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I’m back to R I S E !

I’m back to G L O W !

I’m back to F L Y !

I’m back to S O A R !

I’m back to W A R !

Let the truth be T O L D !

I feel on fire when my passion F L O W !


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So I recently dreamt that I was in a library because it was the musical at my school and two people I know came up and poured cooking trays with soy sauce and french fries onto the table. Then I had to clean it up. Then some girl put a virus on my phone and I was freaking out and then she’s like “gaaaawwwwsh calm down, it was just a joke” and then fixed it. Also someone’s wife turned into random parts of the library.

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Just a few of tropes from tvtropes. They are (hopefully) linked correctly if you want to read up on them. Feel free to add more!

Asskicking Equals AuthorityMama Bear / Respected by the Respected / Cut a Slice, Take the Rest / Half-Human Hybrid / Achilles’ Heel / Nigh-Invulnerability / Soul Jar / Kryptonite Factor / Involuntary Shapeshifter / Voluntary Shapeshifting / Kaleidoscope Eyes / Asshole Victim /  Anti-Hero / Ideal Hero / Kill All Humans / Organic Technology / Ridiculously Human Robots / Become a Real Boy / Ambiguous Robots / Magical Eye(s) / Magic Music / Lady of War / Expressive Hair / Spoiled Sweet / Battle Ballgown / Cute Bruiser / Cheerful Child / Rapunzel HairDark Action Girl / Mind Virus / Theme Music Power-Up / Epiphany Therapy / Rich BitchAloof Big Brother / Stalker with a Crush / Driven by Envy / Always Second Best / I LiedBig Brother Instinct / Fake Memories / Shell-Shocked Veteran /  Jerk with a Heart of Gold / Noble Demon / The Power of Love / The Love Slap of Epiphany / The Power of Friendship / Good Thing You Can Heal / The Power of HateRemember That You Trust Me / Dark Is Not Evil / Lovable Alpha Bitch / Split Personality TakeoverDying Alone / Heroic Sacrifice / Loners Are Freaks / Go Mad from the Isolation / NEET / Do Not Taunt Cthulhu / Curb-Stomp Battle / Cry for the Devil / Cradle of Loneliness / Desperately Craves Affection / Hates Being Touched / Because You Were Nice to Me / No Sense of Personal Space / Et Tu, Brute? / Go Out with a Smile / Artificial Limbs / Apocalypse Maiden / Enemy Within / Badass / Freakiness Shame / Abusive Parents / Defied Trope / Fluffy Tamer / Nightmare Fetishist / Bad Dreams / Talking in Your Sleep / Death Seeker / The Dreaded / All of the Other Reindeer / Heroes Prefer Swords / One-Man Army / Lightning Bruiser / Sanity Slippage / Roaring Rampage of Revenge / White Hair, Black Heart / Light Is Not Good / Unstoppable Rage / Too Clever by Half / Younger Than They Look / Older Than They Look / Well-Intentioned Extremist / Smug Super /  When She Smiles / Bad Powers, Good People / Big Brother (Sister) Worship /  Emotionless Girl / 100% Adoration Rating / 0% Approval Rating / Magical Girl / Laughing Mad / My God, What Have I Done? / Sickeningly Sweethearts / Ill Girl / Bandage Babe / Too Good for This Sinful Earth / Brilliant, but Lazy / Motor Mouth / Beauty Mark Psychopathic Manchild / Voice of the Legion / Mad ScientistOur Zombies Are Different / A-Cup Angst / The Hedonist / Big Breast Pride / Absolute Cleavage / Blue Blood / Cold-Blooded Torture 

other girls: blonde, skinny, starbucks, fake tan, selfies, popular

me: Hi, I am Erica! How are you? :) I am a game developer and I and my team are currently working on a impressive game. We would like to ask you a favor. Can you test it out and see how it works? Will take ONLY few seconds! Would appreciate your opinion and feedback. Try it on MY TUMBLR. Thank you very much darling, tell my how it was we can chat later!! Erica :)


I made a stupid funny shimeji out of an older animation

if ya want the Rolling Girl- Xans/Virus!Sans shimeji you can download it


(there are a few mistakes in it- was more meant to be a joke

anonymous asked:

Request: A fic where a girl gets the stomach virus. Throws up all night, fever and all that fun stuff. Then someone comes to check on her and they get it too.

