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Cancer and Pisces Playlist ♋️❤️♓️

Edward Sharp& The Magnetic Zeros- Home

Lana Del Rey- Lucky ones, Without you, Video games, Honeymoon

Halsey- I walk the line

Band of horses- No ones gonna love you

David Bowie- Lady grinning soul

Selena- Dreaming of you

Regina Spektor- Samson

Moldy Peaches- Anyone else but you

Ingrid Michaelson- The way I am

Beyoncé- Halo

The Beatles- Something in the way

Best Coast- When I’m with you

Blink 182- I miss you

Miley Cyrus- When I look at you

Bruno Mars- Just the way you are

Adele- Make you feel my love

Amy Vachal- Dream a little dream of me

The Weeknd- Can’t feel my face

Plain White T’s- 1234

Faith Hill- This Kiss

Jewel- You were meant for me

Never Shout Never- Can’t stand it

No Doubt- Don’t speak

Nirvana- Heart shaped box

The White Stripes- We are going to be friends

The Temptations- My girl

Katy Perry- Unconditionally

Semisonic- Secret smile

Goo Goo Dolls - Come to me

~pisces forever

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Hey!👋🏼 would you pretty please do a Theo reaken one shot where you get badly hurt and at about to die so he begs the dread doctors to help you? Just angust and fluff and vulnerable Theo please I'll love you forever 😍😘

Hi! Of course I am going to write it, I would love to write it! Hope you like the one shot I wrote for you! :)

“Not her.“

Theo Raeken - (Y/N) One Shot/Imagine
Word Count: 1.136
(A/N): Requests are still open!

  • (Y/S) = Your Siblings

Fighting the bad guys isn’t always easy. It is more likely that there will be causalities than no wounded at all. And by accident, this time is was you who got hurt pretty bad. But never was Theo, your boyfriend, let you this hurt.

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

- (Y/N) P.O.V. -

Sounds of a fight could heard all around me. If I looked around, I could see Theo and Scott trying to fight off one of the ghostriders. Sometimes Corey and Liam could be seen, but that was rare since they felt more secure with being invisible.

Right in front of me was standing a ghostrider and to be honest, those whatever-they-exactly-are scared the living hell out of me. But what scared me the most about them was that they had the ability to make everyone forget about me. They could even make my own mother, father, (Y/S) and my own boyfriend, Theo, forget about me. I didn’t want to be forgotten while I would still remember them and miss them.

Suddenly all my visions went blurry and eventually I could see was black. It felt like I had suddenly fell in sleep but with a immense pain that came with it.

- Theo’s P.O.V. -

A overwehlming feeling of fear came over me when I saw (Y/N)’s hurt body slowly falling while blood flooded down her body. Seeing her get hurt badly felt like my whole world was stopping. My limbs felt lifeless and I couldn’t move them, even if I wanted to. All I wanted right then was to see her standing up and yell:”Early April fool’s joke, guys!” But she didn’t, she stayed on the ground.

Even if Scott and I were previously fighting a Ghost Rider, I left him alone and rushed over to the girl who controled my heart. When I first arrived in Beacon Hills I wanted to be a Alpha have a big pack but when I started to know her, all I wanted was to have her. She was the reason I had a place in Scott’s pack and she was to reason why I still was in this beacon for supernatural creatures.

“(Y/N), please wake up,“ I said while I slowly laid her head on my waist as I sat down next to her lifeless body. “(Y/N), please open your beautiful eyes. Please some me your pretty smile.“
Normally she would have flashed me a smile while she had a double chin because she wasn’t too fond of those clichés. She was a pretty amazing and unique girl.

I waited for a few minutes, but she stayed the same. With every minute passing of her not waking up, I began to feel more and more anxious. I can’t picture myself a life without her sarcastic remarques and her shining eyes when she would laugh because of her own jokes.

“Scott, I am going to the Dread Doctors with her,“ I said to Scott who looked at me with a dissaproving look but before he could say anything to make me change my mind, I already had lifted up (Y/N)’s body and was on my way to the Doctors.


“Please, help her,“ I said, begging to the people who I know disgusted. What they let me do to become a werewolf was disgusting and that was something I should have never done. But there now wasn’t anything I could do about that, but I still could do something about (Y/N).

“And why would we help you?“ One of the doctors ask me. After a numerbous amount of time that I have known them, I can finally always understand what they are saying. In the beginning understanding them could be difficult.

To be honest, I couldn’t come up with one reason why they would help me. They had already helped me and then later, I had somehow betrayed them because of the girl that I want them to save them. I realised what I was doing was wrong because of the girl who’s life is now in danger.
Why would they help the two people that has ruined their plan of the Bête?

