girl staring out the window

SasuSaku headcanon #3

Sakura didn’t really like Sasuke because of just his looks.

She’d spent years with him in the academy. He was sullen, quiet, mysterious and a prodigal child. She didn’t like him then, she was scared of him. He’d never smile, always stare out the window, and ignore the many girls, including her best friend Ino, vying for his attention.

It was when she was 6, she had been dragged by her mother to help her grocery shopping. It was there she saw him with another boy, taller and with prominent tear-tracks running down from his eyes down his cheeks, looking lovingly at Sasuke.

She saw Sasuke, grinning at his “nii-san”, animatedly pointing to every variety of tomato there was and demanding “I want that one. And that one. And that one.”

He’d turned to see her watching him, and given her a glare, and she’d hidden behind her mother shyly.

But he didn’t fool her anymore. She’d seen him for what he was, not an Uchiha, not a prodigy, but just a boy, who loved his tomatoes, and loved his elder brother even more.

Whenever she ran out of chakra while training, whenever she wanted to give up on her medical ninjutsu, she remembered that little boy. She wanted that boy to smile again.

She had fallen in love with that boy.

Crushing, Guitaring and Dangling: A Psychosquad Fam Fic

The Moom wanted another fic, so i did it. @general-dad i hope you and the rest of the family enjoy it!!

General Dad held back a tired sigh as yet another child ran their hands through his hair.
“Soft…” The child giggled happily.

“Yes, yes it is. Dad needs a drink, okay kid?”

The child nodded, climbing down from their place on General Dad’s knee.

When he entered the kitchen, he was greeted by the sight of Dingus Maximus staring lovingly out of the window. “Thinking about that girl?” He asked, starting to make his well needed coffee.

“Yeah.” She said.

“Good luck with that one kiddo.” General Dad took the newly brewed cup and raised it to his lips.

Just before he could enjoy it, a loud cry sounded. ‘What now?’ General Dad thought to himself before making his way to the source of the sound.

In the living room, he found Thunder-Sheep and Springled sitting on the couch.

“Why can’t I get this chord right?” Thunder-Sheep whined, placing the guitar down and pouting.

“Awe don’t worry,” Springled smiled, patting her sibling on the shoulder. “It’ll be fine, it just takes time.”

“Don’t worry child,” General Dad walked over and kneeled before the children. “You’ll get it with enough practice.”

“Thanks dad.” Thunder-Sheep nodded, a new sense of confidence washing over them.

“Dad!!!” The Moom shouted from outside, calling his attention.

“Good luck guitaring.”

When General Dad arrived by his child’s side, he immediately asked what the problem was. “SquishSqosh is hanging from the window.”

Slowly, General Dad raised his head, sure enough, a small SquishSquosh was dangling from the ledge.

“Why are my kids like this? Alright, Moom, i want you to go and get Springled. Tell her she’s going to be doing a lot of bouncing for a while.”

Pair: dean x reader

Warning: swearing, bullying and some angst.

Requested by onlygodcanjudgeme-sh


It was a long drive to a case you and the boys were asked to help with. Jo and some other hunters needed anyone they could get.

And of course, where there is a case, the winchesters will be there. Which was fine, but you had to spend an entire night with Jo. Which only meant small remarks and bashing about your weight. Something you dreaded.

“Come on y/n. Don’t act like that. At least you won’t be the only girl there.” Sam stammered.

You rolled your eyes and stared out the window. If only they knew the truth behind it all. Then maybe they’d understand.


“Took you long enough!” Jo yelped as she made her way to the boys.

As her eyes hit you, she let out a soft snarl and returned her gaze back to Dean.

“Hey handsome.” She smirked, pulling him in.
“Hey Jo.” He exhaled.

“So what’s the plan?” Sam asked.

Jo called the other guys over and began to explain everything.

“So this house is surrounded by Vamps. There’s a small opening near the basement. Dean and I can get through it. Sorry y/n, we all know you can’t fit, so you are going to wait by the cars. Just in case any vamps come by.” She flashed you her fake smile and batted her eyes to seem as if she were truly being kind.

“Bull shit. Why do I have to wait behind? I’m just as good as every-”

“So it’s settled. Everyone knows what they’re doing right?” She cut you off.

