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Childhood’s Soldier (Part 2)

Summary: The Winter Soldier escapes from the grasp of HYDRA. He meets a young girl who offers to help him, but gets captured again. Years later, when he is finally truly free, he decides to find this girl and thank her. What he doesn’t know, is that the girl has a dark secret that she is determined to keep hidden forever.

Warnings: angsty af

Word count: 1033

A/N: Hey guys! This is the second part of Childhood’s Soldier and this is super short! :’( I’m having a massive writers block right now and nothing I’ve written so far has turned out good. But I did want to get something out so I made this mess. But I do hope you enjoy! 


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February 13th, 2017.

Today seemed to be like any other day – dull and boring, the sun ironically shining bright in the sky. You woke up with an empty feeling inside of you, like you always did this time of year. And no, you weren’t sulking because tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and you didn’t have a special someone. You could care less. February the 13th was your annual doomsday. It was a day you’d never forget; a day you wish you could take back, but couldn’t.

It’s been 17 years since the incident with the Soldier. Almost two decades but you could still remember everything crystal clear. You had to live with yourself after that for 14 years until Nick Fury killed your father and the Soldier vanished into thin air. A part of you was scared he would remember you and come kill you, but you knew those thoughts were foolish. They would wipe him every time, making him forget, throwing him back into the unknown. And if that wasn’t enough – with the exception of a few trusted people, no one even knew Alexander Pierce had a daughter. The other, bigger part of you was glad. Glad he could be free.

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Kiss The Girl

Paring: Peter Quill/Reader

Tags: female reader, singing, disney sings, baby Groot, fluff, partial nudity. 

Summary: Peter’s a little down, and when he asks for a song, you know just the one.

Word Count: 1,579

Current Date: 2017-08-03

Originally posted by darlingpanslove

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Pairings: DeanxDaughter!Reader

Summary: (Y/N) is Dean’s nine year old daughter who stumbles upon a new friend at Papa Bobby’s house.

Words: 1634

Warnings: fluff. Series spoilers (this starts in season 5)

A/N: A cat litter commercial and my friend’s constant kid talk gave me this idea. Sorry it’s been a while.

Master List | Request

The sun shines brightly on you as you wander the automobile graveyard while your grandfather sits on the back porch, a phone to his ear as he reads from an ancient book as he reports his findings to your father and uncle.

You continue to wander the grounds, drawing patterns in the gravel paths with a large stick while you hum your current favorite song. Being the nine year old daughter of a hunter isn’t easy and in your opinion having friends is just a waste of time. Your father, Dean, tries his best, keeping you at grandpa Singer’s during the school year while him and his brother go off and fight the bad but he tries so hard to come and see you every chance he has.

You don’t mind it, because when summer rolls around your father picks you up and takes you on a road trip with uncle Sammy. You also don’t mind when they have to drop you off at the nearest safe house, motel, whatever, that will shelter you when they have to take out a monster they run into. You don’t care at all, but it’s not like you have a second option if you did.

You sigh, bending down to examine a glittering rock you’ve stumbled upon. The small while rock holds your attention for a while, you imagine it was some magical item until the bushes in front of you rustle. You drop the rock, falling to your hands and knees as you cautiously approach the bush. You gently pull some branches to the side, revealing a small kitten stumbling amongst the dirt. The kitten’s covered in orange fur, aside from the small patch missing from her front left paw. You tilt your head, realizing the patch of fur missing is a burn mark in the shape of a lowercase letter t with a small dot just above the top. The kitten’s large blue eyes meet yours, a sadness and fear so deep behind the swirling shades of blue that your heart shatters at the sight and all you can think about is picking up the kitten and never letting it down.

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You know how we all have a good collective laugh over Old Timey™ men being all shocked when they saw a woman’s ankle?

Literally how is it any different today where we have men flipping out over women and girls showing their bare shoulders?

...and now you're gone...

Hey guys! So this is my first writing, so feedback is really appreciated :) it’s based on I Don’t Even Know Your Name, hope you enjoy!



All I saw was one pair of deep brown eyes.

My heart beat fast as I got lost in those round dark orbs. Her eyes were glued to mine, just as mine were glued to hers. I could feel the sweat collecting as a gripped the neck of my acoustic guitar. Luckily the words of Life of the Party were engrained in my memory, because lyrics were the last thing on my mind. The words spilled out of my mouth out of habit as my gazed was locked on one thing… one girl.

