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“White roses in the snow
never let me go.
Lyin’ in your bed and movin’ slow,
takin’ off our clothes,
givin’ you it all,
all I need is you and me alone.
Love is like a rose;
baby, let it grow,
no one knows the secrets that you know.
Come on, pull me close,
lay me in the snow,
I know you can feel it.”

— White Roses, Charli XCX. 

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Finally finished the Sailor Moon R piece. I really like this season and I remember quite a bit of it when I was younger but it’s been so long. This season is full to the brim with villains! So, so many villains. I didn’t even fit in Rubeus in this mess of villains. Or Black Lady. but I think the big baddies are all here and I adore the four sisters.

Unexpected Double Date

Based off of this prompt: siennese said:Prompt idea: Corpanga and Rucas double date. Could be Rucas getting engaged or just newly married.

Cory Matthews opened the door to reveal his daughter’s boyfriend, Lucas Friar.

“You,” he said in a semi-jokingly manner.

“Me,” Lucas smiled back at him. He knew Riley’s father liked him, but he also knew how protective he was over her. “How are you this evening, Mr. Matthews?”

“I’m doing all right,” Cory said, inviting the boy in. “The girls are still getting ready, so go ahead and have a seat.”

“Thank you, sir,” Lucas said, sitting on the couch. Cory sat on the chair facing him.

“So you and Mrs. Matthews are going out tonight as well?”

“It’s Valentine’s Day,” Cory said. Lucas nodded in understanding.

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So say something beautiful
Say what you’re keeping inside
This anticipation
I will only let you down



note: I know I usually link to the song in question. This time I elected not to do so because of potential triggery content.

note 2: I feel like my art has rounder edges today on account of drawing this while one of my housemates played Kingdom Hearts.

additionally: I am going to continue drawing Tarvek in lovely coats until the poor weasel child gets new clothes.

Day 2 - Centaur Design.

I had this one sitting around for the past months since I even started my Monster High Design challenge. My style has improved a lot since I did this, but I thought I’d quickly finish up some little parts and post her anyway!

anonymous asked:

What if after finding out about Marco being in love with Tom the girls keep trying to set them up in ridiculous situations? After much embarrassment from both parties, they stop and Marco ends up accidently confessing to Tom while they're hanging out at Tom's. Like he said something offhandedly then realized he confessed.

Awwwwwwww! This was such an adorable idea! I hope you like it! I kind of did it a little differently with how you asked about the girls setting them up. But I hope you like it anyway! I tried really hard on this! And I had fun playing with the bromance, and THEN romance. It was fun! Enjoy!

Tom and Marco were laughing hysterically as they talked about their latest meet up. Of course, it was what the girls set them up on. Star Janna, Jackie, Star Fan 13 and Ponyhead all knew of Marco’s HUGE crush on Tom. And they were not resting until the boys got set up on a date. And their little advances were proving confusing to Tom, and utterly embarrassing for Marco. But after, they always laughed them off.

“Why did they make you dress up so fancy?” Tom asked, giggled. Marco blushed at Tom’s cute smile. Tom always thought of his spiked teeth as weird, but Marco melted when he saw it, thinking it was so cute.

“I don’t know.” Marco lied. “I guess they just want us to hang out more.” He tried. Tom laughed again and Marco did as well. But Marco’s laugh was more giddy, like he was happy that Tom was happy.

“I guess so.” Tom agreed. “Maybe we do make good friends.” he smiled warmly and then laughed again. “What was it that Oskar called us? A bromance?” He asked. Marco laughed when he remembered that scene in the car.

“Yeah! You barged in on us, you stalker!” Marco teased, nudging the demon. “What’s your problem?” He smiled. Tom was laughing harder at the playful insult.

“Well maybe you can figure it out, Dr. Marco, PHD?” He tested. Marco blushed at Tom’s mischievous tone. “What IS my problem?” Tom asked. Marco smiled and pushed Tom away playfully.

“You like pushing buttons.” He joked. Tom laughed and shrugged.

‘That could be it. I guess that’s why I hung out with you so much this week.” Tom grinned. “You’re really fun to antagonize.” Tom smirked. Marco blushed a little more. Because even though Tom phrased it in a cold way, what he was really saying was “I like hanging out with you”. The two laughed and joked for a while longer. Marco loved it, he loved spending time with the demon. He felt loved and safe, like he could let his guard down and not pay attention or worry about what he was saying. Which proved to be a bad thing.

“So why is it the girls are trying to get us to hang out now?” Tom asked. Marco laughed and shrugged.

“Oh they’ve been like this ever since they found out I liked you.” Marco assured. Once he realized what he said, Marco stopped cold, in total horror. He looked over and saw Tom staring at him in shock.

“What?” Tom asked. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Nothing.” He gasped. Tom shook his head and got up.

“No, you said you liked me, AND you said that the girls knew.” Tom reminded. He shot up and began tugging on his ears.

“No! Not true!” Marco cried. Tom shook his head frantically.

“Marco! No! You have to be honest with me now!” Tom cried. He tugged down on his ears harder. “When you say you like me you mean you LIKE me?” He asked. “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” Tom was getting a little hysterical. He seemed anxious and like he was running ragged. Marco bit his lip.

“Tom? Are you okay?” Marco asked. Tom’s head shot up.

“It really depends.” Tom admitted. “Do you like me?” He asked again. “Marco please you have to answer me honestly! I need to know.” Tom stressed. Marco shrink away a little and rubbed his arm nervously.

“Yes… I’m in love with with you…” He sighed. Marco looked up and saw how ragged and anxious Tom looked. “Are you okay?” He asked again.

“I’m perfect!” Tom cried, jumping up a bit. Marco fell back and looked confused. Tom stopped tugging on his ears and dashed over to Marco, to scoop him up in a hug. “Oh Marco! I’m amazing! I’m absolutely amazing!” He cried. Marco pulled away and saw Tom’s eyes were growing shiny, like he was fighting not to cry.

“Tom?” He asked. Tom laughed and gave Marco another hug.

“You love me?” He asked. “You really truly do?” Marco blushed deeply and hugged the demon back.

“Yes, I do.” Marco admitted. Tom spun Marco in circles.

“Oh Marco! You don’t know how happy you’ve made me!” Tom cried.

“What? Really?” Marco asked. Tom nodded.

“I love you! I love you! I love you!” He grinned. “I’ve loved you for a long while now and I… I could never tell you.” Tom admitted. “I… I just…” He sort of trailed off and– although he was still laughing– tears began to fill his eyes.

“Tom?” Marco asked concerned. Tom laugh-cried some more.

“I-I-I love you… I do. I did for so long and I… never told you. But you love me! You love me!” Tom laughed. “I… I thought I was just… unlovable. Useless or… unwanted.” Tom looked away. He then looked right back up at Marco. “But you! You love me!” He exclaimed. “You… love me? You promise?” Tom asked. Marco put a hand over his mouth and dashed into the demon’s arms.

“Forever Tom, forever.”


I’m not a fan of SciTwi and Sunset but omg Hasbro why are you doing this to me, just look at those adorkable dorks …

*theres no HD atm so yeah, sorry for the quality

You can find the link here, be quick they will probably take it down, or avoid it if you dont want to see spoilers: