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as much as i would enjoy the idea of chris and melissa dating because lets face it, they would be hella cute together, melissa literally just got divorced. SHE JUST GOT DIVORCED. so please, for the love of god !!!!! do not tweet at her or at chris, asking them if they’re together or any kind of shit like that. leave them alone.

It feels nice

Bucky x reader 

Notes: angst(ish), PTSD, fluff, service dogs, isolation, masturbation. 

Summary: Bucky’s been going through the motions ever since he got back from his last tour, missing one arm. Then he meets a girl while walking his service-dog Ziva at an ungodly hour. She might be the breath of fresh air he doesn’t know he’s been missing.

A/N: Hi guys! This story is a one shot AU.Hope you enjoy it! x

There’s something -everything- so calming about being outside before the crack of dawn; sure, it’s because Bucky has trouble sleeping and wakes up at four in the morning and is unable to go back to sleep, but, still. It’s like the world is his own for a while. A short while, maybe an hour before the first early birds show their faces, but a while at least. Usually long enough for him to clear his head after another short night of sleep, maybe after being awoken by a nightmare.

Having a reason to go outside, is even better, gives him a sense of purpose; even if his German Shepard, Ziva, usually gives him the stink-eye for waking her so early.

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For a walk cycle, this took way too long. (p.s, If anyone would like an art commission, please message me! I’m still trying to save up for my bus-pass + food!)

-ty and Ethan got nominated for Chica walking for a week, because they lost the last challenge that Mark had filmed 

 -not that they really minded, because it was nice to get out in the sun 

-Chica was so excited to go to the dog park and see other people and other dogs

 -every day that they went, Ty saw the same girl walking her dog and he was absolutely floored. 

-she was beautiful and he needed to know who she was 

-but every time he got close enough to say something to you, he balked and froze up.

 -Ethan noticed it after day two 

-“just say something to her man! she’s cute, what’s it gonna hurt??" 

-then it was day five and he still hadn’t said anything to you, despite Ethan’s pushing 

-and then on day six, your dog had noticed Chica and immediately fell in love with her

 -he broke away from his leash and took off running towards her 

 -meaning you had to book ass across the field to try and catch him

 -because he was a big dog and it could look like he was going to attack her to the wrong people.

 -you knew he was a big sweetheart though, but when you saw the handsome guy that had been walking the other dog, you immediately wanted to make sure that he knew that your dog wasn’t a raging psychopath 

 -you caught your dog at the last second, tackling him to the ground before he could excitedly jump on anyone 

-"so sorry,” you wheezed, “he has a crush on your dog, he gets a little over excited sometimes" 

 -ty was amazed that you were there in front of him, and also that somehow Ethan conveniently disappeared 

-which meant that he was left alone, stammering how he was taking his friends dog for a walk and forgetting to introduce himself 

 -you laughed at his nervousness and asked him if he’d like to get a coffee with you, your treat, since your dog almost mauled him with kisses 

 -he agreed but only in the case that he could take you to dinner the next night

 -you had blushed and nodded out an agreement to him 

-and that was the story of how you both met

I’m obsessed with trees and all their lovely characters throughout the year. Autumn is such a special time and they’re just starting to hit the beautiful sweet spot here in the UK. I’m always mesmerised by their quiet and stoic swan song; all the shades of reds and yellows, like its my first autumn again, and then they fall. Many trees have had a hug from me.

I’d go on walks anyway to enjoy the seasons but with this bizarre kink firmly routed in me, I seem to be making an excuse this year for ridiculously absurd amusement more often than not. This happened recently and it was large, messy and obvious.

I’d planned for at least three days and on the final day I had a huge pizza, swamped in extra virgin olive oil; a sure bet for a movement that just keeps coming. They’re terribly messy and smelly however. After the drive and having resisted a wave of urgency in the woodland between the car park and the hill, it became too much to bare and I lost control heavily whilst walking over a bridge whilst being followed by a girl walking her dog. I couldn’t stop and had to let go as I was walking but I did have to hold my hips and underwear leg bands to try and stop it leaking as it was fairly minimal protection beneath; just capacious white briefs and rolled up tights. The cramps leading up to it meant it was certainly relieving but it was rather a lot mushier than usual and it pilled up and spread around so quickly. My stomach muscles were totally clenched as I hobbled briefly and I just about managed to regain control, trying not to leave her with too much of a disgusting spectacle, but it would have been rather obvious as she wasn’t far behind. My chance to let her pass in the woods was gone now and I was trapped trying to reach the view and the light on the other side of this long pedestrian bridge.