A/N: So I’ve been meaning to fill this fic for a while - and finally I managed to get round to it, and be warned it is mammoth! I really hope you enjoy it because I had lots of fun writing it! 😊

Alba was wrapped in her blanket when Eppie knocked on her door, then pushed it open.

“Hey Alba, can you help me straighten the back of my hair?” Eppie was clutching a pair of straighteners as she stood at the doorway. “Oh… You are coming tonight, aren’t you?” Eppie’s face had creased into a frown as she saw Alba wrapped up and sitting in bed.

“Yeah I am,” she answered, even though the last thing she felt like doing tonight was going to the gang’s weekly movie night. “There’s a plug just there.” She indicated to a socket next to the head of her bed. Eppie plugged in her straighteners and approached the edge of the bed.

“Are you alright?” Eppie questioned, standing at the edge of the bed.

“Yeah,” Alba held out her hands for the straighteners and Eppie turned her back and sat on the bed. “I could just do without this tonight though.”

“You don’t need to come if you don’t want to,” Eppie told her as Alba began to separate strands of Eppie’s dark hair.

“I know,” Alba sighed, she’d already considered this. Today had been tough, and Alba couldn’t even determine quite why – the classes at placement had gone well, but all day she felt exhausted, and rather like she’d been run over by a bulldozer. “I’m just really tired, but I don’t want to miss it…”

“No one would blame you for getting an extra bit of sleep…” Eppie said quickly. “I’ve no idea how you and Jude put up with it!” She let out a brief chuckle, and Alba started straightening the next part of Eppie’s hair, and she simply hummed in response.

The thought of just climbing into her bed was very alluring. Her limbs already had that kind of dead weight to them that accompanied fatigue, and everything felt very unsettled. She continued to move through each section of Eppie’s hair, trying not to notice the way her fingers were trembling, or her head pounding.

“The other guys wouldn’t mind if you missed tonight,” Eppie repeated eventually.

“Yeah, I – hic!” Alba stopped instantly as a sharp hiccup burst from out of her chest, and she could feel her stomach flipping inside of her. Eppie swivelled round on the edge of the bed to look at Alba, and her face was set with concern.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Eppie asked.

“Yeah, I’m fi – huuuaaaarrrrggghh!” Alba had meant to say ‘I’m fine’, but halfway through the words a sudden unexpected rising sensation in her chest and throat had precipitated a gush of vomit which exploded from her mouth and sprayed across herself, her bedspread, and Eppie. Eppie’s eyes widened as Alba’s hand shot up to clamp across her mouth as they both realised what had just happened. Alba’s stomach was still doing somersaults inside her and she gagged a few times into her hand.

“Alba!” Eppie had exclaimed, her hand fastening onto Alba’s shoulder.

“God, sorry…” Alba choked from behind her fingers. “Uuuuurp!” She couldn’t suppress the burp that slipped out as she tried to compose herself again, but she still felt like she might be sick again at any second.

“Let’s get you to the bathroom and clean you up,” Eppie encouraged, and Alba noted the very calm tone of Eppie’s voice. She allowed Eppie to help her off the bed, the sick on her thighs was seeping through her jeans and made her feel even more awful. She was shaking all over – and her legs didn’t seem to want to support her, so Eppie’s firm hands held her upright.

Huuuuuuuuuurrrrrrpp!” Alba doubled over again, a belch escaping her as they left her bedroom.

“Nearly there!” Eppie said rather urgently, half dragging Alba across the small hallway towards the bathroom.

Brrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrlllllkk!” Alba had wrenched free of Eppie’s grip and broken into a run as puke dripped through her fingers and across the hallway floor. Eppie turned the light in the bathroom which Alba had neglected in her rush to the toilet; she was curled over the toilet bowl retching fiercely. Sick splattered across the floor which Eppie skirted without standing in any, until she reached Alba.

