she asked.

Slowly he locked his eyes onto hers, them both sensing the change in the atmosphere. Did he?

“I really want to say yes Y/N. You’re right. It’s every guys dream. But…. I still want a chance with you alone.”

She moved closer to him and pressed her body against his, her breasts against his chest. Standing on her tip toes she reached up to his ear and whispered, “Spencer, I’m quite certain that once you fuck me, I’ll never want you to leave anyway. We don’t have to include anyone else if you don’t want to. But it would be fucking hot, and it will blow your mind.”

“I want it. Two of you tonight, then you by yourself.”

She licked a line across his jaw, brushing her lips across his when she got to them. “So which one? Who’s head do you want to see buried between my legs besides your own? Whose juices do you want to taste on my lips? Who do you want to see riding my mouth as you bury your dick inside of me?”

She trailed her hand up the front of his jeans, ghosting over his erection and pushing her mouth against his, capturing his lips in a mouth watering kiss. When she pulled away she whispered into his mouth.


He nodded and she pulled away, leaning back against the wall and pulling her phone out, typing quickly.

Spencer felt light headed. Was he really going to do this? Were they really going to do this?

Moments later Y/N took his hand and started tugging him along the street in direction of her apartment. “Em says she’ll meet us there. She just needs to make her excuses otherwise Morgan will know.  And do you really want him begging to come along too, cos I don’t.”

“No definitely not. You’ve done this before right?”

“Yep. A few times. You should know this by now Spence, I’m not exactly shy and retiring when it comes to getting what I want in the bedroom. Although you’ve proven quite the challenge. If I’d have known a threesome would have tipped you over, I’d have offered weeks ago.”

“I don’t just want a threesome Y/N. That’s tipped me yes, but I’ve already said I still want you by yourself too.” He stopped walking and pushed her against the metal shutters of the shop they were passing. Her eyes widened and she smirked as his hands ran over her body, stopping at her chest, his mouth pressing hungrily to hers again in another kiss.

She was an amazing kisser, her mouth alternating between hard then light pressure, her lips full and soft. She pushed him off after a few minutes, breathing heavily. “We need to go. We’re FBI agents. It wouldn’t do for us to get arrested for public indecency.”

She pulled her along the street again, her apartment building in sight and they made their way through her front door, pushing it to but not locking it.

She pushed his jacket off and kicked her shoes off, his jacket making a clanging noise as his keys hit the floor.

“You sure about this? I don’t want to force you into anything you don’t really want to do. As long as I get to fuck you Spence, I’m good.” Giving him one more chance to back out.

“I’m sure. I want to. Just…. I’ve not done this before. Bear that in mind.”

Her face close to his again she rasped out, “First time for everything Reid,” before crashing her lips onto his again.

He tugged at her jacket as they kissed, tossing it to the floor and he pushed his own shoes off using his heels, not breaking contact with Y/N’s lips.

He heard her door open and then close, his eyes flickering open to see Prentiss walking across the room, discarding her own bag and jacket as she went. Not wasting any time she moved straight over to them, standing directly behind Y/N and moving her hair to one side before peppering her neck with kisses.

Y/N moaned into Reid’s mouth, the sound making his dick twitch against his jeans.

“Bet this wasn’t how you imagined tonight going, eh Genius?” Emily spoke as Y/N pulled away from his mouth, grinning at them both.

“Nope definitely not.” he breathed out watching as Y/N turned her face, leaning back against the brunette and locking her lips with hers again.

Spencer watched the two girls kiss, Emily’s hands raking up and down Y/N’s body as Y/N’s own hand reached out, mirroring her actions but on Reids chest.

Her hand tugged on Spencer’s t-shirt pulling him to her and he took that as a cue, moving in and attaching his mouth to her exposed neck, feeling the actions as her mouth opened and closed against Emily’s.

He felt another hand on him, one of a slightly different size. His older colleague’s, her fingernails raking up and down his shirt as her other hand slipped up and inside Y/N’s vest top, Spencer feeling it between them, working it’s way up to her breast.

Y/N groaned as Emily’s hand found her breast and Spencer looked down seeing fingers moving swiftly underneath the thin fabric. Pulling away from her neck, he moved his hand to her shoulder, slipping the strap of her top down her arm and off, following it with kisses. He felt movement above him, feeling hands in his hair. The girls had stopped kissing and were watching him.

Emily copied his movements on the other shoulder, pulling Y/N’s vest down to her stomach and completely exposing her bra to them both, her breasts almost spilling free of the cups. Y/N tugged on Reid’s hair, pulling him back up to her mouth, kissing him on the lips before doing the same with Emily.

Hands on the backs of Reid and Emily’s heads, she gently pushed them towards other. “Your turn,” she whispered indicating she wanted them to kiss.

They obliged, Spencer prepared to do pretty much anything the woman asked and took Emily’s face in his hands. Her kisses were different, more forceful than Y/N’s but not in a bad way. Just…. Different.

As they kissed, Spencer felt a hand tracing over his groin pressing over the bulge of his erection, him not being able to tell whose hand it was. When he pulled away from Prentiss, he could see that Y/N had worked her shirt undone and was licking and kissing across the curve of Emily’s chest whilst her hand stroked over his jeans.

He watched as she moved the cup of Emily’s bra down, her tongue flicking out over the pinky flesh of her nipple, circling it slowly, her eyes looking up and resting on Reid as she did.

He let out a low breath and Emily let out a little gasp as her mouth closed around it and her cheeks hollowed as she sucked gently. Hearing Emily’s reaction, Y/N removed her mouth and stood. “Can I suggest that we move this into the bedroom perhaps… And lose the clothes on the way?”

“Lead the way Y/N,” Emily grinned, shrugging her shirt completely off as Y/N pulled her vest off and shimmied out of her denim skirt.

Spencer couldn’t help but stare at her. Beautiful, curvy, creamy flesh, dark underwear the only thing shielding her from being completely naked.

“It’s through that door there, make yourself at home Em. We’ll be through in a sec.” Y/N pointed at a door across the room where Spencer knew her room to be. Emily cocked her head at Y/N and then glanced at Spencer, them seemingly having a silent conversation.

“Don’t be long, or I’ll start without you.” Her hand trailed across Y/N’s tummy as she walked across the room, disappearing into the bedroom. 

Spencer eyed Y/N carefully. She’d sent Emily away for a reason.

“What?” she laughed. “I just wanted to be the one to do this that’s all.” She grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt, pushing it upwards as he raised his arms to allow her to pull it off, shaking his hair free. Moving to his jeans, she quickly undid the button and zip pushing them down off his hips, him moving from foot to foot as she peeled them off him.

She stepped back slightly looking him over, a smile playing on her lips. “I definitely like what I see Spencer.”

He cleared his throat as she moved closer to him, pressing her breasts against him as she palmed his hard on through his boxers.

“Definitely like what I feel too. I’ll be having some of that shortly I think. Let’s go see what Prentiss is up to shall we?”

