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Robin’s Nest: Part 16

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1081

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“That storm is pretty bad.” You glance out the window and can’t help but agree. Hurricane Renee had been on the news for days, and now that she had hit, she seemed determined to live up to her name.

           Unfortunately for you, this meant that your seven children were cooped up inside. The manor had become a complete mess between various board games, and one or two games of extreme hide and seek.

           So far, the casualties included a chandelier, a Ming vase, two of Bruce’s golf clubs, and Alfred’s blender. You’d left your children to the mercy of the butler and retreated to the library to find Helena staring out the window.

           Your daughter was a daddy’s girl and had been from day one. She was fierce, tough and outspoken, and she hated storms with a passion. More often than not, lightning and thunder filled nights found her in your bed with you and Bruce.

           Hurricanes seemed to be even worse. The usually rambunctious girl was sullen, and more than a little pouty. This was proved even further when she snuggled up to you. Dick, Jason, and Cass were your snugglers. Helena preferred her personal space.

           Never one to pass up an opportunity, you pull the girl close. Kissing the top of her head you say, “Don’t worry baby girl, Daddy will be home soon.”

           She sighs, “I hate business trips.”

           You smile, “You and me both.”

           “This was a long one.”

           You nod. Two weeks was a long time for Bruce to be gone. Typically, he skyped conferences, went only for a few days, or took the family with him. That hadn’t been an option this time.

           When midnight comes and goes without any word, you start to get anxious. Bruce’s plane had landed before the storm had really started. The closing off of streets had kept him from coming straight home, but he had still called to check in. But now, he wasn’t answering his phone and that worried you more than a little.

           You’re brought out of your thoughts when someone yells, “Code green.”

           Pushing your husband to the back of your mind, you spring out of your office chair and towards the clock. You turn the hands to your anniversary date, and make your way down to the cave. You find your Dick, Jason, and Cass suiting up, and raise an eyebrow in question, “And where exactly do you think you’re going?”

           Dick’s face is straight laced, serious as can be. A perfect imitation of Bruce’s. “The Riddler has cut power to the entire city. He’s offered a challenge, if someone can issue a challenge that can stump him, he’ll turn the power back on.”

           You bite your lip, before issuing your orders, “You’re not going out there alone.”

           You watch Dick’s and Jason’s eyes go wide, “Mom!” You listen as Tim turns in the computer chair to face you. You take a deep breath, “I said alone. Call in Wally and Barry.”

           You see Jason hesitate, “Dad …”

           “Isn’t here. You’re not going out there without a League member. Hell, I’ll call in Superman himself before I let you go out there alone. I know you’ve been doing this for years, but I’m still your mother. I have my limits.”

           It takes half an hour for the speedsters to arrive. Even then, you’re left with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You watch them go before taking over Tim’s chair.

           You’d spent less and less time in the cave as the boys had gotten older. You imagined, you’d spend even less time there as your children got older. Tim would soon become the next Robin, his training was almost done, and then Helena and Damian would take over. Eventually, Terry would start his training, and that broke your heart. Your last baby was growing up, and it made you want to cry.

           It’s a long night. A very long night, with more close calls than you care to admit. By the time dawn breaks, the storm is still going strong, but your kids are back home. You tend to the cuts and bruises before sending them to bed.

           You’re on your fifth cup of coffee when you get a call from the hospital. There’s been an accident with your husband, and you’re needed. Now. You’re certain that your heart stops at the words.

           One look out the window tells you that you’re not getting anywhere right now. Between the winds, the flooding, and the damage from Riddler’s attack, you’re stuck. You’re forced to wait two days, before going to the hospital, alone.

           You arrive at Gotham general looking a mess. And you’re certain that at least one paparazzi had taken your picture. Still, you walk through the hospital with the authority of someone who’s family has donated enough money to build two new wings.

           You find your husband sleeping in the waiting room. He’s wearing scrubs of all things, and sprawled across several chairs. So of course, you hit him. He startles awake and stares at you while you rant, “How dare you Bruce Wayne. Not one freaking phone call. Not one. I thought you were dead in the morgue, or lying here in a coma. But no, I find you here dressed as though you just performed surgery. I have been worried sick.

           “I lied to our children. I said that you called, that you were stuck at the airport. How DARE YOU!”

           Bruce takes it all in stride, before pulling you in for a hug. He holds you while you cry, and says “I’m so sorry. They only had time for one emergency call, and I thought I asked them to tell you that I am okay. I am so sorry.”

           You take deep breaths to calm yourself, before asking “What happened Bruce? Why are you in a hospital?”

           He wipes his hands over his face, “I was driving home, when there was an accident. Someone spun out on the road, crashing into me before spinning into another car. The driver, and two passengers were killed. There was one other survivor. A twelve-year-old boy, his name is Duke. I was able to get him out, and get an ambulance out but there was nothing they could do for his parents, or the driver. I couldn’t leave him alone.”

           You sink down beside him, “What are you thinking Bruce?”

           He stares at you, “How would you feel about having and eighth kid?”

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Who would you say is the most iconic/important director (obvs female) and why?

This is such an interesting question. What is iconic, what counts as important? To me it would be someone who’s shown longevity in their career, someone who is critically well-regarded but has also had some measure of commercial success, someone with a distinct visual style and someone who has been influential to other filmmakers.

Off the top of my head I can think of maybe 10 women who would easily deserve that title.

If someone put a theoretical gun to my head right now and made me pick one I’d probably say Jane Campion. People maybe not have watched her movies but they usually know her name or if you mention The Piano they’ve heard of it even if they haven’t seen it. People also think she was the first woman to be nominated for Best Director at the Oscars (she wasn’t, it was Lina Wertmüller a woman with a distinctive incredible style who is one of my favourite filmmakers but one whose work has faded into obscurity). The Women and Hollywood blog does mini-interviews with every female director at every major festival and one of the questions they ask everyone is what their favourite film directed by a woman is and films by Campion routinely turn up (she’s probably one of the most cited directors).  

However even though she’s young and I still think has a long career ahead of her, I feel Sofia Coppola coming up fast. Coppola is another one of those few female film directors you can mention that everyone knows. Her earliest films are almost at their 20 year anniversaries and they have endured and are remembered. She’s won a slew of awards, her style is distinct to the point where it can be parodied. People like to mock her for her tumblrcore style but her movies predate tumblr by nearly a decade. Also as someone who watches a lot of no/low budget movies just because they’re directed by women her style is imitated a LOT. I admit that I used to take her talent for granted, but after watching the umpteenth movie about a teenage white girl having existential ennui while staring out a window I started appreciating Coppola as a filmmaker. She knows what she’s doing in a way people trying to imitate her just don’t.

Bigelow is another one I feel strongly about. I think she is super under appreciated as a filmmaker, even with the Oscar. I spent a few years watching all of her films and she’s so distinct, even her action movies are carefully crafted. The only thing with Bigelow is that despite her age she peaked rather late (after Coppola despite being twenty years older) and I still feel like her best work is ahead of her so it’s hard to say what her longevity as a filmmaker and her influence will be. Point Break and Strange Days have held up well, but I also want to know what the legacy of her late career work will be.

Of course, women didn’t just start directing in the 90s. There are many women who directed before then who put out iconic movies that are well regarded, but these women aren’t known at all to mainstream audiences, even if they are beloved by cinephiles. Alice Guy Blaché was the first woman to direct narrative films, but few people outside of film students want to watch shorts that are over a century old. Leni Reifenstahl pioneered several film techniques but her legacy is tainted by her associated with Hitler and the fact that her most innovative films are literal Nazi propaganda. Agnès Varda has a career that spans over 60 years, but until recently people didn’t take her seriously as a filmmaker and most of her films were unavailable outside of France. Chantal Akerman is a legend and so many filmmakers were inspired by her and borrowed from her, but her movies made little money, were not widely seen and are not well known to mainstream audiences.

And of course it wouldn’t be right to mention how many women of colour had their careers completely decimated literally for just being who they were and wanting to tell stories about people who looked like them. If there aren’t women of colour who fit my criteria of iconic/important it’s because they were never able to build up the body of work to be so. White women in western countries don’t necessarily have it easy (even someone as privileged as Coppola has faced rampant sexism, including accusations that she doesn’t direct her own films), but they do have more opportunities than other women.

Recently their has been a small resurgence of the work of black American female filmmakers getting released or re-released. I finally got to watch the work of Kathleen Collins and Julie Dash and you know what? These women had genuine talent, they were truly gifted, and they were never given the opportunities to create more than one feature film. That’s why I try to stress to people that it’s important to go to the theatre and buy tickets for movies made by women, especially women of colour, and to appreciate them in the now. Because if  you don’t support them they won’t be able to make more films and not everyone hits it out of the park their first time. Bigelow won an Oscar for her 8th film. So many women directors don’t even get to make a second.

DannyMay Day Seven: Language/Weather

…He wanted to go out. Why would Mommy be so mean. It’s not gonna hurt him. She knows that. He knows that. He just wants to play outside. All the other boys and girls get to play so why can’t he?

He grumpily stared out the window.

It had been raining all day. Not too hard but enough to make big puddles. He wanted to go splash in them so bad. But Mommy said he couldn’t go. She said she was too busy to watch him and he was too little to go out all alone. He wasn’t too little! He was three and a half! That’s almost a big kid!

Jazz could go out by herself. It wasn’t fair. Just cuz Jazz was two years older. He pouts and crosses his little arms. Mommy and Daddy are always too busy when he wants to play. He looks over his shoulder at the couch where Jazz is sitting. She’s reading a book with big words in them. He pouts some more and plops down on the floor.

He can tell that Jazz is looking at him. Good! Cuz he’s gonna be mad forever until he can go play in the rain. He hears Jazz close the book.

“Danny, you ok?”

“I wanna play outside”

“Danny, Mommy said no”

“But I wanna go! It’s not fair!”

Jazz sighs. He turns to look at her. She puts her book down and walks down to the lab. Fine! He’ll just sit here all alone and be mad. He glares at the window. Watching as the rain made little drops on the glass. He sighs sadly, tracing shapes in the foggy window for what feels like hours.

“Danny! Danny!”

Jazz yells all happy. He remembers to be mad and puts on his best angry face. He turns around. Jazz is wearing her raincoat and boots. He feels so betrayed. She’s gonna go play in the backyard without him…oh…wait. Jazz grinning from ear to ear pulls out from behind her back Danny’s raincoat and boots. He gasps.

“Mommy said that if I go with you and we stay in the backyard then you can play in the rain.”

Danny smiles so hard his face hurts. He bounces up and runs over to Jazz and hugs her real tight. He has to get on his tippy-toes just to reach her waist.

“Jazzy, you’re the best big sis ever!”

Screaming thank you at her he lets go and dashes down to the lab. Mommy and Daddy turn to look at him and he hugs them one by one yelling thank you and I love you.

Running back up he finds Jazz giggling. He grins at her and puts on his rain gear in record time. His first time playing in the rain is finally going to happen! He grabs her hand and starts pulling.

“C'mon Jazzy! Hurry!”

“Ok, ok, slow down Danny”

He’s bouncing with anticipation. He can’t reach the doorknob so Jazz has to open the door for him. It feels like an eternity before the door is finally open he dashes out the door and down the stairs, forgetting that they’re wet and slippery. He flipped over the stairs and landed face first in the grass. Jazz screeches.


He slowly gets up on his hands and knees. Already wet and covered in mud. Jazz crouches beside him scrambling asking if it hurts, checking him all over. He slowly looks up at her and she stops all actions. His eyes are sparkling.


Jazz sighs as he starts giggling. He gets up and jumps into a big puddle. The resulting splash is out of this world. It was the single most amazing moment of his entire life. The sun came out and shone upon him. Rays of heavenly light touching his skin. He can almost hear a choir of angels singing. He faintly hears Jazz trying-and failing-not to laugh.

He spent the whole day splashing around. He even got Jazz to play with him. They were jumping in puddles, dancing around, playing tag, you name it. By the time the sun was setting they were super tired. Happy but tired. Mommy caught them coming back in. She snorts.

“Did you two have fun today?”

“Yeah! It was great! Jazzy played with me too!”

“I can see that”

Mommy looks at them. They’re all covered in mud and soaked to the bone. But he wouldn’t change a thing. His first time playing in the rain and it was awesome. He smiles up at mommy feeling like the king of the world. She picks him up and grabs Jazz’s hand.

“Ok you two, now it’s bath time”


CS/Swan Believer FF

A/N: Because I have a lot of feelings. And Emma Swan is sometimes my spirit animal.

Summary: Emma finds a secret tucked up inside a chest and Henry stumbles in on her trying to decide what to do.