“Because I can’t lose her,“ I began, hoping that somewhere in their bodies, they had left at leatst one per cent of humanity.
“I can’t life withour her. I love her and she needs to be part of my world.“

“And what does that help us, Theo?“ Another one of the three immediatly responded to me. And that’s when my supsicion was confirmed and my hopes were crushed. Maybe going to here actually was wrong and incredibly stupid of me.
“We want something in return.“

That doesn’t come as a suprise to me and that’s why I already had something in return in my mind that will even help us to help defeat the Ghost Riders, the newest problem of the Californian town named Beacon Hills.

I started explaining my favor I would do them and they were interested. They even agreed to help (Y/N). Never had I been so reliefed. I wouldn’t lose (Y/N) now and she will stay with me for now. Not only couldn’t I have pictured a life without her, but she was also too young to die. She still had her whole life ahead of her, was it with or without me in it in the future.


After a while the Doctors had fully treated her, and I was now waiting for her to open her beautiful eyes again. To smile at me and tell me to stop worrying because she still had so many ways to prank me.

Slowly her eyes started to open and for a few seconds she looked around confused until she realised where she was. She figured she was in the Doctor’s wherever-they-stay and they would have probably helped her. But after just a few seconds of looking around confused, she locked her eyes with mine and a smile appeared.

“Hi pretty face,“ (Y/N) said. A smile instantly formed itself after I heard her voice. Her voice sounded like she had just woken up in the morning instead of just waking up from her deep unconsionus.

“Hi cutie,“ I began to respond to her. “I missed you.”

“Yeah, I would have missed me too,“ (Y/N) joked. That was the girl that I knew and loved. Full of jokes, even during times that ‘normal‘ people wouldn’t even come up with such jokes.
“But yeah, I missed you too. And I was scared that maybe I could never see you again. Before I became unconsious, you were the last thing I thought of, Theo. All I could think about was that we still hadn’t had enough time together and that I still needed to experience so many things with you. I just-“

“Shhhtt,“ I cut (Y/N) off while I saw a signle tear rolling down her cheek. Seeing her cry is rare but still something I hated.
“Everything is okay now. You are here and you won’t get rid off me,“ I said and then we both leaned to each other until our lips touched each other and then moved in complete sync.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chariotdunord 

The family computer is finally free so here’s your belated (ish?) present, hope you enjoy it! ^_^ 

Summary: Instinct is: 1-a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. 2- a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. 3- The reason why Akko meet Diana. (Photographer!Akko, Modern Au)

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Girl Meets One Tree Hill AU
↳ Maya Hart as Peyton Sawyer  

Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true. You know, it’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?

Her (Part 2) // Stiles Stilinski

Originally posted by gabalecki

Part 1 Part 2

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 1,013
Warnings: None 
Request from @captainelsaeverdeen: “if you have free time and willingness could you write ‘Her’ part 2 ? *-* I’m really in love with this imagine <3″
A/N: To avoid any confusion, it starts out in 3rd person before switching to your point of view! Enjoy! (Sorry if I killed you with that adorable gif)

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Look girl, you are a holy ocean into which boys willingly plunge. They are standing on your shore, dying to drown in you. Look girl, we can all tell you hold too many untouched continents to count. We have our flags ready, hoping that you will let one of us claim you. Here is the truth: You are not like the others. You ring in our ears, you tangle our vocal chords. We sing you in our sleep. You are not like the rest. You are a bruise, you are a stain. And when you leave, the memory of you long remains. Your laugh is louder, your heart a shouter, your skin a secret we hope to breathe. We speak you like a promise-true, not yet ruined, always slightly out-of-tune. But, like all good things, you are so easily cracked and broken. You contain so much of what we want to be that we threaten to drain you completely. So, I tell you this: Keep your hills green, your lakes full of fish, your sunsets unphotographed. We will do nothing but cover you in slobber. Keep your trees standing, your passion demanding, your heart shining like the moon. When we come by the shipload, turn us away. We will only mark you, then leave. And you deserve so much more than our footprints on you.
—  I Have Thrown You Into The Sky Because That Is The Only Place You’re Safe | Lora Mathis 


      “Oh my god, Spencer!” She’s already in motion before her head has even a chance to catch up with her heart, legs pushing her down the hill as fast as they can carry her. Then she’s back in Spencer’s arms for the first time in far too long – and just like that, everything snaps back into place. Time STANDS STILL as Aria holds the girl she’s crossed hell and high water for close, one hand tight on her waist and the other curling in her hair, inhaling the familiar scent of coffee and summer sun. 

       She still looks like HELL, she’s sure of it. There’s circles the size of the moon under her eyes, dirt and scrapes dusting her every appendage. But Aria has never cared less. Because all she sees when she pulls away is Spencer, safe and sound, and finally by her side again. She’s still so drunk off the thrill of it, grin stretched miles wide, that she doesn’t even think as she surges forward – pulling the taller girl down, down, down until soft lips she’s DREAMED of for years finally meet her own.


one tree hill meme: [1/5] relationships: nathan and haley

You know, my pride says yeah, that’s it. Just walk away and let Haley deal with the fact that she’s clearly threatened by a sexual relationship. But my heart says, just forget about your pride you idiot. You love this girl. And even if you’re going to catch pneumonia, your ass is going to stand out here in the rain till you convince her to forgive you.
Lost With Us
Playlist dedicated to the fic "Come and Get Lost With Us" by boxofwonder. I tried to get some songs for everyone haha.
  1. Heartlines by Florence & the Machine “And I’ve seen it in the flights of birds, I’ve seen it in you. The entrails of the animals, the blood running through”
  2. Tiptoe by Imagine Dragons “They won’t see me run, who can blame them? They never look to see me fly, so I never have to lie.”
  3. Six Weeks by Of Monsters & Men “Alone I fight these animals. Alone, until I get home”
  4. Strong Hand by CHVRCHES “Will I be the strong hand keeping you safe, or will I break you in half?”
  5. In the Woods Somewhere by Hozier “An awful noise filled the air. I heard a scream in the woods somewhere.”
  6. The Driver by Bastille “Shout out from the bottom of your lungs, a plague on both your houses. This thing, it’s a family affair. It’s drawing out my weakness.”
  7. Rabbit Heart by Florence & the Machine “I must become a lion hearted girl, ready for a fight.”
  8. Get Home by Bastille “We are the last people standing at the edge of the night. We are the greatest pretenders in the cold morning light.”
  9. Surround You by Echosmith “I search valleys and mountaintops
    Rolling hills and ticking clocks Were all I heard all that sound Never thought love could be found“
  10. The Fall by Imagine Dragons “I’m ready for the fall, ready for the leaves. Read for the colors to burn to gold and crumble away.”
  11. Wolves Without Teeth by Of Monsters & Men “And I run from wolves, tearing into me without teeth. And you can follow me”
So Far Away Pt. 2

Catch Up: Part 1

Group & Member: BTS’ Suga/Yoongi 

Genre: Angst

Warnings: none

“Are you nervous, hyung?” Jimin asks, as he watches Yoongi pack a small bag. 

Sitting down, Yoongi grips his knees with his palms as he turns his head to look at his friend. 

“Yes and no. It will be nice to be home…but I’m afraid of seeing things have changed too much. I just wish I could have gone back sooner…4 years is a long time” Yoongi says, busying himself with folding and organizing. 

Jimin smiles, standing up to leave 

“You’ll be fine. I bet it will feel like you haven’t even left”

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okay furieosa‘s inception au is great but consider:

  • kala is undoubtedly the chemist and wolfgang helps test stuff out, sometimes goes under for days, relives his worst memories with compounds running through his veins just “to help the team” to help kala no less
  • capheus is so definitely the architect, always having six more emergency exits then necessary because “you never know what you’re going to need to make a quick getaway!” and he builds three, four, five levels of dreamspace, no problem
  • sun bak, the escaped kobol engineering extractor, a fugitive on the run from her corporate bloodsucking brother who happens to be her boss, refuses to continue killing people’s minds to help in her “family”’s rise to power but can’t go back to her country without proving that she isn’t responsible for her father’s death
  • nomi is the point woman, yes, yes yes yes yes, she’s the one speaking into everyone’s earpieces and “guys, we have thirty minutes left, does someone maybe want to actually get shit done or have we accepted just how fucking ridiculous this idea was in the first place” “nomi–” “lito do not start with me”
  • speaking of which lito is so completely our forger, suave af and constantly tricking his own teammates just for the laughs and “gdi rodriguez that is enough”
  • will is our humble lil tourist cop because “sun, listen, riley blue is dangerous, there’s no real evidence against her in court but we have to get her to confess to the murder of her husband and child so that the prime suspect isn’t some random old icelandic grandmother named yrza”
  • “you’ve got to take me with you, sun” “that is impractical.” “do you want to go back to seoul or not?” “how do i even know you have the connections to get me there?” “you don’t”
  • so the seven of them go into riley blue’s mind, three levels of dreamspace, the deepest level is on that hill that her car crashed on, and their goal is to make her confess that she crashed the car on purpose because come on, who else would’ve crashed it, it’s the only logical solution
  • but william gorski
  • looks at this woman’s subconscious, these people who have put a bullet in his heart without a second thought just to keep him out and thinks no, thinks
  • there’s got to be something bigger here
  • makes his way through to the deepest level [capheus guides him through without letting any of the others know, obviously]
  • he finds a girl with blue and white hair standing at the top of a mountain, cradling a baby that’s been dead for hours, singing it a lullaby in a language that sounds like glass shattering
  • “you’re riley.”
  • “i didn’t do it.”
  • a car comes down the road and suddenly it’s snowing and snowing and snowing, the blizzard comes out of nowhere, the sound of a baby crying, a scream, tires screeching, a car in midair, “Magnus! Magnus! Mag–”
  • “you’re riley blue.” he says again, and he can’t believe he was ever so scared of a girl who barely reaches his shoulder, but she moves and her eyes meet his, and there are storms in those eyes
  • “i didn’t do it.”
  • “i know.”
  • “leave now.” “i will.”
  • “gorski? gorski, where the hell are you, what are you–” “it’s okay, nomi.” “william–” “sun, she’s innocent. we were wrong.”
  • he looks down at his chest and sees the blood welling up under his shirt, sees riley look at it curiously, smiles.
  • “did i shoot you?” she asks. “your subconscious did.” “close enough.” “i guess.” there’s black at the edge of his vision. “i’m sorry.”
  • “sun.” he says, and falls to his knees. “sun, come find me. in limbo.” “willia-” “I’ll keep my promise if you’ll keep yours. promise you’ll find me.”
  • “i promise.”
  • they wake up on a plane landing in seoul. will makes a call, then makes small talk with the white-haired girl sitting next to him. sun doesn’t exhale until she gets off the plane, until she sees a limo and her dog’s head peeking out of the window.
How You Get the Girl

