girl thinks shes clever

The Grand Duchess Olga was the eldest of these four fair sisters. She was a most amiable girl, and people loved her from the moment they set eyes on her. As a child she was plain, at fifteen she was beautiful. She was slightly above middle height, with a fresh complexion, deep blue eyes, quantities of light chestnut hair, and pretty hands and feet. She took life seriously, and she was a clever girl with a sweet disposition. I think she possessed unusual strength of character, and at one time she was mentioned as a possible bride for the Crown Prince of Roumania. But the Grand Duchess did not like him, and, as the Crown Prince liked the Grand Duchess Marie better than her sister, nothing came of the project. The sisters loved each other, and united in a passionate adoration for the Tsarevitch, In a recent book published in England, the Grand Duchesses have been described as Cinderellas, who were entirely subservient in family life owing to the attention paid the Tsarevitch. This is untrue. It is a fact that the Empress ardently desired a son, and that the birth of four daughters in succession was a disappointment to her, but she loved her daughters, they were her inseparable companions, and their plain and rather strict upbringing had nothing whatever of the Cinderella element.
The Grand Duchess Tatiana was as charming as her sister Olga, but in a different way. She has been described as proud, but I never knew anyone less so. With her, as with her mother, shyness and reserve were accounted as pride, but, once you knew her and had gained her affection, this reserve disappeared, and the real Tatiana became apparent. She was a poetical creature, always yearning for the ideal, and dreaming of great friendships which might be hers. The Emperor loved her devotedly, they had much in common, and the sisters used to laugh, and say that, if a favour were required, “Tatiana must ask Papa to grant it.” She was very tall, and excessively thin, with a cameolike profile, deep blue eyes, and dark chestnut hair… a lovely Rose maiden, fragile and pure as a flower.
All the Grand Duchesses were innocent children in their souls. Nothing impure was ever allowed to come into their lives - the Empress was very strict over the books which they read, which were mostly by English authors. They had no idea of the ugly side of life, although, poor girls, they were destined to see the worst side of it and to come in contact with the - most debased passions of humanity! And yet it has been stated that the Empress, in her neurotic, religious exaltation, gave each of her daughters to Rasputin. Knowing her, knowing the Emperor, and knowing the daughters as I did, such an assertion savours of the monstrous; it has even been circulated that Mlle. Tutcheff objected to Rasputin being admitted to the Grand Duchesses’ bedchamber to give them his nightly blessing after they had retired to bed, and that, as her protest was disregarded, she sent in her resignation. Mlle. Tutcheff was never governess to the Grand Duchesses, and she never witnessed Rasputin’s nightly blessing, inasmuch as it never took place. The Emperor would never have permitted such a thing, even had the Empress wished it, and she certainly did not consider such a proceeding necessary for her daughters’ salvation. Mle. Tutcheff was the victim of her own spite and jealousy. She was not a very pleasant person, and, whenever the Imperial Family went to Livadia, she usually made herself very disagreeable, as she thoroughly disliked the Crimea. Continual grumbling wears away the patience of most people; the Empress was only human, and Mlle. Tutcheff was first given a holiday and then dismissed by the Grande Maitresse de la Cour.
Mlle. Tutcheff did not hesitate to spread all kinds of vindictive rumours to account for her dismissal. She was too small-minded to state the real facts, and, as l'affaire Rasputin was generally spoken about, she decided to vent her spite on the Empress through this medium. I again assert that there is no truth in the legend of Rasputin’s nightly blessing.
When I first knew the Grand Duchess Marie, she was quite a child, but during the Revolution she became very devoted to me, and I to her, and we spent most of our time togethershe was a wonderful girl, possessed of tremendous reserve force, and I never realised her unselfish nature until those dreadful days. She too was exceeding fair, dowered with the classic beauty of the Romanoffs; her eyes were dark blue, shaded by long lashes, and she had masses of dark brown hair. Marie was plump, and the Empress often teased her about this ; she was not so lively as her sisters, but she was much more decided in her outlook. The Grand Duchess Marie knew at once what she wanted, and why she wanted it.
Anastasie, the youngest Grand Duchess, might have been composed of quicksilver, instead of flesh and blood; she was most amusing, and she was a very clever mimic. She saw the humorous side of everything, and she was very fond of acting; indeed, Anastasie would have made an excellent comedy actress. She was always in mischief, a regular tom-boy, but she was not backward in her development, as M. Gilliard once stated. Anastasie was only sixteen at the time of the Revolution - no great age after all. She was pretty, but hers was more of a clever face, and her eyes were wells of intelligence.
All the sisters were utterly devoid of pride, and, when they nursed the wounded during the war, they were known as the Sisters Romanoff, and thus answered to the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The Grand Duchesses occupied two bedrooms; Olga and Tatiana shared one, Marie and Anastasie the other. These apartments were large and light, decorated and furnished in green and white. The sisters slept on camp beds - a custom dating back to the reign of Alexander I, who decreed that the daughters of the Emperor were not to sleep on more comfortable beds until they married. Ikons hung in the corners of the rooms, and there were pretty dressing-tables, and couches with embroidered cushions. The Grand Duchesses were fond of pictures and photographs - there were endless snapshots taken by themselves, those from their beloved Crimea being especially in evidence.