Words: 1000 | Rating: G (fluff and swan believer snarkiness ahead). Contains spoilers for 6x13, so proceed accordingly. | ao3


It’s shiny.

She laughs and though she’s still sitting cross-legged in the center of their bed, she starts bouncing on the back of her heels.

It’s really, really shiny.

Emma spins it so it catches the light from the ceiling fixture and throws tiny flecks of light on the walls around her. She angles it again and watches the light scatter and bounce as she does. She can feel a giggle slid up the back of her throat and quirk at the corner of her mouth but does her best to tamp it down.

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The Girl Who Waited

Summary:Somewhere along the line while she was on his team, learning to become a shinobi alongside him, Sasuke stopped being just a good-looking, smart boy to her. Sakura got to know him – the darkness he wore like armour, and the light he only revealed in his rarest, most unguarded moments. [SasuSaku Festival 2017 – Day 1 – Prompt: “Valentine’s Day”]

Disclaimer: This story utilizes characters, situations and premises that are copyright Masashi Kishimoto, Shueisha, Shonen Jump and Viz Media. No infringement on their respective copyrights pertaining to episodes, novelizations, comics or short stories is intended by the author in any way, shape or form. This fan oriented story is written solely for the author’s own amusement and the entertainment of the readers. It is not for profit. Any resemblance to real organizations, institutions, products or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fiction, plot and Original Characters with the exception of those introduced in the books, manga, video games, novelizations and anime, are the sole creation of KuriQuinn and using them without permission is considered rude, in bad-taste and will reflect seriously on your credibility as a writer. A gaggle of pre-teen girls will taunt you a second time should you be found plagiarizing.

Warning: Spoilers for pretty much everything up to Chapter 699.

Canon-Compliance: As close to canon as fanfiction can possibly be. With a few personal additions :P Takes place during Part I, Part II and the Blank Period.

Fanon-Compliance: Takes place several years before An Inch of Gold and Unplanned.

AN: OC alert! There is an OC in this story! Ohmygosh!

Beta Reader: Sakura’s Unicorn


Nine-year-old Sakura Haruno hides behind the shoji door of the classroom, clutching an immaculately wrapped package to her chest. Her heart beats a frantic rhythm against her ribs so loud that she thinks even he can hear it inside the room.

After all, Sasuke Uchiha is a prodigy who can already do so much more than the other students at the Academy. Super-hearing would not be that unbelievable.

Her stomach flip-flops a little, and she would tighten her fingers around the large box if she didn’t fear tearing the paper; the lady at the sweets stall did such a nice job wrapping it. Sakura didn’t even consider doing it herself because she’s all thumbs these days, and this gift has to be perfect. After all, she saved her pocket money from a year’s worth of chores so she could afford the finest box of chocolates they had.

It’s still not as nice as the one she saw last year in the fancy gourmet chocolate shop. Her mother wouldn’t let her buy it; Mama said it was a waste, and they don’t have a lot of money to begin with. That’s why Sakura had to save up this year.  She wanted it to be extra special because she knows Sasuke’s all alone now.

About nine months ago, he lost his entire family.

She doesn’t know what actually happened to the Uchiha clan, just what Iruka-sensei has mentioned and the whispers she hears from her parents when they think she’s not listening. And, of course, the rumours the other kids spread – some benign, others ridiculous, still others far too terrible to contemplate.

Sakura doesn’t care how it happened. All she knows is that Sasuke is on his own – he has no mother or father anymore, or even his big brother – and he must be lonely. And so, she has decided that even though she isn’t brave enough to tell him she likes him, if she gives him a nice enough gift for Valentine’s Day, he’ll understand that he’s not alone and that people are thinking about him all the time.

And by people, she means herself.  

If only she could muster the nerve to walk over there and hand him the package.

Just do it! There’s no one around, so no one will see if I mess up – shannaro!

“What’ve you got there, Sa-ku-ra,” someone drawls behind her, making her wince with every syllable of her name.

Oh, no! Too slow!

She turns around and finds herself facing Ino and at least three other girls from their class, all of whom are holding their own closely guarded packages.

“You’re not actually thinking of giving that to Sasuke, are you?” her former-friend derides, the curl of her lip suggesting Sakura has something decayed in her hands.

She squares her shoulder and juts her chin out defiantly. “So what if I am? I don’t think it’s any of your business.”

“It is our business if you’re going to dishonour him with something as flashy as that,” another girl interjects.

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Every Question Has a Solution

Being Question sidekick but been forced to move in with the Teen Titans for a bit.

Relationship: Teammates, Budding Relationship.

Fandom: DC Comics. TT V JL

Character: Damian

“You’re joking.” You looked at your faceless mentor after he told you that you would be going to live with the Teen Titans because he had an important mission and didn’t know how long it would last.

“I’m not joking. You will be staying with the Titans.”

“This is unfair Q! I take care of myself. I did it before I met you and I will do it after!” You heard the older man sigh as he looked down at you. You could never read his facial expression since he never took off the mask around you.

“Y/N, please. I know I don’t say it a lot but I want you safe. You are very close to my heart.” Your face softens after he spoke.

“Fine. I will do.” You couldn’t see but under the mask, he smiled. Pulling you into a hug his hand ran over your hair.

“Batman will pick you up.”

“Great.” You said with clear sarcasm.

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Take a book leave a book (pt. 2)

welp who remembers this old thing. I sure do. Anyway this is part two of take a book leave a book with harrison osterfield.

Harrison had never thought himself to be one of the biggest parts of your life, he knew you were best friends and he was sad to have to leave you behind, but he didn’t think him leaving would cause such an impact on the girl who was practically fearless around him.

Harrison stared out his window waiting for y/n to go outside. He watched for hours, till you came outside with your head still in a book. He ran out of his room yelling a quick goodbye to his mother, running across the street he stopped only a few feet in front of the girl. His face had morphed into shock just looking at her. You had changed more than he expected while he was away. Your (y/h/t) (y/h/c) framed your face in a mysterious way, showing enough to be captivated, hiding everything what he wanted to see.

“(y/n)’’he breathed out shock still visible in his voice. You slowly started to lift your head, wanting to finish the page you where on before acknowledging the person who had spoken to you, finishing you flipped the page and look up.

Harrison stood in front of you mirroring the same face of shock, you could have jumped into him, hugged him spoken back to him or even ignored him, but all you could was stare at the blonde boy in front of you. Your thoughts raced a mile a minute while studying his face, he looked as shocked to see you as you did him. He hadn’t changed much since you last saw him, same crystal blue eye’s, blonde messy hair which he spent hours trying to style even if you told him he looked fine with his curly hair, the only thing that had changed about him was his height a body, now slightly taller than you and musceled body.

‘’Harrison?” you asked, knowing already that it was him.

He closed his gaping mouth,’’ uhh ya, y/n uhh hi. Wow you’ve changed quite a bit.’’

You could feel anger bubbling inside of you. Of course you had changed, he’s the one who left, he decided to leave he never called back, he never texted back, he choose everything over you his best friend. He choose to go with tom and leave you, of course you were mad you had every right to be, he was your everything and he just left without a warning never talking to you again. You wanted to yell at him, scream, but all that came out was, ‘’ You wouldn’t know, Harrison.’’ pushing your way past him you had to hold back the urge to hug him, to bring him close to you, because no matter how mad you where you missed your best friend. Holding back tears, you jumped in your car and sped off leaving the blonde in your driveway, holding back his own tears.

Sup dude’s, anyway keep this going or not? Do you guys want a part three?

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after noodle's senior prom (at her sketchy inner city high school) she tells the guys to pick her up out back. they catch her making out with a girl, and i mean like, the girls against the wall and their giggling between really long french kisses. what do the guys do in response? do they say anything or just say silent and awkward? sorry i freaking love seeing noodle grow up


The Whole Band ™:

  • When Noodle’s bandmates roll into the back parking lot of her high school in search of the prize, (Noodle herself) they all stumble upon something surprising.
  • “Hey, I never knew she was one of those lesbeans, yeah, Russ?” frikin murdoc it’s lesbian you uncultered swine
  • Woahhhh,” 2D would murmur, face pressed up against the window. “Is now a bad time?”
  • Russ would just stare in shock, not knowing what he should do. Should he go outside and split the two up? Should he drive away and come back later? Should he correct Murdoc?
  • Rolling down the window, Russ would stick his head outside. “Should we come back later?” He’d called, eyebrows raised. This catches Noodle’s attention as her head swings back to Russ, a wild blush spreading like wildfire across her cheeks.
  • “N-No, it’s not a bad time,” she’d stutter, giving mystery girl one last kiss before said departure. “Bye, ____.”
  • The drive home would be kind of quiet. No one is upset that Noodle kissed a girl, but everybody was just slightly taken aback.
  • “So,” Murdoc would say, finally breaking the silence. “How was it?”
  • “How was what, exactly?” Noodle would ask, looking through Instagram on her phone. “Because prom itself was kind of underwhelming– I had to go outside and get some fresh air because it was so hot in there.”
  • “Yeah,” Murdoc coughed. “To rub uglies with that girl-”
  • Noodle, we are very proud parents,” Russ would interrupt, his face distorted with an awkward smile, trying to avoid conversation. “And we are so happy regarding any of your decisions.”
  • russ is scared and sad bc his girl is growin up
  • 2d just stares out the window in the back of the car, twiddling with his thumbs
Protective Brothers

I knew one day this story would come in handy. I wrote this a year ago when the Vinsmoke blog was made. I didn’t get the chance to upload it until the beginning of this year. But. I hope you like it!

“Ichiji, Ichiji.” Sanji tugged on his elder brothers coat.

The blonde haired boy with his hair over his left eye looked to his youngest brother Sanji.

“What is it Sanji?” Ichiji asked.

“Knock knock.”

Ichiji sighed, “Sanj-”

“Come on Ichiji, just please.”

“Who’s there.”


“Olive who?”

“Olive you.”

Sanji smiled as Ichiji cracked a smile and ruffled his hair. That was the first and last time he’d ever had Sanji tell him he loved him.

Ichiji and Niji sat in a hotel room. Niji going on about how he met some girl and Ichiji stared out the window sitting against his bed.

“Olive you.” Sanji’s sweet voice rang in his head.

“Ichiji. Are you okay?” Niji asked.

Ichiji turned to his twin brother. They weren’t exactly identical, Niji had more facial hair and his hair was out of his face. Along with they both were polar opposites. Niji always had to make a joke out of everything. While Ichiji took things seriously.

“I’m fine.” Ichiji replied looking back out the window.

“What is it? Come on you can tell me.”

Niji flopped down on the bed next to him.

“It’s nothing.”

“Your thinking about little bro again aren’t cha? Don’t worry about him. He’s with those people who’ve taken good care of him.”

“I know.”

“Come on Ichiji you can tell your brother.”

“Sanji told me he loved me once, in a knock knock joke.”

Niji chuckled rolling over on his back, “You miss him too huh?”

Ichiji hummed in agreement, Niji sat up.

“Let’s go see him. Come on Ichiji.”

“Niji, we can’t. How do you know that he’d want to see us?”

Niji flopped back down, “I just wanted to cheer you up.”

Ichiji sighed crossing his arms, “Let’s just get to sleep.”

Niji hopped off Ichiji’s bed and they went to sleep. The next morning Ichiji and Niji went out into town. Buying some breakfast and going out into the town. A hand was placed on Ichiji’s shoulder having him turn to see a green haired man. He blinked looking at the two curled eyebrowed men.

“Sorry, thought you were someone else.” He said.

Ichiji and Niji exchanged looks.

“You shitty officer I told you to stay by the apple cart.”

“Hey cook, these two guys have the same stupid eyebrows like you do.”

Niji and Ichiji turned to Sanji standing holding a bag of fresh food. The green haired man took Sanji’s side and when the bag of produce slipped from Sanji’s hands Zoro caught it.

“Sanji do you know them?” Zoro asked.

“Th-there my brothers.”

Niji was first to snap out of it and glomped onto Sanji holding him tight. Sanji gasped as Niji hugged him tighter.

“Can’t.” Sanji panted, “Breathe.”

“Niji.” Ichiji said.

He dropped Sanji and pinched his cheeks.

“Would you look at that, our little brother is all grown up.”

“Stawp wit.”

Ichiji stood next to him and brushed back his bangs seeing his asymmetrical eyebrows.

“Yeah, he’s our brother alright.” Ichiji sighed.

Zoro watched as Sanji was tormented by his two elder brothers. Sanji batted away the hands before hiding behind Zoro and rubbed his face.

“Who your supposed to be?” Ichiji asked.

