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Movies to watch starting tomorrow, October 1st.

Also these that I don’t have in my collection:

  • Trick or Treat (1986)
  • Lady in White (1988)
  • Jack O (1995)
  • WNUF Halloween Special (2013)

And a few I haven’t seen before:

  • Boo (2005)
  • Hack O Lantern (1988)
  • Halloween Night (2006)
  • Halloweenight (2009)
  • House of Fears (2007)
  • The Midnight Hour (1985)
  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane (1976)
  • The Pumpkin Karver (2006)
  • Trick or Treats (1982)
  • Once Bitten (1985)
  • The Basement (1989)
  • Cemetery of Terror (1985)

And to round off each night, a few episodes of:

  • Tales from the Crypt (1989–1996)
  • Tales from the Darkside (1983–1988)
  • The Munsters (1964–1966)
  • The Addams Family (1964–1966)

Dean, Lane, Paris, Jess, and Logan have their lives in a much better place than Rory does. 

& yet for seven seasons, it was shoved down our throats that Rory was the perfect one who did no wrong. 

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Here’s the thing about Lucy Lane at 12 years old: Lucy Lane at 12 years old is not like most 12 year old girls. See Lucy’s mum is, well, Lucy doesn’t really remember her mum, Lois does but it’s not like Lois really talks to Lucy about anything let alone that. Anyway, the point is that General Lane works a lot and the point is also that General Lane does not believe in babysitters. The point is that the longest Lucy has ever lived in one place is 2 years and 4 months (1)

and she and Lois both have the new girl routine (albeit very different ones) down to an art. The point is that all army bases look kind of the same, have the same rec room with it’s battered pool table and darts board, are filled with the same soldiers. The same soldiers who always give Lucy the same puzzled looks the first few days when she turns up after school and camps out in the corner with homework and her latest book. (2)

Lois is always out with friends, hasn’t any interest in hanging out with a pre-teen. Lucy doesn’t really have friends, not any more, she’s left too many behind and at some point her somewhat dubious self-preservation instincts kicked in. The point is most soldiers have no idea what to do with a 12 year old girl, and yeah they’re no babysitters, they’re not responsible for her, but also she’s the General’s kid, they better keep her happy. (3)

Mostly this means that by the age of 9 Lucy can beat almost anyone in a game of pool and by 11 her poker face is impeccable. Privates Harper and Foxx teach Lucy how to box and Sargent Howards teaches her some more practical self-defence that she make Lucy swear not to tell her father is blurring the line between defence and offence. (4)

Lucy learns to pick a lock from a bored Captain in Texas and how to count cards from a Major in Stuttgart impressed by the (temporarily rule obeying) prowess she already shows at poker, mostly down to Lieutenant Ahmed who no-one could ever lie to and decided he might as well put that to use and help Lucy out decoding her first crush. (5)

The point is that Lucy Lane does not have the usual skill set of a 12 year old girl. (Lucy doesn’t think she’s take any of this back, in the future that kind of muscle memoried skill with a pool cue will be a great asset to her inebriated flirting, but at 12 Lucy just knows that it doesn’t help much with the whole new girl thing) (6)

I love this.

As a Navy kid who def went the ‘just don’t make friends’ route, while my sisters were more the ‘make friends with everyone possible’ types, I feel this so much.  I didn’t have a contingent of soldiers teaching me random skills to keep me happy, but still.

Imagine exchange student Kara:

Kara being that “cute but surprisingly poorly dressed for a french girl"

Alex’s family being the one to take kara in

Kara being from a small village in France 

She’s a prodigy and weirdly naive to a lot of things (probably from living almost all her life in such a small town) 

Kara freaking out at all the big buildings and going up and down on those “magical  stairs that move on their own" 

Cat being in the same class as Alex 

Cat just sees kara with her beret and being all cute and confused and just goes and declares she’s hersAlex: "Kara, she can’t do that, you are not an object” Kara: *eyes watering* “b b but I wanna be hers”

Kara: “Alex, do you know a cat grant?”

 Alex: “Yes, why?" 

Kara: "I think I’m hers now”*goofy smile* 

Alex: “what?!!!" 

Alex feeling defensive of kara

Alex: "Kara, she can’t do that, you are not an object" 

Kara: *eyes watering* "b b but I wanna be hers”

Alex going to confront Cat the next day. Kara freaking out because they can’t fight each other like that “you have to use your words" 

So Alex doesnt phisically fights with Cat but instead it involves a lot more of swear words and name calling. 

