girl voodoo

Some kpop boy groups to check out

24K - Hey you, Hurry up, U r so cute, Superfly, Still 24K, BINGO, Only you

Cross gene - La-Di Da-Di, Shooting star, Amazing - Bad Lady -, I’m not a boy not yet a man, Play with me Noona you, Black or white, Love guide, Billion Dolla, sHi-tai, Love & Peace, Ying Yang

KNK - Knock, Back again, U, Sun, Moon, Star

Astro - Cat’s eye, Hide & Seek, Breathless, Confession, Baby

UP10TION - So, dangerous, Catch me!Attention, Tonight, White Night, ID

INX - Alright, 2GETHER

MASC - Strange, Tina

SF9 - Fanfare, So beautiful, Roar, Easy Love

Vixx - Superhero, Rock Ur Body, On and On, Hyde, G.R.8.U, Love Equation, Only U, Girls, why?Eternity, Voodoo doll, Chained up, Error, Dynamite, Fantasy, The Closer, Milky Way, Shangri-La

Monsta x - Trespass, Rush, Hero, All in, Fighter, Beautiful, Stuck

Seventeen - Shining diamond, MansaeAdore U, Pretty U, Very nice, BOOMBOOM, Don’t wanna cry

Seven O’Clock - Echo

A.C.E - Cactus

Boys republic - Video game, Party rock, You are special, Hello, The Real One, Dress Up, Get Down, Closer

GOT7 - Girls girls girls, Stop stop it, A, If you do, Just right, Fly, Hard carry, Never ever

Day6 - Congratulations, Letting go, I wait어떻게 말해예뻤어장난 아닌데, DANCE DANCE