girl who likes memes


Are you a girl who likes other girls, and who likes Pokemon? Then this is the tag yourself meme for you!

It includes all of the 21 final form starters from gens 1-7. If you’re a girl who likes girls, I’d love to hear which one(s) you are in the tags! If you’re not a girl who likes girls, feel free to reblog for your sapphic (AKA, girls who like girls) friends/followers! Have fun!

Please note that questioning and trans sapphics are welcome to join in the fun. :)

(If you’re having trouble reading the text, open in another tab and zoom in)

wlw asks
  1. rainy day wlw or sunshiney day wlw
  2. zoo wlw or aquarium wlw
  3. public displays of affection wlw or private displays of affection wlw
  4. ‘tell me all the drama’ wlw or ‘i prefer to stay out of it’ wlw
  5. plaid button down wlw or henley wlw
  6. text her 24/7 wlw or call her 24/7 wlw
  7. amusement park date wlw or water park date wlw
  8. leather jacket wlw or letterman jacket wlw
  9. webseries wlw or tv show wlw
  10. swim in the pool wlw or swim in the ocean wlw
  11. fancy dinner date wlw or take out and cuddling wlw
  12. adopt a dog together wlw or adopt a baby together wlw
  13. tegan and sara wlw or hayley kiyoko wlw
  14. picnic in the park date or summer concert date
  15. new york wlw or san francisco wlw
  16. art festival wlw or musical festival wlw
  17. road trips wlw or plane trips wlw
  18. ask her out wlw or be asked out wlw
  19. drive-in movie theater wlw or netflix and chill wlw
  20. snapchat filters wlw or instagram filters wlw