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Straight White Boy Problem #759

my “perfect” girl would like to go to the gym, talks about sports with me, enjoys SOME rap artists, lets me change the channel to espn, plays my favorite video games with me and likes to unwind after a taxing day with a beer….wait. this “perfect” girl sounds more like a guy……………………

Isaac Lahey Imagine

A/N: The characters may seem super OOC but oh wells. 

High school was one of those occasions where you either fit in or you don’t.

That was how Isaac Lahey felt as he peered at the round tables from across the cafeteria where you were seated with your two friends—Kelly and Ashley—, the football, basketball, and rest of the cheer team. It was the whole flock of jocks.

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia plopped down next to him, causing him to avert his gaze from where you were.

“Hey,” Lydia said with a raised brow.

Stiles smirked. “You know, why don’t you confess your undying love for her, since you keep staring,” he started and mocked a sad face, “or are you scared that Ms. Popular is gonna embarrass you in front of all her friends.”

Isaac rolled his eyes. “You’re one to talk.”

“Oh yeah? Then go over there and ask where the party is at tonight.” Stiles grinned, taking a bite into his sandwich.

“Stiles,” Scott warned, taking a quick one-over at Lydia who was completely unaware of Isaac’s words.

Isaac glared for a moment before he got up, ignoring Lydia’s protest at how he’s going to embarrass himself, and walked over to the table.

It felt like stepping out of the regular world and entering jock galore where all they talked about were sports, parties, booze, and girls.  

“Monte, you are complete ass at basketball!” Football captain, Stefan said with a grin.

Monte’s lips twisted as he wrapped an arm around Kelly Fontaine’s shoulders, the co-captain for cheer. “I got us into nationals, hell you mean?”

Ashley Corono sighed, leaning towards you. “Boys…,” she muttered and erupted into fits of laughter with you.

Your eyes closed as you bit your lip from laughing even more.

Stefan turned his head and looked down at you, confused. “What’s funny?”

You set your bottle of water down on the round table and turned to face Monte and Stefan. “Let’s settle your annoying arguments, with beer pong. Loser has to streak naked around the house, when or if the cops show up.”

“AHHHHH HELL.” The two of them groaned with Kelly, Ashley, and you bursting into fits of laughter with the initial raspberry from Ashley.

Monte glanced at the only one who wasn’t laughing and rose a sparse brow. “Lahey, what are you doing standing around like you’re lost, shouldn’t you be with your Lacrosse team?”

Everyone snickered, except you who looked up at Isaac with a curious look. Isaac was your chemistry partner, and you had to admit, the kid used to be really weird, shy and gloomy. Then one day, he showed up like a brand new man with confidence in his voice and actual people-skills and he wasn’t that bad at Lacrosse anymore.

Isaac ignored him and turned his head to face you. “Where’s the party tonight?” He asked.

“You’re honestly gonna tel-” Ashley covered Stefan’s mouth with manicured hands and wide eyes. She moved her head slightly to hear what your response would be.

“807 Royal Court, bring your friends. If you stay long enough you might get to see one of these big boys run naked.” You wiggled your brows before chuckling at the table that used to be the loudest in the cafeteria, now silent.

Isaac nodded, his lips lifting upwards. “Save a couple shots for me?”

You nodded, ignoring the wild stares from the basketball and football team. “Oh yeah for sure, you’ll be the only one drinking my best liquor.”

His smile never left as he turned to walk back to his table. His keen hearing came in handy in one of these moments, where you were getting asked questions on ‘were you flirting?’ or ‘why did you invite that bozo?’.

“So, looks like you got scared off,” Stiles started when Isaac rounded the table.

“807 Royal Court, we have a party we’re going to tonight guys,” he laughed as Scott hit his shoulder with a grin.

Lydia leaned forward. “I’ve only been once, and their parties are wild,” she excitedly drummed her fingers on the table.

Isaac shrugged at Stiles who glowered at him. “Cheer Captain is sharing her best liquor of me,” he grinned at Stile’s shocked look, “and she texted me her number.”

“Isaac!” Scott called out, slapping his back. “You’re the man!”

Stiles sighed and leaned back with a defeated smile. “But I bet you’re not going to end up sleeping with your girl crush since freshman year, tonight.”

Isaac blinked and glanced over to where you sat.

You turned back to look at him for a moment and winked before laughing and turning back around to finish up your lunch.

“Game on.” Isaac replied with a solid smile.

When Lydia said their parties were wild, Isaac shrugged it off. How wild could it be?

“WOO!” Ashley screamed out, her eyes scrunched up after funneling liquor. She turned her head to where the group stood and giggled. “Heyyyyyy Steve!”

 Stiles glanced at Lydia. “Who is she talking to?”

“I think Scott? She’s looking at him,” Lydia practically hollered. She could barely hear anything except loud music and the occasional ‘WOOO!’s.

Stiles rolled his eyes. “His name is Sco-”

Scott stepped in front of the group and took Ashley’s hand as she fell into his arms, her eyes still half-way closed.  “Steve? That’s me.” He turned back to face the group and shrugged before following Ashley deeper into the house.

Isaac bit his lip at Stiles’ gaping mouth. “You good?”

Stiles regained his composure and crossed his arms looking at Isaac. “That bet still on?”

“Oh yeah, follow me.”

Lydia and Stiles followed behind Isaac through the thick crowd until they were outside at the poolside where it was more calm and relaxed. People were in the pool, drinking a cold beer. Others were standing in groups.

“I think I see her,” Lydia whispered, hitting Isaac against the shoulder as she nodded over to where you stood—in a strappy shirt with high-waisted shorts and Birkenstocks—talking to Kira.

“Get it dude!” Stiles grabbed a beer from the cooler and grabbed Lydia, leaving Isaac by himself.

He glanced down at his attire that consisted of a Ralph Lauren sweater and jeans. It was now or never.

“So, how about those shots?” Isaac stepped in front of you after Kira left when she heard Ashley took Scott somewhere.

You grinned, your cheeks were already rosy from the past couple shots you’ve taken with your group before the party started. “Hey, nice fit.” You grabbed his hand and turned, heading to the kitchen through a different door than the one he came through. “You get right to the point don’t you?

“Your offer sounded tempting.” He saw Monte and Stefan vicariously playing beer pong with people cheering from different sides and when he turned to the other side, there were other people sitting on the couch taking shots or smoking weed. He would choose the latter from his keen sense of smell.

“Well, I must say, I went back on my word and took a few shots already,” you started, letting go of his hand when you two entered the empty kitchen. You opened the freezer and pulled out a bottle of Grey Goose and Hennessy, “pick your poison, Lahey.”

Isaac leaned against the island, his cheeks started to turn red. “If I’m going to be honest, I never really drin-“

“Let me stop you right there,” you said, putting the Grey Goose back in the freezer and stepped in front of him, “the first shot I ever took was Hennessy, so you’re going to do the same thing.” You opened the bottle and reached beside Isaac to pull out two shot glasses. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

He smiled, leaning his head down as you stared up at him with a Cheshire grin. “I trust you.”

You handed him his shot and easily downed your own. “If you need a chaser, I have soda.” You turned around to head to the fridge when he pulled you back to him. You looked up at him confused. “What, no chaser?”

Isaac pulled your chin up some more before he kissed you in that empty kitchen.

You smiled in the kiss as your hands roamed up his chest, eventually dipping back down to only go up under his sweater.

He grazed your lip as he pulled away, hands resting on your hips as he watched you stare at him with a hazy gaze. “No chaser.”

You bit your own lip as you detached yourself from his arms, sauntering over to the French doors that led to the kitchen. “I’ll be honest, I’m shit-faced,” you slowly spoke, “and I probably, won’t remember anything, but I heard about you-”

Isaac stood up straight and dug his hands in his pockets as he took a step towards you.

“-and these parties get really stupid and boring after a while, so how about we take this bottle of Henny and go back to my room?” You started walking up the stairs with Isaac trailing behind you.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

Never loved someone else

Isaac Lahey x Reader

Warnings : make out , some swearing , self-harm .

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     It’s been a long time since you last dated a boy , felt a kiss on your lips or someone who will cuddle you at night , but now after 11 months of miserably living you were happy again with another boy . It took you long enough to forget Isaac after he left . By those time you believed that he really loves you and that he is going to stay by your side as much as he can but you were wrong , he left as soon as he got the occasion leaving you broken and with a hole in your heart after he told you that he was bored of you and that he never loved you .

     The boy you were dating now it’s an year older and he goes to your high school , actually this is the place place were you first meet him and were he asked you out .

     Tomorrow night you two are supposed to go out so at the pack meeting instead of listening to Scott and the boys talking about sports and other things you and the girls gossip about girls and couples and about what you should be wearing tomorrow night .

     As you were talking the door bell rang and Scott went to open the door . You were still chatting when a to familiar face appeared in the room with a suitcase in his hands . Your eyes instantly get wider and full with tears ,even if you started dating other guys your wounds were still open and bleeding , because 2 years of relationship can’t be forgotten that easily if you really loved that person .

     You get up and storm out the room and straight to  the enter door as you couldn’t stay in the same room as Isaac and don’t burst in tears . As you are running home Isaac wants to follow you but Lydia stops him .

“ Let me go , I have to go after her !” Isaac says but Lydia stays put .

“ No Isaac , you made her life miserable enough and I’m not going to let you break her more than she is now . You , Isaac , broke her in millions of pieces and right now when she started to get all the pieces together you appear and break her again . She suffered enough because of you . In the first months we had to literally drag her out of bed and into the shower , we had to cover her in kilos of make-up to hide the bags under her eyes , she was depressed , she even tried to kill herself a few times , only because you left her , you knew that you were the light of her eyes , her protector , her lover , her best friend , the one who cuddles with her and takes care of her when she is sick or in pain or when she haves a really bad day but you left her , right after all her family died , so do you think that she needs you to break he more than you already did ?” Lydia yelled angrily at Isaac , but he pushed her apart and  run after you following you scent .

     His mind was wondering about how much time he was away , about how much things he missed , about how much he hurt this girl before and after leaving . 

     Suicide … She tried to kill herself because of me , because I left her when she most needed me , I broke her in one million pieces and left waiting for someone else to help her gather all the pieces and put them together . I was to blind to see how much she needed me . Isaac thought as he was coming to your house . He entered without knocking , it was usual for him to do that , he lived more in this house than at Derek’s loft or Scott’s house because your house was hid house and you family was his . He walked up the stairs trying to find his courage for what he is going to tell you . As he entered he saw you on the ground , a sharp razor cutting the skin of your wrist open . His eyes widened and his instincts woke up . He ran to you and took the razor form your hand in a matter of seconds .

“ What the hell do you think you are doing ? Are you insane ? “ Isaac yells and walks in circles around the room , you curled yourself in a ball , your hurt hand pressed against your stomach and face hidden by the hair which fell on your face . 