After feeling back, it had soaked though very quickly and with the shock of such immediate staining I upped the pace. Before reaching the location pictured and now on the hill, another severe cramp hit and again I lost control, totally this time and it was much noisier. She was still behind me, a little more distance between us now, and I had to stop and lean over a little. It just erupted and spread out so much in my underwear. I didn’t dare look back and awkwardly continued walking in a purposefully different direction away from her, now noticeably smelling and obviously in a mess. She was adorably cute so maybe I didn’t fight off the urgency as much as I might have but I hope she wasn’t too grossed out.

The event didn’t go without any wee this time. On the second filling I lost control of my bladder briefly but I’ve had far worse leaks. I stayed there taking pictures for 10 minutes, enjoying the view and the light. We have a few nice viewpoints near where I live and this one looks out without too much urban clutter in the photo and most importantly, has lots of gorgeous trees. 

The way back was eventful and was speckled with further messings albeit slightly less over the top as the main two explosions. I should have tied something around my waist, I really should have but I was still wearing my cardigan when I needed it as camouflage most. People kept appearing from nowhere and I kept having to change direction. And then when I’d eventually reached the bridge and attempted a quick photo that came out way too dark, I had to awkwardly walk past a couple and their dog. Another dog that was particularly astute at drawing attention to my bottom. I seriously hate it when dogs stick to me and their poor owners have to ironically bark at them to leave me alone. But its totally self inflicted and thats just part of the adventure I suppose. I did the fingers stretched and palms to the floor gesture as I shook my head when the dog wouldn’t leave me and the owners had to yank its lead forcefully. I heard it yelp a little and I felt terrible having caused that. Those seconds somehow become hours of pure stress in my memory. 

It was such a messy one to have to drive in and I went straight home to shower. An incredibly messy autumn day. But satisfying on a level that not a lot of people will ever grasp :)

Photoshoot Sebastian Stan x Reader

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Featuring: Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie

Word count: 2803 words

Warnings: none I think…

Tags: none

Notes: none

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Photography was your absolute passion. There was nothing you loved most than being able to capture the perfect moment in a photograph and keep it forever. There was something special about it, something even magical you would say. Not so many people shared this passion and, for you, it made it even better.

You loved photographing ordinary stuff. Like a mother hugging her child, a girl walking her dog or a father teaching his little son how to ride. But sadly that wasn’t enough to pay the rent, so you also offered yourself as a wedding photographer and also for simple photoshoots. You hated the last ones. There were absolutely nothing natural about it. People posing in front of the camera, giving their best smiles or ‘sexy’ faces for a few hours and that was done. It was no challenge for you. Plus, most of the time you had to do photoshoot for models and you hated it even more. Most of them were so snob, treated you like they were better than you. Gosh, how much you hated it! 

That’s why when they called you to do a photoshoot for some actors you weren’t exactly thrilled about it, especially on Saturday since you had plans with a couple of friends. Of course, you needed the money so you had to cancel the plans. You didn’t even want to know who they were, you just wanted to have it done as soon as possible and go bowling with your friends. Probably you would change your mind if you saw Dave Franco in front of you but you didn’t even care at the moment.

You got to the place you were told an hour before the actors to prepare everything. The place wasn’t interesting either. It was just a room with some chairs and sofas and a blue wall. So amazing right? With a sigh you took out your camera and started cleaning the lenses methodically, like you always did. Then you started testing the lights so all of them worked properly and finally you turned on your laptop.

By the time everything was ready and you were just taking random photos to test the lights and everything, people was already coming in and out of the room. Your boss told you the actors were already getting ready in the make-up room so they would be with you in around five minutes. You nodded and just kept taking photos to kill the time.

 “Ok, (Y/N), they’re coming. First, you will take some photos of them together and then individually, alright?” Your boss told you.

With a nod while you were cleaning your lenses again you looked at the door as you heard some voices coming down the aisle. You didn’t recognise the voice but as soon as the first guy came into the room you gasped. Chris Evans was walking into the same room as you, followed by Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie. Oh fuck. You definitely should’ve asked who the guys were so now you wouldn’t be standing there like a fool.

You were a huge fan of Marvel and you had an even bigger crush on Sebastian Stan and now he was there, the Winter Soldier, Captain America and Falcon. In all their glory. Holy cow. 

“So this is your photographer for the day.” Your boss said walking towards you with them. The fact that their whole attention was on you just made you even more nervous. “This is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). They are-“, he said but you cut him off.

“I know who they are”, you mumbled. They all smiled at you which made you smile a little nervously and looked at your boss.

“Then I’ll leave you to it. She’s a great professional and I can assure you this photos will be great”, you smiled a little at the compliment and thanked your boss before he walked out. 