Summary: Isaac returns to Beacon Hills after a long six months with one goal in mind- to win the reader’s heart back. Based on the song “How You Get the Girl” by Taylor Swift.

Note: I’m sorry I just really love Taylor Swift… especially this song of hers…  I LOVE IT SO MUCH AND I ALSO ADORE THE CRAP OUT OF ISAAC SO I FIGURED “EHH, WTH” AND RAN WITH IT MAN

“Are you insane?” I nearly shrieked over the pouring rain. “What the hell, Isaac? You’ve been gone for six months, and you come back just to stand outside my house in the rain? You’re going to get sick! Get inside.” I grabbed his wrist, yanking him under the cover of the porch. He was smiling that same smile he used to wear on our dates. But that was six months ago. Before he broke up with me and moved all the way to Paris.

           I led Isaac down the hallway and into the living room. For it being two in the afternoon, it was oddly dark, but I supposed that was because of the storm outside.

           Awkwardly, I settled on the far seat of the couch. Isaac decided on the love seat; he was so big and broad that he nearly took up the whole thing by himself.

           “So…” I folded my hands together in my lap. The original momentum I had upon first seeing him was gone, leaving me speechless. After all, what the hell do you say to the man you fell in love with that left you without any explanation? “Um, what are you doing here?”

           Isaac fussed with a string on one of the cushions. “You said it’s been six months?” He peered at me with vividly blue eyes. I gulped and nodded. “It feels like longer.” He confessed. “The longest six months of my life.”

           “But you wanted to go to Paris.” I protested. “You wanted to go so badly that you…” I didn’t finish that sentence. I knew it would end with ‘left me’ and honestly, I didn’t want to appear weak in front of Isaac. I wanted him to believe I was stronger than I was when he left. That the sight of him didn’t make me want to fall apart at his feet. I was so in love with him.

           “Is that what you really think?” Isaac pursed his lips. “You think that’s what I wanted?” He shook his head, eyeing me as if he disapproved. “Why do you think I came back, Y/N? I came back because I was finally ready to tell you what I want.”

           “What makes you think I give a damn about what you want any more?” I snapped.

           He raised an eyebrow. “Do you?”

           Even as I murmured, “No,” I knew that he could tell otherwise. Not just from the jump of my heartbeat alerting the lie, but how I avoided his eyes and crossed my legs. Isaac knew all my little ticks; Isaac knew everything about me.

           “I see.” He mused. “I’ll continue then.” When he attempted to make himself more comfortable, he examined the throw pillows I had situated in the corners. “Are these new?” He asked, momentarily forgetting his original mission. “What happened to the other ones?” I knew the pillows he was referring to; they were the ones shoved in storage bins under my bed, along with other things that had reminded me of Isaac. The purple pillows he was thinking of he had helped me pick out. When he was gone, I couldn’t look at them without throwing up.

           I didn’t tell him that though. Instead, I said, “I needed a new color. Just a change, really. Not a big deal.” Haha no it was a very big deal because you ripped me apart like I was nothing more than a scrap piece of paper you kept in your pocket.


           I cleared my throat impatiently. “What was it that you were saying before?”