“Why didn’t you say anything Alba?” Eppie muttered, placing her large hand onto Alba’s back, but Alba was incapable of replying.

Buueeeerrrggghh!” Another huge gush spilled past Alba’s lips, hitting the toilet seat and pouring into the bowl as her head lolled forward.

“Alba?” Eppie said quickly, her heart speeding up in her chest at just how ill Alba had become so fast. Hooking her hand around Alba’s forehead she instantly was aware of the sticky warmth that accompanied a fever, but she held Alba’s head steady, so that the next wave of vomit fell squarely into the toilet. “Don’t worry darling,” Eppie murmured reassuringly. “I’ve got you.” Alba’s retches were turning into sobs, but she was still unable to speak. “You get it all up then you’re going to bed.”

It took another few long minutes before the gagging and sobbing stopped, and Eppie continued to cradle her head and rubbed her back until she fell silent.

“You feel up to me helping you to bed?” Eppie asked.

“ ‘ts covered in sick…” Alba’s voice was hoarse; Eppie frowned, she’d forgotten about that.

“That’s okay,” she replied, thinking quickly. “You can sleep in my bed and I’ll clean up.”

“Can’t take – urrrp – your bed…” Alba said, but she sounded like she might fall asleep right here if Eppie didn’t move her soon.

“You don’t have a choice,” Eppie told her firmly. “I’m gonna get you changed and in bed, then I’ll text the others to let them know we’re not coming, then clean up.”

“Sorry,” Alba was trying to raise herself up, but her arms were trembling so badly she couldn’t hope to support herself.

“Don’t worry about it Alba, seriously!” Eppie put her hands onto Alba’s upper arms to support her and holding tight. “You must have gotten something from school.”

“Yeah…” Alba agreed shortly, her eyes were closed and she looked worn out. Eppie grabbed a face cloth that was drying on the rail and dampening it under the tap, then she turned to Alba.

“Come on darling,” she placed her fingers under Alba’s chin and began to wipe at the drips of sick which were beginning to dry. “Do you think you can take off your dirty clothes?”

“Mmmm, yeah…” Alba mumbled as Eppie cleaned her hands with the cloth. “Can you help me up?” Eppie grasped her hand tightly and pulled her up; she wobbled unsteadily on her feet and Eppie held tight onto her arm as all the colour drained from Alba’s face.

“You okay?” Eppie asked, watching as Alba swallowed, her lips pursed into a tight line. After a few moments she nodded and released her hand from Eppie’s grip; Eppie could see her trembling as she started to peel off her t-shirt which was covered in puke. “Just drop them here, I’ll pop them in the wash for you once you’re settled.”

“Thanks,” she was still shaking fiercely, and Eppie couldn’t decide whether to grip her arm again as she tried to take her jeans off.

“That’s it,” Eppie encouraged, once Alba’s soiled clothes were discarded onto the floor, she nodded. “Let’s get you through and into bed.” Alba was a little ungainly as Eppie led her through into her bedroom, where her bed was a little untidy but clean. “Give me a sec,” Eppie allowed Alba to perch against the bed while she raked through one of her drawers, “here, it’ll be massive on you – but it’s just to sleep in.” She handed across an old t-shirt which Alba pulled over here head with shaky hands. “Come on, into bed…”

“Eppie,” Alba started, shuffling back on the bed, “thank you.” She looked so pale and miserable that Eppie nearly hugged her.

“Come on, lie down…” Eppie pulled down the bedspread while alba shuffled back slowly, slipping her legs under the covers and lying down while Eppie laid the covers over her. “I’m gonna pop the bin at the edge of the bed, just in case alright?”

“Mmmmmmhmmm,” Alba gave a tiny nod, her eyes closed already and her pale face and blonde hair starkly contrasted against the dark covers of Eppie’s bed.
“I’ll bring some water through for you,” Eppie told her, but Alba’s breathing was already slowing down as she slipped into sleep. Eppie tiptoed across her room and closed the door as quietly as she could.