You felt your anger build up and honestly, all you wanted to do was beat her ass.

But one look from dean, and it all went away.

“We will be back soon. I promise. I’ll call you if I need anything ok?” He pressed his lips to your forehead. Something you loved but hated at the same time.

You were in love with Dean, and though you were best friends, you were sure he only saw you as a sister. And you blamed you weight for it.


You stayed behind as the group went out to search around the house.

Sam, Dean and Jo stayed together as the other men went through an opened window.

“I don’t like leaving y/n behind.” Dean muttered, climbing down into the basement.

“Yea, she should be here with us.” Sam stated.

“And what? Ruin our plan. I’m sure the vamps can hear her a mile away every time she walks.” Jo scoffed.

Dean clenched his jaw shut, and wanted to tear her a new one, but she was family.

“Come on. She’s a great hunter.” Sam exhaled.

“Yeah ok.” She rolled her eyes.

Dean and Sam shared a glance, then returned their focus back on to the case.

“Come on, let’s just kill these suckers.” Dean gritted through his teeth.


It was an hour since they left you alone, and you were bored out of your mind. You sat in the impala, listening to old classic rock that you and Dean love to jam out too.

As you continued to listen to the music, the boys and Jo killed every last vampire in that house.

“Thought those damn blood suckers would never die!” Dean groaned.

Sam wiped the blood off of his face, and pushed his hair back.

Jo couldn’t keep her gaze off dean all night, and all she wanted was to jump his bones right there and then. She wanted him badly.

Her arms clung on to his neck and she pulled him in.

“Well that was a great fight, winchester.” She flashed him a wink.

Dean smiled, and hugged her back. “Same to you.”

The began walking back to the cars, where you waited patiently.

You heard the familiar taunting voice, and it made your stomach churn.

“Is that a whale?” Jo yelped and squinted her eyes. “Oh nope, that’s just y/n.” She cackled as the other two guys laughed along with her. Sam rolled his eyes and continued walking towards the impala.

“What’s wrong Sammy? Do you like whales or something?” She stammered.

“Shut up Jo.” He muttered through his teeth.

Dean gripped on to Jo’s arm and dragged her toward you.

You both stood, facing each other. Feeling nothing but tension in the air.

“Go ahead Jo, say another stupid remark.” He grunted.

She chuckled and shook her head. “Whatre you doing dean?”

“Oh I’m just trying to get everything. Because I don’t think you were done back there.” He croaked. “Look, say anything bad about y/n again, I swear I will kick your ass. I don’t care if your family. She is family too. She is more than family to me Jo. She’s the love of my life, and I love her for the way she is. She is damn beautiful and if you have another negative comment to say, you better say it now or I swear you will be sorry.”

Your breath hitched to the back of your throat. The man of your dreams just spilt his love for you and defended you all at the same time.

Jo was taken back and crossed her arms over her chest. “Wait what? You love that thing?” She pointed at you.

“I’m not a thing Jo. I’m a human being just like everyone else. Stop being a bitch and grow up.” You demanded.

Dean smiled and took your hand into his. “Grow up Jo. If you don’t like her, then don’t bother showing your face because I am not going to lose her for you.”

Jo huffed and stomped her way toward her truck. Anger washed over her as she slammed the door shut.

“What did i miss?” Sam exhaled.

“Oh nothing, just putting a baby in it’s place.” You laughed.

Sam and Dean chuckled and threw their guns into the truck of the car.

“Ready to go home babe?” Dean asked.

“Oh yeah.” You smiled. “I’m sure there’s left over pie from last night too!” You squealed.

“That’s my girl.”

Okay so I’m pretty sure that most people remember the beginning of One Hundred and One Dalmations. But how about we take the scene in the park and flip it to Widowtracer. 

Tracer being bored and staring out the window, looking for a cute, available girl with a lovable pooch that would match her Jack Russell Terrier. After sizing people up and finding none of them to her taste, she’s about to give up when she discovers a tall, clean French woman, walking her elegant and fluffy poodle. Tracer falls in love immediately, and takes out her terrier to meet them. 