“ I’m not doing anything unusual .” you say softly and lift your head up looking at Isaac , he is heading in your direction and stops right in front of you , he lowers himself until his face is at the same hight as yours . His hand cups your cheek and you can’t help but look into his eyes .

“ Why are you doing this to yourself angel ? “ Isaac asked , concern filling his voice . “ Let me see .” he said pulling your hand so he could look at the long cuts . He looked at them and at your eyes , you were losing yourself in his hazel eyes .

He was still making eye contact when his tongue slowly licked the fresh opened wounds , his tongue was soft and hot against your skin . The wounds healed in a matter of seconds . 

“ I want to die … I can’t live like this anymore . When you left me I was more broken that I ever thought I will be you were the light and the love of my life and then you just left me to deal with the pain that you caused . You told me that you never loved me so why are you here with me right now , why are you trying to talk to me after you said that you are bored of me Isaac , what changed ?” you asked your voice broken and soft .

“ Nothing changed (Y\N) , I just realized how stupid I was . I should have never left you , I should have done all that I could to be there to help you nut instead I just hurt you more and I’m sorry , I really am , and thou I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness and your time I just want to tell you  that I never loved someone else beside you . You are the only one that I love , my body and my mind are craving for you , my heart aches for you to be in my arms (Y\N) and I swear I will do all that I can to make you happy if you give me one more chance .” his voice was deep , driving you crazy , covering you in all the words that you wanted to ever hear . Your lips crushed on his and your hands were roaming trough his hair .

” I love you to .” you muttered after the kiss broke , “ Do never leave me again Isaac , because I need you more than I need air to breathe .” 

“ I won’t baby girl , I swear i never will .” Isaacs lips found yours again and caught them in a lustful kiss . His hands exploring your body . Isaac sat you on the bed and kissed you again but didn’t let things get that far , he kissed your forehead before letting you cuddle in his arms and fall asleep slowly .

Popular Overwatch ships as people at a party

McHanzo: Super excitable, life of the party, runs around giving everyone high fives when they get there. Is a super fun drunk but overdoes it and passes out on the couch halfway through the night.

Luci.Va: The person made of actual sunshine. Keeps up with all the celebrity gossip. Has never had a bad day in their life.

Pharmercy: That cute girl that everyone legitimately loves.

Widowtracer: The girl that is talking to a different guy every forty-five seconds. Every single guy at the party thinks she is super hot and will try to get her number.

Zarimei: The girl that is hanging out with the guys talking about sports but wearing the cutest fucking outfit you’ve ever seen in your life

Roadrat (Junkhog?): Most likely to say ‘hold my beer.’

Reinana (Anahardt?): Volunteered to DD. Chips in extra on the nine pizzas ordered at 11:45 when the rest of the drunkies can’t figure out how to split the tab.

Genyatta: that kinda weird guy that’s way too into anime. Nobody is exactly sure where he came from.

Reaper76: Spends the entire night sitting alone in the corner with their headphones on listening to emo breakup music and crying

The Warwick Rowers: fighting homophobia in sports one sexy calendar at a time

Last week, Good Look Panelist Shalyah Evans hung out with some English rowers who are using their good looks to take a stand against anti-LGBT bias. Keep reading for more on her sexy night out and some photos of the guys!

NSFW. NSFSchool. NSFanywherebutyourbedroom.

Ok, let’s run through the basics:

Who: Super hot rowers.

What: A naked calendar. Yup. Also an EXTRA naked film about the making of that calendar.

Where: Usually in England (swoon) but lucky for me this once, Los Angeles.

When: The best Wednesday night ever.

Why: THE BEST PART! To raise funds and awareness for the Warwick Rowers’ charity, Sport Allies, an organization that works tirelessly to fight homophobia and gender stereotyping in sports.

Are you sold? I sure am.

This week, I attended the LA premiere of the Rowers’ new film, Some Like It Hotter, and the release of their 2015 calendar. I’ve known about the Warwick Rowers and their work in the LGBT community since last year when I attempted and failed to give their calendar to all my girlfriends for Christmas. Sadly, a misunderstanding between the post office and myself as to what a “mail hold” meant kept the Rowers and I apart. (Curse you, lady who yelled at me when I came in to pick up my package!)

So when I found out they were going to be launching a tour of the USA to promote their 2015 calendar I was … um… excited? Yes, that’s the word we will go with… Excited.

As I am sure many of you are aware, sometimes team sports can be a place where gender and anti-LGBT biases are found.

Unfortunately, some people still believe that being an athlete means that you fit into a very specific and hetero-normative idea of what an athlete “should” be, which makes people who don’t fit into those norms feel unwelcome. And though there are some really inspiring openly gay professional athletes (hello, Robbie Rogers, out soccer player who just won the MLS Cup), there still aren’t enough role models out there. Telling a teammate that they are gay or that they play like a girl is meant as an insult, therefore perpetuating the idea that being gay or female or anything outside of what is traditionally considered masculine is not welcome or acceptable in sports. It sucks. Big time.

The guys of the Warwick Rowers (which I was told to pronounce “Wah-rick” by several scantily clad young men) have had enough.

They originally started their calendar as a fundraiser for their rowing club, but when they realized how much support they were receiving from the LGBT community, they decided to do something to support right back. And that’s where Sport Allies was born.

