girl with inks

moon girls: everything she says somehow makes you smile, becomes terribly shy around others, listens to old music and garage bands, she knows a little bit of everything and still loves you, she’ll pour her heart and soul into bits of her art to give to you and you can see her reflection in the colors

sun girls: usually stunning, even when she’s blue, she has a heart and knack for makeup and looking pretty, she applies lipstick at the grocery store and kisses the back of her hand, calls you early in the morning before she leaves and not care that you have a godawful bedhead, she’ll want to do and see everything in what we call a day

star girls: her soul has been here for a long time, weird and quiet but loves everything because hate tires her, she has too much love to give but she’s so sad, she’ll write music in the dead of night, will drive you wherever you want because she wants to go where you do