           “Right. Um…” Isaac ran his fingers through his hair, tugging on the roots in a way that I knew all too well. I had memorized every part of him, only for it to torture me later. “Maybe you were right. Maybe I am insane. I’ll tell you honestly, it feels that way. The second I walked out your door, I officially lost my mind.” His bottom lip slipped between his teeth when he heard my heartbeat quicken ever so slightly. What was he saying?

           “You know, that last day haunts me every night.” He wouldn’t look at me. “I can still see you sitting on the front porch, arms wrapped around yourself. That vacant look on your face as you watched me drive away. It was like I had sucked your very soul right out.” That’s because you did. I wanted to scream it in his face so badly. I kept my composure though, determined to appear impermeable. “I’ll have you know, Y/N, that I hate myself for it. I hated myself before I did it, when I did it, and even now, as I sit here and look at you.”

           His voice took on a much softer quality. He was fiddling with his thumb nail. “Even that doesn’t hurt as bad as the good memories do. Every time I remember kissing your sweet cheeks, or holding you close at night, or hearing you laugh at something I had said- every time I remember that, it feels as though a knife has gone through me. I can’t breathe.” He was looking at me now, and his face was tight with obvious emotional torment.

           I couldn’t take it anymore. “Why did you come here Isaac?” Hot angry tears stung my eyes, begging to come out, but I bit sharply on the inside of my cheek to prevent it. “Was it to rip off the scabs and watch me bleed all over again? Is that what you wanted? Because you don’t have to give me this dramatic speech that sounds like it came straight out of a movie, okay? Seeing you hurt enough. I’ve spent these last six months trying to get over you, and it’s been hell because I’ll never want anyone as much as I want you. And you don’t want me. So why did you come?” There was so much more that I wanted to say, but I felt as if I couldn’t breathe. It was then that I realized I was sobbing, and my throat was aching because I was screaming at him.

           Isaac stared at me for what felt like the longest time while I struggled to get myself in check. Then he rose swiftly, and moved across the room to come sit beside me. “Don’t.” I feebly fought against his descending arms, but he wouldn’t have it. He cradled me into his chest. My hands came up to clutch his shirt, shaking against him while I cried. So much for being strong. Part of me didn’t mind, though. It felt so damn good to be back in his arms.

           “I came back from Paris for you.” Isaac whispered into my hair.

           “Yeah, I got that. But why? What more do you want from me?” I bawled. “You already took my everything, so what do you want?”

           “You, Y/N. I want you. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you. You are all that I want, ever. For worse or for better. Rain or shine, it doesn’t matter. I just want you.”

           I didn’t understand. Slowly I pulled back from his chest, sniffling as I did so. At least I had stopped crying. “You left me, Isaac. You’re the one who didn’t want me anymore. It’s not the other way around, and don’t you dare pretend that it is.”

           “I know I left you, and you don’t know how sorry I am. For as long as I live, that will always be my deepest regret. And I know I broke your heart, but I’ll put it back together piece by piece, as long as it takes, because I love you, Y/N. You may not take me back. You may require time. I’ll wait forever for you because, Y/N, I want you. Forever.”

           “But… you say that now, but what if you change your mind again? I can’t survive that again, Isaac. I can’t do that. You almost killed me.”

           “I won’t change my mind.”

           “You did before. You changed your mind and left me. Didn’t you understand that I couldn’t live without you? That I was so in love with you that when you left, it was like you carved out part of my heart?”

           Isaac didn’t have anything to say to that. He just rocked me back and forth, curled in his lap like an injured lamb. I could feel his hot cheek pressed on the top of my head. Finally, he said, “I’m so sorry for all the pain that I caused you. I know that these are just words, and that they can’t alleviate anything, but please believe them. I wish I could take all your pain and fears away. I wish that I had never left.”

           “There’s something my Dad used to say: ‘you can wish in one hand and crap in the other; see which one fills up first.’” I felt the rumbling of his laughter in his chest. His large frame shook as he held me, and I couldn’t help but laugh along with him.

           “I think the wishing hand filled first.”

           “You must have unhealthy bowels.” Again we were laughing, and then our eyes met. I could see my reflection in the deep blue: timid, small, and tear-stained. Although I wanted to refuse Isaac, wanted to make him feel as terribly and empty as I had, I couldn’t force myself to do it. I was still so in love with him…

           So I caved. I knew that I might despise myself for it later, but I would endure everything the world threw at me if it meant a minute with Isaac. “Pick me up at seven tomorrow night. We’re going dancing, and we’re going to fall in love all over again.”

Project Leda an Orphan Black Fanmix: [X]

Bad Girls-M.I.A.  //  Water Prayer Rasta mix (Matt the Alien Remix)-Adham Shaikh  //  In Your Nature-Zola Jesus  //  Sisters-The Raveonettes  //  Bad Intentions-Digital Daggers  //  Strange-Tokio Hotel & Kerli  //  Life In Mono-Mono  //  Running Up That Hill-Placebo  //  Exile-Hurts  //  Crazy-Diana Salvatore feat. Japeth Maw  //  Who Are You, Really?-Mikky Ekko  //  No Home-Nico Vega  //  Warriors-M.I.A.  //  Drowning-Banks  //  The Criminal-Asbjørn  //  Stand By Me-Ki:Theory  //  Heavy Metal Heart-Sky Ferreira  //  Big Girls Cry-Sia  //  The Mother We Share-CHVRCHES  //  When I’m Small-Phantogram 

Love Oozes


{I Wanna Be Yours - Arctic Monkeys//How Long Will I love You - Ellie Goulding//I Love You - Woodkid//Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge//Bones - Killers//Love Hurts - Incubus//Calling You - Blue October//Legendary Lovers - Katy Perry//Tearin up My Heart - NSYNC//Where is Your Boy - Fall out Boy//As Long as You Love Me - Backstreet Boys//Ever After - Mariana’s Trench//Treasure - Bruno Mars//Surrender - Billy Talent//Blue Jeans - Lana Del Ray//I’m Yours - Jason Miraz//Falling for the First Time - Bare Naked Ladies//Bad Romance - Lady Gaga//Listen to Your Heart - DHT//The Truth About Love - P!nk//You My Everything - Ellie Goulding//My Love (with T.I.) - Justin Timberlake//2 Become 1 - Spice Girls//I Can’t Help Falling in Love - A Teens//Mercy - Duffy//Cross my Heart - Mariana’s Trench//No You Girls - Franz Ferdinand//Crush - Garbage//Lying is the Most Fun a Girl can Have - Panic! at the Disco//Cupids Chokehold - Gymclass Heros//Lovesong - Voltaire//Show me Love - t.A.T.u//R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys//Textbook Love - Fleet Foxes//A Dustland Fairytale - The Killers//Your Beautiful - James Blunt// Miracle - Cascada//Can You Feel The Love Tonight - Elton John//I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles//Yellow - Coldplay//This Love - Ellie Goulding//I Don’t Love You - My Chemical Romance//You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away - Eddie Vedder//Lover’s Eyes - Mumford & Sons//Stubborn Love - The Limineers//Love Love Love - Of Monsters and Men//The Reason - Hoobstank//Mr.Brightside - The Killers//Figure 8 - Ellie Goulding//Can’t Stop Feeling - Franz Ferdinand//You Make Me Smile - Blue October//Fall to Peices - Avril Lavigne//Love Me - Katy Perry//Crazy for You - NSYNC//Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran//Lover Dearest - Mariana’s Trench//A Thing Called Love - Toybox//Lover Boy - Mika//Without You -Lana Del Ray//Hey There Delilah - Plain White T’s//You’ve Got The Love - Florence & the Machine//Poor in Love - Destroyer//I Saw Her Standing There - The Beatles//Something Like You - NSYNC//Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran//Naked - Avril Lavigne//Fly Love - Jamie Foxx//Hearts A Mess - Gyote//Nicest Thing - Kate Nash//I See the Light - Tangled//You and I - Ingrid Michaelson//Amazing - Blue October//Love is Blindness - Jack White//Young and Beautiful - Lana Del Ray//Thunder - Boys Like Girls//Breakeven - The Script//5 Years Time - Noah and The Whale//Oh Boy - Miss Li//All I Want is You - Berry Louis//Violet Hill - Coldplay}

Original Imagine: Imagine Danny letting you paint his body


Reader Gender: Female

Word Count:1159 words

Warnings:Some swearing, Straight/Bisexual Danny, Slightly Alternative universe.

Authors note: In this, I have Danny as dating a girl. i feel the need to just clarify that i have no problem with Danny being gay and my love for Dethan knows no bounds. I had a dream like this and I loved the idea of maybe Danny having a girl best friend that he fell in love with (it was girl!greenberg in my head originally) so you can have him as a gay guy who fell in love with his girl best friend or have him as bisexual in an slightly alternative universe. This is also a way for me to get over my writers block with my Keahu obsession I have been having recently.

The summer sun shone bright through the window in the early morning hours. The light seemed undeterred by the curtains that hung on the windows. The yellow light shone on the teens lying on the bed and caused a stir through the room. With a groan, the young girl stretched her arms and looked to her left at the young tan boy next to her. The boys brown eyes shone sleepily at the girl, his black hair was tossed about and spiked in odd directions, and his tan back exposed to the sun. 

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Addicted to you – afullrevolution

It started as coffee and then moved to hand holding. Things escalated into gasping breaths and roving hands. Now, neither of them can do without.