At the park, Tracer tries to strike up conversation with Widow, but Widow refuses to give her the time of day. Their dogs are progressing slightly, the poodle being taken back by the terrier, but faring better than their owners. Eventually the poodle and the terrier hatch a plan, which is to get their owners together. They attempt to do so by wrapping them both up in their leashes, which surprises Tracer, who automatically apologizes to Widow for her dog’s behavior. Before Widow can respond, Tracer attempts to wiggle out of the leashes, only to end up falling forward, on top of Widow. 

Widow starts laughing, because she’s underneath a cute girl while their dogs hold them hostage, and honestly she had not been expecting this. She decides to roll with it, and when they get untangled, she hands Tracer her number before leaving. Tracer grins victoriously before taking her terrier home, a spring in her step. 


I used to make fun of
Those naïve, lovesick girls
That stared out windows
Daydreaming of the boys
Who they’d been silly enough
To give their hearts to

I swore that I would never be
So foolish as to fall,
For with falling comes feeling
The crushing pain of loss
When it all undoubtedly
Hits the ground

But how could I predict
The sensation that would come
When you so suddenly
Found your way behind these
Walls I’d built so high?
You with those eyes and that smile.

How easily you persuaded me
Out of my cynicism.
My firm grip loosened
When I heard you sing that night
And I felt myself begin to fall,
Not knowing if you’d catch me.

Now I am that lovesick girl
Who stares out windows
Daydreaming of the beautiful boy
Who holds her heart
So carefully in his hands,
Silently hoping
That he’ll decide to keep it.

Not to be dramatic but whenever Jennifer talks about Amy Schumer I feel like a single mom whose daughter has just gone off to college and gotten a new girlfriend and like she brings her home and the girl immediately like tracks mud onto my polished floors and knocks my good china off the counter, says something racist and then peaces out, and then my daughter keeps fucking calling me telling me about this girl she’s still with and I just nod, stare angrily out the window at my petunias, and hold back the urge to cut in “What about that nice Taylor girl you met in the library? The one with the cats? What’s she up to these days?” 

The Signs in the Bus

Aries: with their group sitting at the back of the bus, laughing or talking most of the time.

Taurus: sitting in the row in front is the back, casually talking to Aries.

Gemini: Watching Vines with Virgo.

Cancer: Probably eating.

Leo: on Instagram looking for funny pictures.

Virgo: either studying or listening to music.

Libra: on Instagram sitting next to Leo, more specifically, boy/ girl hunting on Instagram.

Scorpio: blasting their music while staring out the window dramatically like in the movies.

Sagittarius: joking around with everyone, probably playing music out loud.

Capricorn: watching Netflix or YouTube.

Aquarius: scribbling their favorite lyrics on the back of the seat.

Pisces: sleeping

i am much too passive to warn you against it.

i’m more of the sit in silence and watch it unfold kind of girl, staring placidly out the window with a glass of ‘i saw it coming’ resting in my hand, thinking to myself about how sometimes people really should know better, but in reality, they can’t.

sometimes you have to be blindsided– like if you never looked both ways to begin with, then who’s to say you ever would?
who’s to say you would ever see it coming?

but i did.
the bystanders can always spot the car crash unfolding before the driver can.

and i see her name somewhere– on a billboard, on a bottle, perhaps in the skyline– and i think, “i am happy for you, i am happy for you, i am happy for you,”
but i’m not.

the jealousy sits like a tiny monster inside of my chest, twisting my insides only slightly because it knows that nothing can be done. it is calm, it is somber. it knows.
it’s the kind of feeling that comes only when you love something that can never be yours.

and because there’s nothing else you can do, you watch it love something else instead.

and so, i did.

i’ll pretend like i’m happy for you. i’ll put on a nice face and listen when you talk about her, and i’ll laugh about the things that are supposed to be funny and i’ll pretend to show pity when they aren’t– and i’ll put on a nice face until you go away, but once you leave and it’s just me, i’ll think of all of the things i wanted.
all that it could never be.

and i’ll brace myself for impact, i’ll prepare my body for a hit that someone else will take.

and i’ll sit in silence. i will watch it all unfold– the beautiful beginning, the short lived in-between, and the tragic end– and i’ll be there when it’s over. i’ll lie and say i’m sorry for you, but i won’t be. i won’t.

you’ll be stunned, but i won’t be.
and i’ll pretend to be sad for you, i’ll pretend to be just as surprised as you– i’ll pretend that i didn’t predict all that you couldn’t see.
but i did.

and i’ll love you in silence until the next one comes along, i’ll be waiting until the bitter end.

