girl who never wears pants

We are Strange

Have you ever thought about how strange societal pressures are? I’m sure you have. It’s why you’re in the closet. It’s why you don’t wear your favorite dress into town. It’s why you hide your desires from your best of friends.

It just amazes me how ridiculous it all is. I’m at an amusement park today hanging out with friends. As I look around I observe different fashions. I’m a people watcher. In the strictest sense I’d say I’m judgmental but loosely I’d just claim to be a people watcher.

I really don’t get how a girl who should never really wear a pair of yoga pants in public is accepted as normal, but an athletic guy would be shamed for wearing the same.

I don’t get either how a girl can wear revealing tank top showing the world cleavage as deep as the canyon but a guy shouldn’t wear shorts with a hem above mid thigh.

There’s plenty more where that comes from, especially when you people watch in Southwest Missouri.

It’s just all so strange to me. Wish it wasn’t this way, but it is. I could say a whole lot more, but it’s time for another ride. Just wanted to rant some.

Love ya my girls!