Sanji peaked over Zoros shoulder.

“He’s Roronoa Zoro, future worlds greatest officer. And my boyfriend.” Sanji huffed.

“Boyfriend?” Niji gasped.

He grabbed Sanji by the back of his coat and pulled him out from behind Zoro. Then started shaking him and scolding him about women. Then stopped asking if Zoro had a brother. Then started scolding him again.

“He’s a real pervert if that will make you happy.” Zoro called.

Niji stopped and turned to Sanji, then scolded him again about not being an innocent little boy like he was when he was a kid.

“That’s Niji second oldest and I’m Ichiji the eldest.” Ichiji said taking Zoro’s side.

“Your brother is a fine cook.” Zoro said.


Zoro nodded, as they watched Niji continue scolding Sanji. Who was growing dizzy by the minute.

“Sanji is a cook, works at a restaurant in town.”

Sanji escaped from Niji’s grip and hid behind Ichiji and Zoro.

“Hey cook why don’t we have your brothers over for dinner so you guys can catch up.” Zoro asked looking over his shoulder.

“You’d do that for me?”

Zoro shrugged, “There are your family.”

Niji smiled wrapping an arm around Zoro’s shoulders.

“I approve of you strange haired man.” Niji chuckled.

“I guess we can show you the way home.” Sanji said.

And they followed Sanji to their little home in a little neighborhood. Sanji gasped seeing a little brown haired boy sitting on the porch asleep.

“I forgot we were babysitting Chopper for Robin-chan and Franky.” Sanji said.

“Don’t worry cook I’ll take care of him while you catch up with your brothers.” Zoro said.

Zoro handed Sanji the bags while he picked up Chopper and took him inside. Sanji smiled to himself heading inside with his brothers. Ichiji and Niji walked around the house admiring all the pictures of Sanji and the group of friends he had.

“Ichiji come here.” Niji called.

Ichiji set down the picture and went to find Niji holding a picture of some older man and little Sanji. Ichiji took the picture and looked at the one legged man with a braided mustache.

“That’s Owner Zeff, he taught me how to be a cook and I co-own a restaurant with him. He saved my life when I was on the verge of starvation. When I was a kid he took me in and we couch jumped before we got on our feet and were handed down a restaurant.” Sanji explained.

“This man, took care of you?” Ichiji asked.

Sanji nodded when Zoro walked down the stairs and yawned a jaw breaking yawn.

“So where does he fit in?” Ichiji asked.

“About two years ago Zoro and a couple of our friends came to our restaurant and Luffy-”

Sanji pursed his lips leaving the room for a moment. He came back a moment later with a picture frame. Sanji handed it to his brothers. It was a group of there friends a little time before Zoro and Sanji started dating.

“That was taken after I became there friend. Luffy is the one with the straw hat. Well Luffy had a commotion and owner Zeff had to step in then there was a big fight at the restaurant. It was pretty. Interesting.” Sanji said.

They looked to Zoro Luffy and Sanji all smiling with arms wrapped around each other.

“Looks like your in good hands little brother.” Niji chuckled.

Sanji smiled, “I am.”

Soon enough Sanji started dinner while Zoro sat at the dinning room table. Both of Sanji’s brothers sat and interrogated him.

“State your age and full name.” Niji growled.

“I’m 21 and my name is Roronoa Zoro.” Zoro sighed.

“Who do you work for and what occupation do you have?” Ichiji asked.

“I work for the Sunny police department and I am head chief.”

Chopper hopped down the stairs and hid in front of the wall looking at the two brothers.

“Aren’t you supposed to be behind the wall?” Niji asked.

Chopper squeaked hiding behind the wall and peaking out to them.

“It’s alright Chopper, they mean us no harm.” Zoro said.

Chopper stepped out and hid behind Zoros chair.

“These are Sanji’s brothers. Ichiji and Niji.”

“Zoro. Can I go play now?” Chopper whispered.

“Go on ahead, Sanji is starting dinner.”

Niji and Ichiji looked to each other as the rough looking man talked to a sweet innocent child. Ichiji got up and went into the kitchen. Sanji stood cooking away while Ichiji leaned against the doorframe.


Sanji stopped and turned to his brother, “Yeah?”

“Niji and I have to go. I won’t tell dad we saw you. But. We’ll meet again okay? I can see your in good hands with the green haired swordsman.”

“How did you kn-”

“There are swords pinned to the wall, and I know you wouldn’t be wielding such weapons.”

Sanji smiled, “Maybe we can catch up again sometime.”

Ichiji chuckled backing up into the dinning room, Niji stood up as they walked into the living room. And with a snap, Ichiji and Niji disappeared. They sat on a roof not to far and smiled pulling on there masks.

“Seems our little brother is growing up too fast.” Ichiji said.

Niji pulled out his dagger, “Yeah, but. He’s better off with them. Let’s get this job done.”


I hope you liked it. Sorry about any mistakes.

rooneykmara  asked:

107 for the Drabble challenge? Thank you!

“You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?”  

(Consider this an AU that ignores John’s impassioned speech in TLD and all of TFP.  It’s crack, just go with it.)


You, me, popcorn, two litre Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?

Are we talking Netflix and chill or…?

And why didn’t you sign your text? Is that a code? 

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What about the first time 16 yo missus and Harry are mobbed and he's like that was cool and terrifying stay right by me from now on

He’d enter the small, but rather loud, group with a loose hold on her hand, and, he’d exit without a hold on her hand. Her figure appearing behind him shortly after, confused and a little frazzled, reaching for him as she removed herself from the hustle and the bustle of the excited fans. Screaming from behind her and trying to grab at Harry as he helped her into the car. Climbing in and sitting down beside him, staring out the window as the girls began to bang and scream against the closed door.

“That was,” he’d pause, slotting his fingers through hers and squeezing her hand tightly, “that was crazy. Think that’s the first mob I’ve ever been in, on my own. Usually with the boys or a security team from the show or somethin’.”

He’d be met with the response of silence, a soft gulp leaving her throat as she looked up to him with flushed cheeks and still rather wide eyes, his hand detaching from hers and sliding around her shoulders to pull her into his side.

“Next time, you’re gon’a stay right by my side and I’ll have a tighter hold on your hand,” he’d murmur into her hair, kissing her head softly, “we’ll have security with us next time, yeah? Promise. That was scary, but, we got out alive.”

“S’your fault for wanting to sneak out into London town, in daylight, for a McDonalds milkshake,” she’d giggle. xx

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The dragon must protect his princess. -Yandere!Hanzo

Hanzo stalked around the building, the silence made his ears ring, and the anticipation of a kill made him on edge. 
He heard the footsteps of a stranger, he duck and ran to the source of the sound. A fire shone in his eyes that matched the flame in his soul. 
“Yeah? Oh, Tobias was saying something about that. You guys need to co-” The voice was cut off and a weak scream echoed around the alleyway. In that moment Hanzo was more grateful then ever at the knowledge that the small town was abandoned. He could hear the frantic voice of the person on the other side of the phone, but they were cut off when he crushed the device beneath his foot. 
He was a little disappointed when he saw the dead body near him, he knew that he’d have to relocate once more. He simply turned his back and stalked back into the building, at entering his favorite apartment. He unlocked that door and saw the girl who sat staring blankly out the window, right at the body. He knew she had seen the whole scene, and he almost felt guilty about it.
“We must leave.” Hanzo spoke.
“Is he dead?” Her response was simple, emotionless.
“The police will be here soon.” 
At this she turned to look at him for the first time, and with tears forming in her eyes, and a voice close to breaking she asked,
“Why are you doing this?”
Hanzo’s eyes softened and he approached here, wrapping her in his arms and placing a gently kiss on her forehead. 
“the dragon must always protect his princess.”

Fascination *Jughead Jones*

Request: None 

Warnings: None 

Character: Jughead Jones



Birtie was bothered. After years of the same town, the same people, the same jokes, the same feelings; everything was suddenly new. New personalities, new surroundings, new problems. With such change comes inevitable loneliness; loneliness that easily transforms into undeserving worthlessness. In a life full of disaffection, devastation and unprompted unease, Birtie wasn’t sure which option seemed worse: the commitment of a ceased existence or the condemnment of tragic life. The girl wasn’t quite sure when this dark pit had replaced her heart.

In fact, as she sat in the creaky old desk in the back of Ms. Smith’s AP English class, this unrelenting question sat in the back of her tormented mind. The brunette’s eyes seemed to glaze over as her thoughts were driven into the dark tunnel of ‘what if’s and ‘I wonder’s. Yet, even in these moments of absent conscious, Birtie could feel the presence of the boy beside her.

Jughead Jones wasn’t an overtly curious type, he prefered to leave that to the Betty Coopers of the world, but, for him, Birtie Hale was a point of fascination. In a few short months, he had observed exactly what this short brunette was capable of. He found out that she could write circles around him, and saw how she could outwit the sharpest of people, how she was ultra aware of her surroundings, and that she happened to be living in a world of her own. Actually, Jughead was sure that this girl spent more time staring out of windows than interacting with anyone at her new school. He often wondered if that was a preference based off of Riverdale’s social dynamics or a symptom of a darkened mind.

Within the first few weeks of Birtie’s appearance, Jughead had hoped to confront the girl. Yet, something seemed to hold him back. Maybe it was her far off looks, or her consistent self-imposed solitude. Most likely, though, it was due to his own unceasing nerves.

So, instead, he would find himself stuck in the same  moment from a few months prior, during which Riverdale had been playing a lacrosse game against Beacon Hills. This game was the catalyst of Jughead’s obsession.

Now, their meeting wasn’t exactly one to go down in the books; in fact, it was a memory that most would simply forget. But Jughead wasn’t most. As his best friend tried (and failed) to play against some surprisingly vicious players, the writer was sat in disgustingly cramped bleachers, a worn notebook in his lap. Fred Andrews was stood to his right, cheering so loudly that Jughead was sure the man’s voice would be gone before the game ended. Adjusting his grey beanie, the raven haired boy glanced at the unforgiving scoreboard before reaching toward the pen he had placed beside him. The very same pen that would mark the beginning of the end.

Bertie Hale loved her friends, but, god, did she loathe lacrosse games. There were much more pressing issues in her life than the success of the Beacon Hill Cyclone’s. But here she was. Anxiously awaiting some kind of brutal attack and hating Scott McCall for deciding that this was a good idea. The only positive she could find in this situation was the devastatingly amusing remarks that she could overhear from the beanie clad boy beside her. In another life, Bertie imagined she would have found the courage to make some witty remark back. But that didn’t happen. Instead, a few moments into the second half of the pointless game, a pen landed at her feet.

Jughead had never been the type to get nervous, but after hitting this unsuspecting girl with his lost writing utensil, he wanted nothing more than to crawl into a ball and hide. As the pretty brunette turned to him, she let out a slight giggle.

“I think it’s trying to run away,” Her voice was softer than he’d imagined, but the smile on her face was just as bright. The boy let out a chuckle as she bent down to grab the fallen pen.

“What a shame. I don’t know if I could ever find another one like it,” her smile widened as she passed the dark, worn plastic back to him.

“Wow, it seems like I almost witnessed a great tragedy.”

“One that would go down in history, no doubt.”

The smile spread across the girl’s lips seemed to take away any doubt Jughead had felt in the moments prior.  As she went to retort, she was cut short by a small hand on her shoulder, the manicured nails biting into her shoulder blade.

“B, you need to come with me. It’s Liam,” Birtie could see nothing but panic in Lydia’s eyes. Shooting up from the cold bench, she shot the unknown boy an apologetic glance followed by a quick goodbye and Jughead could just watch as Birtie followed after her friend into a night of unadulterated horrors.

Months later, Birtie’s adoptive father made a rather executive decision to send his only daughter off to his brother’s. A break from the horrors of Beacon Hills was much needed by everyone, and if Robert Blossom could provide that for his daughter, that’s exactly what he would do. What he did not account for was the unforeseen price: loneliness. Birtie had never been good at making friends, and she often found herself depending on the comfort of a mutual bond.

So, with this decision, her father had taken her home away in more ways than one.

The loud familiar pierce of the bell broke both damaged teens out of their thoughts. In an odd moment of simultaneous action, the two stood from their seats and gathered their belongings in silence. Suddenly a pen landed on Jughead’s now empty desk. His light eyes shot up to the smirking girl beside him.

“I figured you might need a spare.”

the first girl - a bughead fanfic

A/U obviously. 

When I say that she was the greatest,

I mean that she resembled a circus.

She was not brightly colored,

Nor was she composed

Of three rings, but

Under a tent in the middle of

A starlit field

On a summer night,

You could see her

In just a t-shirt

And forget how unhappy

The elephants were.

