girl that was ridic

debunking “if sns was a straight pairing the shippers wouldn’t ship them”

“if sasuke was a girl, you would think it’s problematic because naruto chased sasuke down and wanted to fight him to force him to return to the village”

nope naruto didn’t want to fight sasuke to hurt him he was trying to stop him from leaving, if stopping him from leaving involved buying him a fluffy kitten he would do it. everything he did was FOR SASUKE’S WELL BEING so this is a stupid fucking argument, if sasuke was a girl it wouldn’t change that naruto would be looking out for “her” wellbeing above everything else out of love so i would obviously still ship them. sasuke being a woman wouldn’t change anything? a man desperately trying to save a woman he deeply cares for no matter what it takes is the same as a man desperately trying to save a man he deeply cares for no matter what it takes. there’s no difference so i would still see the ship the same.

“if naruto was a girl, you would think it’s abusive because sasuke attacked/tried to kill/was mean to naruto”

are we forgetting sasusaku is one of the most popular hetero ships? sasuke also tried to kill sakura. how can you claim people wouldn’t ship it if TONS of people already ship a het ship involving sasuke and a girl he tried to kill lol. sns (and ss) are intelligent enough to see that sasuke was clearly broken from losing his family and not in his right mind because of the curse of hatred. claiming that no one would ship sns because of this if naruto was a girl is ridic b/c that doesn’t change anything about their relationship. i ship klaroline on the vampire diaries and klaus attacked caroline and they’re m/f, i ship jerza from ft and jellal attacked erza when he was being manipulated and they’re m/f, i ship chuck and blair on gossip girl and chuck has been pretty mean to blair in the first seasons and they’re m/f, theyre all hetero ships and lots of sns ive met also ship these 3 particular ships and all 3 of these ships are EXTREMELY popular? this is the stupidest fucking argument ever and saying this is also kind of misogynistic you’re literally saying girls are helpless victims and it’s wrong to hurt them but its ok if its guys LOL i thought yall were feminists

i would still have sns as my otp if one of them was a girl and guess what! they have moments that remind me of some of my hetero otps because gender doesn’t define love. try harder next time


“It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorising way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilisation of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man holds dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.”

Matty talking about the intent behind ‘Woman’ (x)

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What are your favorite Hunger Games headcanons? *blows kisses* I love you.

Man, i have tons, so idk if these are favorites but some I can list on top of my head:

  • Katniss’ travel restrictions were lifted without fanfare, and much sooner than expected. But except for visiting her mom on occasion, she never had a desire to go anywhere. 
  • The Victor’s Village became the new town hub in District 12 after the war, with people turning the streets and front yards into market areas. After the district is rebuilt, it remains as one of centers of life in 12.
  • I don’t think Katniss would become the new healer in 12, but until they get a proper doctor, 12 returnees would come up to her for medical help and she tries her best to give them remedy. She’d often call her mom when she doesn’t know what to do. Peeta keeps calling her Dr. Everdeen whenever a ‘patient’ arrives at their door. Katniss scowls at him each time.
  • Plutarch makes Effie the new Ceasar Flickerman. But after five seasons hosting his singing competition show, Effie leaves the show due to ‘creative differences.’
  • Johanna Mason never stays in one place long enough and have lots of crazy adventures, but always return home to District 7. Katniss and Peeta are updated through the postcards she sends them. 
  • Annie remarries at some point. She sends Peeta and Katniss a photo of her wedding to add to their memory book.
  • Haymitch eventually stopped drinking, and lived to see toastbaby!girl turn 12. 
  • When Greasy Sae passes, Katniss and Peeta became her grandaughter’s legal guardians. 
  • Katniss and Peeta did speak one time in school when they were kids. It was in their math class and Peeta asked her what date it is. Katniss said it’s October 3rd. 
  • The reason Peeta placed second place in wrestling was coz he didn’t want his brother to be teased for losing against him.
  • Buttercup lives twice as long as an average cat and coz of that he is suspected to be half-mutt like a mockingjay is. Haymitch’s geese are scared of him.   