“Hi, I’m Chris”, he said as soon as your boss left, offering his hand. You took shaking it and took a deep breath to calm yourself down. “Calm down, it’s just us”, he smiled warmly at you, somehow sending a calm feeling down your body.

Just you?” You chuckled. He smiled as well and winked at you before taking off his jacket and putting in over a chair.

“I’m Mack”, Anthony said also shaking your hand. You nodded smiling a little and then looked at Sebastian. 

He was even hotter and much more handsome in person than on the screen, and you really couldn’t believe that was possible. He came also closer to you.

“And I’m Seb”, he said. You gulped and took his hand shaking it slowly, not believing how blue his eyes actually were. “You ok? You’re shaking, doll”, your breath got caught in your throat as he referred to you like that. Somehow you managed to nod.

“Just… I didn’t know I would be… photographing you” you explained. He smiled a little and squeezed your hand.

“Don’t worry. We are normal people… Most of the time”, he winked which made you laugh and relax. He smiled at you and walked away to join his cast partners and also friends. 

Once you were done getting ready and mentally prepared for this you took your camera, opened the program you needed in your computer and walked to them.

“Ok guys, so we’re going to start by taking pictures of the three of you together. Then I would like some of Mack and Seb, Chris and Mack and Seb and Chris, of course”, you explained quickly. They nodded looking at you. “So why don’t you sit down on the couch and just act natural, you know? I’m going to play some music so it’s more…chilled and we can get started”, you said.

Before they got the chance to say anything you turned to open Spotify on your laptop and once music was playing you turned to them, hung the camera around your neck and started taking pictures, one after another, non-stop. Sometimes you had to tell any of them to change positions but they were good at posing which made the job easier.

“Ok guys, I think these will be enough…” You said scrolling down the laptop screen to see all the photos you had taken. “What about taking a 10 minutes break and then we start with Mack and Seb?” You suggested.

“Sounds good”, Mack nodded smiling.

“So am I free for now?” Chris smiled widely. You chuckled and nodded.

“But don’t go too far” you warned him as you changed the lenses.

“Actually, you’re going to Starbucks. The one across the street. I want a latte”, Seb said throwing him some money. “Mack? (Y/N)?” 

“A latte sounds good as well”, Mack smiled widely as he looked at the photos.

 “Hot chocolate, please?” You smiled as you opened your bag.

“Hey, it’s on me. No worries” Chris winked at you before walking out of the room. 

“Wow, you’re really good at this!” You turned as you saw heard Sebastian. He was also looking through the photos with Mack.

“Thanks”, you said blushing a little. 

While they scrolled down you took your phone to text your best friend about who you were photographing today. Though she wasn’t a Marvel fan, she knew thanks to you who they were and reacted just like you expected her to: “omfg you gotta b kidding me! Make a move on S”. You rolled your eyes and sent a quick reply before putting your phone back into your bag. 

When Steve came back you all had your drinks before continuing the session. You were much more relaxed now than when you started. They were such nice guys and so ordinary to be famous. You really liked them and you had to admit that your crush on Sebastian Stan was bigger now than ever before. He was so funny and such a dork, but he was professional at the same time which made the job so easy. It was easy at the beginning at least. Once his flirty-self came out you started getting nervous every time he winked at you or smiled at you or just with some of his comments towards you. 

“So Sebastian, your turn for individual photos and we’re done”, you said with a sigh.

Saying that you were tired was a misunderstanding. After spending the whole morning, lunch time and part of the afternoon in there taking photos, all you wanted to do was laying down on your couch with some ice cream and watch any movie or TV show. But you still had to work with Sebastian and you had been looking forward it the whole day so now that you were done with both Mack and Chris, they were free to go. 

“Hey Seb, is it ok if we leave? The match is about to start”, Mack said looking at his phone. “We will wait for you at the bar, is that ok with you?” 

“Yes, sure! Go ahead and grab a seat. I’ll be there as soon as possible”, Sebastian said.

Chris and Mack said their goodbyes to you, hugged you and thanked you for the day. They also took some photos with you without you even asking but you guessed it was so obvious that you wanted to. Once you were left alone with Sebastian you could feel your nervousness rising up again. 

“Important match?” You asked before taking a sip from the bottle Seb had offered you.

“Kind of”, he shrugged taking a seat. He also looked tired. “I’m not really into football to be honest but I think it’s the semi-final or something like that. I don’t know”, he laughed making you smile. 

You hung your camera around your neck again and turned to him just when he was drinking some water.

“And what are you into?” You asked. He looked up at you as a smirk appeared on his face, making a lump appear on your throat. He got up and walked towards you, stopping too close to you and looking down at you. Wow…he really was tall. 

“Many things”, he whispered placing the bottle next to yours. 