It was wonderful to watch the film and listen to this group of accomplished college athletes, who are primarily straight BTW, talk about how unacceptable they find homophobic behavior in sports. They just want everyone who is interested to have a chance to participate in sports, and to do so free of bullying or intolerance. So simple. Yet just not common enough.

Oh and did I mention they were naked while they were talking? I really hope you believe me that I was listening to them talk. I swear I was. Mostly.

So what can you do to help?

The calendars (available for around $20, gotta switch it over from sexy British pounds) are available at along with video downloads, postcards, shirts, and more. You can also grab the calendar at Kitson if you have one of those near you.

Be ready - the film is, shall we say, a literal sausage fest, soooo like I said at the start NSFW NSFW NSFW!!!

Just think, you get an insanely hot calendar for 2015 and you get to say it’s for charity. This is a total win/win.

Alright you’ve been reading long enough - let’s get to the pictures! Meet the boys!

And for even more from the guys:

TWITTER: @naked_rowers

INSTAGRAM: @warwick_rowers

Chris&Eva (requested) #5 (Skam)

“Bro, that’s the ugliest Christmas sweater I’ve ever seen,” Chris exclaimed as soon as William stepped into the living room. “Is Noora punishing you for something?”

“Very funny. I actually bought  two of these, so we both could match,” William said,clearly unbothered  by Chris’s comment.

“In that case, I like it very much,”  he said trying to look as earnest as possible, but bursting out into a fit of laughter a moment later. “Never took you for a romantic. Do you write her lover letter and leave them around the flat as well?”

“Did you know that Santa’s flying reindeer were inspired by Odin’s eight-legged horse? Noora told me that today. It’s actually quite inter-“

“No, no, no. Don’t change the subject, young man. Tell me, William Magnusso, when did you become such a romantic? Did Noora torture you by tying you to a chair and making you watch Love Actually 50 times, or what? Or did she play you one of Justin Bieber’s albums? And more importantly, is this romance shit contagious?” Chris asked pretending to look all concerned, but failing miserably. “We can seek professional help. I am sure doctors will know how to cure you,” he continued, patting Williams back. William swatted his hand away and shoved laughing Chris out of the sofa.

“Shut up. Love does that, it changes us. Trust me, I didn’t think it was possible for me to change, to become a better man. But, then I met Noora and, I was determined to become someone who was good enough to be seen with her.”

Silence settled between them. Chris was taken aback by William’s words. He didn’t think that their conversation will become so serious, so quickly.  As guys they didn’t usually talk about their feelings. Their conversations usually revolved around girls, parties, sports and other meaningless stuff. Well, for William it had become meaningless. For Chris those were still very relevant conversation topics.

“One day you’re going to meet someone, fall in love, and you won’t be able to imagine you’re life without that person.”

Chris being, well, Chris wasn’t used to having serious conversation, not with William, not with anyone, really. Somehow, he knew that William wasn’t going to let this conversation drop. So that left him one option, turn this conversation into joke.

“Seriously, Will? You sound just like one of the characters in that TV show that Eva and I watched a while ago. One Tree something. One chick said, and I quote, Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,” he said, making his voice as high pitched as possible and wiping away fake tears,”After I started laughing she proceeded to smack me accross the chest, and rant for 5 minutes about how Lucas and Peyton were ment to be together since the first episode. Peyton is the girl who said that cringy line, by the way.”

“That must have been so horrible, how did you survive?” William asked, with amused look on his face.

“It was brutal, man. But I made her promise that next time we will watch From Dusk Till Dawn:The Series and she will get her own snacks because she always steals mine. So annoying,” he said. Every single time that they have watched some TV show ,Eva had managed to finish her snacks even before they had gotten to half of the episode and instead of getting up to get some more snack, she  always starts to munch on his.

“Yeah, Eva is so annoying. How do you put up with her?”William asked smiling, not even looking at Chris, but typing something into his phone, probably some sickly cute text to Noora.

“I didn’t say Eva was annoying, she’s far from annoying. She’s very funny . She doesn’t even get offended by some of the jokes I make. Few of the girls have bursted into tears because of them. Eva doesn’t. She just smacks me and calls me an asshole. And she’s really chill, you know? She doesn’t get worked up over some random shit, like ripping her tights or spilling a juice on her top. When we’re hanging out, I don’t have to talk to her or listen to her talk every second of every minute. We can both be in the same place doing our own stuff. Being with her is just…easy,” he said, feeling out of breath. Well, that was a mouthful..

“Wow, Chris. I didn’t things were so serious between the two of you,” William said with a  broad smile on his face.

“What are you talking about?”

“You do realize that you just talked about Eva the way I imagine, I usually look like when I talk about Noora,” he replied and gave Chris a playful shove.

“No, I didn’t. If I did, I would have been on meds against diabetes from all the sweetness,” Chris said with a grin.

“A wise woman once said, and I quote,Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one,”  William shouts halfway out of the door.

“Fuck off.And you better get your bro one of those ugly matching Christmas sweaters. We don’t want people thinking that we’re having trouble in paradise,”  he shouted back. Damn, was it nice to have his best friend back.

Suddenly, Chris phone lit up and text from Eva appeared.

So… my mom is out of town… You up to torture me with “From Dusk Till Dawn”?

An involuntary smile spread across Chris’s face as he typed.

Sure. I hope you will be wearing your sexiest onsie.

A few seconds latter a reply comes back.