I ship Lucaya and Riarkle but not Rucas but I:
- adore Rowan
- appreciate Riley’s positivity
- absolutely love Zay
- don’t call Josh a “pedophile”

Bamon is life and not Delena but I:
- respect all Delena shippers equally
- kiss the ground Nina walks on
- find Delena to be a very sexy pair even though I don’t think their story makes sense and I just generally don’t care/like the ship

Sterek is my motherfucking religion but I:
- believe Stydia should be endgame if Derek doesn’t come back
- tolerate Stalia
- love Holland/Lydia and Shelley/Malia with everything in me

And over all, I don’t come at shippers who don’t come at me.

I don’t get why it’s so hard to kindly disagree with whatever someone has to say about their OTP. Most problems in the fandom are due to ships and that in itself is an issue.

The Slytherin Prince

Originally posted by thetimelordsofbaskerville

This is the first request so I hope you enjoy it!

‘Hello! Could you please write a long imagine where i am in Slytherin (and my parents are deatheaters but no one knows that), i am also something like lets call it the Slytherin princess and also Draco has feelings for me and stuff like that’

Summary: You and Draco have been best friends for as long as you can remember. One day in the common room you are trying to guess who his secret crush is.

It was a hot, summer day and you were sitting near the lake with your best friend Draco. He was resting on a large rock, playing his guitar while you skipped rocks and listened to the soft music that he was producing.


You had been friends with Draco since you were really little. You met because both Draco and your parents were death eaters, although Draco was the only person who knew this. While your parents were at a meeting in the Malfoy Manor, you were upstairs playing with Draco, waiting for the meeting to finish. When you both came to Hogwarts you were already best friends, like brother and sister. You were both sorted in to Slytherin and soon became known as the Slytherin Prince and Princess, even though you were not together. The nickname has kind of derived from when we you were little as Draco used to call you ‘Princess (y/n) all the time, and still sometimes does. You have had feelings for Draco for about a year now, but don’t want to tell him, in fear of messing up your friendship. The thing is, Draco has been acting slightly odd lately and you’re not sure why.


You had been sitting on the rock for about an hour and half already and you were desperately searching for a stone, within arms reach, that you could skip across the lake. You finally found one and threw it in to the lake. Instead of skipping it just plopped and sunk straight to the bottom. The sound had made Draco look up.

“Is something up Princess?” He asked softly, placing his guitar to the side.

“I’m bored. Can we go back to the common room?” you whined, trying to convince him to take your side.

“Yeah, of course. My fingers were starting to get sore anyway.” He smiled and then stood up, grabbing his guitar. 

You stood up and then walked to his side, linking your arm with his, before heading up towards the castle. As you were walking down the corridors you passed Pansy Parkinson.

“Hi Draco.” she said with a giggle, trying to be flirty but failing miserably, “Did you want to join me? I was just heading towards the kitchens to get a snack.”

“Uh…no thanks. I’m not hungry anyway…um…thanks…though…uh…bye” Draco smiled awkwardly as Pansy and began to walk away. You looked over your shoulder and saw Pansy glaring at you. You smiled back as sweetly as you could, just to annoy her. It worked too because she looked at Draco one last time before turning away in a huff and storming towards the kitchens. You smirked, mission accomplished.

“Oh my god, that was so awkward!” You said giggling.

“Uh huh, tell me about it. She thinks she actually has a chance? I mean look at me and then look at pug-face, uh I mean Pansy. I’m kidding but still, I would never, ever go out with her. She’s…uh…not my type?” He’s said. He seemed different, he didn’t used to act so cocky. It is really weird how much he had changed in the past few weeks, as if he was trying to impress someone, but who?

“Oh, so you have a type now? Well then what is the Slytherin Prince’s type?” you asked with genuine interest. You were trying so hard to figure out who the person that Draco was trying to to impress was.

“Well, that’s not really what I meant, I don’t have a specific type as such. But, I guess, loyal, funny, smart, courageous, pure-blood,” At this comment you looked up in confusion, because you knew that Draco did not care about people’s blood statuses, but then you realised that you were at the entrance to your common room and pure-blood was the password not a trait. “Trustworthy, devious, and, well I guess it wouldn’t hurt if their face didn’t resemble a pug.” He smiled down at you after he said the last thing and you noticed that he was blushing. If fact you noticed that he had started blushing about halfway through his list. Something was definitely up, and you were going to find out what it was.