-Rob Macdonald

The windows are down in the car she has temporarily stolen from her mother and Betty is finally starting to feel good, at ease, for the first time in months. She has Polly at her side, who is staring dreamily out the window with a small smile on her face. Her hand resting protectively over her stomach. And there is Jughead, in the back seat, looking grimly out the window his face set in its usual solemn, serious manner.

As Betty cruises down I-5 heading south she marvels at the state of events that have unfolded that has led them all here. There is no doubt in her mind that everything could have fallen apart. Her mother could have found them out, Cheryl could have let something slip, even Sherriff Keller could have snooped and discovered their plot. But now there is nothing standing in their way to get Polly the freedom she so desperately deserves.

“Are you still sure about this Polly?” Betty asks, interrupting the tranquil peace that has taken over the car. The sounds of cars whizzing by on the highway is the only noise between them.

Polly grins widely before grasping onto Betty’s shoulder and giving it an affectionate squeeze.

“More than ever. I can’t thank you enough Betty for making this all happen. I’d be so lost without you.”

Betty smiles in relief, her sister’s approval the only solace she needs to feel at peace with her decision to lie to everybody and sneak behind their backs. She has an unborn niece or nephew she has to look out for, it is not just her and her sister against the world anymore.

Betty turns her attention back to the road, they are somewhere in Oregon. More than halfway to their journey and the afternoon sun beats down on them.

“You know I’d do whatever it takes to make sure the both of you are okay. I can’t wait to meet my little nephew or niece.”

Polly laughs, the sound twinkles in the small space of the car, “I’ve told you time and time again. It’s going to be a boy, I can feel it. Mother’s intuition.”

In the rearview mirror Betty can see Jughead smirking to himself, wanting to say something snarky but holding back. Betty assumes he probably wants to bet on it, put her intuition to good use.

“Nothing’s set in stone, Pol. Could be a little red-haired girl. Or blonde girl.”

Polly sighs a little before she stares out the window again, “So long as the baby is healthy, I’ll be happy. I just wish Jason could have met his child,”

Betty smiles sadly before the clicking sound of the turn signal fills the car.

“I know, Polly.”

It’s been a long road for Betty, trying to figure out how to keep Polly and the baby safe. Her mother and father are of no use, and Polly had been dead set on having the support of the Blossom family behind her, until Cheryl had revealed they had their own nefarious intentions all along that didn’t have Polly in the picture at all. But at the very least there was money there, and that was where Cheryl came in.

Cheryl hadn’t been a fan of Polly or Betty, that wasn’t a secret, but she was her brother’s biggest champion, and knowing that Polly was pregnant with his child had put a white flag on any and all past issues. With only Polly, Cheryl, Betty and Jughead in on the secret they had put together a plan, however haphazard it might have been it was their only option with their respective parents proving to be more Manson family than Norman Rockwell.

With Polly’s advancing pregnancy the time was running out to secure Polly somewhere safe. But in the meantime they all had to play dumb, going along with both what the Blossom family wanted and the Cooper’s in order to save face and buy them all time without anyone sneaking looks over their shoulders.

It had been a long excommunicated member of the family that Jason had told her they could trust. Years ago she had been a cousin to Mrs. Blossom, but one way or another the two had lost contact, the former no longer fitting into the diamond’s and socialite lifestyle that had followed soon after her advantageous marriage to Clifford Blossom. They lived in California, near Yreka, and had a small farm. Jason had told her it was the only place they could go to start their new lives, where they could live for free and raise the baby while they tried to figure out the next step of their lives. But now Polly was one less person in the plan, and time was running out.

Cheryl had stowed money away, small amounts at a time, not enough to grab the attention of her parents. She knew where they kept stashes of money, and if she was lucky, they’d be drunk enough from a gala or charity function and she’d be able to grab more than the usual amount. Cheryl had bemoaned more than a few times that it wasn’t long after breakfast that her mother reached for the whiskey tumbler, and Betty found herself sympathizing for the girl who had put on such a hard front. She supposed that all of their lives were fractured in one way or another.

But Cheryl had proven her loyalty, and in the span of two months, just in time for Polly’s seventh month mark, Cheryl had managed to amass just over two thousand dollars. And by then they all knew there was no more waiting, it had to happen now.

And so on the quiet Saturday morning, long before her parents would ever wake up, Betty crept quietly down the stairs and stole the keys to her mother’s car, leaving a note behind that said she’d be back the following day and that she could call the cops if she wanted but it was sure to look bad on the Cooper family name, one daughter pregnant out of wedlock and the other resorting to theft and skipping town. It hadn’t been her smartest idea, to blackmail her mother, but it needed to be done for Polly. If her parents weren’t going to step up to the plate and save Polly, Betty would do it on her own.

But she didn’t need to do it on her own. Jughead had been there for her the whole time, stalwart and trusty he was as always her greatest ally and companion. There was no shortage of drama going on in his life, he still had FP to worry about, and was still crashing temporarily at the Archie’s. He’d moved out of Archie’s room and into the basement, it had been the first time in a long time that he had an entire room to call his own.

But in spite of everything being Betty’s neighbor also proved to be useful, on the nights when they both weren’t too tired and too stressed to play at being normal teenagers Jughead found himself scaling the ladder into Betty’s bedroom to keep her up for an entirely different reason. She loved hearing his muted laughs and whispers under the covers of her comforter, the two of them sneaking kisses and hiding groans into the heated skin of their necks. Hands that were usually stationary had become adventurous and roaming and Betty could never get over the feel of his hands on the bare skin of her back.

But time was never on their side, and more often than not before things could get too heated a door would open or she’d hear her mother shifting around downstairs and she’d send Jughead home before the fury of Alice Cooper could set upon them.

Finding Jughead’s eyes in the rearview mirror she sees him smile lightly at her. It is one of their private looks, one they can share when they know that no one is watching.

“We’re almost there.” Polly says, sitting up straighter in her seat.

It is nearing mid-afternoon, and Betty sees the mountains open up in front of her.

By the time Betty pulls into the long, winding driveway she begins to feel the dread pool in the pit of her stomach. She knows that this was the intent the entire time, to get Polly to safety, get Polly away from the cloying, baby-snatching hands of her parents and the Blossoms.

But now that the moment is finally here, Betty isn’t sure if she is able to let go of the sister she has fought so hard to protect.

The blue house sits perkily in the background and Betty puts the car in park. Polly slips out of the car, holding her large stomach protectively as Jughead moves to grab her suitcase from the trunk.

“Hi there!” A woman shouts, emerging from the house. Polly waves and moves towards her. She is a kind-looking woman, perhaps in her late forties, with streaks of white peppered gracefully in her red hair.

She looks eerily similar to Penelope Blossom, but without the evil step-mother vibe.

Staring up at the two women embracing Betty feels Jughead move beside her. His hand comes up and gently presses against her shoulder and she looks over at him.

He knows she is trying hard to be brave, but the fear is shining bright in her eyes and he wants to tell her it’s okay to feel scared and sad when saying goodbye to a person you love. God only knows he has done it before.

But all she does is lean against him briefly before trudging up to the house.

The woman, whose name Betty learns is Cecilia, gives them a tour of the house and shows them where Polly will stay. It’s a beautiful home, filled with natural light, and there is a garden in the backyard. Her room is large and there is already a crib and a layette all laid out.

“Isn’t it wonderful here Betty?” Polly asks, relief evident on her face and Betty smiles genuinely at her. Happy that her sister is happy.

“It is. Cecilia seems like a nice woman, I’m glad that she can help you. I wish I could do more.”

“Hey!” Polly interrupts, grabbing onto her hands tightly, “I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without you. I wouldn’t. You’ve saved our lives Betty Cooper. You’re the best sister a girl could have.”

A few tears slip from Betty’s eyes as she pulls Polly to her, hugging her close, careful of the bump in between them. She presses her face into Polly’s shoulder and dreads the inevitable goodbye she knows is coming.

Betty pulls back, “You’ll call if you need anything right?”

Polly nods, tears running freely down her face, “Of course. I’ll call you even if I don’t need anything. I can’t thank you enough Betty, what you did, what you’re doing for us.”

Shaking her head lightly, Betty blinks away the tears that threaten to fall, trying to put on a brave face for her sister, “I’d do it again in a heartbeat, Pol, whatever you guys need. Listen, though, if you’re gonna call, do it at Archie’s house, okay? I already asked him, he said it was fine. I just don’t know how safe it’s gonna be to call the house for the next little while.”

Nodding solemnly, Polly grabs Betty’s hands in between her own, “Are you gonna be okay? What about mom and dad-”

Betty cut her off, “Don’t worry about that, I’ll manage, I always do. There’s nothing they can do now to scare me. Though I’m sure they’ll try.”

The two girls manage a light-hearted laugh at that, both knowing their mother’s habits when it comes to trying to control the Cooper girls.

Inevitably, it is time to say goodbye and she and Jughead have a long drive back before they face the firing squad.

“I love you.” Polly said.

Smiling sadly Betty hugs her close one last time.

“I love you too. Always.”

She let go of her sister and watches Jughead step up next and hug her goodbye.

Polly whispers something into Jughead’s ear before he nods and lets her go, telling her to be well and call if she needs anything.

Grabbing her hand he pulls her away and Betty looks over her shoulder and waves goodbye one last time to Polly.

Standing near the car at the end of the driveway Betty tries not to feel sad as Jughead embraces her, his arms providing a solid comforting weight as he wraps them around her waist. Tucking her face in and breathing in the scent of his neck Betty lets loose a few tears.

Pressing his cheek to the top of her head Jughead runs his hands up and down her back in soothing strokes, letting her take a much needed break from keeping things together.

“Are you alright?” He asks tentatively.

Pulling back and drying her eyes Betty stared up into his eyes, smiling lightly at him.

“I’ll be fine. It’s just hard to say goodbye.”

Nodding solemnly Jughead cradles her head between his hands, “It’s not goodbye forever Betty. Just temporarily.”

His eyes shine with concern for her and once again Betty feels the wind knocked out of her at the man in front of her and his seemingly endless reserve of patience and kindness. She can think of no one else she would rather have at her side, and she knows that he would follow her to the end of the world and back again. The same as she would for him.

There is no denying she loves him. Will perhaps love him forever if he’ll let her.

Betty can only blink away the tears that pop up again for an altogether different reason and she leans up on her toes and presses her lips against his. They are soft and pliant against hers, content to let the kiss remain chaste as she grips his lean shoulders.

“Thank you, Jughead. For being here, with me. I don’t think I could have done this without you.”

His smile is soft as he pushes a lock of hair behind her ear.

“You could have, Betty. You’re so much stronger than you give yourself credit for.”

It is her solid belief that his unwavering faith in her is the real reason she is able to remain as strong as she is. She is unshakable and unstoppable so long as he is at her side.

“Come on.” He murmurs. “It’s getting late, we should hit the road. Want me to drive?”
Closing her eyes briefly, Betty nods and hands him the keys.

There is something primal and comforting about watching Jughead drive down the highway in the late afternoon sun. He has pushed up the sleeves of his sweater and drives confidently with one hand resting at the top of the wheel.

His forearms are tanned and strong and Betty finds herself casting quick glances at them from her position in the passenger seat.

The radio plays a tune she doesn’t recognize and his fingers tap out a rhythm against the steering wheel and Betty realizes she doesn’t want to go home. Not just yet.

They haven’t been on the road long, they still have a good seven hours to go before they reach Riverdale, and Betty wants to delay their homecoming for as long as she is able.

She told her mother she would return the car on Sunday, and it is only Saturday afternoon.

The buzzing of her phone startles Betty out of her reverie and she pulls out her phone only to see her mother’s name emblazoned on her phone once again.

She sees Jughead out of the corner of her eyes cast a dark glance in her direction.

“Is it the wraith?”

He asks, and Betty can’t help herself and lets loose an airy chuckle.

“Yeah.” She mutters, “I suppose I should submit to the inevitable.”

Letting loose a dark sigh she answers the phone.

“Hello Mother.”

“Elizabeth Cooper!” The voice screams on the other end and Betty grimaces and holds the phone away from her ear. She hears Jughead sigh beside her and reach for her hand, lacing their fingers together. The feel of his hand sure and firm in hers is all the courage that Betty needs.

“-Where do you think you get off, young lady! Stealing my car! Taking your sister! Where have you taken her Betty? Tell me! Where have you taken her?”

Betty looks out the window at the beautiful California landscape in front of her and watches the sky start to turn pink at the edges.