I might just have one big enough to fit you. We will both match. ;) xx

Matching onsies… Chris read and reread the last sentence again and again.Matching onsies? They both will have matching onsies. Just like Noora and William both have matching Christmas sweaters. Oh, God… Were they both becoming like Noorhelm?

Certainly, they weren’t.

They weren’t even dating.

What were they doing?


Hello. So, I’ve got cold and feel like crap. Very sorry for how long this turned out. But, I am too lazy to shorten it. I could barely edit it. Nonetheless, I hope you will enjoy

I don’t think I will post tomorrow. But leave your requests and I will try and write them, when I have time. Because this week is pretty busy since it’s almost the end of semester and I have tons to do. And I am preparing for my drivers test as well. 

Hope you like this little (ok, not that little) scribble.


One of the guys - zay babineaux

Requested: yes! Thank you!


Can you do an imagine where the reader and Zay have been friends since like forever and the reader likes Zay but doesn’t think he likes he back cause she’s basically just one of the guys so she goes to Riley and Maya and asks them to make her girly and Zay doesn’t really like the new her and he tells her she likes her the way she was before

Warnings: none

Y/n had spent the day with her guy friends. They talked about sports , got some burgers, and just did guys stuff. It didn’t bother Y/n as she had grown up with brothers so she enjoyed that kind of stuff. Not to mention she got to spend time with her long time crush , zay.

“ I had a lot of fun today Y/n/n . I like that I can talk to you about things that I can’t usually talk to girls about sports and cars and stuff like that. It’s like talking to one of the guys.” Zay said as he walked Y/n home. Her smile fell. Is that all he thought of her? As just one of the guys? She quickly faked a smile and laughed it off.

“Yeah. One of the guys.” She said , looking at her feet but zay didn’t notice.

That night she laid awake thinking of what he said . The words replaying in her head. “ one of the guys.” Did zay not like her? She had been beginning to believe that he did but now she wasn’t so sure. Maybe zay only saw her as a friend.

Her thoughts drifted to Vanessa , zags ex girlfriend. She was gorgeous and girly. She was a cheerleader , she always wore nice frilly dresses and makeup. Y/n on the other hand liked to hear ripped jeans and hoodies or flannels with little to know makeup. She hated the color pink and the closest she got to wearing jewelry was tiny stud earrings. Then an Idea popped into her head and she kept for her phone.

‘You guys up for a sleepover?’ She texted to a group with Riley and Maya.

Riley was the first to respond.

’ sure! My house @ 6 ?’ -Riley

’ sounds good ’ - Y/n

’ see you there , losers ’ - Maya

Y/n smirked and turned off her phone and went to sleep.


Y/n showed up at Riley’s apartment at 6 the next day. When Riley opened up the door she grabbed her and Maya and pulled them into Riley’s room.

They sat at the bay window and Y/n immediately got to the point.

“ I need you to make me pretty!” She said , throwing her hands on her hips and she looked at the two girls in front of her. They raised their eyebrows at her.

“ what do you mean? You are pretty?” Maya said in confusion . Y/n sighed and say between them.

“ no! I mean like you guys , girly and pretty not …well me!” She said in exasperation. Riley furrowed her eyebrows.

“ Y/n, where is this coming from? You’re perfect the way you are! I thought you liked the way you looked.” She asked. Y/n looked down.

“ zay doesn’t…” She trailed off and the two girls shared a look.

“This is about zay? What did he say? I’ll break him if you want me too. ” Maya said.

“ he..he said I was like ‘one of the guys’.”

“ so? That doesn’t mean anything.” Riley said and Y/n sighed.

“ it means he doesn’t like me. All he sees me as is one of his guy friends. I’m hoping that if I make myself girly that he’ll like me like I like him.” She explained and the two girls looked at her sadly.

“ Y/n you should never have to change the way you are for a guy! If he can’t see that you are perfect the way you are then he isn’t worth it. But…if you really want us to help you, then we will. ” Riley said, putting an arm around her shoulder.

“ you will?” Y/n asked , looking hopefully at her two best friends and they nodded , smiled.

“We always will.”

When they were done, Y/n was wearing an army green tshirt dress with tan sandals. She had on some neutral eyeshadow with eyeliner and mascara and some light pink lipstick. She also threw on a dainty gold necklace and some bracelets.

“ well….I don’t hate it , surprisingly. ” Y/n shrugged as she checked her self out in the mirror. She ran a hand through her perfectly curled hair. “ do you think zay will like it?” She asked and they girls nodded.

“ and if he doesn’t, you’ll have every other guy in the school drooling.” Maya smirked making Y/n smile.

“We’ll see.”

When the girls went to school the next day, everyone was instantly dumbfounded at Y/n’s change. A few guys cat called her , others winked or simply smiled. She wasn’t used to all this attention.

When she walked in class everyone’s eyes were on her.

“ hello, are you a new student?” Mr. Matthews asked , walking up to her. She turned her head and his jaw dropped as he realized it was his daughters best friend that he’d known for years.

She took her seat behind Farkle and the class began. After class, Y/n was standing by her locker when zay came up to her. She looked over and smiled but he only returned a confused look.

“What are you wearing?” He asked and she frowned.

“You don’t like it?” She asked , feeling disappointed. Not even like this was zay attracted to her.

“No! You look gorgeous! I-I mean y-ou always look gorgeous. But you never wear this kind of stuff. What happened to the hoodies and ripped jeans and are you wearing makeup?” He asked, completely confused at his best friends change.

“ you think I’m gorgeous?” She said with a small smile and zay smiled.