He nodded as she slipped her hand into the waist band of his shorts, using it to tug him forward as she led the way into her bed room.

It became quickly apparent that Emily had started without them. She was lain on Y/N’s bed completely naked, one hand lazily moving between her thighs whilst the other pulled lightly on a nipple, soft whimpers escaping her lips.

Y/N’s eyes lit up at the sight of the other women touching herself and she groaned softly. She pulled Spencer towards the bed, climbing onto it herself and leaning over Emily’s full breasts, sucking a hardened bud into her mouth.

Reid climbed onto the bed the other side of Emily, not really sure what he was meant to do, just laying back on her pillows and enjoying the sight in front of him.

You could tell Spencer was nervous, but at the same time, his eyes were on fire as he watched you tongue Emily’s heavenly chest and you could see he was hard through his shorts.

Just when you were certain you were going to have to whisper encouragement to him, he bent over taking her other breast into his own mouth, the sound Prentiss made as both of her breasts were sucked sending a fresh wave of heat between your thighs.

Your eyes locked with Reid’s , you snaked your hand to Emily’s thighs and moved her hand out of the way, lifting it and placing it onto Spencer’s groin, his eyes closing momentarily as her hands slipped inside. Seconds later he lifted his hips off the bed, discarding his own boxers, now completely naked as well.

Emily’s hand wrapped around his hardened shaft and began pumping up and down the length of his dick slowly, groans leaving his mouth as he worked her nipple with his lips.

You shifted on the bed, moving so your legs were towards the headboard, facing the opposite direction to the other two, propping your head up on your hand and enjoying the view of your older coworker stroking the man you’d been waiting to fuck for weeks.

Pushing Emily’s legs apart you ran your hand up and down her centre, her wetness coating your fingers, pushing inside slightly and then retreating. Reid’s eyes had followed your movements and you held two of your fingers up, showing him how wet she was before placing them to your lips and dragging your tongue up them.

Spencer’s mouth opened and you could see his tongue still, mid flick.

“Y/N stop teasing. I was enjoying myself before you two came in. Either finish it off, or move so I can put my fingers back,” Emily spoke from the head of th bed.

You laughed softly before moving your hand to her clit, squeezing it lightly between your thumb and forefinger hearing her gasp, “That’s more like it.”

You started to rub at her, gently at first and then faster, seeing her become damper as her moans became louder, Spencer’s eyes entranced as he watched you. He’d given up on Emily’s chest, instead mirroring your pose, leaning on one elbow. He was dragging his teeth over his bottom lip, little rasps catching in his throat as Emily swiped her hand over his tip, using the fluid that was leaking from there as lubricant as she stroked, moaning herself as your fingers worked away at her bud.

“Em stop!” he gasped gripping her wrist and stilling her movements on him, obviously not wanting to come yet.

You saw her smile as another moan rocked through her body, her legs starting to tremble slightly. She was close. Sliding further down the bed and curling yourself, you lifted her leg, moving it so it was hooked over you, your body now at a right angle to hers.

Lowering your mouth, you started to flick at her hard nub with the tip of your tongue, hearing a “Jesus fucking Christ” from Reid as he saw where your head was.

You saw him move off the bed, Emily’s grip on him now released and he walked around so he was closer to you. Kneeling back on the bed, he slid his hand between you own thighs, cupping between your legs and moving his hand back and forth, the friction of the fabric damp and rough against your own throbbing clit.

You moaned against Emily and adjusted your hand so you could push two fingers inside her warm wet slit. Pumping with your fingers, you increased pressure with your tongue, using your lips to suck her hard into your mouth. She tasted slightly bitter, the way that girls tended to, not unpleasant and not all that disimiliar to how guys tasted. A few minutes laternyou felt her contracting around your fingers as she came loudly, the sound sensual and like music to your ears.

You withdrew from her, resting your head onto the bed and wiping your hand against the sheets. She grinned and then shifted position, moving her leg away from you and rolling over onto her stomach, her head now down near your hips, watching Spencer’s hand moving over your panties.

“Y/N it’s completely unfair that you’re the only one still wearing clothes. Spencer needs to change that.” She raised an eyebrow at him and he stopped his motions, following her instructions and dragging your underwear down and off.

“And her bra Reid. And whilst you’re up that end, give her a kiss. See what I taste like.”

You chuckled as the realisation of what she’d said hit Spencer an he crawled up to your mouth, slipping his tongue between your lips as he pulled down the straps of your bra.

Kissing him, Emily’s juices mingling with his saliva, you raised your back off the bed so he could unhook your bra, tossing it onto the floor.

He was positioned to the left of your body now; Emily to the right, and you tangled your fingers in his hair, keeping his mouth on yours. Fuck me, the boy was a good kisser.

You felt movement on the bed again and suddenly you felt a hand between your legs, pulling them wide open. You pulled Spencer down so that he was on his side lying next to you rather than leaning over you, attaching your lips back to his, devouring them with your own.

You gasped against his mouth as you felt Emily’s tongue between you legs, slowly licking up between your folds, and then lapping at your hardened bundle of nerves, pressing hard with the flat of her tongue.

Spencer pulled away slightly, glancing down and seeing Prentiss fucking you with her mouth, his own mouth now wide open.

“Fuck me, that is something I could never even dream of seeing.”

You grinned, your breath coming out in little pants.

You reached for Spencer’s hand, placing it on your breast, him quickly getting the hint and pinching and tugging gently at your nipples, it adding to the building sensation of pleasure. His face still close to yours, he rested his forehead against yours, brushing his lips over your own every so often, his eyes intense and dark.

Your orgasm building quickly, you began to quiver, gasping louder as Reid lowered his head to your chest biting one nipple whilst pulling hard on the other.

“Fuck…… Oh fuck…. I’m coming… Oh god…. Fuuuck,” you shuddered against Emily’s mouth, her tongue flicking harder on your clit as you rode out your orgasm, tugging at Spencer’s hair.

He released your chest as Emily retracted her mouth, looking at Spencer thoughtfully.

“Hey genius. Come and have a taste. I know you’ve been thinking about it.”

She pushed her fingers inside you, curling them as you gasped again, your hips bucking off the bed. Pulling them out she signalled for Reid to move over to her, and he smirked seeing the look on your face.

Hauling himself back up, he left your side, moving back down the bed to Emily and sucking her fingers into his mouth, groaning as she pushed them in and out slowly. When she removed them she spoke quietly, “So we’ve both come. Your turn now Spencer.”

She had a point. But how to do this.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m not interested in his dick. You can have that.”

You had to laugh at her, she’d read your mind. And read Spencer’s too by the grin on his face.

She gave instructions, telling Spencer to stand and you to slide to the edge of the bed, her lying next to you, so your feet were almost touching the floor. Your bed was quite high and you knew where she was going with this immediately.  You hooked the leg closest to her over one of her legs, her other moving so she was spread wide open.