“I’m not going to tell you that Mom. You have to know I’m not going to tell you that. Not until you and everyone else can see that Polly and her baby are not pawns for you to use in whatever sick and twisted game you’re playing.”

Alice Cooper’s heavy breathing is all she knows for a beat until her mother’s voice is back on the line, malicious and cruel.

“You think you know what you are doing but you are a child, Betty. You have no idea what’s actually going on, you can’t play pretend in a game meant for adults! This isn’t some fucking fantasy!”

Her words are heavy and Betty knows they are meant to sting, but she knows in her heart of hearts that her mother is wrong. She is not a child, she grew up the second she found out her parent’s had kept her pregnant sister locked up in an institution and made her wear a coat of lies and pretend it was the truth.

But Betty doesn’t want to negotiate the truth anymore with Alice Cooper, she will take her punishment and weather the storm. Nothing else needs to be said.

“I’ll have the car back tomorrow Mom. We can talk then.”

And she hangs up the phone.

Jughead squeezes her hand and Betty looks over at him, his brow furrowed and face dark.

“Are you okay?” He asks.

“I’m okay.” Betty nods, “I wonder how long I’ll be grounded for. Although she might go full Rapunzel and lock me in a tower. It’s a good thing my hair is blonde.”

He smirks next to her and his face no longer looks troubled and grim. He wears that look too often these days, he has his own burdens to bear and Betty feels guilty for making him shoulder her own as well.

“Hair’s not long enough for me to climb up though.”

Shrugging lightly Betty laughs.

“Guess we’ll just have to keep using the ladder.”

They drive for a few more hours before their hunger compels them to pull off the highway and find the nearest diner and park the car. It doesn’t have the charm and nostalgia of Pop Tate’s but it’s open and contains a hot meal and they both decide it will have to suffice.

He sits next to her in the booth instead of across from her and Betty leans against his shoulder, feeling sluggish and sleepy, as though she were moving underwater.

Her mind has been consumed with thoughts for months of getting Polly to California, getting her and the baby to safety. There have been many nearly sleepless nights and days driven by coffee and granola bars and barely enough energy to function all to get where they are now.

Betty feels a special kind of weightless. She knows there will be endless fights waiting for her once she gets home but for now she is happy and tired and grateful all at once.

“What can I get you kids?”

Looking up from the menu she hasn’t really been studying Betty leans more of her weight on Jughead, prompting him to throw his arm behind her on top of the leather of the booth. It makes her feel safe and warm, the comforting smell of his soap and sheepskin coat enveloping her.

“I’ll have a burger and fries, and a coke. Betts?”

Betty shakes her head to clear her thoughts and stares up at the aging waitress with a kind smile.

“I’ll just have a BLT, thanks.”

The waitress writes down their orders and disappears with a scurry and Jughead turns his attention to Betty. His eyes rove over her face, as if checking for marks and Betty grabs onto the front of his coat and plays with the buttons there.

He doesn’t ask her anything, and she doesn’t feel the need to fill the silence. They are both content to let their eyes do the talking.

His hand comes up to cup her face and Betty leans in, feeling buoyed by his touch.

The light smile she gives him must tell him everything he needs to know as he smiles back at her and leans down to kiss her. It is just a press of his lips against hers, but it makes her heart race all the same. When she feels his tongue on her bottom lip she doesn’t hesitate to open up to him, slipping her hand up to the back of his neck and playing with the fine hairs she finds there.

It is only when they hear the sound of a throat clearing that they pull away and smile guiltily up at the waitress holding their food. She only smiles at them, mutters something about ‘young love’ before she leaves them in peace.

Betty glances at him slyly before they both tuck into their food, both of them ravenous after the stressful day’s events.

When they are both done eating he tosses his napkin on the plate and turns to her.

“We should get going, it’s still a long drive back.” He suggests and Betty reaches out and places her hand on his elbow to get him to look at her.

“It’s late, Juggie. We’re both tired. There’s a motel just up the road. Why don’t we just stay there for the night?”

She can see the shock and surprise on his face at her suggestion, it makes her cheeks flush.

“I mean -” He stutters and Betty finds herself grinning at him, Jughead, Riverdale’s resident writer, at a loss for words.

“-yeah, well, it’s just that I don’t think legally two sixteen year olds can just rent a room. We’re in California, not the backwoods of Arkansas.”

Betty lifts a shoulder and tilts her head in the way that he has come to associate with her having a few tricks up her sleeve.

Opening her purse she pulls out her wallet and hands him the license she has stowed inside.

“Polly gave it to me for safekeeping. Didn’t want anyone to stumble upon it, just in case. She’s eighteen.”

Eyebrows flashing upwards Jughead hands her back the license.

“Alright, then, let’s go.”

The parking lot of the motel they pull into looks as though it has been around since the invention of sliced bread and Betty wonders if the situation they’ve gotten themselves into is more Hitchcock or Kubrick but decides not to dwell on it. There is a ‘Vacancy’ sign lit up and that is all that matters to Betty.

She knows that Jughead is capable of driving back to Riverdale until the wee hours of the morning but her desires are selfish, and she wants to indulge in the fantasy that it is just the two of them for a bit while longer. While she can still ride her high of having Polly in the place she wanted to be.

Betty feels her heart race as they enter the lobby of the motel, the lights flickering above her revealing a bored looking man behind the wooden counter.

“Hi. We need a room for two, please. Just for the night.”

The middle-aged man barely blinks as he places a slip of paper in front of her and hands her a pen. Jughead is silent at her side but keeps his facial expression carefully concealed.

Quickly jotting down her information along with the license plate number Betty hands the sheet back and takes the keys from the man’s outstretched hand.

“It’s forty dollars for the night. Check-out is at eleven. You’re in room number eleven.”

Before she can make a move for her purse Jughead is placing the money on the counter and grabbing her hand and pulling her away.

“If we get murdered tonight, it’s all your fault Betty Cooper.”

The room is threadbare, but thankfully clean, Betty notes. A simple double bed is in the middle of the room and a drawer with a TV on top sits on the opposite side.

Placing her purse on the ground Betty watches Jughead awkwardly survey the room before turning around the face her and it hits her that this is the first time they’ve ever been truly alone together.

They’ve had moments with each other at school or in her room, while out for walks, or in Pop Tate’s but there’s always been the possibility of someone barging in or watching them.

But now they are truly in the middle of nowhere with no one around but them. They have, for the first time, the luxury of their own private space.

The thought sends both a thrill of excitement and fear through Betty, and she senses the same thing in Jughead.

Betty is the first to break the silence.

“I’m gonna take a shower, do you need the bathroom?”

He shakes his head before he sits down on the bed and kicks off his shoes.

“No, I’m good. It’s all yours.”

The hot water feels good on her tense muscles as Betty steps beneath the steady stream of the shower. The water pressure is surprisingly strong for a shady motel and she sighs in relief. She can hear the click of the TV turning on in the room beside her and she thinks about Jughead.

If someone had told her a year ago that she would leave her girlish fantasies of dating Archie Andrews behind in the dust in favor of his brooding best friend Jughead Jones she would have thought they were crazy. But he was here with her, and he had stood by her, sleuthing with her, acting in her defense while Archie Andrews worried about the high school talent show.

And things between them lately had been changing, even more than before. What had started off as an innocent romance had become filled with heady gazes and sexual tension. Rubbing the soap all over her body Betty feels her nerves spark at the simple touch before she turns off the shower and steps out.

She hasn’t brought pajamas with her, the intention had been to drop off Polly and drive straight back. She has no choice but to dry off and put her clothes from the day back on. But the shower has relaxed her, she feels more alert and refreshed.

Emerging from the bathroom and finger combing through the tangles in her hair she finds Jughead in a similar position from when she left him. Perched on the edge of the bed with his hands propped up behind him watching the TV his eyes quickly flash to hers.

The air between them is heavy and Betty feels it all at once. But she has nothing to hide from this man who has given her so many pieces of light in her highly fragmented life. It is not wrong to want him, to want to be with him.

They both have a chance at a sliver of happiness, of feeling complete. She has thought it many times before, that her desires are selfish. But not this, this she just wants.

She wants.

Pushing himself off the bed Jughead moves slowly to stand in front of her, his hand pushing through her damp hair and she sighs at the contact, closing her eyes briefly before opening them and staring up into his eyes.

He swallows thickly, “Betty.” He whispers, and it is so similar to the sound of his voice before their first kiss that she wonders briefly if she is stuck inside a memory.

He wants too. She can tell.

Closing the distance between them Betty places her hands on his chest and kisses him, the air vanishing from her lungs at the contact. Cupping her head and angling her against his mouth they both open to each other. She hears Jughead moan as their tongues tangle and the firm pressure of his full lips vibrate against hers and Betty swears she is in heaven at the taste of him.

They press tightly together until there is no space between them and Jughead drops his hands from her hair and runs them down the course of her back before coming to rest on her backside. Whining softly in the back of her throat Betty feels him dig his hands into the firm flesh he finds there.

It feels impossibly good and Betty wants more. He has miles and miles of skin that she has never touched or explored, the planes of his chest are firm under her hands and she wants to dig her nails in, try and get at his heart.

Gripping the flannel in front of her, Betty begins to slip the buttons through the holes before she is sliding her hands up to his shoulders and forcing the shirt off his shoulders. Breaking his grip on her he allows her to discard it on the ground. But it isn’t enough.

Breaking the kiss Betty looks up and grips the bottom of his t-shirt and looks up into his eyes for permission. Nodding slightly, Betty lifts the shirt and Jughead helps her remove it before tossing it across the room, his beanie falling off in the process.

She doesn’t think she has ever seen him like this before, looking so open and vulnerable with his hair tousled and head empty of his signature beanie. His chest is strong and broad. There is a dark trail of hair underneath his bellybutton and her fingers ache to follow it.

Placing her hands on his narrow waist Betty moves close and presses her lips against his chest, over his heart.

His hands come up from his sides and grips her neck. Trailing her lips up across his collarbones, up his neck, and under his chin she feels him breathing heavily against her.

Leaning down and pressing his forehead against hers Betty stops to breathe in the same air as him.

“I love you.”

The words tumble from his lips like a prayer, and when she pulls back, even though she can see the nervous vulnerability in his eyes she knows he means it.

“I love you, Jughead. So much.”

Betty sees his eyes flash with something dark before he is pulling into his arms and slanting his lips over hers in a desperate, passionate pursuit. He is stealing the breath away from her and she doesn’t ask for him to give it back.

Grabbing the hem of her shirt Jughead lifts it over her head. She has not put her bra back on after her shower and she stands before him completely bare from the waist up.

He lets loose a shaky sigh as he looks at her. With one hand on the back of her neck and the other on her stomach he brings their lips together again and Betty opens up her mouth to him again as he trails his hand up to her breast.

Her heart stutters in her chest and she feels a twinge in her groin when his hand fully envelops her breast. They both moan into each other’s mouth as he tests the weight of her in his palm. Her back arches against him and pushes herself more fully into his hand.

She can feel him, against her hip, and her heart races as she feels the moisture gather in between her legs.

It is all so new, she has no idea how to be touched or how to touch, all she knows is that she wants to touch him and be touched by him. So she lets herself be guided by intuition.

Her hands are roaming the broad length of his back while he places open-mouthed kisses on her neck, sucking marks onto the skin there when his hands move down to the button on her jeans.

Her hands pause on his back as he breathes into the heat of her neck and the question lingers between them.

He pulls away slowly and looks into her eyes before he lets out a sardonic chuckle. The heat between them dissipating for a moment.

“I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Sliding her hands into his hair she lets her nails scratch against his scalp in a soothing motion before she grins at him.

“Me neither. But I like it. I want you to keep going, if you do too. We can figure it out together.”

He nods once, his face serious, before he unbuttons her jeans and pulls down the zipper. The sound filling the space of the quiet room. Betty’s chest heaves as she helps him out of her jeans. He stares at the long length of her legs and the modest dark blue bikini cut of her underwear before he steps closer to her, placing his hands on her hips.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mutters, and Betty feels her heart race.

Betty gathers her courage and unbuttons his jeans, looking up at him as he swallows thickly, adam’s apple bobbing as she unzips his jeans. Her hands brush against his erection and he groans against her temple, hands grabbing onto her ass as he pulls the bottom half of their bodies together.

The fire that Betty feels spreading through her body intensifies as she pulls Jughead down to her and attaches her lips to his in a frenzied manner, unable to stop touching him, unable to get enough of his skin against her as their torsos meet for the first time.

They are both unable to prevent the downright sinister noises that escapes their lips at the feel of their bodies connecting. Betty can only wrap her arms around his muscular back and let him walk her back towards the bed.

