girl w pink hair

Shitty wake and bake ft. my sick voice lmfao aka the first time in my 6 years on tumblr that anyone’s heard my voice(not that you can even hear me bc loud music) loool


A sort of concept art of a random idea? She’s a perfectly normal girl from the outside but actually a demon is living in her lmao also she’s mute

age: 19
zodiac: scorpio
height/weight: 5’4”/95 lbs
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual
yaoi type: uke
hobby(ies): singing, playing puppet, exploring, improv
personality: she’s as energetic as she is dim-witted, and is anything but bright. she isn’t made fun of, as much as before, for her late maturity. her sanity is still as shaky as it was when she was a child, but she can hide it most of the time behind her seemingly innocent eyes. freddie constantly talks to her bawhn bawhn hand-puppet, whom of which is only intelligible and “alive” at night. the others do their best to leave her alone when this happens. she isn’t quite aware of how much she apparently annoys ballora, either. freddie has an impressively large vocal range and can change her voice to the raspy and scary one you hear in the game (idk). so she’s technically as good as foxy, when it comes to imitation and voices. freddie’s in love w/ both toy freddy and funtime foxy, who are each aware of it w/ completely opposite responses (look at the relationship chart). her rowdy and out-of-control behavior can sometimes be a serious problem w/ the other funtime animatronics, and especially w/ the technicians whom of which she’s unfamiliar w/ (which is the main problem). so much so that those harmed required 6 weeks to 2 months of recovery and physical therapy…

age: 12
height/weight: 4’5”/ 89 lbs
b day: 11/1/1949
gender: female
blood type: B
laterality: left-handed
hobby(ies): singing
siblings: none
personality/story: she was born too early and was only given a few days to live. the doctors said, when she recovered, that it was a miracle she survived. this, mariah believes could very well be vincent’s doing. frieda lived, but was diagnosed w/ sanity disorder at the age of 2. it was decided that frieda needed to spend her childhood in the same mental institution that the others would eventually be admitted to. as well as being the first patient among the eventual funtime crew, she is technically the first living character of the whole plot, but she isn’t the first soul in limbo. this doesn’t happen until a few years later. even mariah was clueless on why this happened, and where her soul could’ve been before entering the 5th reality. 10 years passed, and the asylum had become common place for her. she was going to school and living a pretty decent life. or, at least, as decent as it could possibly be. her parents drop by to visit her each weekend, so she was still connected to her family, whom she loved very dearly. despite her diagnosis and condition, she was a very level-headed girl, and her outbursts were rare. for this, the homers were always in conflict w/ the doctors and nurses of the institution, opposing the time frieda was insisted upon, to have their daughter torn from them even further. one night, a few weeks after her 12th birthday, her roommate, another girl w/ white and pink hair, had finished her treatment and was able to go home. another patient was to replace her. a little boy. w/ dark brown hair and purple eyes. vincent. once seeing frieda for the first time, he made it clear to her that he didn’t like her. it was getting late, one night, and the hall was about to rest for the night. once frieda was fast asleep, he woke up and slowly stepped to her bedside, smothering her w/ his pillow. because of his eraser ability, authorities weren’t able to link him to the murder, but the hall was horrified to realize that there was a killer somewhere in the hospital. yet, no one knew that he was attending alongside them. the following night, he vanishes too, w/o a trace, and continues his plotless trek.

DS by me


i kno many of u are also always on the lookout for more gay game content so u should all play dreamfall chapters w me 

its super gorgeous and creative and gay and there are lots of brown people. super cool universe v exciting story. no combat all story focused problem solving

bottom right here is my son kian who is one of the two player characters he is a fantasy land warrior and hes sweet and brown and gay and the blue guy whose eyes hes staring into is likho who is also gay

then theres baby lesbian hanna w the pink hair. she runs a teenage girl gang and pony tail is her girlfriend abby

klance single dad au

or the “dear theodosia au” bc im hamiltrash

lance mcclain used to live in cuba, but moved to america to go to college!!(his family is still in cuba)

after college, he became a physics teacher!! he also met theodosia, who became his wife!!! they had one daughter, and lance named her after his wife bc hes super cheesy!!!!!!
unfortunately, his wife died when theodosia was rly, rly young so she doesn’t remember much abt her mother
(theo is 11 in this au)

keith kogane was am orphan, and ended up having to age out of the system instead of being adopted

after getting a steady job as a meteorologist, he decided that he didn’t want anyone else to go through that hell, so he adopted a 12 yr old son named phillip!!!
(he adopted 2 more kids, a 15 yr old girl named lily, and a 7 yr old girl named brielle!!)