“Well yeah…I mean I think you’re perfect the way you are, not like this. This isn’t you. I want my best friend back. I want the girl I like back. ” he said and her eyes widened.

“ you like me?” She asked , shocked.

“Uh , y-yeah , I mean I understand if you don’t like me back -” he stuttered but Y/n just smiled widely and hugged him.

“ I like you too zay!” She said and he he let out a relieved sigh and hugged her back.

“ now can you please go back to being you?” He asked and she laughed.

“ I’ll go change right now.” She smiled and Walked off.

Maybe being long one of the guys isn’t a bad thing after all.

This is a bit shit but It’s late and I’m tired

I just really love the APH girls, whether they are our regular babes or nyotalia like the whole enchilada. They’re just so cute and I hope they get lots of love. Precious babies.

Like. Like the girls wearing skirts.

The girls wearing trousers.

The girls wearing bikinis.

The girls wearing their uniforms.

The girls dressed up for a fancy party.

The girls getting together to go shopping or watch movies or have sleepovers or giving each other advice.

The girls holding world meetings. Just them girls and no boys allowed (sorry, Alfred, can’t lead this one).

The girls cooking together and having a nice dinner.

The girls complementing each other like “I love your dress!” Or “Those slacks look great on you. Look at that bum!”

The girls liking sports and holding events like volleyball or powderpuff games and or other and all sports.

The girls talking about their crushes, whether they like one of the boys or one of the other girls when they aren’t around.

The girls just being together.

I just really love the ladies of Hetalia and they need more love.

anonymous asked:

What type of student would the 2p Axis and Allies be also what would be their favorite subject?

((Omfg that’s so weird! I wrote something about that not too long ago for the 1P! Hetalia Axis and Allies XD Weird! Although, i’m sure the 2P!Hetalia crew would me much different, so allow me to fulfill your desires~! :D))

Scenario: *How the 2P’s would be in school*

2P!America: “The Jerky-Jock”; he gets all of the chicks, despite the fact that everyone knows he’s trouble, and is just about proficient in any/all sports available. The school’s MVP that gets out of most trouble (including the ranks he pulls with his brother) because of how valuable he is to the school’s athletic proficiency.

His favorite subject is Physical Education, and his least favorite is History; because who would need to know about any other nation besides good ol’ MURICA’!

2P!England: “The Generous”; you know that one kid that always has snacks in class, but no one calls out because they all know he’d share if you asked? That’s him. He loves sharing what he can, whether it’s his food or his notes for class. Nobody expects him to be anything but nice, but believe me this guy has a nasty side if you cross a line.

His favorite subject is Home Economics, and his least favorite is World Language; whether it’s French, Spanish, or German, they all bring back some pretty sour memories for him >:P

2P!France: “The Asshole”; that one kid in class who just can’t be described in any sort of way…he’s judgmental, hard to work with, makes mean comments, and has all other sorts of tendencies that characterize him as a mean ol’ guy. No matter how good/bad he’s doing in the class, he treats it all like he couldn’t care less.

His favorite subject is World Language (French); and his least favorite subject is Math….because fuck that shit-

2P!Russia: “The Brainiac”; he’s proficient in just about all subjects and isn’t afraid to show it. He’s all Honors classes, has a 4.0 GPA, and is the kind of smart kid that isn’t interested in sharing their talents with others. After all, they only want them for their notes, so why should they? If they were in school for any sort of reason, they should have the motivation to do their best and do what’s necessary! Besides, he’s more proficient on his own.

His favorite subject is Science, and his least favorite subject is Art. He’s just not a creative person! He doesn’t have much of any sort of imagination…

2P!China: “Ladies’ Man~”; seemingly his only aim throughout the entire schoolyear was to have the most amount of exes out of everybody! He had a new date every other day, and his schoolwork was only barely bordering on a D+ average. It’s not like he can’t do better, everyone knows he can if he really wanted to…but he just doesn't want to XD

His favorite subject is World Language(Mandarin); his least favorite subject is Physical Education….his talent lies in his ability to pick up chicks, not his ability to do 30+ push-ups in under a minute. He prefers to sit out on the bleachers and watch or text bae or something-

2P!Canada: “School Jokester”; exactly as the name implies, hes the prankster of the school! It’s come to the point where if even the slightest thing seems out of place or suspicious, everyone kind of just oddly looks at him, as if expecting a confession or reaction (regardless of whether or not he actually did it) Teaming up with the school jock, his brother Allen, they dominate the school’s pranking. 

His favorite subject is World Literature, and his least favorite is biology, because mAN DISSECTING ANIMALS ISN’T OKAY-!

2P!Prussia: “The Shy Guy”; again, exactly as the name implies, Gilen is the one shy kid that, while he dos have friends, new people aren’t very eager to socialize with him because of the awkwardness of dealing with a,well, socially-awkward person. H’e nice, respectful, and a well-behaved student, but lacks the social skills necessary to get better grades on group/partner projects.

His favorite subject is Creative Writing, but his least favorite is Public Speaking, for obvious reasons.

2P!Romano: “That Girly Guy”; he’s that one guy with more girl friends than guy friends; so much so that people often make assumptions about his sexuality (regardless of what it actually is). He’s a guy who enjoys looking nice and talking with girls, than he is someone who would talk about sports and whatever else dudes talk about, is that so wrong?

His favorite subject is Drama, and his least favorite subject is Algebra because fUCKING LETTERS AND NUMBERS SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER IN MATH!

