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i cant believe gilmore girls made a hamilton reference fifteen years before hamilton even came out

rory’s thirteen and it’s fathers day and usually lorelai blocks the day out to help her forget that chris hasn’t called in months and they go for a movie but rory just knows and she feels kinda…hollow and empty? she fidgets and holds back tears bc she doesnt her mom to think that she’s not enough or anything but she just wants her dad to want her and asks herself why she couldnt have had a dad that tried a little harder? and at the end of the day lorelai takes her to luke’s and maybe he sees that sadness in her…he knows what that emptiness is like and so he makes her a chocolate milkshake and puts an enormous amount of whipped cream on it and gives it to her on the house and maybe thats when she starts to really believe that you know…she does have a dad that wants her and does have a dad that tries and maybe that emptiness starts to fill up, at least just a little

I’m all about representation on the books, but it really makes me mad when people make the hunters a bunch of girls that are 16 or older. The average age of the hunters is 13, barely teens, they are literally a bunch of little girls, who most of them, are not even teens (With some exceptions like Zoë and Thalia). They are not a bunch of older teenagers, if you want a powerful group of girls who didn’t give up love, you can have the amazons, but please reminder that even if the hunter gave up men on their oath, most of the point of the hunters joining young was they would never reach the age where they would develop romantic feelings, for any gender.

what really bothers me is that im able to understand the motivation for most characters in most situations, but what really confuses me is dean’s motivation to ask lindsay to marry him.

like what happened between the fight in 319 and fran’s funeral in 320? why would he propose at 18 to a girl he’s been dating for less than 6 months? and why right after the fight? and why does lindsay agree? the only things we really know about lindsay is that she doesnt like rory (and thats probably down to her being dean’s ex) so then why would she agree to marry a guy who got into a fight over his ex-gf w/her current bf not 2 days ago? why did they get married at all? why didnt they wait? why didnt their parents stop them?