on theodosias first day of middle school, she’s super nervous bc she and her dad just moved rly rly far so she won’t know anyone, and shes afraid she’ll be teased for being a bit young

on phillips first day of middle school, hes super relaxed bc he knows p much everyone there!!
however, when he’s saying hi to all his friends, he sees a girl in the corner scribbling away furiously in a cute lil lion notebook

the introduce themselves, and they become friends p quickly!!

phillip takes her to go meet his friend group, and they kinda scoff bc how could this girl in a lil cute pink dress w her hair perfectly put back possibly fit in w a bunch of guys????

well,, she gets super mad abt this misogyny and challenges them ALL to a race at lunch
if even 1 beat her, she would give up (phillip tried to protest this part but she wasn’t having any of it)

but lunch came around
and theo kicked ALL of their asses p easily
so here she is, hardly breaking a sweat like the queen she is, while a bunch of other guys behind her are catching their breaths

theyre all like “holy shit where did you get so fast???” and she just giggles and replies, “sometimes our cat blue gets out, and i have to chase her down.its a real hassle”
n everyone is kinda astounded

phillip is super happy for her!!!!! she and him are joined at the hip for the rest of the school year

but then the school dance is rolling around and theo has already declined a couple offers(even though she feels a lil guilty) but is working up the courage to ask out the guy she likes when phillip comes to her panicking
shes like “????? what’s wrong????”
and he just goes “i don’t have a date ans i know for a FACT the person i want to ask will say no!!!!”
“because it’s a guy!!!!!!!!”
and then theo just takes him by the shoulders, looks him in the eye, and says
“he might say no bc he doesn’t like you. but still, go for it!!! if he says no bc hes homophobic,,,,,,,,,ill break his nose.”
and phillip goes and asks him and??? he says yes!!!!!!!!
theo is a Proud Pumpkin TM, despite not going w her crush, but it’s ok!!! bc phillip is happy
and then they’re all making plans to go hang out and get pizza together, but theos dad is already ready to take her home!!!
theo is rly asking her dad if she can go,, and he reluctantly agrees IF,, he can meet someones parent(s)
well she’s in luck bc phillips dad is there too!!!
they start talking, and theo and phillip are basically praying together that they can go

and they can!!!!

they have a good time, but when they get back home, theo gets a text from phillip saying that apparently her dad was bein real passive aggressive and shes like “????? my dad is the biggest softie ive ever met??????????”
but apparently he’s bein weird so she confronts him abt it, but he denies eVeryThing
and so she just lets it go
but she and phillip are hanging out a lot
and at one point she and phillip decide to watch what their dads’ conversation is when they leave
(this is like a year or two later)
and they just see,,,, hardcore flirting??? and they’re so,,, confused?????
like theo knew her dad was bi as heckity and phillip knew keith was sUUUUper gay
but still???
they didn’t think THIS would happen??
but they agree that their dads are rly cute together so they just,,,, they try to lowkey get them together??

like one day theo is like “im gonna paint phillips nails and give him a makeover today!!! maybe u and his dad should go to the spa too!!! lily is willing to watch us”
and lance and keith are?? so confused???
that is until lily finally just tELLS keith that everyone knows he needs to get in the dating game(“have you ever even dated anyone since school??” “well no but-” “aRE YOU SERIOUS”)
and that lance is perfect for that
and so keith asks him out
and lance says yes
and its so good



*kisses theo’s forehead* she is mine *theo goes to the back of the line to talk to her boyfriend*
*kisses phillip’s forehead* he is mine
*kisses brielle’s forehead* she is mine
*kisses lily’s forehead* she is mine, visiting from school
*leans in to kiss theo’s boyfriends head, in line* he- *realizes and backs off* he is not mine.

(also theo is the only straight child lmao)

anyway i love all of them