Spencer eyed the equation in front of him for a second, stroking his dick as he worked it out.

“Figured it out yet Reid?” you asked.

He moved himself close to you picking your other leg up and pulling it against his chest, moving so he was hard against your entrance. Leaning over slightly, he placed one hand on the bed as leverage, moving the other to Emily’s entrance.

“Dick inside you, fingers inside Em right?” he asked.

“You got it.”

He pushed himself inside you, and you heard a sharp gasp from Emily as he entered her, his hand moving between her spread legs.

He began thrusting, slowly at first catching his lip between his teeth again. Moving your hand back to Emilys clit, you started massaging it, brushing against Spencer’s increasingly wet fingers as he moved them in and out.

Once he’d set his momentum, he straightened up, holding your leg tight against his chest, lifting your ass off the bed slightly. You felt him deep inside you, gasping loudly as he hit your sweet spot.

Your fingers moving quickly against Emily, you heard her panting increase, her own fingers moving to your clit and rubbing as Spencer pounded against you both. She came first, mewling expletives, her thighs moving tight together as she shook.

Spencer slowed his thrusts on you as you both turned to watch, her eyes squeezing tightly shut as she came.

Pulling your hand away as her orgasm subsided, she changed position on the bed once more.

With both hands now free, Reid gripped your hips, his fingers digging in as your legs moved to lock around his waist inside, creating a tighter space for him.

Emily latched her mouth on to your breast, increasing her ministrations on your clit.

“Y/N I’m close,” he groaned.

“Go for it Spencer, I’m… Fuck,  there myself…oh shit…. Fuuuck.”

Emily rubbed hard just as Spencer hit against your g spot and you juddered against the bed, heat washing over you as you came a second time. The contractions of your walls clenching around Spencer’s dick as you came were enough to send him crashing over the edge too, and you felt him filling you moments later.

The room filled with panting, the smell of sex lingering in the air, Spencer pulled out, collapsing onto the bed next to you, stickiness pooling between your legs.

“Well… ” you breathed out.

“ Well, indeed,” Emily seconded.

“Yep,” Spencer agreed.

Emily crept around Y/N’s bedroom, gathering her underwear and pulling them on as quietly as she could. After cleaning themselves up, they fallen into a deep, post orgasm slumber, Y/N in the middle and Reid and Emily curled either side.

Prentiss had awoken a few hours later, rolling over to see Y/N no longer situated in the centre of the bed, but pulled tightly against Spencer’s chest, their arms tangled together,

As fun as last night had been, Emily suddenly felt like she was intruding, She pulled herself of the bed, collecting herself and dressing. She knew this wouldn’t be spoken off again. Smiling at the sleeping couple, she wondered how long it would actually take them to leave the bed today. Now the bet was officially over she was certain they’d finally end up admitting they had feelings for each other.

Luckily for the three of them, they all understood that sometimes sex was just that. Sex. It didn’t have to mean feelings, and Emily knew that what they had engaged in a few hours prior would have no impact on Spencer and Y/N’s budding relationship.

She heard Y/N stir, her rolling over in Spencer’s arms so that her back was against his chest. He nestled against her, burying his head in her neck.

Y/N glanced up sleepily, “You off?”

Emily nodded.

Y/N smiled at her, “Thanks Emily. Last night was amazing.”

“You’re very welcome.” She knelt on the bed, leaning over and kissing her younger colleagues forehead. “Now you have fun with him today.”

“Oh I intend to. Just, in a few hours. I ache.” She chuckled softly, her eyes driftingshut again as Emily made her way out the room, closing the door quietly behind her


Heather Chandler x Reader
Prompt: N/A
Warnings: Hospitals, bleeding, poisoning, ear infections, vomiting
Requested by: Anonymous
Y/N: Your Name
A/N: AU, where Heather lives, is top notch A++. Also projected my own emotions about living with a chronic ear infection aka Hell.


Hospitals were something you had become so accustomed to visiting, sometimes you forgot that it wasn’t a normal occurrence to go there every 2 weeks. You had been in and out of multiple healthcare all your life. No, you didn’t have a terminal illness, or a mental illness or really anything that. Your pain and repeated visits lay inside the repeated stupid decisions you’d made as a child.

Time and time again, you would hear your parents tell you “Don’t stick your fingers in your ears, Y/N, you’ll get an ear infection.” But did you listen? No. Because you were a dumb seven-year-old who didn’t think shit about what she did with her fingers or where she had been. And sure nothing happened the first few times. Clearly, your parents were wrong. Probably just trying to make you more ladylike and poised. Nothing happened when you shoved your grimy hands, covered in harmful bacteria in your earhole. Nothing at all. Nothing except the sudden, continuous stinging pain you would get when you tried to go swimming at a beach. Nothing but bleeding for 10 minutes while one of your parents looked for ear swabs and the other yelled “I told you so’s”

Nothing but the lifelong, incurable shitshow that was the internal ear infection.

You couldn’t swim, you couldn’t take showers for too long, you couldn’t join in water fights, you couldn’t listen to loud music or buy light coloured pillow cases for fear that the mixture of blood and earwax that would seep out of your ear during warm nights would stain the fabric. You would throttle 7 year old you of you had the chance.

And today? It was no different. Sitting on one of the wards in a bed so that the doctors could take samples of your earwax and study it to make sure they weren’t getting more fucked up than they already were.

What was new, was the appearance of a girl you’d never met before. She had been moved to your ward the previous morning, after a recovery from what you assumed was an awful sickness. The circumstances of whatever injury had happened were horrific and severe from what you could tell. She had been coughing up blue-green fluids when you came in from the bathroom an hour ago. Taking another glance sideway, you saw her sitting upright. Her long blonde hair was pulled back from her face, looking quite knotted. She was a sickly pale, a sheen of sweat covering her skin and giving it a shiny effect. Dressed in a hospital robe which made her look unhealthily slight, you could’ve mistaken her for a ghost had you found her walking the hospital halls at night. Her face looked gaunt and her eyes were hollow and sad. Had she not been afflicted by her ailment, you thought she’d probably looked like a famous actress. Here, she just looked washed-out and tired. You felt your stomach twist in sympathy for her.

Several times you’d tried to pluck up the courage to start a conversation and each time you had failed. But now it was for real, now you were going to try and reach out. It wasn’t like you had anything else to do. Taking a deep breath, you turned yourself to face her, steeling yourself and pushing away the anxieties.

