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Part 1 - Prom Night (McPharah)

Thought of this one while taking a shower! I wanted to explore the idea of Fareeha going to a private school in the Overwatch base. I also wanted her to be 17 and for the Senior Prom to be a week away. Dateless, she’s thrown into chaos and depression, but Angela comes to the rescue!

Mercy76 is tossed into the mix too!

Author’s Comments:  Please note that this whole love concept is very one-sided.  It is Fareeha, 17, crushing on Jesse, 22.  Jesse does not have any romantic feelings for Pharah at this time.  It’s is purely one-sided.  He’s just being a really good friend and accompanying Fareeha to prom so that she doesn’t miss out on the social event. Any hints at Jesse liking Pharah and wanting to be romantically involved with her will be Fareeha desiring this, not Jesse actually acting on it.

Not really dedicated to anyone in particular, but I want to give a special thanks to the following for sharing McPharah.  @ribbons-halos @mcpharahlove @darknessringo @aunya509

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“Ang?” She quirked a brow at her. “How can you like Jack?”

“Hmmmm?” The blonde turned to seek out the woman that spoke to her, Fareeha. “What do you mean? How can I like Jack?”

“He’s so old!” her nose crinkled as thought of the two kissing. “Gross!”

Rolling her eyes, Angela smirked. “So what’s the ideal number?”


“Yeah, for dating. How much older should he be?”

“He should be the same age, duh.” Her cocky grin in tow. “Dating someone older isn’t cool.”

“Is that Fareeha talking? Or her classmates? Or her inner-jealous demon?”

“Inner-jealous demon?” Fay looked confused. “Huh?”

“Don’t think I don’t know.” Angela’s lips twisted into a devilish side grin. “I know.”

“K-know wh-what?” She could feel sweat forming on her brows. “Wh-what are you t-talking about?”

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Anon: could you please write a komaeda and tsumiki thing if it’s okay? it can be anything. 

Here we go~ And this couple is really cute, okay.
Also, four fics in one day? I’m on a roll.  

- Lying Disease is a Bitch

Green eyes flutter open, staring up at the ceiling for a moment before moving toward the figure currently leaning over him and tucking the hospital bed sheets in. Taking in her nurse uniform and long, uneven hair, there’s no possible way to mistake who it is - even when his vision is swimming before him as it is.


The girl jumps slightly in surprise at his voice, wide eyes turning toward him. “K-Komaeda-san, you’re awake! I didn’t wake you did I?… Uwaah, I’m sorry!!”

Ah, always so quick to blame herself, wasn’t she?

“You’ve only just come out of critical condition, so you shouldn’t push yourself.” She went on, staring at him with anxious eyes as she checked his vitals.

He smiled at that. “I feel perfectly healthy.” Aah wait, why was there two Tsumiki’s before him? Wait, perhaps they were twins? Could she be the 17th student? To think Tsumiki would be in on it! And oh wait, she was speaking again…

“I’ll have Kuzuryuu-san and Hinata-san come visit you later on, i-if you want-“

“I don’t want to see either of those two.”

“Eh? B-But…”

“I don’t want to see you either.”

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