When she feels the back of her knees hit the edge of the bed Betty disentangles herself from his loving grip and sits down on the bed and pushes herself back. She keeps her eyes on him the entire time, she enjoys watching the dark, lustful look in his eyes blossom and bloom.

She likes knowing that she is responsible for it.

Jughead’s knee comes up on the bed and he is chasing after her. She lies back against the bed and enjoys the feel of his long limbs tangling with hers. Somehow, in spite of the lack of physical activity, he is all sinew and strength.

Her legs instinctively fall open and he settles himself between them. Her legs tangle with his and she can feel his erection pressed against her. He has one forearm on the bed, propping himself up against her while the other comes up to cup her cheek.

His voice is deep and strained when he speaks.

“Are you sure Betty?”

She knows that they are both turned on right now, there is no getting around the desire she feels pooling in her lower stomach. But there is also fear too, she can’t deny that. But Betty knows that if she asked him, he would stop. He wouldn’t be mad, or bitter. They would put on their clothes and cuddle up and he would still love her and want whatever she wanted and vice versa.

She wants to take this step with him. After everything they’ve been through together. She wants him to be her first.

“I’m sure about you, Jughead.”

He releases a shaky breath, like it is everything he needs to hear before he leans down and presses them together. Betty lets out a groan at the feeling of his weight on top of her. Her mouth slants against his and their tongues duel and dance deliciously. He can’t help himself as he grinds them together, his hips moving against hers, his hand moving down against her backside, pressing her firmly against him.

It’s a move that has Betty seeing stars, as she pulls away from his lips and groans against the heat of his neck. Her hips move against him, pushing up as he angles himself down and he grunts against her collarbone where he is sucking marks onto her skin.

She’s never felt this with him before, the chaotic structure of their lives prevents them from it. Her parents, schoolwork, his living with Archie. They are all obstacles to their being together. But now that they are able, she finds she is wholly selfish, wanting to keep them like this forever.

His hand drifts from her backside to her hip and Betty leans into the touch. She combs her fingers through his hair as he lifts his head in question, asking for permission. Betty begins to pant as she closes her eyes and nods vigorously against him.

It is all the answer he needs as he slips his fingers underneath the elastic of her underwear. His fingers move past her curls until they stop at the wetness gathered between her thighs.

Letting out a throaty moan at the feeling of his fingers on her Betty’s fingers tighten in Jughead’s hair, tugging at the raven strands.

She hears him let out an uncharacteristic curse at the slick feeling of her, knowing he caused it, before he drags his fingers up and circle around her most sensitive spot.

Betty cannot help herself and lets out a strangled moan before her hips begin to move on their own.

“Juggie.” She murmurs, unable to believe the sensations running through her body. It is enough to make her nerves feel like they have been set on fire. Moving her hands from his hair to his back Betty grabs on for dear life as his fingers bring her closer and closer to a precipice she wants to jump off of.

Jughead cannot believe the image in front of him, chest heaving, eyes shut and head thrown back against the pillow Betty is an image of lust and passion and she is coming apart because of him. He cannot ignore her siren song and lowers his head against her chest, taking one dark pink nipple into his mouth and suckling.

He groans around her nipple when she sucks in a startled gasp at the sensation and digs her nails into the skin of his back. His fingers draw tighter and tighter circles against her until she is panting and whining and making desperate noises into his ear. It is nearly enough to drive him mad.

When he moves to pay attention to the other neglected nipple and sucks on the darkened areola he lets his teeth graze over it and it’s then that Betty makes a high keening noise in the back of her throat. Her thighs clench over his hand as she draws in a breath and her head falls back against the pillow.

Pulling his head back up he stares at her in amazement as she pants, her eyes half-open, looking at him, a sleepy smile playing around her lips.

He licks his dry lips and she pulls him into a soft kiss, sighing into his mouth.

He pulls back and stares down at her.

“Was it good?”

Letting out a breathy chuckle Betty pulls him down on top of her.

“Yeah. It was really good. You sure it’s your first time Forsythe?”

He furrows his brow at her use of his name before shaking his head.

“You know I’d tell you if it wasn’t.”

Betty’s eyes soften as she regards him.

“I know you would Jug. I know you.”

Jughead can feel his heart start beating faster as he looks down at her. The first girl he’s ever loved, the only girl he hopes to ever love.

The air shifts again from something lighter to one charged with sexual tension. Jughead begins to pant slightly as he stares down at her lips and brings them together once more. Moaning into his mouth Betty’s legs crawl up from beside him, feeling his erection pressed against her inner thigh. In a bold move she brings her hand down to his black briefs and passes her hand along the front of him, feeling him twitch and a moan get caught in the back of Jughead’s throat.

Slipping her hand beneath the elastic band she grips him in her hand and starts a tentative movement up and down. Panting heavily against her lips Jughead is unable to kiss her as she makes his eyes blur.

She can feel him, thick and long, and licks her lips at the thought of him hard and moaning because of her.

But she suddenly feels him pull back and sit back up on his haunches.

“-Is something wrong?” She asks, worried she has pushed him too much. But he only shakes his head and leans down to grip her underwear in his hands.

“Can I take this off?” His eyes are wild with lust and Betty leans back and lifts her hips in response, helping him remove the offending garment.

Naked and completely exposed Jughead stares at her as if she is something precious, something rare. He removes his own briefs and Betty stares at him for the first time, starting at the dark happy trail and moving down to the perfect pink length of him.

“Come ‘ere.” She murmurs and Jughead is happy to comply, fitting himself in between her legs for the first time without clothing. The pair groan at the contact and Betty wraps her arms around him tighter. Legs spreading wider to accommodate him Betty cannot believe the heavenly feel of him pressed against her slickness.

“Shit.” She hears Jughead say, “I don’t have anything.”

“It’s okay.” Betty is quick to reassure him, “I’m on the pill.”

He nods and lines himself up against her, staring into her eyes he looks for signs of hesitation but only sees her love and lust fuelled eyes staring back at him.

With a groan Jughead pushes into her heavenly heat, her tight walls gripping him and he drops his head to her chest as she inhales heavily. He stills for a moment, allowing her to adjust to him before he picks up his head.

“Are you okay?”

She nods her head before biting her lip and looking up at him. It isn’t particularly painful, just uncomfortable as she adjusts to his size.

She pulls him down into a heated kiss as he groans and pulls out before pushing back in, starting a gentle rhythm. Betty feels him steal her breath away again as the gentle rocking motion fills her with a fire she’s never felt before.

It is just the two of them in that small motel room, and Betty throws her head back against the pillow as Jughead’s motions become more confident. His lips assault her neck with kisses and bites and she knows tomorrow she will be covered in marks from his passionate assault.

His thrusts begin to pick up in tempo and Betty can feel the moans pouring from her, he is strong and sure inside of her and Betty is certain that she can never be without him. Not ever. Not with the way he looks at her as his hips angle and thrust particularly deep. Not when he whispers his affection and devotion into her ear as she grips his shoulders and trembles.

“Oh God, Jughead. Please.” She is desperate now, so close to the edge of something terrifying and profound and it is just out of her reach. It should be wrong to feel this good with the man she loves.

“I-I love you. So much.” He grits out in response, his hips stuttering and losing their rhythm. They are both close to the edge.

“What do you need?” He asks, his lips barely touching hers.

“I don’t know.” Betty mumbles, her head shaking back and forth as her chests brushes against his and she sighs, throwing her head back against the pillow at the onslaught of pleasure it brings her.

“Touch me, please. Please.” She begs.

Jughead can’t take his eyes off of her as she shakes and moans beneath him. She is a goddess in her own right. He grips the back of her neck with one hand while the other snakes between them. Touching her breasts he squeezes and fondles them before dropping his lips and sucking the tender flesh into his mouth, his hips continue to piston into her wet heat and the sounds she makes are so mouth-wateringly sinful he groans around the areola in between his lips.

But he needs to look at her, he picks up his head as his hand seeks out the bundle of nerves above where they are connected and draws tight circles around them like before and he can sense the change in her.

“Look at me.” He demands, anxious to see her eyes, to know that she is there with him.

Her face looks as though she is in pain even though he knows she is far from it. Her brow furrowed and her mouth open she is wanton. Her cries gaining in volume.

With one last deep thrust she is falling apart around him, he feels her clench around him and he cries out her name as their orgasm pushes them both over the edge of oblivion.

Dropping onto her chest he hears her shaky breath and lingering moans as she comes down from her high. Her hands sneak into his hair and she pushes back the sweaty locks from his forehead before kissing it.

Eyes closed tight he tries to catch his breath, still feeling as though he is floating.

It would be very easy for him to fall asleep like this but he worries that he is crushing her, and so he pulls out of her and collapses on the bed next to her.

She is quick to pull herself into his arms and he wraps them around her as she sprawls out against his chest.

“That was…” Betty starts, still out of breath.

“Amazing. Incredible. Mind-blowing. Sublime.” He supplies with a lazy grin on his face.

Pressing her face into his chest he feels the vibrations of her giggles and turns to kiss her forehead.

Lifting her head he stares down at her. He is not sure what she sees in him, he is a bit of a disaster if he’s honest with himself. But she helps him remember who he is, and who he wants to be. And he does the same for her. Or at the very least he tries to.

His face is serious and Betty lifts a hand to smoothe out the furrow in between his brows.

“What’s going on in that brain of yours?”

He shakes his head, the same way she had done to him outside of his father’s trailer when they went to confront FP about Jason’s involvement in the Serpent’s drug ring.

“I love you, Betty Cooper. I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you.”

Her eyes mist over as she leans up and presses her lips against his, taking his bottom lip in between hers gently.

“I love you too. Please, don’t ever let me go, okay?”

He nods and gathers her closer in his arms. He knows he never will. If someone has to go, he knows it will have to be her. He is incapable of making that decision. She will always be the light to his darkness, even when she can’t be the light.

Betty pulls him impossibly closer as she begins to drift off to sleep. Tomorrow they will wake up and begin the long drive back to Riverdale. Back to the judgment of their parents, and the Sheriff. Back to the town filled with dilemma and drama and endless accusations. It is almost an insufferable place to be, and she knows it won’t be easy.

But so long as she has him by her side, she knows they are capable of overcoming anything.

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Wayhaught getting time away to relax together

“Waves, you gotta relax,” Nicole couldn’t help but smile at her girlfriend shifting nervously in the passenger seat of her car. “Wynonna and Dolls will be fine for one night.” 

Waverly sighed, “I know, I know.” The young girl stared out the window and watched the trees rushed past her as they drove down the expressway. “It’s just…” 

Waverly turned to face Nicole and put her hand on the red head’s thigh. “What if Wynonna needs me to help her research? What if the tap breaks at Shorty’s again? What if-” 

Nicole gave a short laugh and put her hand over Waverly’s on her lap. “What if the earth opens and swallows Purgatory?” Waverly’s eyes widened, she hadn’t even thought of that. 

Nicole rolled her eyes playfully and gave Waverly’s hand a squeeze. “Everything is going to be fine.” She assured the worried Earp. “We finally get a night without people trying to kill us. Let’s enjoy it.” Nicole smiled at Waverly and turned down the side road that lead to the Bed and Breakfast she had booked weeks ago. 

She had wanted to surprise Waverly with a night away from the chaos. Ever since they had gotten together Nicole felt like the luckiest person in the world. Waverly was caring, loving, and so supportive. It was more than Nicole could have ever wanted. She just hoped she could make Waverly feel as amazing as she felt being with her. 

“We’re here.” Nicole smiled, moving her hand so she could pull into the quaint little building surrounded by colorful flowers. 

“It’s beautiful.” Waverly’s face brightened as she saw the beautiful cottage that Nicole had taken them to for the night. 

“Not as beautiful as you,” Nicole parked the car and leaned over to kiss Waverly softly. She pulled away slowly. “But it will do.” She smiled sweetly and gave her a lingering kiss. 

Twist of Fate

Hi, all! I want to start off by saying holy cannoli how did I get over 100 notes and 20+ followers on my first writing ever. Seriously, that’s incredible, thank you! This is my second piece, based on a text post I saw once on Instagram. I can’t find the exact post anywhere, but if you recognize it during the story and let me know where I can find it, I’ll credit the user. This is a Michael one, which is weird because I never read Michael stuff. Regardless, hopefully this one goes well too. Enjoy!

Summary: Michael isn’t having the best day, and it only gets worse when he embarrasses himself in front of a cute girl at the bus stop. However, when a twist of fate brings them together, Michael’s day becomes a little bit brighter.

Words: 1k+

Warning: Some foul language because, well, it’s Michael.