“Uh… Hi!” You tried your friendliest smile, sitting cross-legged in your seat. The girl glanced at you, eyes raking up and down your figure, making you suddenly self-aware of how strange you probably looked, fully clothed with a pair of fluffy cotton balls poking out of your ears.
“…Hey.” Her voice was croaky and broken as if she had swallowed fire and burnt her voice box to a crisp. The way her face screwed up told you that it hurt her to talk. Or maybe she just didn’t like to talk to weird girls with cotton balls in their ears. Yeah, that was probably it.
“Uh… I’m Y/N.” You responded a little nervously, watching as her face changed, probably to decide whether you were worth talking to.
“…Heather.” She said simply, again with the raspy voice. You frowned at the sound, wondering if it would be insulting to point it out? It would be a good conversation starter in the least.
“So uh… what’s with your voice?” That came out a lot blunter than you intended, but you weren’t really sure how you could’ve worded it any other way. Heather stopped to think for a moment, before blowing out a breath of air and shrugging.

“I got poisoned.” She said simply, as your eyebrows shot to the ceiling. She got what now?
“Y-You what?!” You asked, immediately regretting the question as she bristled, eyes filled with sudden rage.
“Are you thick? Poisoned. I. Was. Poisoned.” She snapped at you angrily before breaking into a heavy coughing fit. You froze up, not sure what to do, or whether you should help or call the doctors. In the few seconds you had of indecision, she grabbed a nearby bucket, vomiting up bile, that was not good. You were at her side in an instant, one hand gathered up her long hair and held it back from her face, the other rubbed her back comfortingly.

“It’s ok, you’re ok.” You said gently as she spat out the last of the vile liquid. Her body shook a little, as she turned her head, frowning. It wasn’t a hostile expression, not at all in fact, if anything she regarded you with a look of confusion at your actions that made your own gaze soften.
“You didn’t need to do that.” She said, no aggression in her tone.
“But you needed me to.” She stayed silent at that comment, but you could’ve sworn you saw that icy glare of hers melt a little.
“…Thanks.” She said a little quietly, as you leant back and took your hands from her, watching her carefully. After checking that she truly was ok, you returned to your bed, swinging your legs as she looked for something to say. Anything to change the subject.

“Why are you here? You don’t exactly look sick.” Her eyes travelled to the cotton in your ears and you felt your face flush.
“Ear infection.” You responded simply, you were used to these kinds of questions. Albeit, not from pretty or popular girls like her.
“What’s that?” She asked, nose crinkling up in a rather cute fashion. You tried to find the words to explain the condition.
“It’s what it says on the tin, really. Both my ears are infected with a virus. Can’t swim, can’t shower for too long and sometimes they bleed.” You shrugged, no sympathy searching in your tone. It is what it is, really. No changing it now.

“Eugh. How long have you had it?” There were a lot of questions coming from her, but you didn’t really mind.
“I’ll have to think. What’s today’s date?” You pretended to think, your smile almost spoiling the joke you had planned.
“March 2nd.” She said, not having to check at all.
“I’ve had it eleven years.” You stated, watching her eyes widen in horror.
“Jesus fucking Christ!” She swore loudly as you erupted into laughter, raising a hand to your lips to cover your mouth.
“What the hell are you laughing for? Doesn’t it hurt?” You shrugged and smiled.
“I mean, yeah. You get used to it after a while.” You hummed as she shook her head at you.

“What about you, huh? How did you get poisoned?” You asked. It wasn’t exactly a normal thing to happen, unless you were a spy. Or in a movie. You were pretty sure you weren’t in a movie. Heather huffed and leant back on her pillows.
“Long story.” She said simply, staring up at the ceiling. You leant back on your own bed as well, copying her actions, you rested your hands on your stomach.
“I’ve got time.” You shrugged, listening as she shifted a bit.
“I made friends with this new girl, we got into a fight and then she showed up at my house with her boyfriend to apologise.” She began, and you nodded along, listening close.
“I told her to make me a drink to make up for it. Something alcoholic and…” Your eyes widened as she trailed off.
“She put in drain cleaner. Not on purpose, she was talking to her boyfriend and got distracted and put it in. He noticed, apparently, but didn’t say anything.” You watched as her expression fell, your heart ached for her. What happened to her was awful, it was completely horrific and disgusting. It was something no person should ever have to go through.

“Jesus, Heather. I’m so sorry. Are they being prosecuted?” You asked, keeping your eyes solely on her as she shrugged.
“I don’t know. My parents said they’d handle it.” She said simply keeping her eyes trained on her hands on her lap. You stared back up at the ceiling, the weight of the situation pulling you down.
“I hope they get prosecuted. That’s just… God, it’s so fucked up.” You felt anger at the incident well up inside you, anger at the treatment of a girl you barely knew. But when you looked back at her you saw no anger in her eyes, no indignance. Just exhaustion. Just the stare of a tired girl who’d been through a lot in a short amount of time. You took another breath, shutting your eyes.

“And what about you, huh? How’d you get that infection?” She asked as you shook her head.
“That? Now that is a long story.” You sighed, turning your head to hers again. A small smile crossed her face, filling your chest with a warm feeling as she turned to you, meeting your eyes.
“I’ve got time.” She said simply, as both your smiles grew.


A/N: Alright it’s a Benny x Reader after this! Hope you enjoyed and thank you!

anaxiphilia (pt. 8)

Characters: Reader x Yoongi, appearances by all of Bangtan (probably)
Genre: eventually..all of them? badboy!yoongi AU
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Jimin POV

I stood outside my house, hands in my pockets, cigarette between my lips, examining the exterior. It looked undisturbed, but I knew better. I knew what was waiting for me inside. Or should I say who was waiting for me inside. I dragged in one last doze of my poison, and threw the bud on the ground, crushing it with my foot. 

“Here goes everything,” I mumbled, pushing my front door open. The darkness surprised me. I was expecting his ominous presence as soon as I opened the door. His arms crossed with the bright kitchen light illuminating the back of his head making him look even gloomier. Was I wrong? Did my performance at the carnival have no effect on him?

“Yoongi, come out, I know you’re here.” I said moving towards the living room. My hand felt around the wall attempting to find the switch. I turned on the light and jumped at the blonde sitting on the sofa.

“Jesus Christ, you don’t need to sit in the dark to startle me, your face is scary enough.” I said dryly, rubbing a hand on my chest. His face was blank, void of any emotion, but even from where I was standing; I could see the rage brewing in his eyes. It was as if looking at me was making him angrier by the second. I tilted my head and smirked at him.

“I told you to stay away from her.” Yoongi said suddenly kicking the coffee table in front of him in anger.

“What did my coffee table ever do to you?” I said, crossing my arms and pursing my lips at him. 

Suddenly Yoongi jumped to his feet and charged towards me. His large hands gripped the collar of my shirt pulling me forward, his forehead roughly collided with mine making me wince.

“I told you to stay the fuck away from her.” Yoongi said, clenching his jaw his grip on my collar was becoming painfully tight.

“And I told you I don’t take threats well.” I replied, pushing him off me and straightening out my shirt. He stood less than two feet away from me, clenching his fists. He took in deep breaths, staring at his feet instead of at me. I knew he was trying to control his anger.  

“She’s a good girl Jimin,” Yoongi said, raking a hand through his hair, finally looking up at me in frustration.

