girl u hot

the best vines
  1. i wont hesitate bitch
  2. oh my god they were roommates
  3. who is she
  4. “and i brought u murr” “thank u” “murr-der” “judas no”
  5. its finals week
  6. “i’m the sand guardian”
  7. the college freshmen
  8. look at this graph
  9. “the restauraunts full and theres a dinner a rush but we wanna be seated immediately” “done and done let me pull the table out of my ass”
  10. all of Jus Reign’s vines

dubvictor  asked:

I know you said not to click the link, but I read the fic and thought it was really cute! I mean, hilarious, but not horrible! That said: "Furrina and Purrina." "The air of this planet is poisonous to Time Lords." "*Warning:* This is where the rated T part comes in." I'm SCREAMING. 😂 I feel honestly blessed.

oh my god a;sdjfsadf adon’TD ONT EVEN TALK TO ME

rofl ‘this is where the rated t part comes in’ look out people… look out…. we got a badass over here….t  rated….. careful now…. caREFUL….

all this talk of ppl playing the game & i’m just over here like throwback to that time i went through k.ent’s route to get the heroine thrown off the hospital roof & i picked all the answers that were her just being absolutely awful to him like kicking a puppy while it was down

THE DEVIL SHE BREATHES,  the girl who has lips that rewrite the curve of history.   within layers of ash  &  ichor,  she breathes.   a tragic mess,  carrying with her everything she was simply meant to climb.   a new home made within the elysian fields,  saccharine trust long passed.   she was silver and iron,  never porcelain.   trust was for those who did not have a mouth filled with wolves teeth  &  thorns growing from their heart.   in persephones stride,  she comes undone.   even if he slaughtered her,  she would thank him for just touching her.   in times of autumn,  she lays.   curled into fists as she clashes,  anger ablaze.   bloomed lavender,  bitten lips  &  she stares,  visibility delicate in comparison.   

 you lean too far into your punches             sometime soon you shall end up falling into one of them  &  from there,  your opponent.  

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