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I ship Lucaya and Riarkle but not Rucas but I:
- adore Rowan
- appreciate Riley’s positivity
- absolutely love Zay
- don’t call Josh a “pedophile”

Bamon is life and not Delena but I:
- respect all Delena shippers equally
- kiss the ground Nina walks on
- find Delena to be a very sexy pair even though I don’t think their story makes sense and I just generally don’t care/like the ship

Sterek is my motherfucking religion but I:
- believe Stydia should be endgame if Derek doesn’t come back
- tolerate Stalia
- love Holland/Lydia and Shelley/Malia with everything in me

And over all, I don’t come at shippers who don’t come at me.

I don’t get why it’s so hard to kindly disagree with whatever someone has to say about their OTP. Most problems in the fandom are due to ships and that in itself is an issue.

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

Man, i have tons, so idk if these are favorites but some I can list on top of my head:

  • Katniss’ travel restrictions were lifted without fanfare, and much sooner than expected. But except for visiting her mom on occasion, she never had a desire to go anywhere. 
  • The Victor’s Village became the new town hub in District 12 after the war, with people turning the streets and front yards into market areas. After the district is rebuilt, it remains as one of centers of life in 12.
  • I don’t think Katniss would become the new healer in 12, but until they get a proper doctor, 12 returnees would come up to her for medical help and she tries her best to give them remedy. She’d often call her mom when she doesn’t know what to do. Peeta keeps calling her Dr. Everdeen whenever a ‘patient’ arrives at their door. Katniss scowls at him each time.
  • Plutarch makes Effie the new Ceasar Flickerman. But after five seasons hosting his singing competition show, Effie leaves the show due to ‘creative differences.’
  • Johanna Mason never stays in one place long enough and have lots of crazy adventures, but always return home to District 7. Katniss and Peeta are updated through the postcards she sends them. 
  • Annie remarries at some point. She sends Peeta and Katniss a photo of her wedding to add to their memory book.
  • Haymitch eventually stopped drinking, and lived to see toastbaby!girl turn 12. 
  • When Greasy Sae passes, Katniss and Peeta became her grandaughter’s legal guardians. 
  • Katniss and Peeta did speak one time in school when they were kids. It was in their math class and Peeta asked her what date it is. Katniss said it’s October 3rd. 
  • The reason Peeta placed second place in wrestling was coz he didn’t want his brother to be teased for losing against him.
  • Buttercup lives twice as long as an average cat and coz of that he is suspected to be half-mutt like a mockingjay is. Haymitch’s geese are scared of him.   

*drops tablet pen* hOLD THE PHONE i need to rant about magical girls rq

tbh i ~+*personally*+~ don’t trust anyone who segregates magical girls into ‘too girly, childish, and st*pid’ and ‘cool, dark, and edgy’ like are you going through your rebellious i-hate-happiness phase or what

yeah i get it, been there, done that. but like… yo. there’s nothing wrong with things geared toward little girls (read: the essential heart of this genre???) and there’s nothing wrong with happy fun girl-power friendship feel-good material. like, if ya prefer something more serious with a more adult audience (ie princess tutu sailor moon tbfh we do have plenty of dark to pick from) that’s awesome!!! but don’t play this elitist cool kids club “i only watch GOOD magical girl series were people DIE” kinda shit 

get off yer fuckin morbid high horse like goddamn

and ACTUALLY this dips right into the mary sue bias (”girls can’t be successful/desirable/popular/capable/feminine/HAPPY at the same time”) and this whole “no dumb girly shit” attitude is ultimately running a really fine line into misogynistic and i will immediately not trust you if you are so offended by these things you gotta exclude them from their own fuckin genre

good magical girls don’t police or mock other magical girls for their optimism or their innocence. drop that pessimistic shit right at the door and understand not everyone’s lookin for ‘the cold harsh reality’ tragedy porn caked all over anything good and naive ok

anyway back to work

texting - lucy goose 😍🙈
  • Troian: So I just saw your new photos and I've got such a girl crush on you, it's ridic. 😍
  • Troian: I'm also really, really happy and just want to gush to you.