“I can be a good boy,” I said, smiling at him, he narrowed his eyes at me examining my expression, trying to figure out what kind of game I was playing.

“I won’t let her become one of your accomplishments, I wont let you ruin her,” he said, gritting his teeth, the smile on my face grew.

“I don’t want to ruin her, well, maybe just a little. She’s so innocent especially when she blushes, it’s hard keeping my hands to myself-“

“Don’t you fucking dare even think about her like that,” Yoongi growled, he grabbed my collar, roughly pinning me against the wall. I held his hands on my collar in attempt to pry them off.

“Who are you again?” I smirked making him freeze; I used his momentary shock to push him off me. I narrowed my eyes at him, “You’re not her father, her brother, or her boyfriend. So what do you think you’re doing Yoongi?”

“I just want to protect her,” Yoongi said reflexively.

“She’s not yours to protect.” I countered and just like that, it finally seemed to click. I could physically see the gears in his head turning. I watched as he figured out what he wanted. For a self-proclaimed genius, he was an idiot when it came to his own emotions. The shock on his face contorted into determination.

“Not yet,” he growled, pushing past me towards the front door.

“Her room’s the one with the balcony by the way.” I yelled at his retreating figure. 

“I’m not going to sneak into her house,” Yoongi said pausing at the front door.

“But you will.” I said, leaning against the wall with my arms crossed staring at him, he looked over his shoulder and smirked at me before disappearing out the door.

Reader POV

I lay smiling to myself in bed holding my new giant Pikachu in my arms. Today was the first time in two weeks I had gone out and just had fun. Jimin might be a little manipulative but he sure knew how to have a good time. I giggled thinking about our final conversation about how he wanted me to keep the Pikachu at my house so he could visit it since it would hurt his manhood to have it in his house.

A sudden knock on bedroom door caused me to sit up in confusion. My parents and Jin were out of the country on a business trip, so what was that? The knock persisted and I realized it was coming from my balcony door, not my bedroom door. My eyes widened as I stared at the silhouette that was obviously of a man.

I scrambled over to the light switch and quickly turned it off hoping the person would think I left the bedroom. I stared at menacing shadow that the person casted over the curtains, heart rate going insane. I walked forward towards the bed blindly, my eyes still locked on the silhouette as he muttered a loud curse making me jump and trip over chair my beanbag chair. I screamed as I fell on my butt staring at the silhouette hoping he didn’t hear me.

“[y/n], I know you’re in there.” He said, dryly. “Get your ass over here and open this door. Now.”

The voice sounded so familiar, but it can’t be… I slowly walked towards the balcony doors. Each footstep felt like it was getting heavily, I hesitantly reached towards the curtains. As I peaked through, I looked up at the familiar deep brown eyes almost completely hidden by a mop of golden locks. I gasped in surprised and let go of the curtain. I turned around placing a hand on my chest I leaned back against the door.

“Sweetheart, open the door.” Yoongi said, quieter than before, “before I break it.” 

My eyes snapped open, blood rushing to my cheeks from the sudden excitement caused by his words. I unlocked the door slowly, and pulled it open. Unable to look at his face, I stared at his feet. His hand reached forward slowly, grasping my chin. He pulled my face up in order for our gazes to meet like every other time. However, this time was different, he didn’t drop his hand like he usually does. His hand lingered on my chin, his thumb lightly stroking my bottom lip. His gaze drifted from my eyes to my lips and back to eyes. His tongue flicked out wetting his bottom lip.

“I think you enjoy attracting trouble.” Yoongi said, his grasp on my chin tightening by a fraction. His other hand moved to rest on my hip, making the blood rush to my cheeks. A smirk played on his lips as he watched the redness tint my cheeks. 

“I leave you alone for two weeks thinking you’ll be safer, and you go and attract a bigger asshole than me.” he said shaking his head, his hand left my chin to ruffle the back of his head.

Almost as if I was caught in a trance, I reached forward, one hand flat on his chest, other against the side of his neck.

“Maybe you shouldn’t leave me alone then,” I mumbled, shocking myself from the sudden boldness. His sudden immobilization caused me to look away from him embarrassed. As I started to pull my hand away from him, he grasped it and put it back against his neck.

“You can’t just say these things like that to me [Y/N], do you know hard it is for me to control myself right now?” He growled, his grip on my hand tightened.

“Then don’t,” I whispered shyly, my thumb stroking the length of his neck.

The next second, his grip on my hips tightened, and he pulled my body against his roughly. In the same instant, he leaned his head forward claiming my lips in an earthshattering kiss making my knees buckle in shock, Yoongi seemed to catch on to my instability and moved both his hands to rest against my hips holding my body steady against his as he continued to passionately attack my lips. His kiss wasn’t anything like I’ve ever imagined. He was putting all his emotions in it, every emotion that he had been holding back for the last weeks, I felt it. 

“Hurry up and kiss me back,” Yoongi mumbled against my lips. His hands moved to completely wrap around my waist, holding me against him like I was the air that he desperately needed to survive. My hands reached upward from their frozen position into his hair as I kissed him back. He let out a low moan, as I ran my fingers through his hair. A small smile emerged on my lips because I knew I had caused that. 

The sudden sound of his phone ringing made me jump away from him. He gazed at me, his breathing heavy. He groaned pulling out his cellphone.

“Fucking Jimin, he’s cock-blocking through a phone now.” Yoongi said, turning off his phone and shoving it back in his pocket.

“Oh, was that Jimin?” I said cheerfully, “We went to the carnival today because he wanted a Pikachu, it was fun.”  Within an instant, I saw his gaze dark in anger, I gulped taking a step backward, suddenly frightened.

“Yes, that was Jimin, why were you with Jimin today?” Yoongi said, taking a mencing step towards me.

“I-I told you, he wanted a Pikachu,” I said running towards my bed and holding up the Pikachu.

“If he wanted to Pikachu, why do you have it?” Yoongi challenged, tilting his head to the side.

“I-Uh, he said, you’d tease him about it.” I said, taking another step backwards so that now my back was pressed against my bedroom door. He stepped forward placing a hand on the door beside my head.

“I’ll be taking this back to him,” he said taking the Pikachu out of my hands, and throwing it back on the bed,

“O-okay,” I said, holding my hands in front of me, lacing my fingers.

“I’d rather not have anything that reminds my girl of another man in her room,” Yoongi mumbled, tilting his head at me, watching my reaction. As if on cue my cheeks tinted red. I looked up at him, to see him smiling sweetly down at me.

“I’m sorry O-oppa,” I said causing my cheeks to turn even redder. His eyes widened as he looked down at me.

“Who taught you that word?” he growled, putting both his hands against the door frame beside my head on the door frame, fists clenched.

“Jimin said you like to be called Oppa,” I mumbled, embarrassed staring at my hands.

“Fucking Jimin.”