Her hair fell in cascades down to her bare shoulders. Her soft pink dress brought out the rosiness of her cheeks. I could tell she was doing her best to hold her petit frame up on her tip-toes to see over the crowd. Her pink lips curled at the ends into a subtle and irresistible smile.

As the final words of the song found their way out of me, the wild movement and cheering of the crowd took my attention for a mere second. When I turned to dive back into those chocolatey spheres, they weren’t there. I felt my heart sunk deeper and deeper into my stomach as a realized she was gone.

The rest of the show was a blur. I can’t picture the rest of the crowd, or even the venue. As I sat on the bus, southbound from the Twin Cities, I could feel an ache in my heart. I felt her eyes locked on mine, and pictured her face. She was the closest thing I’d ever seen to perfection.

The rest of the tour dragged on. Time seemed to stand still as one thought, one person filled my mind. We played our last show in Toronto, and I finally exited to bus for good as I stood in my Pickering driveway.

I spent day after day with a pen in my hand and a guitar in my lap. I wrote and sang and for the first time, the words had meaning. There was no imaginary girl, no figment of my own creation, for whom these words were meant. She was real… she was out there… and I was going to find her.

A new album meant a new tour. The plans were set and dates announced, catering to my one request: a stop in Minneapolis.

August 6. I took another sip of coffee as I saw the bright red lights of the arena sign. My eyes had not seen sleep since we crossed the crooked border from Wisconsin to Minnesota.

“Here we are,” Andrew said with a sigh. “Happy yet, Shawn?”

He didn’t know. He didn’t know what this show meant to me. He didn’t know the pain that shot through my chest when I thought of the last time I was here. He didn’t know the meaning behind the worst I would belt on the stage that night. He didn’t know.

“Not yet,” was all I said.

As I stood on the side, ready to take the stage, I closed my eyes. I pictured exactly where I saw her. I pictured every detail of the girl who consumed my thoughts for over a year. I opened them and took the stage.

With each song I sang, my eyes scanned the crown. I looked for her familiar smirk, and those deep, dark eyes. But as each song ended, I was left with disappointment as she was no where to be seen.

Anxiety filled me as a realized I had one song left. I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen her face, and disappointed that she wouldn’t here the song I wrote for her.

“Ooo, you dressed up so nice, but all I could see was your eyes…

Another scan. No luck.

"And you’ll never know what you did to me, and now you’re gone…”

My heart sank as I sang the final line.

“I don’t even know your name…”

I sat alone in my dressing room with my head in my hands. She wasn’t there. She was gone. Lost forever, only to live in my memory.

Andrew knocked on my door, telling me it was time to head out. I rubbed my eyes on final time, hoping to get the sight of her out of my head. No luck. I grabbed my backpack and trudged my way to the back door towards the bus.

I dreaded stepping on the iron beast. It was filled with the words I had written for her, that I sang with her face on my mind and hope in my heart of seeing her again. That hope was gone. We had come back, but she did not return. She was gone.

I watched my boots hit the ground as I trudged towards the bus. Running my hand through my hair, I took one final look at the venue, and laid my hope of seeing her to rest right there in the parking lot.

I looked back down and took painstaking steps towards the bus. Just as I reached the door, I heard a small voice from behind stopped me in my tracks.

“Umm excuse me,” it said. It was so soft I almost didn’t believe it was real. I kept my eyes on the stairs of the bus, until I heard it one more time.

“Shawn?” it said. With the use of my name, I slowly turned around, only to be met with the deep brown eyes that had consumed my thoughts for what felt like centuries.

“Y/n,” those beautiful lips said. “It’s y/n.”

Never Grow Up - 7


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff. like EXTREME fluff. i hate myself.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: welllllllllllll there’s one more after this and then i’ll be finished with this series! 

italics - flashback

according to google translate:

bunica - grandmother

bunicul - grandfather 



Ella turned away from the floor length mirror to look at Sebastian. He would be lying if he said he didn’t have his breath taken away. She looked absolutely beautiful. But the look on her face scared him. Her eyes were soft yet slightly hard; it seemed like she was trying not to cry.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I’m scared,” she croaked.

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Cherry Bomb

Here’s my 2nd entry for Reverb 2017. 

I had the pleasure of working with @nori-wings whose art you find here and @soundofez whose version fic can be found here. Please check them out and leave them nice comments ❤︎

Summary: A year has passed since Soul and Maka broke up when she proposes they go back to being friends like they were before. The only problem is being friends is hard when you’re still in love. College Exes AU.

Read on FFN or AO3 or below.

“Would you like to buy some flowers or chocolates for your special someone?”

