girl with a body

Why some people get really angry when they see a fat person being happy:

“Body currency goes something like this: We as a society are taught that IF we achieve the ideal body that we see in traditional media (and not before), our work will then be rewarded with everything we desire: love, worthiness, success, and ultimately happiness. […] So THEN, after all this, when a fat chick who hasn’t done the work, who hasn’t ‘paid the price’ by trying to fix her body, who doesn’t have any interest in the gospel we so zealously believe in, stands up and says, I’M HAPPY!…we freak the fuck out. Because: That bitch just broke the rules. She just cut in front of us in line. She just unwittingly ripped us off. And she essentially made our lifeitme of work totally meaningless.”

-Jes Baker, Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls

I’ve been thinking about this concept recently, and it was so validating to see it written out, right there, in black and white. 

So much for the “I’m just concerned for your health!” excuse. (more on that here)

Discussion Question: Have you had to deal with other people’s anger because of you body? How can the body acceptance movement deconstruct the social norms that allow people to lash out like this?

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