Genre: Slight Angst/Fluff

Character: BadBoy!Yoongi x Reader AU

College AU 

Word Count: 3,304

A/N: I feel like Yoongi would best fit the bad boy role. Inspired by the hundreds of pictures of him in a leather jacket. My love for this man is unreal… I can’t. Hope you all like it! I really enjoyed writing this female lead c: 

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Originally posted by itsdoradaxx

              Min Yoongi, just from hearing his name some people would quiver in fear, but not her. While others tried to distance themselves from the bad boy she insisted on getting closer. The whole world knew about her crush on the leather clad flower boy and that was because she had publicly announced it several times. She claimed him as her own the moment she had laid her eyes on him in the college campus. Y/N followed him around like the little love struck puppy she was and at times he used this to his advantage. Y/N often found herself doing the silver tongued boy’s homework because he would either forget or because he didn’t feel like wasting his time on it. Yoongi also didn’t ever have to worry about packing or buying lunch because every day without a fail she would make him some. And that was nothing compared to some of the other things she would go out of her way just to do for him. Many could argue that he was only using her, but even if that were true she had fallen too hard to care.

               Although at times he appreciated everything that she did for him he often found himself getting annoyed. No matter how much he pushed her away, she kept coming back. It all started when she was walking home from school one cold winter day, she tightly wrapped her scarf around her neck and nuzzled into the soft fabric. Her ears perked hearing high pitched whines and cries, squinting she noticed a boy wearing skinny jeans, a leather jacket, and a black beanie kneeled in front of a cardboard box. Inside was a puppy, reaching into his pocket he took out a can of wet dog food and set it in front of the hungry pup who happily ate it. What he did next intrigued her the most, he took off his seemingly expensive jacket and set it inside the box with the stray dog. With that the mysterious mint haired man walked away. Y/N hurriedly ran over to the small dog, its tiny tail wagged in excitement at the pretty girl before him. The dog was snuggled into the boy’s coat, a small smile formed on her lips. How sweet. Carefully she wrapped the dog in it and carried it off with her, to its new home, her home.

               The roaring of an engine could be heard, his obsidian black Harley Davidson Iron 883 pulled up and parked in its usual spot. She squealed in delight as she skipped over to greet him. His mint hair slightly sticking against his pale forehead due to the broiling summer heat. Her hand wandered into her backpack, she took out an ice cold bottle of water then handed it to him. Without even a ‘thank you’ he snatched the bottle away and unscrewed the lid then proceeded to gulp its contents.

               “Good morning Yoongi oppa!” Y/N happily hummed taking away the empty recyclable plastic from his hands.

               “I don’t see what’s so good about it.” He grumbled shooting her a glare that she was very well immune to.

               “You get to see me~” the smaller girl cooed as she walked besides him to their first class.
               “You say that like it’s a good thing.” Yoongi groaned trying not to roll his eyes at her pouty face.

               “I made you lunch today!” she exclaimed taking out a kumamon bento and setting it in front of him. They sat outside under a big oak tree, Yoongi hated crowded places and quite honestly she did too. Plus, this way she had him all to herself.

               “Don’t you always?” his tone dull and sarcastic, but nevertheless she continued to smile. Without another word he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat from the cutesy lunch box while she gazed at him with her big doe eyes. “Are you just going to just stare at me the whole time?” she could tell he was getting irritated, she shook her head in response and he sighed. “Then eat.” he hissed taking another bite of his food. Yoongi didn’t have to tell her twice, without another word the girl slowly started consuming her own lunch but not without sneaking glances at the fair skinned boy besides her. He shook his head at her subtle attempts, they were everything but that.

               “Oppa!” Y/N waved her hand over at the taller boy and ran towards him hugging what seemed to be papers to her chest. “You almost forgot your homework.” She panted going through the folders and handing him his trigonometry packet. His eyes scanned the sheets, everything seemed just about right. He gave her a quick nod and pat on the head before heading to trig. Y/N gleefully shrieked at their slight physical interaction, she could care less about the strange looks people were giving her. It was funny how something so small could make her heart swell up in utter delight. The affect he had on her was unreal.

               Unlike him Y/N was done for the day, she peacefully sat in the library flipping through cook books. She had recently found out that ‘her’ Min Yoongi had an odd obsession with lamb skewers and she was determined to make him some of the best he’s ever had, problem being she had never cooked lamb in her life but that wasn’t going to stop her. After writing down several recipes she checked her phone and realized his class would be dismissed any minute. Hastily she packed her belongings and bolted towards the building his class was held. Y/N peeked in the room since the door was open only to notice they had already been released, yet he was still there.

               “-But yeah, you should tutor me one of these days, seeing as how you’re always getting straight A’s.” his classmate commented in her sickly sweet voice.

               “Should I?” he mused licking his lips before continuing. “What’s in it for me?”

               “Depends, what do you want?” her voice thick with desire, while Y/N’s face was full of disgust.

               “As if he’d want to waste his time on someone like you.” Y/N growled through her gritted teeth as she stormed into the room.

               “And who are you?” the girl snapped raking her eyes over Y/N.
               “His girlfriend.”
               “Says who?” Yoongi snarled.
               “Oppa!” she whined stomping her foot on the ground before making her way to his side. “I’ll give you till the count of three to leave, if I hit one and you’re still here you’ll have more than just your failing grades to worry about.” Y/N crooned with  a cute little grin adorning her lips, not wanting to find out what would happen if she stayed the other girl scurried away but not before cursing her under her breath.

               “Can you stop going around acting like I’m your boyfriend?” his husky voice lower than usual.
               “Why?” she was genuinely confused and that only irked him more.
               “Because I’m not!”
               “But you will be.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, because she’d always made sure to paint it that way.
               “No, I won’t be. Ever.”
               “Oppa don’t say things you don’t mean.” Her giggling infuriated him further, enough was enough.
               “I don’t like you and never will.” His words made her frown, but that didn’t stop him. “Not only are you annoying, you’re stupid now too?” she had never seen him so furious. “So stop following me around, stop making me lunch, and just leave me alone.” his words hurt. Although she didn’t care what others had to say, he was a different story. She felt as if someone had socked her in the stomach and in that one blow all the oxygen had left her lungs, she found it quite difficult to breath. Every now and then Yoongi would lose his patience with the girl, but never had he gone this far. Had she finally pushed him over the edge? She refused to accept defeat. Looking back up her frown was replaced with a meek smile.

               “So what do you want for lunch tomorrow oppa?” Y/N questioned dismissing his outburst. “How do lamb skewers sound?”

               “Are you fucking kidding me? I know you heard me just now.” Yoongi stared at her in disbelief. “So get it through your fucking head, we never were and never will be anything.” He spoke through his gritted teeth. “So fuck off.” With that he walked out of the room not bothering to look back. Y/N bit her bottom lip so hard she could taste iron in her mouth, her heart clenched at his words, which replayed in her head like a broken record.

               The following day was a peaceful one for Min Yoongi because she wasn’t around. At first he had assumed Y/N had taken the hint, but he soon realized she wasn’t even at school seeing as how she had not showed up to any of the classes they had together. It was odd because he thought the heavy hearted feeling that had formed after he went off on her yesterday would have left by now, but instead it had only gotten worse. He sat under his usual tree with the lunch he bought, after unwrapping it he took a bite but quickly set it down not liking the taste. It was bland, it lacked something, something that he usually only found in Y/N’s cooking. Love? He shook his head at the ridiculous thought, why was he even thinking about her? Not wanting the food to go to waste he tried to ingest as much as he could, but unlike her cooking it wasn’t enjoyable.

               It was now past noon and he sat in the empty classroom looking out the window, the lecture had ended twenty minutes ago but he found himself sitting there for some odd reason. Then it hit him, he was sitting there waiting for her. It had become a routine, he tried to tell himself as he finally left the class. The hallways felt empty despite them being crowded with several other students and he didn’t understand why.

               Outside of Y/N’s home Yoongi could be spotted on his motorcycle, he had subconsciously driven there. It had become a habit to take her home every Wednesday because on that day she would stay late after school due to club activities. No matter how many times he would tell her ‘next time ride the bus’ he would always be there waiting for her with an extra helmet in his hand even though she didn’t ask, but she was always grateful. He scolded himself as he prepared to leave, but right before he could something caught his eye. Exiting from her front door was a tall chestnut haired male, before he could get a better view the man had already disappeared.

               “And this is where I go to school!” she exclaimed waving her arms at the several buildings behind her, Taehyung grinned at her cute gesture.

               “So when will I be meeting that boy you’re always talking about?” he questioned wiggling a brow at her. “What’s his name again…? Yoongi?” Y/N’s composure immediately dropped at the mention of his name, the events from the other day coming back to her. His cruel words still lingering in her mind.

               “About that…” she murmured fiddling with her fingers, she didn’t want to tell him out of embarrassment but he was her best friend. After a quick summary of what had happened Taehyung’s usual cheerful face was anything but that.

               “What a jerk Y/N.” his face scrunched in displeasure. “He must be blind not to see how lucky he is to have you even give him the time of day.” Typical Taehyung, being a sweetheart as always.

               “Taetae…” she croaked trying to keep back from crying, having noticed this he quickly engulfed her into a heartfelt hug.
               “Don’t you dare cry, he’s not worth it.” He whispered while stroking her hair soothingly.

               Yoongi froze noticing it was Y/N who was being hugged by the tall male whose face he couldn’t see, quickly composing himself he scoffed and continued to class. He refused to admit the scene bothered him, even if it was just a teeny bit. 

              Sitting in his seat he could see from the open door out of the corner of his eye as she approached their government class, but she wasn’t alone. She was accompanied by the same guy from earlier and to his surprise it was the same brunette from yesterday, the guy who he spotted leaving her house. He gave her a tight hug and then ruffled her hair before he left, Yoongi could see her smiling brightly just how she would whenever he would pat her head. He didn’t like the fact that she was smiling like that because of another man.

               The class felt longer than usual and as soon it had ended she was out of there. Although he would never admit it, Yoongi was annoyed by the fact that she had not bothered to even approach him once. But that was what he wanted, wasn’t it?

               The mint haired boy stirred in his sleep after some hearing noise. He groggily rubbed his eyes trying to get rid of the sleepiness. Yoongi could hear the voices getting louder, it was them. A couple yards away Y/N sat close, too close to the same guy from that morning. They were under a shaded tree enjoying their lunch together talking about who knows what, it must have been interesting because they couldn’t stop laughing. His eyes landed on the two lunch boxes and one was his bento, his kumamon. She didn’t. He thought enviously peering at Taehyung take food from it, he wasn’t sure why, but he felt betrayed.

               As the teacher continued to lecture, Yoongi could only think about what he had seen today. His eyes wandered everywhere except the white board until they landed on the window besides him. He admired the view outside. He spotted something familiar, he knew that turtle plush charm hanging off of that backpack anywhere. Taehyung’s arm was placed on Y/N’s shoulders as they walked further and further off campus. He’d had enough.

               Unable to stand the nagging feeling in his heart any longer, he stormed out in the middle of the lecture and made his way towards his bike. Reeving the engine angrily he sped towards her house not caring whether he had broken a couple of laws in the process. He parked his bike in front of her home and hopped off, there he leaned against his Harley with his arms crossed looking like all of hell just broke loose.

               “Bye Taetae!” his girl called out before giving Taehyung one last hug and waving at him frantically, he had to be somewhere urgently so he left her about two houses away from her own. Turning around she continued to walk to her residence and that’s when she noticed Yoongi standing there in his ripped skinny jeans, white V-neck, and black leather jacket, looking as good as ever. Y/N bit her bottom lip trying to resist the urge of running up to him and clinging onto him like a needy baby koala. She was confused as to why he was right outside of her house, but she didn’t dare ask. He had been the one to push her away, so he should be the one to pull her back. Pretending not to see him Y/N continued to walk up to her front door.

               “Yah, where do you think you’re going?” he hissed walking up to her and grabbing her arm then turning her around. Her eyes widened in shock at the sudden contact.
               “That’s surprising, you usually come running to me whenever you see me.” He cockily stated ticking his brow upwards.

               “Yeah, but I have better things to do now…” she mumbled looking down.

               “Like what? Hang out with that loser?” Yoongi sneered causing her to snap. Oh hell no.
               “Don’t call him that!” she was obviously mad and he hated that what triggered her was talking about another man.
               “Struck a nerve I see.”
               “You can say whatever you want about me, but don’t you dare talk about Taetae.” Nonetheless he tried to remain calm, but she was making it hard with how defensive she was being over some guy.
               “Taetae? What kind of name is that?”
               “His name is Taehyung, Taetae is just my nickname for him.” He suddenly felt a pang of insecurity, she’s never given me a nickname.

               “Whatever.” Yoongi scoffed. “I don’t ever want to see that guy around you ever again, understood?”
               “Excuse me?” she shot him an incredulous look.
               “You heard me, you should know by now I hate sharing what’s mine.” Wait what…
               “And who says I’m yours?” Y/N grimaced.
               “You. You’ve said it several times.” but
               “Last time I checked you didn’t want me anywhere near you.” She quickly countered.
               “About that-“
               “So you haven’t forgotten? Then go, I don’t know what you’re doing here.” As much as it hurt her to say those words she refused to keep letting him step over her. She didn’t want to go back to how things were before, she wanted much more.  
               “Is it fun? Playing with me that is and with my feelings?” her dry bitter laughter caught him off guard. “I can’t do this anymore… It hurts, Yoongi… It’s just too much, I-“ tears threatened to fall if she continued, he quickly shut her up by crashing his lips down on hers. She had been waiting months for this, it felt surreal. The kiss was soft, yet rough at the same time. Her heart pounded rapidly against her chest as his lips continued to move against her, they were so warm, so sweet. She could feel her worries melt away along with her anger. His hand rested on the back of her head, his fingers tangling in her long locks. His free arm was wrapped around her waist tightly, he refused to let her go, again. He found this easier, because Min Yoongi had never been good with words.