The House in the Middle – afullrevolution

Stiles laughed. Laughed because he understood what Nietzsche had been writing about. Because hunters were clearly monsters for all they claimed to battle them. Because Stiles had looked into the abyss and the abyss was staring straight back.

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Liam- It Kinda Makes Everything Worth It

Request-  Prompt #1 and can the character be Liam and can SCOTT be the one who still believes in Santa

A/N- So I didn’t make Scott the believer, but only because I had already been planning on it being Malia. Next up is an Isaac imagine.

“How much longer do we have to wait?” Liam groaned as he stood next to you in the seemingly endless line.
You peered past Scott who had been standing on your other side, and you saw that the line of children waiting to see “Santa” was slowly dwindling. Besides the parents of the children waiting to see the mall Santa, you and your friends seemed to be the only ones in line over the age of ten. It was  more than a little embarrassing and Liam hadn’t stopped stating that fact since you got there, but it wasn’t like you didn’t have a good reason.
You, Stiles, Liam, Scott, Kira, and Lydia would never have even considered going to see a mall Santa had it not been for one member of the pack. Since the last time Malia had been human was when she was nine, that Christmas was going to be her first one after being a coyote for eight years. She was incredibly excited and you were all happy to make the holidays good for her, but there was just one tiny little problem.
Having been living in the woods as an animal until very recently, Malia had never learned that Santa wasn’t real. It made sense considering that most nine year olds still believed in Santa, and her father hadn’t had the heart to tell her the truth when she came back. Mr. Tate had openly admitted that he hadn’t wanted to be the one to tell her and he had begged Stiles and Scott to help him out.
While Scott was a good alpha and an amazing leader, dream-crushing just wasn’t in his skill set. As an alternative, he suggested that you all help keep the magic alive for one more year and go with Malia to see Santa at the Hill Valley mall. None of you really had the heart to say no, so here you were, standing in line for over forty minutes as children cried and parents gave you dirty looks.
“Probably not long,” you told Liam as a little girl a few spots in front of you sat on Santa’s lap. “The line’s moving up.”
“I still don’t know why we had to come and do this,” Liam complained. “Why couldn’t Scott and Stiles just take her?”
“Because we’re a pack,” you told your boyfriend. “And besides, look how excited she is. It kinda makes everything worth it, don’t you think?”
Liam tilted his head and looked over to where Malia was practically bouncing where she stood. Her shoulders bobbed up and down as she shook with excitement, and her wide brown eyes gazed around at the other kids sitting on Santa’s lap. Suddenly her brow furrowed, and she turned to Stiles.
“Why is no one our age here?” Malia asked him. “Everyone else is like ten years old.”
“Uh…” Stiles said, his eyes narrowing as he scratched his neck. “There’s no one else here because, because, uh-”
“Because the older kids go earlier,” Lydia lied smoothly. “We’ve just been so busy that we came late.”
“Oh,” Malia said, a smile breaking out on her face. “Okay.”
She turned back to watch Santa, only to find that the line had moved up. She reached out and grabbed Stiles’ hand so hard he flinched. “We’re next!”
Liam smiled softly, looking over to you and squeezing your hand. “I guess you’re right.”
“So have you decided what you’re going to ask for?” you asked him softly.
“Hmm, I don’t know,” he said as his fingers intertwined with yours. “I’d say all I want for Christmas is you, but I already have that.”
You rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him at his cheesiness. “You’re such a loser. You’ve been waiting all day to say that haven’t you?”
Liam grinned at you. “All week actually, but it’s still true.”
You giggled and rolled your eyes before looking back over at Malia and the others. A boy hopped off Santa’s lap, and soon an elf was waving Malia over. The coyote’s eyes widened, and she quickly shoved Kira in front of her in fear.
“Malia, wait-”
Before the kitsune could finish protesting, the elf was ushering her up to Santa. You suppressed a laugh at her wide almond eyes and Malia’s sudden nervousness.
“I really don’t want to sit on his lap,” Liam insisted as he listened to Kira nervously tell the Santa she wanted a new katana.  
“Oh come on,” you told him. “Do it for Malia.”
“Fine,” he said, then he looked over at you and wiggled his eyebrows. “But only if you sit on my lap later.”
You rolled your eyes, playfully smacking him in the chest as Scott coughed loudly. He shot you guys a look, no doubt noticing the glances you two were earning from some of the parents.
“Guys,” he muttered. “Keep it PG.”
“Hey this was your idea…” you told him.
You looked back over to Santa, where Malia was now proudly sitting on his lap and grinning for the camera. Stiles stood in front of Malia, raising his phone to take picture after picture as Malia rattled off her Christmas list. You couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm, and it almost made you wish you could have that magic back again.
“…but it was definitely worth it,” you finished.
Liam smiled and wrapped an arm around your shoulders, giving you a playful squeeze as you all looked at Malia’s excited face. Some pretty awful things had happened in Beacon Hills, but there was no denying that the Christmas spirit was alive and well, even for the pack.

