girl things

As a girl, the bathroom is actually a safe haven.

She goes to the bathroom to:

- escape from the obnoxious guy who keeps hitting on her
- scratch her long itching boob or butt or any other “inappropriate” place
- clean up the blood that is gushing from her vagina
- fix her make up or hair or general physical appearance
- sit on the floor and cry
- fix her bra strap that keeps falling down
- unzip her dress to breathe for a moment
- shave in a hurry because she forgot to before
- put on more deodorant
- actually go to the bathroom

So, it makes sense that she would invite her friend to come along.

They can

- escape the obnoxious guy together
- cry together
- talk about what’s happening so they can relax enough to continue with the event
- help each other fix up their appearance
- laugh. Just laugh together, so they know that everything is going to be fine.
- swap vaginal bleeding equipment
- hide. Literally hide because the world can be a freakishly intimidate thing for a girl who feels extra vulnerable and taken advantage of.

If you have fainted during your period then there is a high chance you have menorrhagia

It can develop after awhile so you don’t even need to start out with it to have it. 

But in any shape or form have you fainted during a period, wether it’s because of blood loss or not, you SHOULD have yourself looked at because it can be life-threatening. 

To control the bleeding and pain you can be prescribed birth control pills that dull it down just a little bit. It doesn’t fix it but there’s a possible chance that it’ll lessen the fatigue. 

Don’t let people tell you that your overreaching and everyone has bad periods 

Because menorrhagia medically makes periods far worse than others 

For your own safety I highly suggest you get yourself checked out if your showing symptoms 

Stay safe