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I’ve been identifying as genderqueer lately because I have literally no idea what my gender is... I’m afab and I don’t feel like a girl (or boy) but I also don’t mind being called a girl. I don’t mind female pronouns or ticking the “female” box on forms, etc, but I just don’t feel like a girl. Can I still call myself nb?

Being genderqueer just means that you do not 100% identify as only a woman or 100% identify as only a man. There is no other set of criteria you must meet. That’s literally it. Just don’t identify as either completely female or completely male. If you do not feel like a girl or a boy, that would fall under the genderqueer/nonbinary umbrella.

~ Mod Sock

I never see enough positivity for het ace/aro people.

Cis het ace/aro people? So great and valid. I’m so happy they’re alive. I hope they find the best partner because they totally deserve it.

Trans het ace/aro people? So valid. So awesome and im so glad they exist. They deserve the best parners too.

Het ace/aro people are valid and so worthy of love.



I know this one’s kind of ironic but I still love the colors. 

pre-hormones/surgery anxiety

It is okay to be nervous about undergoing hormones and surgery. It is a life changing and irreversible decision to make, of course you are going to be scared and anxious when it is finally at your door step. I haven’t met anyone who hasn’t been terrified and questioned themselves following up to undergoing hormones and surgery.

You are not faking it, it is completely normal to question yourself. If you feel that you are not ready, slow down and take a break. You have all the time in the world. Think through your worries, but sometimes we do have to push ourselves and there is nothing wrong with that either. You know what’s best for you, have faith in your decision.

just a reminder that sapphics in relationships with boys are super valid and sapphic af and just because you are dating a boy doesn’t mean you aren’t bi or pan or ply or any other sexuality ok