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confession time!: yesterday I almost removed myself from social media because I was comparing myself to others so much that I’d convinced myself I was ugly and not as cool or interesting or whatever else as much as all the beautiful people that I see on here every day. I was sad but then became angry at today’s perception of beauty which lead me to decide no, I’m going to wake up feeling good tomorrow and leave all this negativity that’s been smothering me, behind. I have a ton of insecurities but you know what? that’s ok.. the person you’re comparing yourself to also has a shit ton of insecurities! this new world of online that we live in, filled with photoshop and filters and the need for followers and to be loved by strangers, is insane! and as unfortunate as it is that we can’t do anything to stop the internet, we CAN take control of our own mindset and happiness. I’m posting this in case someone needs to see this today just as I needed to see something like this yesterday.. you are just as beautiful and amazing as that person you’ve just compared yourself to! so stop comparing! always remember you’re fucking gold 💛💛 one thing I’m learning to love is my chubby cheeks and that’s why I have a smile on my face today 💛💛💛💛💛💛

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baearth tagged me to do my 10 favourite movies:

these are the only ones i could think of atm, but here they are in no particular order!

1.) Her

2.) Palo Alto

3.) Electrick Children

4.) The Art of Getting By

5.) Very Good Girls

6.) The Perks of Being a Wallflower

7.) Water for Elephants

8.) The Great Gatsby

9.) Almost Famous

10.) Free The Nipple

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I did a post about  little and girly tattoos and it seems that people liked it, it had  a lot of notes.
So, this time I took some beautiful ideas of watercolor and ondrash tattoos!
It’s not for people that do tattoos just for fad! It’s for people that want ART in their bodies.
Watercolor is my favorite kind of tattoo, but I will do more posts like this with different kinds of tattoo like chinese and trash polka.

Hope you like it!



The ‘Forty Elephants’ or 'Forty Thieves’ were a London-based all-female crime syndicate in existence from at least the 19th century until the 1950’s. The gang specialised in shoplifting expensive clothes and jewelry worth thousands of pounds, dressing in coats, skirts and hats with hidden pockets to hide their loot. The women also used false references to work as housemaids and steal from their employers homes, and they blackmailed men after seducing them. 

They tried to live the lives of glamorous movie stars and the 1920s flapper society, giving extravagant parties, spending money in restaurants and wearing designer clothes (they didn’t wear the clothes they stole, but sold them) . The leader or 'queen’ of the gang during part of the 1910’s and 20’s, the haydays of the gang, was Diamond Annie, called this because she punched people with a fist full of diamond rings. By this time most of London knew the gang, their raids were getting more fearless, and they used fast cars to get away. Diamond Annie herself was jailed in 1925 for taking revenge on a male crook, but continued leading the gang from prison until the 30’s.