Cleaning the bathroom and Alba’s bedroom actually wasn’t daunting for Eppie in the slightest; she had a strong stomach and barely batted an eyelid as she stripped Alba’s soiled sheets, gathered the dirty clothes from the bathroom floor and own top that was splattered with sick up the back, and bundled them into the washing machine to be cleaned. She scrubbed the toilet and floor of the bathroom with disinfectant until her head was spinning.

By the time that she’d finished all these tasks, she had several missed messages from the group wondering where the two of them were. She typed a blanket text which she could send to all of them:

‘Hey guys, sorry not going to be able to make it, Alba is really sick 🤢 She’s resting and I don’t want to leave her on her own! Enjoy the film!’

She’d sat down on the couch in their tiny living space, scrolling through Facebook on her phone while wondering whether she could sneak back into her room on the pretence of checking on Alba and retrieve her laptop at the same time. Her phone buzzed and she was unsurprised to see that Eden was the first to respond to her message.

‘Let me know if there’s anything you need. E x’
Eppie smiled slightly at Eden’s willingness to come to their aid if necessary.

After a silent hour from Alba, Eppie’s phone had run out of charge and she was trying to figure out how to keep occupied. Alba must have a phone charger in her room – Eppie simply couldn’t remember whether it was the same ones as hers… Being in Alba’s room without Alba being there felt immensely awkward – like peeking into someone’s personal diary without permission. Irregardless of the fact that there were clean sheets on the bed. Eppie had decided already that she was going to sleep on the sofa. When she couldn’t find anything similar to her phone charger, she really quietly crept into her own room – but she didn’t have to worry in the slightest, Alba was fast asleep curled into a little ball on the bed. She definitely looked ill, the small section of her face that Eppie could see was milky white, with very pink blotches covering her cheeks. Eppie quietly retrieved her laptop and phone charger to take through to their living space.

Eppie awoke with a stiff pain in her neck. She’d fallen asleep slumped over the sofa with her head propped at an awkward angle – in all practicality she was too tall to sleep on the sofa. Her laptop screen was still on, glowing eerily in the darkened room. Initially she wasn’t sure what had woken her, and she strained her ears in case it had been Alba but the flat was in silence. She sat up slowly then felt the slosh inside her stomach, she steadied herself on the arm of the chair and tried to consciously take stock of what was going on in her body. Her face felt hot, and her limbs were stiff all over, but that could just be from sleeping in a funny position. But the squishy, sloshy sensation in her gut couldn’t merely be put down to lack of sleep.

Eppie knew her body – she knew every inch of it and was very good at evaluating what was going with it – but she didn’t really want to admit that what was going on was probably the same as had gone on in Alba’s earlier… Well, what had she expected? She’d been coated in barf and then cleaned up a whole load more.

Eppie ran her hand across her face, wondering how long it would be until her stomach launched its full scale rebellion. Leaning her head back against the sofa and stretching the stiff muscles in her neck. Eppie also rested her hand onto her stomach and pressed gently as though testing it. It gurgled ominously when she lifted her hand, and that was never a good sign.

She was just considering getting up to get some water when she heard the creak of a door and then footsteps padding quickly over the floor. After a few seconds of silence Eppie heard a distant ‘huuurk!’, and knew that Alba was back in the bathroom throwing up again. Eppie had to swallow hard at the thought as her own stomach gave a little gargle and lurch sympathetically. She had to go and check on her, Eppie staggered a little when she was on her feet, her stomach churning even more as she was upright, but she forced herself to keep going.

Alba was slumped in front of the toilet, making weak gagging sounds interspersed with empty belches.

“Oh Alba,” Eppie sighed, coming up behind her and placing a reassuring hand onto her shoulder, able to hear Alba’s raggedy breaths. “Are you still not feeling any better?” Unnervingly Eppie could hear the wobble in her own voice as she spoke.