You both sat down on the couch in the common room and were just sitting in silence for a while, it wasn’t an awkward silence though, it was a nice silence. The only reason you weren’t talking was because you were trying to think of a way to casually bring up the mystery girl that you were sure Draco liked.

“So…” you said slowly, he turned to face you in a sign of recognition, “When you were saying the list of traits that were ‘your type’ you were blushing. So, who were you thinking about? Anyone I know?” You smiled, raising your eyebrows at him to try to make him feel uncomfortable. It worked.

“Uh…nobody…well…actually, somebody, but you don’t know them…well you do, more than you think you do…but like you won’t expect it. What I’m trying to say is that if you want to try and guess, you will never guess this person.” He said, starting slowly but then realising that he wasn’t making any sense.

You started to feel jealous of this other girl that Draco liked and you also felt betrayed that Draco hadn’t told you, you were best friends after all.

“Alright then, I’ll guess. I’ll give you 5 names at a time, but first, are they in our year?” You asked, ready to finally know why Draco had been acting weird.

“Okay, and yes they are in our year.” He smiled, knowing that you would never guess who the mystery girl was.

“Okay, Hermione Granger, Pansy Parkinson, Daphne Greengrass, Pavati Patil and Padma Patil.” You smirked starting off easy.

“No, no, no, no and nope” He  smirked. And that is how you continued for the next 15 minutes.


“Um, there are only 3 more girls in our grade, Millicent Bulstrode, Eloise Midgen and Susan Bones, and, just a guess because I’m not judging here, but none of those are it.” You sighed out of frustration.

“No, no and no.” He laughed, knowing that his plan was working and you would not be figuring out his secret crush tonight.

“Ok then, so you are either lying to me or you are gay. Are you gay? Like I said before, I’m not judging, I’m just a bit surpr-”

“I’m not gay.” he cut you off, “And i’m not lying either, there is one more GIRL in our year that you haven’t said yet.” He was still smirking, and to be honest it was starting to annoy you.

“Well, you must be lying because the only other girl in our year is me, and that would be ridic-”

He cut you off again, but this time it was with his lips against yours, and you were not complaining. He pulled away and looked straight in to your eyes.

“You got it, too bad you had to go through the whole year to reach it, I have been waiting too long for that kiss.” He smiled, this time with actually happiness and relief that you didn’t pull away and slap him in the face.”I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship…I was really worried that if you found out that-”

Now it was your turn to cut him off. You shuffled closer to him on the couch and  kissed him again, this time for longer and much more passionately.

“I have been thinking the exact same thing, about our friendship, I was scared that it would all be messed up if I let my feelings get in the way.” You confessed, looking down into your lap.

“Well, let me tell you, I’m glad we sorted it out because I could get used to this!” He said before pulling you even closer and kissing you once more.


Thank You so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!! This was the first request that I have written so I hope you liked it! Feel free to send in any requests for imagines and edits! Thank you so much for 100 followers, that is amazing!! Thank You again and Happy Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it!


*drops tablet pen* hOLD THE PHONE i need to rant about magical girls rq

tbh i ~+*personally*+~ don’t trust anyone who segregates magical girls into ‘too girly, childish, and st*pid’ and ‘cool, dark, and edgy’ like are you going through your rebellious i-hate-happiness phase or what

yeah i get it, been there, done that. but like… yo. there’s nothing wrong with things geared toward little girls (read: the essential heart of this genre???) and there’s nothing wrong with happy fun girl-power friendship feel-good material. like, if ya prefer something more serious with a more adult audience (ie princess tutu sailor moon tbfh we do have plenty of dark to pick from) that’s awesome!!! but don’t play this elitist cool kids club “i only watch GOOD magical girl series were people DIE” kinda shit 