               “I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to ride on a motorcycle…” her sultry voice made him inwardly cringe. “Maybe you should show me.”
               “I don’t think my girlfriend would like that.” The leather clad flower boy stated with a smirk, but even with that she didn’t seem to be backing off.

               “She doesn’t have to know.” She suggested resting her hand on his chest as she shot him a coy smile.
               “Yah. Look here skank, if I ever see you talking to my oppa ever again you’re going to find out what it’s like to ride on an ambulance instead. Understood?” Y/N snarled roughly shoving the slightly taller girl away from Yoongi.

               “Crazy bitch…” she whispered walking away, but Y/N didn’t care. Her arms wrapped around his neck, she buried her face in the crook of his neck and pouted.

               “Oppaaaa!” the girl whined pulling away enough so she could see his face. “You’re not supposed to talk to other girls!” his eyes twitched at her childish tone.

               “And you’re not supposed to talk to other guys.” he argued rolling his eyes, it wasn’t like he wanted to talk to that girl, she had approached him first.
               “If you’re referring to Taetae then we’ve already been over this, he’s my best friend.” She reasoned, he could be a little too possessive sometimes. It was just one of his many odd ways of showing he cared.
               “And I’m your boyfriend.”
               “Exactly, so you have nothing to worry about.”

               “I better not.” Yoongi whispered into her ear causing a shiver to run down her back. “So… When are you making me those lamb skewers?”

I spent three weeks in a mental hospital and what I discovered there I feel should be put into words.

We are not who you think we are

  • The boy with turrets told the funniest jokes
  • The girl who raked her nails up and down her skin could create the most exquisite drawings
  • The girl who abused drugs had the wisest soul
  • The boy with schizophrenia had the biggest heart
  • The girl who tried to kill herself told the boy with insomnia stories to help lure him to sleep
  • The boy who wanted to kill himself had the deepest passion for cooking
  • The girl with slits and scars all over her body dried my tears and told me i was beautiful
  • The boy with anger issues gave the warmest hugs
  • The girl with bulimia told everyone every day that they looked beautiful in their bodies
  • The boy who was a compulsive liar told us that he wanted us all to get better, and that he was for once telling the truth
  • The girl who almost drank herself to death stood up for anyone that felt they were feeling bullied
  • The boy with social anxiety made sure nobody sat alone at meals

We are not who you think we are

Just the Three of Us

Part 10 of The Client

To follow the story, look up the tag #TheClientSeries

Word count: 4.4k

Warnings: Lots of sex, threesome (Sam x Reader x Dean - no Wincest)

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HI!! I really like the sports scenario you did! So going off of that one. A Leo scenario where he watched their significant other get injured during a sports event but they still wanted to continue to play so as to not let their team down

I’m sorry that this was slightly short!


The roaring of the crowd grew as the game got even more intense towards the end, and Leo too found himself sitting by the edge of his seat as he did not remove his eyes from you.

Your team was in the lead by two points, which was already considered a huge feat noting who you were up against. And you were trying not to get distracted as you kept your eye on the ball.

Just like any other floorball match, everything happened real fast, sticks smacking into each other, people sprinting across the court as the ball was passed and intercepted.

You can do it, just a little while-

He felt his heart skip a beat when he saw you landing onto the ground, and he immediately stood up. But he saw you standing up right afterwards too.

And he saw it coming when you smiled at the person who accidentally rammed into you. 

She better not- ‘I’m fine! It’s okay!’

You nodded as your teammate rushed to you, before giving them a light pat on their shoulder to assure them that you were alright.

He watched as you turned to the empire while your teammates jogged back to their positions, giving a thumbs up. But even though no one else noticed, he caught the slight limp when you moved your leg. 

This girl really- Leo raked his hair in frustration as he groaned, clenching his other fist tightly.

‘Play on!’ And with a blow of the whistle, the game continued.

△▽ △▽ △▽ 

'Are you okay?’ Your best friend, who was on the same team as you, asked as she eyed your ankle while the crowd began to disperse.

'Yeap. It’s no biggie.’ You grinned, even though you could clearly feel the sharp pain intensifying by the second.

'It was a good match. Though next time don’t press yourself too much. And I think your boyfriend doesn’t seem too happy about us winning the match.’

With a slight push, you were left alone as you saw him heading towards you at the end of the court. I thought he was supposed to stay in the spectator stands?

'Aren’t you supposed to be-’ You started off, but was cut off right after when you found his arms around your waist.

'I’m taking you to the medic and I don’t want to hear another thing from you.’

You immediately pursed your lips when you heard him, leaning slightly on him as he helped you towards the side.

That was when his eyes wavered when he looked down at you worriedly. If you complied, it meant that it was actually serious. Or else you would have been insisting that you didn’t require any first aid in the beginning.

You flinched when the medic shifted your ankle slightly, which Leo caught on despite how hard you tried to control your expressions, but he remained quiet.

'I’ll put on a compression bandage for you for now. But you’ll have to have it checked out at the hospital later to be safe.’

Shit. Now that didn’t help in relieving some of his anger. 'O-Okay. Thank you.’

As soon as the medic was out of the way, Leo finally spoke up. 'Did you know how worried I was?’

'It isn’t that bad- It’s just a slight sprain.’ And once you rebutted him, you regretted it. 

'It’s not a slight sprain if you need to get it checked out at the hospital later.’

'Maybe they just wanted to be sure?’

'What if you reinjured yourself?’

'But I didn’t, did I?’

'I didn’t come to watch you hurt yourself.’

'Taekwoon-ah, I’m really okay- Look, it’s fine. I’m fine-’

'I told you a billion times to be careful. I’m not going to stay put if you push yourself again. What are you going to do if you injure yourself to the extent that you can’t play anymore?’

You blinked as he glared at you, his voice raising unconsciously.


And that was when he realized that he had went too far. Leo sighed as his hand rested on your head, before pulling you towards his chest. 

‘I’m sorry, it’s just that- I was worried.’ His voice soften as he patted your head gently.

‘I’m sorry too. The reserve wasn’t feeling that well today.’

‘Promise me that you’ll be careful okay?’

‘Yes sir.’

‘I’m being serious.’

‘Me too.’ You smiled at him when he pinched your cheeks.

‘We’re still getting you checked at the hospital later.’

Style Icon 26: Esther Quek

This was a really stupid article from Huffpost:

Why should women care about what conservative and chauvinistic men thinks about fashion? And to prove a point, I choose a style icon who wears a suit just as well, if not better, than most men. I am not necessarily a big fan of The Rake, where Esther Quek is a fashion editor, because I think it is targeted more towards wealth rather than menswear and style. But Esther Quek herself has really become a true style icon.

Mr Blockert