Michael let out a sigh, pressing the side of his head against the cool glass of the bus window. Music blared in his ears as he watched the streets and buildings and people fly past, blurring into one big swirl of greys and browns. It was a long day, and he wanted nothing more than to get home to his apartment, take off his pants, order a pizza, and spend the rest of the night glued to the TV.

The bus suddenly came to a halt at one stop, causing Michael’s head to slam painfully against the window with an unceremonious thunk. “Fucking hell,” he muttered angrily, pressing his hand to the pounding spot. He wouldn’t be surprised if he woke up tomorrow with an egg on his head. Just his luck.

To make matters worse, when Michael risked a glance out the window, he noticed a cute girl staring back at him, a slight smirk on her face and amusement sparkling in her eyes. She was wearing earbuds as well.

Michael managed a weak, awkward smile, albeit screaming internally. The bus doors slid open, and the people at the stop began piling on. The girl, however, did not. He assumed she was waiting for another bus. But then he realized that her lips were moving, and she hadn’t broken eye contact with him. Michael frowned at her, and then she seemed to lip sync slower, holding up her phone and turning the screen on. She pointed at her earbuds next, and Michael felt like they were playing some kind of weird charades.

“What are you listening to?” Michael finally concluded, his eyes widening in realization. He had honestly forgotten that he even had earbuds in, but clicked his screen on and glanced at the album cover that shone up at him. He turned to face the girl and pressed his phone to the window. He figured she wouldn’t recognize the song, but that was okay. She was just curious.

To his surprise, however, the girl’s jaw dropped and her face lit up. She frantically showed him her own screen and Michael couldn’t help but let out a laugh—they were listening to the same song!

Then the bus doors slid closed, and Michael felt a surprising wave of disappointment wash over him, though he wasn’t quite sure why. Sure the girl was cute, and sure she seemed to have good music taste, but in all fairness, Michael barely knew her.

The bus jumped into a start and he looked back out the window, only to realize that the girl was nowhere to be seen. What the hell? he thought to himself, until the bus jerked into another stop, causing him to hit his head once more. “Jesus fuck!” he said, a bit louder this time. A few people shot him weird glances but he didn’t care, simply rolling his eyes. He figured someone must’ve rushed onto the bus and he felt an irrational sense of bitterness toward them for probably giving him a concussion.

Michael’s train of thought changed when he felt a body drop into the seat beside him and he turned to face them, startled and about to glare as he plucked one earbud out. But he realized that it wasn’t a stranger, not technically. It was the girl from the bus stop. She was looking at him with a smile on her face, and he couldn’t help but return it, slightly confused. “Hi?” he said, but it came out more like a question than a greeting. The bus gave a lurch as the driver hit the gas.

“How’s your head?” the girl asked, and he liked her voice a lot.

“I, uh… it… I mean, well it's—it’s been better,” he stammered. Goddammit, why was he always so awkward around pretty girls? At least Calum was a lot smoother, and Ashton had those stupid dimples that had girls fawning over him. Hell, even Luke did better than Michael did. Stupid. The girl interrupted him from his little fit of self-hatred by letting out a breathy chuckle.

“Interesting choice in music,” she told him, nodding at the phone in his hand.

This time, Michael grinned. “I could say the same to you.” He mentally sent a thank you to the universe for finally being on his side.

“Ever seen them in concert?” the girl asked, referring to the band.

“Unfortunately, no,” Michael replied. “But, uh. I’m saving money. For tickets, I mean. I think they’re coming around next year. In the winter. Or maybe spring.” Ramble, ramble, ramble. He couldn’t stop mentally cringing. Why was he like this? The girl didn’t seem to mind, though, instead fixating him with an amused smile.

“Well, maybe we could go together.”

Michael almost punched himself in the face. She was so… forward. And he wasn’t used to girls showing interest in him right off the bat; usually it was the other guys who got the most attention. As weird as it was, he kind of liked it. “Yeah. Yeah, totally. That would be… cool,“ he replied, running a hand through his hair anxiously.

The girl nodded. “Alright. Sounds good. Why don’t you give me your phone and I’ll put my number in? That way we’ll be able to communicate over these potential tickets.”

Holy shit. Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit. Michael tried not to let his hands shake as he handed her his phone, watching as she entered her contact info. He got the chance to admire her as she focused, chewing on her lower lip as she typed. She was really, really pretty, and Michael couldn’t tell if he was dreaming or not.

“Alright, we’re all set,” she told him, handing his phone back. Michael felt his cheeks flush when he realized that she may have just caught him staring. She said nothing though, and continued to speak. “Long day. It’s getting cold.”

“Tell me about it,” Michael agreed, and the conversation went from there. The two of them talked for the entirety of the bus ride, about everything from music to food to movies. Michael almost wasn’t even convinced this girl was real, and if he wasn’t a believer in love at first sight before, he certainly was now.

In the traditional fashion of the natural world, however, all good things must come to an end. After about twenty minutes of getting to know each other, Michael’s stop had arrived. Shoulders heavy with disappointment, he rose from his seat and bid the girl farewell. She waved in response and told him she looked forward to talking soon. Michael got butterflies just thinking of it.

It wasn’t until after he got off that Michael realized he still didn’t even know her name. Scrolling through his contacts, he found one he had never seen before. Y/N, it read, with a musical note emoji. Awesome name for an awesome girl, he thought as he smiled to himself. And with that, Michael put his earbuds back into place and made his way home.



Anansi’s Goatman Story

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Edited slightly from the original thread to improve grammar and flow.

Here’s my story:

>be 16
>be black and have family down in Alabama
>they farm and own a huge amount of land down in Huntsville
>uncle owns a big house and a bunch of trailers they put out in the woods for hunting or camping
>down south cousins suggest that we go out there to camp
>know I’m a city kid from Chicago so they tease the fuck out of me
>collect food, kill a pig and some chickens, and bring necessities to camp out for a few days
>we get to the camp and it’s obvious something is weird
>air has this weird electric smell like right before a storm, like ozone
>we think nothing of it and unpack and go down to a little creek to swim for a few hours
>All of a sudden some older white guy and a white teenager come out of the bushes
>he has a shotgun in the crook of his arm and says hello and ask us what we’re doing this far back in the woods
>tell him about my uncle, who he knows, and say we’re camping out
>he tells us we need to be real careful out here and stick together there was a big animal in the woods
>His son, who is my age asks if he can stay and hang out with us
>he says OK

I’m going to stop greentexting because the story is fairly long and the format is harder to write in.

So we end up playing football. Dicking around with me, there’s the white kid “Tanner”, five of my cousins, and then four of their friends. In total, there were five girls and six boys. We all were around 15-17.

We ended up just dicking the day away. So, we head back to the camp and pulling out some stuff for a campfire, even though the trailers both had kitchenettes. Tanner says that his family’s property sits up against my uncle’s. He wants to run home and ask his dad if he can come out camping with us. My cousin Rooster says he’s going to go with him since it’s going to get dark soon. One of the girls also wants to tag along.

It’s about 7 o'clock, and it’s starting to get pretty dark. They take flashlights and take the trail toward Tan’s property. The rest of us chill. We make smores, drink and kiss on the girls.

About thirty or forty minutes later, there’s the smell of ozone again. You could smell it over the smell of the fire we had started. This really nasty, coppery smell like right after you’ve had a nosebleed and it’s stopped. It wasn’t exactly like dried blood, but it was that nasty metallic, back-of-your-throat smell.

We immediately think that it’s some kind of electrical malfunction, or someone left a hotplate on or some shit. We search the trailers and nothing is on, and we can all smell it. All of a sudden, we can hear people booking down the path toward us, and Rooster, Tan and the girl all come running into the clearing, out of breath. And they don’t even break stride; they all run into the trailer, right by where the fire is.

We all get the fuck outta there and into the trailers. They end up calming down; even Rooster is crying his fucking eyes out at this point. All the while, the fire is guttering lower and lower, so my other cousins say fuck it and are about to go outside to get the generator out of a shed between the trailers.

Tanner goes, “Fuck no! Lock the front door, ain’t nobody else going outside!” He’s been crying too, and his eyes are bloodshot and puffy and his pants are dirty as shit.

He goes on to tell us that they went up to his house. His father said sure, he could go out camping, but to make sure they were careful on the way back, and that maybe they should take one of the hunting rifles just in case.

Evidently, Tanner had seen something in their yard a few days before. One of their pigs had come up, ripped up and half eaten. They assumed it was just some big cats or coyotes, even though they don’t usually fuck with live animals.

He had gone upstairs and packed his stuff, and told his dad they would be OK without the rifle because coyotes avoid people. So they started walking back toward where we were camping.

So, Rooster finally stops crying and shaking; the girl already had, but she was just staring out the window with a dumb look on her face. He says they had gotten halfway into the woods toward the camp when they started to hear shit in the forest. It was almost pitch black by this time, so they weren’t sure at first what the fuck it was. The girl says that she heard something in the bushes right off the trail and they all beamed their flashlights over there and there was someone standing back in the woods in a little hollow. Rooster said they shouted at him and told him that he was scaring the fuck out of them and what a dick he was.

He says that’s when he realized that the guy was facing away from them. So they keep walking, and they start smelling the nasty coppery ozone smell. They say that they look off into the forest on the opposite side, and it’s a dude standing in the forest, backward slightly closer to the path.

So now they start powerwalking and Tan keeps going, “I should have taken the fucking rifle.”

As they’re telling the story, the smell is still super strong even inside the cabin.

They say that after they started walking faster, a kind of low gibbering had started coming from both sides of the wood. And as they started booking it back to the trailer, the girl said she had flashed her flashlight out into the woods to the side of them and had seen something jerking itself through the woods. The gibbering just got louder and louder, and when they could see the light from our camp fire, something had come out of the woods about 40 yards behind them onto the track, and they had just flat out ran as hard as they could to the trailer.

So we’re out in the fucking woods, and we’re assuming at this point it’s some rednecks or some shit trying to fuck with us.

All of a sudden, my other cousin, Junior, starts going on about how he went to school with a native kid that was telling him about the ‘Goatman’ or some shit. We promptly tell him to shut the fuck up because we don’t need any spooky talk right now.

But he just keeps going on and on about how it’s the fucking 'Goatman,’ and how we’re in his woods and blah blah blah. Now at the time, I had never heard of this goat man or any of that, but then a couple years ago – the year before I graduated from college – I had a Menom for a roommate and I ended up asking him about it. And to sum it up, it’s basically a fucking man with the head of a goat and he can shape shift and he gets among groups of people to terrorize them. It’s also supposed to be kind of like the Wendigo, and it’s bad mojo to even talk about it and even worse if you see it.

Keep in mind, I didn’t know this back when I was sixteen. So my cousin is going, “The goat man’s going to get in and fucking get us.” The girls are all terrified and my cousins and I are all fucking trying to figure out if it’s just some hillbillies or if it’s some animal.

So all of a sudden the smell just goes away. Like to this day, I haven’t even experienced anything like it. Like, usually smells fade away or lessen. It just literally was there one second and then not the second.

So it’s after an hour, making it around 9 or 10. We’ve stopped shitting bricks enough to go back outside and stoke the fire again. We figure it was just some assholes trying to fuck with us, so we don’t go back home, because we think if we do, they’ll chase us through the woods or some crazy shit.

Nothing else weird happens that night. And we stay another night, and for the main part of the night nothing happens. At about 1 in the morning, we’re outside getting drunk and telling ghost stories. As someone is finishing some 2spooky story – I don’t remember what about – the smell comes back. It’s so fucking strong, that one of the girls literally starts vomiting.

I stand up, and you can actually feel how clammy the air is. I say we should get inside and this isn’t right; we should have just fucking left.

We all go back inside, and we’re standing around. My cousin just keeps going on about how it’s the goat man. And my cousin Rooster tries to shut him the fuck up, and all the while I’m just feeling that something is wrong, and I can’t figure out what the fuck it is.

We end up sitting in there for a while; the smell is just as strong, and we’re terrified and all huddled in this camper. We end up cooking brats for everybody because nobody wants to go outside. It’s one of those packs with 4 brats. We have a total of 3 packs. I grill them up on the stove and give everybody a hot dog. I get mine. After a while, one of my cousins gets up and goes over to the pot to get another one.

He starts grumbling about about how I get two brats and everybody else only got one, and I look at him like he’s fucking stupid. I tell him that everybody only got one because there were only 12 brats, if he wants more he should open up a new pack and cook some more.

That’s when the girl that had been out with Rooster and Tan just starts screaming, “OH JESUS, OH LORD, GET IT OUT!” She’s crying and shivering, and then it dawns on the cousin standing up what the fuck is wrong. Me and him both glance around the room, and then I feel my heart fucking sink. I run the fuck out of the cabin and the girl runs out with us. The trailer door is banging against the side of the trailer as everybody books out of the cabin.