—  falling in love when it’s against the rules, for two people who always played it safe // mh

Lucy and Juvia waved goodbye to their friends as they stepped on to the bus. Their classes just finished, now they are bound for home. They walked to the end of the bus searching for vacant seats. The last vacant seats were situated in the same row, but the aisle was keeping it apart. One pink haired guy was seated beside the window on the left side, while a black haired guy was seated beside the window on the right side.
“Juvia will be taking this side, Lucy.” Juvia gestured to the right side and sat beside the black haired guy staring out the window
“Oh okay, then I guess I’ll be sitting here.” Lucy sat on the vacant seat beside the pink haired guy whose arms are crossed in his chest with his head down
“At least we’re still beside each other ne Lucy?” Juvia smiled at her
“Yeah.” Lucy smiled back
Gray noticed the two girls. He went from staring out the window to checking the two out. They’re quite pretty. Especially this bluenette beside me.
“Uh excuse me, you should be careful with that idiot beside you.” Gray warned the blonde who’s seated beside Natsu
“Huh, what do you mean?” Lucy asked
Juvia stared questioningly at Gray.
Gray was taken by her deep blue eyes. WHOA.
Lucy smirked as she witnessed Juvia and the stranger’s stare battle. It was like a scene from one of the romance books she reads.
Gray averted his eyes first. He turned to the blonde again and answered the question.
“Uhh he’s got motion sickness. He might puke on you.”
“What?!” Lucy exclaimed. She looked at the guy beside her and cringed.
Natsu inhaled deeply. He got a whiff of something that smells so good just a minute ago, now he’s inhaling the scent as much as he could. The scent seemed to alleviate his motion sickness. His dizziness appears to lessen as seconds tick by.
Natsu heard Gray’s voice warning someone about his illness.
“What did you just say stripper?!” Natsu looked up to face his ‘frenemy’ but was surprised to face a nervous girl beside him instead
She’s got caramel brown eyes and long golden strands framed her face. Moreover, Natsu realized the calming scent was coming from her.
“Why’s your face normal? It thought it would be green as always.” Gray intervened from two seats away
“Shut up, Gray.” Natsu turned to look menacingly at Gray
“Are you alright?” Lucy asked, hoping he is, so that she won’t be in danger of getting puked on
“Thanks.” Natsu beamed at the blonde
“Eh??” Lucy, Juvia and Gray was confused
“What are you saying thanks for?” Lucy questioned
“Cause you smell so good. I think my motion sickness was cured because of you.” Natsu answered and as if to emphasize, he sniffed the air around Lucy
Lucy blushed a deep red. Juvia giggled. Gray chortled loudly.
“D-did you just flirt with her, flame brain?!” Gray could not believe what just happened
“What?! I just said thanks.” Natsu muttered to Gray
“I’m Natsu. What’s your name?” Natsu grinned at the blonde
“I-I’m Lucy…”
“Let’s be friends Lucy.”
And that’s when Natsu started to interrogate Lucy.
“What’s your number? What school do you go to? Can I ride the bus with you every day?” Natsu pestered
“Juvia can see your friend is very straightforward.”
“He’s just an idiot who says the first thing he thinks of.”
“Is your name Juvia?”
“My name’s Gray. Why are you talking in third person?”
“Juvia has been this way since Juvia can remember.” Juvia shyly answered
“It’s cool. Being different is not a bad thing.” Gray encouraged her
“W-why are you unbuttoning your shirt?”
“Crap. Sorry it’s an uncontrollable habit.”

Have you ever fed a lover with just your hands? Closed your eyes and trusted, just trusted? Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air? Have you ever looked fear in the face and said, “I just don’t care.”

