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New fans here! Can you recommend me what should I watch first other than Les Mis and Grease Live? And do you know if his newest film will be released worldwide? Thanks, Love your blog.

HEY! OK let’s get down to business.



  • Graceland (on Netflix) [Aaron stars as Undercover Agent Mike Warren, who graduated at the top of his class and is now put in a house with a bunch of other agents and crime fighting/drama ensues]
  • Howl (2010) [Aaron plays Peter Orlovsky alongside James Franco playing Allen Ginsburg in a movie exploring GInsburg’s poem of the same name]
  • Girl Walks Into a Bar (full movie on youtube) [Aaron plays a man in a bar, just watch it there are a ton of familiar faces]
  • A Dream of Flying [short movie written by Neil Gaiman, directed by Georgina Chapman, THIS IS REALLY GREAT]

Of course, there are SO many things he’s been in and they’re all good to watch. this is a good starting point though. As for his newest movie, “Stereotypically You” I’m not quite sure about all the details, but keep an eye out for word from @aarontveitnet​ which is the tumblr for his official site. I also have links to almost ALL his stuff on my “Roles” page. Enjoy!!!! and let me know what you think of them!

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