girl version

Sunshine of Each Boy Group
  • BTS: J-Hope
  • Got7: Youngjae
  • EXO: Chanyeol
  • Seventeen: DK
  • Day6: Wonpil
  • Infinite: Dongwoo
  • BIGBANG: Daesung
  • Winner: Jinwoo
  • VIXX: Ken
  • Monsta X: Minhyuk
  • SHINee: Onew
  • Topp Dogg: Hansol
  • KNK: Seungjun
  • Astro: All of them are sunshines bless.
  • Block B: N/A, they are all sinners, probs going to hell.

 I’ll live where I live, I’ll work when I need money, and I’ll see where I end up. You could do more. Oh, here come the pompoms. No, no pompoms. just me saying that you could do more.

I    c o u l d n ’ t    h a v e    d o n e    i t    w i t h o u t    y o u .


Rory and Jess encouraging/believing in/wanting what’s best for each other.


“At first, I thought girl crush meant a girl who looks like Crush (Shin Hyoseob).  But I accidentally knew about the meaning through my friend. I felt good that it meant a girl who other girls like. Most of my fans are girls, so I like that word”- Heize


you’ve married an   i c a r u s
                   he has flown to close to the   s u n