I was inspired to try and find the oldest piece of writing I hadn’t deleted and it’s from right after I turned 14. It… is the most pretentious thing… omfg. I was so proud of this shit. It was my featured deviation, back when the dA lit community was active and cool. I thought I was a fucking prodigy. At least I can confirm that my obsession with girls who have boy names and kiss girls has been ongoing for at least twelve years.

Magic and wonders

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“Watch your steps.” (y/n) shifted slightly, correcting position of her foots, before she raised her staff once more, once again getting ready to training. Stephen walked around her, taking in her posture. “Quite good. Straighten your back a little”
(y/n) huffed, dropping her staff and turning around, to stand face-to-face with her mentor.
“I don’t see a point in doing this. What does this have to do with magic?” Stephen rolled his eyes.
“As my apprentice, you have to know how to fight. It’s not just magic and wonders, by the way have you trained your portal creating skills?”
“Yes!” Her hands shoot up pin the air. “But it’s not worth nothing! Why don’t you just teach me this?” Doctor sighed, rubbing his eyes.
“If you won’t open yourself for this, you won’t be able to do it. There is nothing I can do.” Girl looked at him for a while before she stormed out.
“You suck! I give up, you can’t teach me, I don’t care. Sorcerer Supreme my ass!” When doors shut behind her, Stephen sighed sitting in his chair, his cape looking after (y/n) for a while. Strange leaned against his chair, thinking how to get to the suborn girl.
She was clever, much more than most people her age, yet she was sceptic to the whole mystic arts, as much as he was, or even more. Strange had no idea how to break her psychic walls.


Two days later, (y/n) still avoided talking to Strange, not leaving her room until she was sure that not only him, but also his cape left Sanctuary. She knew that her behavior got to Stephen’s nerves, yet she haven’t stop. Every time Strange left, she would sneak up to library, where she took as many books as she could, taking them to her room and learning from them, yet she got almost nothing from it, for only the sparks left her hands, no matter how much she tried to focus.

When (y/n) got into library this evening, she instantly turned around, ready to evacuate to her room, at sight of Stephen, who sipped his tea peacefully.
“No more steps young lady.” When words left his mouth, cape got in front of her, blocking her path. (y/n) sighed and turned to her master with raised eyebrow. “I believe we have to talk.”
“I don’t.” Stephen rolled his eyes and motioned to chair in front of his. Unwillingly, and pushed by cape, girl walked to chair and sat down, crossing her arms at her chest. “What do you want?”
“I believe that we started our training at wrong side.” (y/n) rolled her eyes. “Let me finish. I know you were trying to learn on your own, and seeing how frustrated you are, I believe that it didn’t work either. I want to try a different technique, if you don’t mind.”