One of my cousin’s friends ask us what the fuck was wrong. I start counting us. There’s only 11 now.

“I shit you not,” my cousin verified. There had been twelve people in the cabin. But being that everybody didn’t really know each other well, nobody had really noticed the whole fucking time that there was an extra person. And then I realized earlier that I had kind of noticed something was off. You know how when you’re just dicking around having a good time that you don’t sweat the smallest shit, and you don’t always keep track of certain stuff? I’m dead sure that someone else had been in the trailer with us, and that they had been there for at least a fucking day, eating with us. What makes it worse is, I could figure out which one because I don’t think anyone ever actually interacted with the other person/the Goat-man.

The girl kept praying to Jesus and we’re all sitting outside; eventually we get big-ass sticks and go back in the cabin, but there’s nobody in there. We count again, and there’s 11 people. We go back into the trailer and lock the door. We explain what the fuck happened, and the girl says that she realized too, and that when he was about to say something, the person sitting next to her had grabbed her leg hard and leaned over toward her and said something she couldn’t understand.

So we are pretty much scared as fuck as we huddle together, and I fall asleep. When I wake up, the sun is just coming up, and half the people are asleep and the other half are packing our shit up.

We all want to walk back home, but like 4 people want to stay until the sun is all the way up. And some people think that we’re just fucking around and still want to stay at the trailers. I just want to get the fuck out of the woods.

The girl’s name was Keira, the one that the Goat-man had touched. Anyway, I asked her if she really thinks it was something bad, and she says she just wants to go home and she doesn’t want to be out in the woods alone for another night.

So we decide to split up; the 4 that want to go can go, but I have to stay because I have the keys to the cabin and it’s my uncle’s and I have to lock up. I’m super pissed at this point, because I feel like people aren’t taking this shit seriously, and I definitely didn’t want to be out in the woods for another night. I spend the rest of the day trying to convince the rest of the people – now 4 girls and 4 guys – to get the fuck out of dodge. Tanner leaves with them to go get a rifle and says he’s going to be back. So there are just 7 of us left by 4 PM.

At around 5 PM he hasn’t made it back yet, and we’re getting extremely fucking antsy, and the only reason I stopped begging them to go back was because he went to get a gun.

it’s about 5:30 PM or so, when the one cousin that did stay says that the girl Keira is outside. We all look outside, and sure enough, she’s standing by the firepit with her back to the cabin.

I’m thinking to myself, if she was so fucking scared, why the hell would she come back? And then I get this nasty feeling in my gut. Keep in mind, the whole time the coppery smell has been gone. Now I realize I can smell just a twinge of it.

I say this to the rest of them and everybody – and these are the people that wanted to stay in the fucking woods after we had the goddamn Goatman in our midst – is laughing at me and asking if I set this up to scare them.

I’m looking at them like, “I’m not fucking bullshitting you at all right now.” I ask them why the fuck would I play like that? So one of the girls goes outside to get Kiera. She gets halfway to her and stops cold. Keira starts heaving; I don’t know how the fuck to describe it. Sort of like if someone with their back turned was laughing without actually making any sound. It was this fact that made me realize there was not a fucking sound in the whole woods; it was dead silent.

This was like later in September, so it was still fairly hot at the time, but it was super chilly some days too. And you could usually hear big-ass geese honking or some kind of birds or squirrels chitchatting.

So I step out the door and tell her to come back in the fucking trailer right goddamn now.

She backs up into the trailer and we lock the fucking door. We pull down all the shades except one, and put a guy there in a chair to watch her. She stands there for another 20 minutes or so. The guy turns to say that she’s still there. And there’s a HUGE fucking bang on the door.

We all jump the fuck up and scramble around the living room of the trailer. The banging is super fucking loud.

So now my cousin is holding one of the girls and the other two are kinda giggling with nervous laughter and me and the other two guys are shitting brix.

Then we hear Tan. He’s screaming.


So we go over to the door and open it, and he stumbles in with a rifle. There’s nobody else outside.

Evidently, he had walked up to the campsite. Nothing weird happened in the forest, but he had seen a girl. Mind you, he said it was not Keira standing there. When he had gotten to the edge of the clearing, she had turned toward him with the slackjawed look and just stared him down, slowly tracking him as he walked around the outside of the clearing towards the camp. He said it wasn’t till he was almost halfway to the trailer he had realized that she was getting closer to him. She had started off by the fire, and without him even seeing her move she had been turning, inching closer. He said he just ran the rest of the way back to the cabin thinking it would open. And when he got to the door and it was locked, he turned and it was about half the distance to the door.

He looks around the room and then gets super pale. He pulls me to the side and whispers in my ear, “You know there are only seven of us in here, right?” I get that feeling where you stomach drops to your nuts. It had been back inside the trailer while we were sorting out who was going where, and then when we all went outside to talk earlier in the day. It has just slipped right back in.

We looked out the window and there is nobody out there. So we recount everyone and then basically, I go over and ask everyone how many people were here earlier. And everybody says 8. I say, “Well, how many are here now?” They all do the count and then realize there are only now 7 people in the cabin.

So Tan had brought back a couple boxes of ammo and his rifle. And he had told his dad that there was some kind of animal in the forest because he didn’t think his dad would believe him if he said it was Goatman. He says that his cousin is supposed to be coming down in a few hours and that in the morning we can all go back to his place and his cousin will drive us home.

Now I’m really fucking terrified, but I at least feel better because we can be American and shoot the fuck out of whatever it is if it comes back. But then my cousin gets into this huge argument with one of the girls because she thinks that I’m trying to be funny and prank them, and that she’s getting really scared and that I’m not funny. He keeps telling her I’m not that kind of person, and she says, “Well, how do we know the girl wasn’t just Tanner in a wig? Or if it’s really the Goatman, how do we know that this is the real Tanner and that Goatman just didn’t kill Tanner in the woods and take his gun?”

So we fucking get into a huge argument about this, where me and Tan are like, “we could seriously be in danger because at the very least someone has been sneaking themselves into our fucking trailer without us knowing and mingling with us, and at worst, something bad is in the forest fucking with us.”

One of the girls is crying and saying she wants to go right now, and we’re trying to tell her we shouldn’t because none of us are walking through the woods in the middle of the night. At this point the sun is starting to go down and it’s getting a little cloudy out.

We eat something and turn on the radio for a while, but we can’t really get a station out there with anything decent. So we turn it off at about the time that Tan’s cousin shows up. He was like 19, I think. At this point, the sun is just barely over the horizon and he has one of those heavy duty lantern flashlights and another rifle. He walks up to the trailer and we whisper to Tan asking if he’s sure that’s his cousin and he says yes.

The guy looks behind him and all around the camp, then walks in. He kind of glances at all of us and looks a little confused.

He says, “Where’s your other little buddy at? I figured she would meet me up at the cabin. Is she a little slow or something?” He also asked whether we had been cooking blood in the cabin, because it smelled like blood and hot pans all the way up the trail. We are all like fucking “NOPE.” But we ask him what the fuck he’s talking about with the girl he saw.

He had come down the same trail Tan had been using and he had come up on “one of youse guy’s buddies” standing in the middle of the trail, looking at him slack jawed. He had asked her a bunch of questions, but all she did was just look at him. Then, she smiled at him and he said he kept walking. She couldn’t seem to keep up with him and kept lagging a little behind him. He said he asked her if she was hurt or something, and if she needed any help. But, she had continued to stare. Eventually, he had been walking and turned around a bend in the trail. But when he turned around and went back to see if she was okay, the trail was empty. He’d assumed she had taken some short cut through the woods to our trailer.

We tell him the whole story of what’s been going on. I half expected him to say we were full of shit, but he just listened and then sat down on the couches in the living room.

Tanner’s cousin gets back to the girl. He says, when she had kept trying to lag behind him, it had kinda weirded him the fuck out, so he tried to keep her in front of him, but no matter how slow he walked, she was always lagging a little behind. And that he smelled this nasty smell, and it got stronger as he got to the camp. Eventually it got really strong. She had said something really low that he didn’t catch, and when he had turned around she had been right the fuck up on him, and he stepped back from her.

It was at this point he asked her if she was okay, and if she wasn’t, him to carry her back the rest of the way, and she just kept staring. He said he reached out for her, as in to grab her on the shoulder, but he must have “misjudged the distance” because she was off to the side of where he had put his hand, like she had moved while he was looking dead at her.

So at this point, we know this shit’s real, unless Tan is playing a joke, which we can tell he’s not because he’s almost pissing his pants.

So they load up their rifles, we eat some more, and we just kind of sit around until about 11. To this fucking day, every time I think about this, I really pray to God that it’s some huge prank that my cousins played on me and just never revealed so I would shit for the rest of my life.

At 'round 11, the stink of copper turns into an actual nasty gross blood-like smell, like cooking blood and singed hair. Tan and his cousin, Reese, get the fuck up instantly and grab the rifles.

There’s like a half-knocking, half-clawing at the door, and I shit you not, there’s this voice, and it sounds like when you see those YouTube cats and dogs whose owners teach them how to “talk.” It says in this halting, weirdly toned voice, “Let me the fuck in, stop fucking playing.”

It made my fucking nuts creep up against my body, and one of the girls just starts crying and calling on Jesus.

It was so fucking obviously not a person talking. It didn’t have the right cadence, and that’s some shit that I never realized until that moment, but all people have a certain cadence when they talk, no matter what language. All people have a certain kind of rhythm to talking.

This shit didn’t have any kind of cadence or rhythm. One of those YouTube cats, that’s what the fuck it sounded like outside the door. So now I’m in full on terror mode. We keep yelling outside “Who is it? Stop fucking around man!” and it just keeps saying, “in” or “Let me the fuck in” for almost 15 minutes.

It sounded like this almost, just not funny. Sorry for being on a tangent, but if you can’t imagine how this shit sounded, then you can’t imagine how fucked up the whole situation was.

So then the smell goes away for a while. And for the next hour or so, you can hear someone basically creeping around in the woods and shit. Every couple minutes it’ll come back into the door, and say something.

Finally when the smell fades away, it’s around 2 in the morning right now. Reese says, “Man, fuck this!” and opens the door and walks outside with his rifle.

He fires a shot into the air, and says something to the affect of, “In the name of Jesus Christ, go away!” He fires two more times, and then from the woods right up against the river across from the trailer, it sounds like something is slowly jibbering and hooting.

Then it starts screaming and it sounds almost like a woman and a cat in a bag screaming together. Like I seriously have never heard any shit like that, and you can hear the brush over that way start to shake, Reese fires over into the treeline and then starts backing into the house.

We lock the door, and we can hear this shit keening and screaming. Reese says something had come out of the bushes, super low to the ground and crawling toward the cabin. He had shot at it.

Pretty much, that was how the rest of the night went; it was literally screaming constantly for the next 2 hours, and we could hear shit moving out into the treeline. But it never came back up to the cabin until everyone had finally fallen asleep.

Tan had been sitting in the chair watching the door with his rifle; nobody else heard or saw this, and he told me two days later, after the whole thing was over.

He said he had been nodding off after the screaming and noises finally stopped, and he had been almost asleep when he saw someone come out of the bathroom and then lay down in the middle of the floor and go to sleep. He just assumed it was one of us and he had nodded off.

Then he said he kind of realized something was wrong, and while pretending to be sleeping, he counted us. There were 9 people in the cabin. He basically didn’t want to try to shoot at the fucking thing in the cabin and have it kill us all then and there, or have Reese wake up and start shooting and then we kill ourselves. So he just stayed awake all night, pretending to be asleep.

He said sometimes, it would stand up and kind of do this weird jittery thing, or heave like it was laughing. But then it would lay back down.

The story closes pretty weak, because from my perspective nothing happened. We woke up. And I noticed that Tan was a little jittery, and that he was avoiding looking at all of us. But we ate some breakfast, packed up and started walking to his house. He stayed last in the cabin and said he’d lock up and bring me my uncle’s keys; to just start walking and he’d catch up. Which I didn’t really want to fucking do.

We got a little bit up the path, and when he came running up, basically we just jogged back to his house. His cousin took us home.

There was a window in the bathroom. Tan had gone back to lock up and looked in there. We were too stupid to lock a screenless window. The window was fucking up when he went in there.

I’m guessing it had been doing that all along, waiting for us to fall asleep or slip up and then getting in among us. It walked with us all the Goddamn way back to his house, and then he said it lagged to the back of the group and looked him dead in the eyes before walking into the woods.