get off yer fuckin morbid high horse like goddamn

and ACTUALLY this dips right into the mary sue bias (”girls can’t be successful/desirable/popular/capable/feminine/HAPPY at the same time”) and this whole “no dumb girly shit” attitude is ultimately running a really fine line into misogynistic and i will immediately not trust you if you are so offended by these things you gotta exclude them from their own fuckin genre

good magical girls don’t police or mock other magical girls for their optimism or their innocence. drop that pessimistic shit right at the door and understand not everyone’s lookin for ‘the cold harsh reality’ tragedy porn caked all over anything good and naive ok

anyway back to work

I mean seriously the people who stereotype Ginny as “mean gold digging cheerleader” so boggle me

like even if the cheerleader shit wasn’t really eyeroll worthy, she’s actually more analogous to a jock like Harry is for one thing

second she:

Went out with Neville even when her crush was offered to date her

not only that, put up with him stepping on her feet over and over and didn’t say anything to make him feel bad and remained friends with him

Sternly reassured Neville he was not nobody when he tried to introduce himself as worthless

told Harry off multiple times when he treated people like crap

Even though she initially called Luna by the mean nickname she was known by before getting to know her, she assured everyone she was “all right” and wasn’t afraid to sit down with her and talk to her politely

Once she got to know Luna, she not only stopped using the nickname, but told off anyone else who used it, including her brother who was Luna’s friend. She also actively confronted boys who laughed at and tried to bully Luna and made them stop. She apparently talked to Luna quite often as she knew about Harry taking Luna to the part immediately and was very happy for her.

Kept a lot of secrets Hermione told he about her romantic life despite Ron’s prying, only even letting one slip two years later in a fit of hysterical (justified) anger where she was so upset she was crying and about to duel her brother (who was also about to duel her)

Ginny is a really good person who doesn’t look down on people and is actually a lot kinder than Ron and Harry can be in some cases.

The way fandom would try to wave away these repeated acts of kindness so they could keep the “popular mean girl” stereotype going is ridic- like “Ginny is just doing it to look good to Harry and others” even when SHE GAVE UP A DATE WITH HARRY or “SHE’S TRYING TO CONTROL LUNA” when….for what purpose? Why bother? What evidence?

Fandom’s misogyny is/was ridiculous.

gosh i just love korrasami so much i don’t even know what i’d do if it ended up becoming really truly canon i’d probably burst into tears and never be able to thank bryke enough for taking that chance and defying nick and basically everyone………i’m sorry i just keep imagining this and getting emotional don’t mind me

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My ask doesn't really add to the conversation so feel free to ignore me but a few days ago I had an interesting experience in a disussion with non fans regarding the individual appeal of the boys. I'm not really a 1D fan, I'm here for Larry - 27 female - though my friends don't really know about my secret passion. Anyway I was having drinks with some friends at my place - 2 girls, both straight and 4 guys, 2 gay and 2 bisexual (I'm adding their sexuality because I think it might 1/3

be important for the observation) We were talking boybands and it came out that none of them really heard of 1D except for maybe a song on the radio. So I showed them some recent pictures and interviews and the reaction was so unexpected for me. The girls thought that zayn was ridicously hot (no surprise there haha) but all the guys were had over heals for Louis. And it wasn’t even all about being attracted to him – though you can believe me there were some pretty graphic comments ;) - 2/3

all of them thought he was very charismatic and they liked his sassy attitude and also one of the guys immediately perceived that he seems to be kind of the leader because the others are steadily looking for his attention/reaction. During the conversation neither Niall or Liam were mentioned once and no Harry comments other than ‘nice dark voice’ and 'quirky style’. I think the reaction was so interesting in terms of how much influence the media narrative has within the fandom. 3/3

That is fascinating, thank you for sharing. And so, sO, SO interesting to me that no-one honed in on Harry as the 'hottest’ or anything. AGAIN, it goes to show how much their images successfully manipulate the fandom. Harry was cast as the front-man and the hot one, so that is what he IS to the fandom, even though to the general public maybe he ISN’T. 

texting - lucy goose 😍🙈
  • Troian: So I just saw your new photos and I've got such a girl crush on you, it's ridic. 😍
  • Troian: I'm also really, really happy and just want to gush to you.