2P!Spain: “Loner”; maybe having one or two okay friends at maximum, his guy is silent and prefers to work alone. he also isn’t very afraid to show it. Unlike “The Shy Guy”, he purposefully forces people away from him so that he can have his personal space and enjoy solitude in….solitude XD

His favorite subject is World Language (Spanish), and his least favorite subject is economics, because that stuff is just really confusing and extensive and- gAH! Can’t they just each us how to balance a checkbook and get it over with?

2P!Germany: “Pervert”; unlike the other archetypes affiliated with girls around the school, the pervert isn’t proficient in his ability to pick up girls. In fact, the pervert is notorious for his capability to,in fact, wound up chasing away girls as a result fo his efforts. Regardless of how enjoyable or likable his personality may/may not be, he never seems to express himself in a light that’s appealing to the single female.

His favorite subject is Criminology, and his least favorite is World Literature, because bOOOOOORIIIIIIIING!

2P!Japan: “Otaku”; as opposed to being known for something school-related, Kuro is an otaku that is instead known for his affiliation with products of the Japanese entertainment industry; whether it’s authentic video games, anime, manga, etc. If anyeone is interested in any of the above, they come to the guru of the school for advice, teachings, and recommendation as to which games or anime or manga is good for which interests/people/etc.

His favorite subject is Art, and his least favorite subject is Geography, because goddammit, the world’s so large, how is anybody expected to memorize such large quantities of small/medium/large countries all around!?

2P!Italy: “King of the School”; this guy runs the school,and he’s loving it. Like the brainiac, he is proficient in a plethora of subjects. Like the Girly Guy, he has quite a few female friends, as well as male friends. Like the Jock, he has a knack for athletics and plays a role in a lot fo the school’s….everything. He runs the school, knowing just about anything/everything about anyone/everyone. He has so much charisma, respect, and maturity that even teachers find themselves victim of his persuasive words. It’s not like he asked to be as perfect as he was, but, despite that, he isn’t going to let all fo his talents go to waste.

His favorite subject is Physical Education, and he doesn’t really have a least favorite subject. They’re all pretty okay, in his opinion.

((Luciano running my school would be a terrifying thing XD But then again, associating myself with the rest of the 2P’s would be pretty damn awesome~! Thanks for the request, anon! I enjoyed it, and i hope everyone else enjoyed it too?))


What do you talk about when you’re with your friends?
Well when I’m with my friends, we usually talk about sports. You know anything about sports? 

Distinct Features EXO Looks For Masterpost

don’t really know how to do this 

Xiumin would be drawn to a cute, mischievous smile, a girl talking about sports, pretty lips, and an adorable nose.

Luhan would like a girl who looked like an ulzzang. 

Kris would be attracted to a girl who had a similar fashion sense.

Suho would look for a girl who was innocent like an angel.

Lay would be drawn to a girl who sings along to music while walking. 

Baekhyun would like a girl who likes to make jokes.

Chanyeol would be attracted to a girl who was rapping along to a song.

Chen would look for a girl with a sexy body, nice breasts and a round butt.

Kyungsoo would be drawn to a girl who would enjoy her meal with a smile.

Tao would like a girl who had great fashion, nice body, and long hair.

Kai would be attracted to a girl who was dancing along to a song.

Sehun would look for a girl who stands out from the crowd.

ideal type       their ideal girl       ideal girlfriend fashion


“I’m just a goofy girl, I like to make people laugh. I like to talk about sports…And occasionally, I like to wear my hair big. Is that such a fault in a person?”

“Three things people should know about me: well one, I’ve never, I’ve never, been outburped before in my life. Suck on that. Never once. Uh, I don’t know if that goes in my pros or cons…I love fat, adorable, awkward shaped animals - like my dog, Burger; he’s just the most delicious, ridiculous, animal you could imagine. Oh, and I have webbed toes!" 

And then...

Here’s this kid you meet on the streets/in your school/whatever and you become best friends. It’s innocent at first. You’re kids.

He quickly becomes your confidant, your protector…your everything. He’s managed to somehow become a part of every part of your life and you love it and you gave back as much as you take.

Then you grow up and the talks about TV shows and game cards turns into girls and sports. You watch exasperatedly as he falls in love with every woman that falls in his path and charms the hell outta them. What a sap.

Then you go to college and the nerd, of course, picks mechanical engineering while you steer towards the arts. You dorm apart until you can move into a shitty little apartment together. He’s a constant prescence in your life again even though your lives become busier than ever. You delegate one night for movies and most months, that’s the only time you see him.

…then, and then, he signs up for war. It comes out of the blue one night.

                                                         ‘Hey Stevie, I wanna sign up for the army.’

You stare at him in complete shock, feeling as if the round beneath you is cracking and crumbling because

he can’t…leave.

He can’t.

He’s been there for so long, longer than his own mother. He can’t just…

But you can tell that he really wants to and you can’t say no to him so you bid him farewell with the biggest smile you can manage and make him promise to come back home.

It takes years.

Years of short phone calls, long letters, slight panic every time someone rings your doorbell without informing you first and watching the news obsessively to make sure he’s okay.

In those years, one night as you sketch his face under the lamp light for the thousandth time, you realize

                                                    you love him.

Not like a brother. Not like a best friend.


Like a forever.

The realization slams into you harder than a freight train and leaves you breathless for hours. For the next couple months, you go over every moment ever had with him and wonder how you hadn’t realized it before.

Before when he saved from bullies and tended your wounds and you looked up at him like an angel.