Soul blinked down at the girl in front of him. She barely reached his shoulders, her dark hair tied in twin pigtails, and a blindingly bright smile. In either hand she held the two previously mentioned items, lifting them as if tempting him to pick one. A beautiful set of chocolates in a very pink box paired with red and white carnations beamed up at him in a dazzling mix of colors to celebrate the holiday. He should have known to avoid the quad during Valentine’s season considering he never partook in the annual sweetheart sale the student clubs put on.

Usually when he walked across the quad, people ignored and bypassed him thanks to the permanent scowl etched on his face and the pissed off glare he gave them. It was part of his charm; something everyone who had known him for the last two years had associated with him no matter if he were walking alone or with someone else. He was proud of his reputation. It gave him a moment of peace when he left the confines of his dorm.

Except, for some odd reason this girl had the balls to approach him and even had the audacity to ask if he wanted to buy something. Since when did Soul Evans buy anything from the clubs?

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Backyard Champagne

I want them to get drunk together in the woods behind their parent’s house.

The music and murmurs of the party blurred into a dull ruckus through the forest. Lexa inhaled the deep mossy air of her backyard and took another swig from the champagne bottle that tapped against her thigh.

Inside, people were looking for her, to congratulate her, to wish her well, to send her off. Her parents were toasting with the fanciest wines, with their fanciest friends, with their fanciest clothes, and all Lexa wanted was to not have to smile along and agree with what they said.

So she took to the backyard to escape the smothering that came with congratulations for her degree. The summer evening chilled her bare legs, but she fought against it anyway.

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after dessert. | m

➵ characters: simon d x reader
➵ genre: smut
➵ wc: 3753
➵ summary: @iamlisteningtotherainsound asked: I love your Simon D smuts :D i would like to ask for one. Something like Simon helped me with recovering for a past relationship and then started dating then. And going out on all kind of dates and ending up to the apartment. Keep up the good work.
 author’s note: i listened to lotto a looooooot of times when writing this. i hope you like this!
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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anonymous asked:

Lexa standing there chuckling and looking all proud and smug when Alex talks about the secs, muttering "that's my girl" under her breath and Clarke lightly smacking her shoulder but she's barely able to keep her giggles in

Lexa is such a soft hoe but man when it comes to secks she’s such a frat boy she wants the whole world to know she’s banging Clarke Griffin and they made a perfect child (even tho it was not the result of said banging but she ignores that)

anonymous asked:

21" We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”,hinny. I really really liked your last ff!! :)

A/N: Happy birthday Ginny! You are an icon and I love you. Hehe hope you all enjoy some Hinny on the lovely Ginny’s birthday :) 

Also available on FF and Ao3


Harry released the door after Ginny and the chattering group of strangers behind her exited the tiny Italian restaurant. He patted his front pockets to make sure he’d replaced his wallet before they’d left the table before offering his free hand to Ginny, the other carried an extra large serving of sinfully chocolate cake that he’d promised Ron and Hermione in exchange for evacuating the living space of Grimmauld Place for the evening. Of course, they had an entire floor or so to do as they pleased, but Ron had moaned about being deprived of nourishment and Hermione had complained about the time it took to pack emergency provisions to prevent more Ron moaning.

As Ginny slipped their fingers together, Harry felt the cool metal of her engagement ring rub against his warm palm, “Walk home?”

“Aye. I feel like I ate a house,” Ginny groaned, rubbing her stomach, low heels clacking on the pavement. The sun had set not long before they left, a bright moon lit the dark night air, a grey haze gradually moving across the sky, cancelling out the glow until a drizzle turned into a downpour.

The couple paused, rivulets running down their faces in ribbons before Harry shook his head out like a dog, “Run?”

Ginny scratched under her nose with her forearm, scrunching her eyes against the rain before she smirked mischievously, “Race ya!”

The red head had already darted off, heels clacking, before Harry had a chance to answer. The young auror splashed through the rapidly forming puddles, breathing heavy as he fought to catch up.

Suddenly, Ginny skidded to a halt, murky rainwater fanning up around her, allowing Harry to catch up, both now completely drenched, “You didn’t have to wait.”

Ginny smiled, eyelashes sticking together in tiny triangles, “Eh, you were doomed to eating my dust until I realized the raindrops tickle.” Illustratively, she shivered and giggled, shoulders rising up to her ears as if phantom hands were teasing her ribs.

Harry pushed his glasses up with a finger, quirking a brow, “They tickle.”

“Yeah, feel.”

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