Niall noticed the girl in the library and she was staring out the window. Niall thought she was just gathering her thoughts—trying to get her mind in order—but it had been hours since she arrived to study and her gaze never left the window. It was as if she was waiting for the cloudy sky to give her an answer. Niall wondered what question she asked and when and if the clouds would give her an answer.

It was white outside—it wasn’t sunny, but it wasn’t precipitating, a blessing perhaps…but still. It wasn’t the answer she needed.

People ogled her because at this point, people had come and left, study groups and pairs had arrived and since left. She had her hand poised over her notebook but wrote nothing. It was odd to see, but also beautiful. She was always beautiful.

Particularly at this moment as she was lost in thought, it pained Niall to see this beautiful girl so sad and defeated looking. Taking several deep breaths, Niall built up the courage to speak to her. When he finally arrived by her side she finally turned her head from the window and looked up at him with an expression Niall could only call “what now?”

But instead, she softly, and sweetly whispered, “Can I help you?”

“You’ve been sitting here for as long as I have…I was wondering if you might want some company,” he said softly. You stared at Niall curiously—trying to figure out why a stranger was trying to gather your attention. Why of all people in the library he would want your attention.

“Um…okay,” you said nervously as you shifted your untouched books and writing utensils.

Niall sat across from you and watched as your gaze turned directly to the window again. He frowned softly and took a deep breath. Taking his lip in between his teeth he reached over and gently rested his hand on your knee.

Blushing, you looked back over at him and Niall’s eyes tried to see through the saddened emotion hidden in your eyes.

“It’s gonna be alright,” he whispered softly and your heart fluttered.

You swallowed thickly, your throat trying to move around the lump that had lodged itself there. “I just don’t care anymore,” you answered.

And to anyone else, that wouldn’t have sounded like an answer. But to Niall, he knew what you meant and he felt your pain and more than anything he hoped and wished he could help you some way. Some how. He knew you didn’t need all that and all this.

Reaching further he grasped your hand and held your fingers gently between his. He wished his years of guitar hadn’t made his fingers so calloused because he wanted to soothe you with a gentle touch and none of it felt very gentle.
However, to you, you felt so much better about everything there was to feel about. Niall’s hand was warm and gentle enough and beautiful. You were so happy and so blessed to hold his hand—a total stranger and you were still totally okay with it. It felt so great and lovely to be cared for by someone.

“It’s going to be okay,” he promised you gently.

You shook your head. “I don’t believe that anymore,” your voice croaked as your spoke.

“Princess,” he said before he could stop the pet name from spilling from his lips. He didn’t blush when he said it. It felt so right—he meant it. “Princess,” he repeated when your flushing face looked to the table as he spoke. “Close your eyes a moment and trust me,” he whispered. You swallowed thickly feeling bizarre as you hid your eyes from him again. You took a deep breath in, and exhaled very slowly. “It’s going to be okay,” his thick accent breathed into your ear.

You opened your eyes slowly, meeting Niall’s beautiful blue eyes. His smile was peaceful and gentle and finally he whispered, “Hi, Princess.”

And somewhere deep inside you, you felt a glimmer of hope, a speck of sunshine. One last fistful of glitter in this gray sky. “Hi,” you answered.

Werewolf AU // nextgenwinchesterbros

The blonde girl was staring out her window, blasting the music from her iPhone into her ears. Her right leg hung over the edge of the window sill, the left leg close to her body. As she stared out the window, a single boy was strolling down the street. For some weird reason, her gaze was drawn to him. It was as if something was pulling her eyes towards him.

Royal entrance

Princess Tina Cohen-Chang frowned as she sat in her father’s carriage.  They were off to a new Kingdom, off to meet the father, and the son, of the kingdom to which she was betrothed.  The marriage was to bring their two kingdoms together and for Tina to supply the Kingdom an heir.  She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair.  “But FATHER…”  She whined.  

“No buts.  This is the best for both kingdoms involved.”  He said sternly.  “And the King wants and heir, and you are a pretty girl.”

Frowning, Tina stared out the window as they galloped along.  Soon they reached the Kingdom and she followed her father inside.

Piper sat in the lobby away from everyone to get some peace and quite. She sat there with notebook in hand as she stared out the window. The girl turned her head when she felt someone sit next to her. “It is so pretty outside today isn’t it…”