Looking into his eyes was like looking at the ocean, relaxing but hypnotising at the same time. You were certain he knew the effect he was having on your and he was really having fun. You wish you could return the play but you were too shocked. He smirked a bit more before stepping away, leaving you like a complete mess. 

“Let’s get this done so I can buy you a drink”, he said walking to stand in front of the blue wall. 

“W-what?” You mumbled not being sure if you had misheard him.

“You heard me, doll”, he smirked again.

Trying to get that out of your head and being sure he was just messing with you, you managed to put yourself together and started taking photos once again. The camera loved this guy. Every photo was great and it didn’t mind if he was smiling or just putting stupid faces. He always looked good. You were definitely going to save some of these for your own. 

“I think we’re done”, you said scrolling down those last photos. “What do you think?” You turned your head to find him just behind you. How did he manage to move so silently? He smiled down at you and stood next to you, dangerously close to you looking at the photos. He leaned down, supporting himself with one hand on the table as he scrolled down, your faces way too close, letting you feel his fragrance all around you. Which cologne did he use?

“They’re awesome”, he said after a few minutes. Without moving he looked at you. “You’re really talented”, he smiled. You looked at his eyes and then down at his smile before clearing your throat and looking back at the computer even when you weren’t really seeing anything. He chuckled by your side and took a step back, giving you some space. Gosh, he was so intense without even trying. 

“Are you up for that drink?” He asked while you turned off the laptop and started gathering everything to put it in your bag. 

“What?” You asked looking at him. “Were you serious about it?”

“Of course I was”, he smiled with a shrug. “I mean…I’m sure you had something better to do on a Saturday and you still came to do this, allowing me to meet you so…”

You chuckled as he said that and started cleaning the lenses once again before putting everything into the bag. 

“Sounds good” you finally told him. “But what about the match? Mack and Steve will be waiting for you”, you frowned.

“Don’t worry. They will be too focused on the match to notice I never actually appeared”, he said making you laugh again. “So?” He asked again with that characteristic smirk that was driving you insane. 

“I’d really love to but…” You sighed. You really wanted to go with him but somehow it felt like a bad idea. He was famous and you were just you. You really shouldn’t but it was so hard saying no. “I really have to take all this stuff to my apartment, I can’t carry them all around the city. And I’m really tired and I should start selecting the photos because I don’t know if you noticed but there are more than 1000 photos in there and-“ 

“Then we’re taking that to your apartment and we can have that drink there”, he shrugged. He really was persistent and not helpful. You looked at him biting your lip “C’mon…” 

Having him in your apartment was even a worse idea. That couldn’t happen as much as you wanted to. But what else could you say? It was obvious that he wasn’t going to give up so you just sighed and nodded.

“Let’s go somewhere but…can we stop first by my apartment?” You asked. 

He smiled widely and nodded taking your bag for you.You both walked out of the room carrying all your stuff. Luckily he didn’t seem to mind helping you to carry all the material. You had the laptop and the camera and he had the big bag with all the illumination stuff. When you both were in the elevator he put everything down before pressing the button. 

The silence between you two was suddenly awkward and you honestly just wanted to break it but didn’t know how. Every time you looked at him he was looking at you with those intense blue eyes, his fragrance was all over the place not letting you focus on anything. The tension was just crazy, it could be cut with a knife and you wouldn’t even need a big one. 

Finally the doors of the elevator opened so you two walk out and finally leave the building. As soon as you were out you took a deep breath, trying to calm your nerves but it didn’t work. 

“Are we taking a taxi?” You asked.

“I drove here”, he smiled at you. Of course he had… 

You didn’t have to walk much. He had parked his car in a parking nearby. You thought he would be driving a Jaguar or something like that but you were surprised when you saw a white Range Rover. It was your favourite car ever and you were actually saving money to get one. Of course your celebrity crush would have one. You couldn’t help but chuckle a little. 

“What?” He asked smiling down at you when he heard your laugh.

“Nothing. I love Range Rovers and I didn’t expect you to have one”, you shrugged and bit your lip. 

With a low laugh he unlocked the car and walked to the trunk. He opened it and put the illumination stuff in there. You gave him the laptop and the camera telling him to be careful and he put them in too. When he closed the trunk you were about to go to the passenger door but you were surprised when he grabbed your waist before you could even turn around. He pressed against the car and kissed you deeply, pressing his body against yours as you instinctively wrapped your arms around his neck, kissing him back. His tongue ran along your lip until you allowed him in so the kiss got even deeper.You were the first one to pull away since you really needed to get some air but he pressed his forehead against yours and chuckled which caused your smile. Opening your eyes the first thing you saw were his red lips forming a huge smile. Then you looked into his eyes biting your lip.

“Want to drive?” He whispered.