“And that would be?” Stephen smiled and took off his gloves. (y/n)’s eyes widened. Stephen never took his gloves while being around her, never did he let her look at his hands, and scars on them. “What… what happened to you?”
“I told you I had an accident. Those were the cause of me going to Kamar-taj, I believed that they might help me cure them, but Ancient One, she showed me the most important thing.”
“Which is?” Stephen smirked slightly, putting his gloves at the coffee table.
“That I may not be the center of the whole universe.” (y/n) chucked at that, her stance less tense.
“You never talk about her. How was she?”
“Ancient.” She rolled her eyes, but said nothing. “Intelligent, that’s for sure. She made great tea, and had strength like no one else.” Stephen looked at his hands with smile. “When I had problems with opening up for magic, you know what she did?”
“Kicked you? I would like to.”
“She opened a portal to Mount Everest and left me there, saying that if I won’t be able to open my own back, she will let me freeze there.” Girl’s (e/c) eyes widened at that.
“She was serious?”
“I honestly don’t want to know. Fortunately I managed to open my portal and went back to Kamar-taj. From that moment, everything went good and I was able to learn.” Stephen stood up from his chair and (y/n) did the same, waling closely to him with slight smile. “You have your Sling Ring?” At her nod, Strange smiled slightly.
“If I agreed with Ancient One in anything, it was her alternative methods of teaching. Tell me, how much you like heath?”
“I hate it, and you know it. Why?” At her furrowed brow and slight panic in her voice, Stephen put hand on her shoulder.
“Curiosity.” With that he pushed her back, right through the portal he created behind her. (y/n) was shocked when she landed on her but, right in the pile of sand, at the center of the desert, her teacher at the other side of the portal, still in the library of sanctuary. “As I said, I really agreed with Ancient One’s alternative methods of teaching. Good luck.”

Girl looked with gaped mouth at the place where only seconds ago was Strange’s portal.

“Asshole!” She screamed, standing up and looking around herself. No shadow in sight.



“Last year an officer from this division went missing and we brought her home.”

Uniquely Portable Magic

Today, to celebrate the birth of the fantastic perfectlyrose, I have a wee bit of Nine and Rose fluff, based on a prompt she gave me.

The working title for this story was “motherf*cking authors on a motherf*cking plane” and, while I didn’t want to publish with that title, both wholockgal and my own diagonalpumpkin liked the title, so I promised I’d mention it.

Happy birthday, Kelsey!

Dr. Jude Storm (just the Doctor, dammit, Dr. Storm sounds like a supervillain) hated flying. He despised flying coach. He loathed flying coach on a busy holiday weekend when the planes were completely full of foolish college students and their families.

As he approached his row on the sardine tin that would convey him and 90 other fools across the Atlantic over the next seven to eight hours, he prayed to whatever gods might be listening that his row-mate hadn’t made the flight.

He was reminded that he was an atheist when he found a girl, only barely older than the college students around them sitting in the window seat with a text book open in her lap, a notebook open on her tray table, and a set of white earbuds trailing down into her pocket, taking what appeared to be copious notes on the information in the textbook.

Jude supposed he could have done worse, as he shoved his rolling bag into the overhead bin that really didn’t have room for it (he hoped that bag he was squishing against the wall didn’t have anything breakable in it). She looked like she’d be quiet at least- wouldn’t ask stupid questions. She didn’t appear to be drunk, too studious for that.

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The signs as 5sos songs:

(this has been done a hundred times but fck it)

Aries: Unpredictable

“We can run down the street
With the stars in our eyes
We can tear down this town
In the dark of the night.”

Taurus: Beside You

“When we both fall asleep underneath the same sky.
To the beat of our hearts at the same time.”

Gemini: End Up Here

“You walked in
Everyone was asking for your name
You just smiled
and told them trouble.”

Cancer: Heartbreak Girl

“And you end up crying
and I end up lying,
‘Cause I’m just a sucker for anything that you do.”

Leo: Just Saying

“When you change your mind I’ll be waiting
‘Cause I’m better than him
Just saying.”

Virgo: Voodoo Doll

“Tell me where you’re hiding your voodoo doll
‘cause I can’t control myself,
I don’t wanna stay, wanna run away
but I’m trapped under your spell.”

Libra: Heartache On the Big Screen

“This ain’t a movie that I wanna see
A tragic story, starring you and me
Oh god we’re stuck inside this scene.”

Scorpio: If You Don’t Know

“I’d never let you get away
Catch you in all the games we’d play…
So, go ahead rip my heart out
Show me what love is all about.”

Sagittarius: Don’t Stop

“You’re like perfection, some kind of holiday
You got me thinking that we could run away.”

Capricorn: Good Girls

“She may be clever but she just acts too square
'Cause in the back of the room where nobody looks
She’ll be with her boyfriend, she’s not reading books!”

Aquarius: Social Casualty

“So save me from who I’m supposed to be
Don’t wanna be a victim of authority
I’ll always be a part of the minority.”

Pisces: Never Be

“I need your love to guide me back home
When im with you im never alone
I need to feel you feel you tonight
I need to tell you that its alright.”