Kara: "that’s not what I meant, alex D:" 

Alex just caves and she doesn’t know how they ended up in a park together, with kara eating ice cream. They I mean Cat, Alex and Kara

 Alex and Cat begin to bond and Kara ends up feeling a little left out so she begins to look around… 

And then she sees a girl alone

 And goes to talk to her 

The girl had a dog 

The girl was named Lucy 

Kara’s so excited and almost can’t stop jumping around (the girl thinks she’s a lot like her dog *random name*)

 Lucy begins showing kara what’s in her bag (it’s dog treats) 

Kara is just as happy as the puppy and Lucy let’s her give some to the puppy 

Kara after that is just lost to the world, playing with the puppy 

Cat and Alex are both worried/jealous because kara cant just go talk to strangers like that especially cute ones “its not safe”

Lucy being amused 

Cat now brooding because kara isn’t giving her any attention

Alex is embarrassed Like "Yep, that girl rolling in the grass is my responsibility”

And then Cat flips around and is just like “We’ve been over this Danvers, she is /not/ yours she is /mine/”

 and cue the screaming match It ending abruptly when they both realize “where’s the girl/lucy?!! And more importantly, where’s kara?!”

 Lucy had no freaking idea of what was going on She was just in the park with her puppy, when suddenly a quirky french girl (a cute one though) just appeared and begin talking to her and petting her dog

 And she was just giving treats to the girl (to give to the dog) when suddenly two crazy girls appeared 

And begin asking her questions and basically interrogating her

But then one of them(a blonde haired one) declared that the French puppy was hers “not yours, danvers!”

And the wannabe baddass (lucys words of course) just started fighting with blondie 

Lucy dragging kara along (she thinks she’s saving her) to another place “safe from those two”

 And Kara just following because they are holding hands, so “new friend!!!" 

I can see kara just following her too 

Instead of being dragged along 

Lucy and Kara just talking in a cafe 

Lucy: "so where are you from?”

 Kara: “my home :D" 

Meanwhile Cat and Alex realizing Kara’s not there anymore and both panicking and blaming each other and trying to work together to find their missing puppy.


LOGAN HUNTZBERGER. Yes, he has had his ups and downs, his not-so-great moments, but tbh I feel like all I read about is those moments? people hardly ever remember his great traits. 

Logan challenged Rory, encouraged her to step out of her comfort zone because 1. it helps the person grow and 2. he wanted her to LIVE without over-analysing every now and then, he did that without pressuring her, without PUSHING HER, without trying to tell her that what she is is wrong and that she SHOULD be this or that. Except for when a habit interfered with her ability to do her job as she wants it to be done, she admired great journalists, loved journalism but always thought of herself as someone who’ll see something and then write about it from distant, he noticed that and reminded her that nothing will ever deliver the way she saw something like experiencing it, he reminded her of some great examples to put her mind at ease, and even when he did that, he didn’t PRESSURE her, he asked her more than once if she was sure she wanted to ‘jump’ and reminded her that no one is forcing her to do it. 

He respected her, her life, her loved people, he never questioned why she did this or that in a negative way, not even remotely, NOT EVEN WITH HINTS. He wanted to be with her as she is, not the idea of who he wanted her to be, he didn’t fucking yell at her when she didn’t do/say what he wanted her to do/say simply because he thought he knew her and thought that knowing her gave him that right lmao (yes, I’m being petty and passive aggressive).

He had so much respect and admiration for her ambitions and dreams, he always believed and her, he literally introduced her to the man who gave her her first actual journaling job (granted getting the job was all Rory’s hard-work and self-success yes, but he was the link), and this point in particular needs to be emphasised lmao bc somehow people think he was the reason why she left Yale? bc his dad gave her that internship and crushed her? and I’m like??? the boy literally warned her that his dad is a bully, that he isn’t up to any good, she choose to go with it anyways, and here’s another point: HE DIDNT GO TO EXTRA LENGTHS TO STOP HER FROM TAKING THE INTERNSHIP EVEN WHEN HE KNEW HIS DAD, and I think that’s one of the best things he has done, he showed her his dad’s truth, he told her exactly how he thought it might end, but ultimately left the choice to her, he respected her enough to know that the choice is HERS, her career, her life, her experience, he didn’t go behind her back and try to stop this from happening to ‘protect her’ bc he knew he had no right to do so, and that manipulation and protection/love are different things (although he fucked up that point with those bridesmaids, but anyways we’re focusing on the good). 

When she left Yale, Logan was one of the very few who supported her, gave her enough emotional/mental space to make up her own mind and make up her own plan, to fix what was crushed by someone else, he didn’t even talk about school in front of her so he won’t trigger anything or make her feel bad, and when she told him it was something behind her and she was done with school, he knew her good enough to know that was bullshit and that it was just momentarily but nevertheless he didn’t act on it or say anything, he respected her momentarily decision/feelings and didn’t dismiss them. Same thing with her mom’s fight. 

it really baffles me when people are like ‘logan had the worst impact on rory’ bc like??? no he didn’t?? Did she change? yes! did that change come when she was him? YES, but who’s to say change is bad? she stepped out of her comfort zone, of her world that she grew up in, he exposed her to new experiences, new challenges that made her grow as a person, but he never forced/pressured her into it, it happened gradually, she made the choices, he was just there, being supportive, standing by her as she went through different roller coasters. 

