girl what did u just say 2 me

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Top 6 Marecal scenes?

Oh my god where do I even begin - is there even a “top 6” for this?! Like all Marecal moments just make my heart EXPLODE. But if I have to say….
1.) Chapter 22 of KC.. like c'mon what did u expect.
2.) “That’s my Girl”
3.) “Thief”
4.) Cal literally throwing his shirt off for an “advantage” in KC ;)
5.) TBH I loved the battle between Mare and Cal and Samson controlling them - as much as I was thinking “WTF JUST KISS ALREADY AND FRY SAMSON’S ASS” , it also just made me so happy that they finally got to see each other
6.) Every single kiss or look or touch or talk or any thing between them (their reunion in KC, Mare shoving Cal off the bed with his crazy bed head, Cal picking Mare up in his snazzy shades, pretty much everything)

Frog GC #3
  • Dex: Guys, Justine from Econ just told me that Frank Ocean makes her "pop her pussy" and I really don't know what to do.
  • Chowder: say yah, me 2 ho.
  • Nursey: shit frank ocean make my pussi pop too foh
  • Chowder: that was cait!!
  • Nursey: c why the fuck u lyin
  • Dex: She asked me if I was "hittin' that" (she was talking about Nursey.)
  • Nursey: now wait a gotdamn second
  • Dex: And I said yes.
  • Nursey: of course you did
  • Chowder: nursey!!!! i would never call a girl a ho :o
  • Nursey: deceit. stop cockblocking me dexy
  • Nursey: fake youre both fake
  • Dex: Don't pop your pussy for other guys, Nurse.
  • Nursey: i can do whatever the fuck i want, poindexter you dont own me
  • Dex: You sure act like it.
  • Nursey: now what the hell does that mean
  • Chowder: uh if im completely honest idk if ur being serious right now,,,
  • Nursey: my pussy is my property
  • Dex: As I recall, I won custody in court.
  • Chowder: thank fucking god
  • Nursey: this violates my rights
  • Dex: Pussy Property is my new name. Justine left after I said that outloud by the way.

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what the fuck did u just say about tepig. leave him alone.

listen…. i still picked tepig in white and white 2 and she was a good girl who became a strong emboar but im sorry

tepig’s evos are kind of ugly to me

i still use them but they’re UGLY