Before when you always got him extra fruit bits and whipped cream on his ice cream because that’s how he liked it an you liked it when he smiles without a care.

Before when you spent countless nights drawing every freckle, every imperfection of his face because those are what make him perfect.

Before when you got into the habit of waking up just a bit earlier to make him coffee because he’s miserable without it.


They’d been so obvious.

Now he’s halfway across the world handling dangerous weapons in dangerous situations and

            you might never get to tell him.

The fear slowly paralyzes you, bleeding into every letter you send him, choking you every time you speak to him. You can’t even bake him cookies without thinking 'this is it.’ He notices. Of course, he notices. You try to play it off cool because you don’t want to distract him, because a rejection from millions of miles away would hurt more, because you haven’t seen him in years and you want it to be SteveandBucky when you meet again, not Steve and        Bucky.

You promise yourself you’ll tell him when he comes home, when he’s safe and you can catch your breath.

But you don’t.

You freeze and you chicken out because you can’t find yourself to care because he's here and you're together and you’ve both changed more than you can explain and that’s going to take some time to get used to. It’s going to take some time to get used to each other and then.

And then.

can’t believe it’s 2014 and boys are still offended by girls who watch and enjoy pro sports….. girls start talking about football and all the boys preach stay in your lane but how many times have i heard your crusty opinion on high waisted shorts?? sit down

Power Forward

A Rucas Fanfic

Rucas Week - Day 2 - Rucas in High School

Story by: @hoffkk

Summary:  Lucas takes Riley to a Knicks game for her birthday and as they find themselves caught in the kiss cam, old feelings are stirred up and sparks go flying, making them both question their friendship. Are their feelings for each other powerful enough to finally make them take the next step?

Note: I love the scene in GMW with Riley’s Knicks rant and how Lucas just falls for her even more because of it.  It’s so adorable and precious, so I decided to do a throwback/shout out to that scene and play off of it.  Hope you like what I came up with!  Happy Rucas Week Day 2!


“Help me out, man. I need an idea.”  Lucas begged his friend as he drove them home from basketball practice.  Riley’s birthday was only a few days away and Lucas wanted to get her the perfect gift. He just didn’t know what that was.

“Dude, you still haven’t gotten her anything?”  Zay asked.

“Nothing seems right.” Lucas tried to defend.

“Just get her some flowers.” Zay suggested.

“That’s too impersonal.” Lucas said, rejecting the idea.

“So, get her jewelry.”  Zay offered.

“That’s too personal…I mean, it’s not like we’re dating.” Lucas explained.

“Yeah, and why is that exactly?” Zay asked, eagerly awaiting an answer.  After all of the eighth grade drama, Lucas and Riley and Maya all stayed friends, but over the last four years, the gang could tell that Riley and Lucas were still very much into each other and figured it was only a matter of time before they gave in and became a couple.

“I told you. It’s not what Riley wants.” He shrugged.

“Okay, let’s pretend for a second that I actually believe that that’s true…what about what you want?” Zay inquired, knowing his friend has been pining after Riley for years.

Lucas paused, opened his mouth and closed it as he took a moment to gather his thoughts. “What I want is to get her the perfect present.  Period.” Lucas said finally.

“Fine.  I digress.” Zay gave up…for now.

“Digress?” Lucas asked, surprised by his friend’s use of the word.

“I’ve been doing SAT test prep with Farkle.” Zay shrugged.

“Ah,” Lucas said, thinking the world was suddenly making sense again.

The car grew quiet as the listened to the radio drone on.

Remember, if you call in at the top of the hour, you have a chance to win tickets to this Friday’s basketball game and watch the Knicks take on the Heat.”  The radio announcer ranted on.

Lucas suddenly found himself grinning from ear to ear.  "That’s it.“  He said more to himself than to Zay as he recalled a fond memory of him and Riley.


"You know anything about sports?” Lucas asked Riley as they sat at Topanga’s, hanging out as friends again now that things were back to normal.

“No…” Riley trailed off.

“No?” Lucas asked, not totally convinced of her answer. Something in her tone made him think maybe she did know a thing or two.  "Any sports?  Like…what about basketball?  You know anything about basketball?“

"Yeah…” She said, casually admitting the truth.

“Yeah?” He questioned for clarification.

“Yeah.” She said again, this time sounding more confident.

“Yeah?” He couldn’t help but say again. “Maybe?”

“Well, we’re in New York, so obviously my favorite team is the Knicks…and, you know, this might not be our best year, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because we’ve have ‘Melo, we have Phil Jackson, and that’s all that counts.  We shouldn’t have traded J.R. Smith, and at the end of the day, it’s not our best season.  We have a terrible record.  We’re the worst in the NBA.  I am at Madison Square Garden, and I see all these fake fans jumping onto bandwagons like the Heat or something like that, and you know what?  That s not what a true fan is.  If you are gonna be in the Garden, you better represent the Knicks!” Riley finished, pointing a finger at Lucas for emphasis.

Suddenly embarrassed by her little outburst, she feigned coolness and leaned her head against her palm. “I don’t know that much, obviously…” She added nervously, willing away the blush on her cheeks.

Lucas just stared at her in awe.  He never heard a girl talk about sports like that.  It was amazing and sent a funny feeling swirling around in his stomach.

“I really like you, Riley.” Lucas found himself saying before he could stop himself.

Riley just giggled in response, her blush growing deeper.


“What are you on about?” Zay queried, so consumed by his phone, he didn’t hear the radio.

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