Even when Lorelai was being a total judgemental ass towards him (I love my mom but she was), he didn’t just ignore it, he didn’t let it slide or bicker back, he understood that Lorelai is one of Rory’s top priorities, and that it was really important to rory that they got along, so he talked to her, he reassured her, he was patient with her and stood up for himself in a way that was reassuring to Lorelai rather than aggressive towards her. 

He respected Paris, accepted her shit lmao, Zach and Lane, and her grandparents even when he went to her town, he was open to her world (more than rory was to his tbh), he was just happy to be there lmao. 


Creepypasta #920: A Nursery Rhyme

Length: Short

“Baa, baa, black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full! One for the master, one for the dame, and one for the little boy who lives down the lane-”

“But mommy, what about the little girl behind you?”

I’ve never been scared of things, but that somehow made me really nervous, but kids have wild imaginations, right?

“Really honey? What does she look like?”

“Well, she’s really pale, we have to go to the beach with her! and she’s wearing a cute braid. Mommy, can you do that to my hair mommy?”

“Of course, hon-”

“But hers is around her neck, why is it like that, mommy?”

Slowly, I turn around, I found nothing.

“I got you mommy! I got you!”

“You silly munchkin, come on, let’s get you to sleep.”

Kissing my daughter’s cheek, I hear her giggle and whisper,

“Kidding mommy, she’s right above you.”

Credits to: Ms-Raine

I don’t want to be remembered. Memories age and you might remember words I whispered in your car but you’ll forget how my voice made your name sound safe. You will faintly remember that there was once warmth in my touch but the skin on your chest where my hands made a home is cold now. Time will steal all the sharp edges that made it seem real. Years will rob you blind and you’ll simply be living with my blurry ghost. That’s worse than being forgotten, so confuse me with another girl in a coffee shop and change my name in future stories. Walk down memory lane and unlock the exit. Ignore the ghost that packs up the memories and leaves and do me one last favor; shut the door behind me.

Rory: I said this is unbelievable. […] Because I didn’t even want to be here in the first place. […] Things were going fine, my grades were good, I joined the paper. My routine was down. […] And I have friends. I have a steady boyfriend, and my mother and I are freakishly linked, and Lane and I have been best friends since kindergarten. But you don’t see that because I don’t live in this town, and if you don’t see it then it must not be true. And you call me in here to lecture me because I’d rather read at lunch then endlessly discuss the euthanasia of homecoming. […] You told me and you told my mother that I needed to socialize, and if I didn’t, it would be frowned upon and it would hurt me getting into Harvard. […] So, I did it. I sat down at a table, a random table. […] And the next thing I know, I’m being pulled out of my bed in the middle of the night and I’m blindfolded and then before I know it, I end up here with the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, reciting poetry and lighting candles, and now I’m gonna be suspended because I was trying to do what you told me? What’s fair about that?

I’m biased. If you look at my Icon you can pretty much tell who I favor so of course, I go easier on one person. With that in mind, I am not going to ignore what happens to Maya just to side with Riley. I am not going to ignore what happens to anyone on the show tbh.

So I’m gonna make a list. And yeah there will be some that seem worse than others but guess what THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Riley and Maya are best friends and though Maya has stated only they should laugh/make fun of the other neither gets a free pass. So let’s take a trip down memory lane.

“Because she has an awful life.” Riley to Maya - Girl Meets Creativity

“I don’t wanna live in a world of stupid purple cats.” Maya to Riley - Girl Meets Creativity

“My troubled misunderstood friend people love your problems, you’re a mess.” -Riley to Maya - Girl Meets New World

“How am I in a Triangle with that.” Maya about Riley - Girl Meets High School

“You’re not good, You’re not as good as Samantha, or Heather or any girl with any name, or doesn’t have a name or doesn’t exist or is a rock.” - Maya to Riley in Rah-Rah

“At least you’re in better shape than Maya. You think you got stuff look at this, this is a bag of cats.” -Riley about Maya Girl Meets I Am Farkle

“Rileytown.” -Maya to Riley in Girl Meets Rileytown (Now I include this only because Riley asked her multiple times not to say and Maya continued to do so).

Shady/Mean Things

-Riley insulting Maya’s intelligence (Not in NY because contrary to popular belief it had nothing to do with how Smart Riley thinks she is).

-Maya being in the Riley Committee

-Maya brushing off Riley’s issues

-Both of them are controlling af at times.

There is probably more but IDK. My point is it comes from both of them. As of now they don’t really act like they’re best friends and honestly, I don’t care if you think one is more wrong than the other…Key Word being Wrong. Don’t dismiss one if you aren’t going to do the same for the other. 

160407 DBSK - 21 Pictures That Show How Much Kpop Has Changed Since 2007

Because the Kpop scene is constantly shifting with new idols, new music, and new trends, it’s almost jarring to glance back and see just how much Kpop has evolved even in just the past ten years. Have a hard time visualizing it? No worries, let’s just take a quick trip down memory lane, just enough to realize just how fast this industry moves.

  • 5. TVXQ and the Wonder Girls casually existing in one place (TVXQ as five, for one thing) at “Music Core” on December 27, 2008. 

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