“Still feel like – hurp – there’s stuff… need to get up…” Alba mumbled, the weak retch that she gave causing Eppie’s stomach to give an involuntary clench. Her hand released its grip on Alba’s shoulder and flew up to cover her mouth as the back of her throat suddenly felt tight and wet. Gripping her free hand onto the sink she steadied herself, swallowing hard.

“Just –“ Her voice was very thick, every few seconds her stomach gave an uncomfortable jerk. “Get it out then you can rest…” Something about Eppie’s tone must have raised concerns for Alba, as she laboriously turned herself round from her position clinging on to the toilet to look at her. 

“Eppie?” She asked, peering blearily up into her friend’s face, which looked waxy under the bright bathroom light. Eppie didn’t respond, worried that if she opened her mouth. But she was losing it anyway, her chest jolting with mini heaves that she was desperately fighting. Her mouth was filling rapidly with very, very runny saliva and she could feel an ominous rising in her chest. Alba’s head had suddenly snapped back round to the toilet as a further retch brought up a dribbling of bile into the toilet: “G’huuurr!”

It was too much for Eppie; her head spun suddenly and her cheeks bulged full of sick. She couldn’t push Alba out of the way, so she gripped both hands firmly on the edge of the sink.

Huuuuuueeeeuuuurrrrggggghh!” The force of the heave that Eppie had been holding in sent a cascade of vomit into the sink, and splashing over the back of the sink as well. Eppie only had the chance to gasp in a quick breath before another wave was forcing its way up her oesophagus. Her airways stung from the acid, and from the sudden expulsion through her mouth and nose; her eyes watered so much that her vision was briefly obscured: “Buuuuuurrrrrk!”

“You too?” Alba forced, but Eppie didn’t look at her she was waiting for the next round of puke to come up, as she could feel it bubbling thickly in her aching stomach.

Ba-huuurp!” Eppie pitched violently forwards again, but only a small mouthful splashed into the sink.

“Sorry…” Alba muttered quietly, closing her eyes so as not to see the remnants of her own puke.

“It’s not your fault! Huuurpp!” The sickly belch reverberated against the porcelain of the sink.

“Eppie, use the bloody toilet!” Alba exclaimed, sounding exasperated; Eppie was trembling as she felt Alba grasp her leg and tug her down. Overbalancing, Eppie wobbled and fell, trying to scramble round just in time for a gush of puke to make it in the toilet.

Bahhuruuugggh!” Eppie was leaning on all fours, her head just over the toilet seat. Everything about the entire moment, the sound of liquid hitting water, the sharp scent of the acid and the sight of sick pouring from Eppie’s mouth turned Alba’s stomach and she began dry heaving so fiercely that she nearly banged heads with Eppie. Alba regained her composure much quicker than Eppie – her stomach emptier, and she brought a weak hand round to pat gently on Eppie’s knee as she continued to spit up mouthful after mouthful of puke.

“Don’t worry,” Alba said quietly. “I’ll look after you.”

Eppie could feel her whole body trembling from the effort of emptying her stomach in such a short period of time, but she spat a mouthful of spit into the bowl, trying to rid her mouth of the foul taste, then looked up and caught eyes with Alba. If Eppie looked as bad as Alba did, then it would explain why she felt like she’d been dragged backwards out of hell.

“Let’s…” Her voice crackled in her raw throat. “Let’s look after each other…”

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bravegirls.official Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday! Happy birthday to Brave Girls’ happy virus! We wish you a happier day than anyone else today.  😙💕

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The nygmobblepot killed me tonight!!!

Spoiler alerts!!! Y'all look it took my father this whole season to realize Oz had the heart eyes for Eddie like the whole working together stuck in the cage scene made him actually look at me and say “wait when did they get in a relationship?!” (Bless his heart they didn’t date Dad but thank you for noticing that thick ass sexual chemistry) I knew it when Bruce put Martha’s pearls in that safe I knew he was gonna be an unemotional mess, y'all better save my child!!! Alfred I don’t care how you do it get my baby back! Lee with the virus yesss girl get your story arc!! Was that Ed and Butch in the promo??!!? Girl yess I love seeing those two together!

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