Our Never Ending Adventure

I watched the Golden Grassland’s scene today, that’s my excuse for this.

Its been a full year.

One year since he was alive…

a year since he’s seen her.

It was unexpected, the attack of 10,000 dragons. They had all tried their best to fight the beasts, and had lost their lives in the process. Not even the dragon slayers could slay the dragons, what was the point of having the power to slay dragons if you couldn’t?

Then by a miracle they discovered Eclipse, a magical portal to another time. They could use this device to stop the dragon attacks, but it required a Celestial Wizard with all the 12 zodiac keys to operate. Luckily there were two Celestial Wizard’s who had obtained all 12 keys. Fairy Tail and Sabertooth had escorted the two mages to the portal. Unfortunently, they were ambused by a few dragons. All of Sabertooth and half of Fairy Tail were killed before they could escape.

Yukino had given a crying Lucy her two keys and told her to go, that she was now their only hope. Even though she didn’t want to, she knew she didn’t have a choice but to continue on. By the time they had reached the portal, only Lucy, Levy and Natsu were left. They had watched their whole guild die, they didn’t want to go on without their precious nakama.

But they knew they had to, to change this disaster from ever occurring. Natsu sighed at the memory that happened after that. Dragons had tried to attack and kill Lucy, something he would never let happen. He instantly jumped in front of her absorbing the attack, then headed straight into battle. Unfortunately, the dragon had been too powerful for the dragon slayer.

Natsu was now dead.

The last thing he remembers from the world of the living was Lucy crying his name over and over again. He couldn’t imagine how horrible it must’ve been to watch her whole guild, to watch him die in front of her eyes. His gritted his teeth together at the memory.

He hasn’t seen her in a year.

Hasn’t talked to her in a year.

Hasn’t held her in a year.

…Hasn’t kissed her in a year.

Right before they had began their journey towards Eclipse Natsu had made her promise that no matter what happened, they would stick together. She complied with the promise.

And they had sealed it with a kiss.

It has been a year filled with fake smiles, false laughter and happiness. He tried to ignore his guildmates pitiful glances and comforting words but he couldn’t. Little did they know he didn’t want their pity… he just wanted Lucy.

He was never happy unless she was around.

Wanting her here was a selfish act, since if she came here it means she was dead.

But at least they would be together.

The guild decided to talk a walk around, they traveled until they found a field with golden grass. They were intrigued with this and decided to stay around. A strong gust of wind blowing stopped them from their conversations.

The wind never blew.

They all looked around at the source, everyone besides Natsu. He watched his friends eyes widen, some tears forming. Deciding to take a gander at what they were looking at he twisted his body towards the object.

His heart stopped.

There she was.


Walking around in the golden field, her hair tied into pigtails and her signature outfit clad on her body.

She was just as beautiful as Natsu remembered.

“Oi, Lucy!” He called out, standing in the front of the crowd looking directly at the girl he loved. When she turned to look at him, surprise was immediately on her face. “Get over here already!” Tears began to form in her eyes as he ran down the hill and outstretched a tan hand to her.

“Come on, the adventure continues!”

Lucy smiled, the tears finally falling down her pale cheeks.

“Okay.” She breathed out, taking his hand as they began to run to the people she hadn’t seen in a years time.

It was just the start to their never ending adventure.  

Fic Rec Update

Below are some awesome new stories that have been added to my Stydia fan fiction recommendation page.

I’m looking to add some older Stydia stories to my recs page. There are many good ones out there, but I just don’t have many saved. If any of you have some older (Season 3A and earlier) Stydia fics that you really love that aren’t on my rec page, feel free to drop a suggestion in my ask box! 

The Perfect Combination: Stiles and Lydia construct a blanket fort/nest in the living room because their daughter Claudia is terrified of thunderstorms so they camp out for the night downstairs and watch movies and Lydia even allows junk food. — baseballbatofstydia

Body Contact: Stydia decide to secretly train together, because they are sick of being useless when it comes to a fight, so they teach themselves fight techniques (clever as they are they researched it) and get really close (also physically). — panicattackkisses

I Know, I Know: Lydia and Stiles attend Allison & Scott’s engagement party. Stiles realizes how much he loves his girlfriend and needs to make her spot permanent in his life…Twice. — captainstydia

Closet Feelings: Stiles and Lydia are locked in a closet and feelings are discussed. — panicattackkisses

My Worst Distraction: It didn’t occur to him just how much he missed her until he realized how much of her life didn’t involve him anymore. And Stiles wondered when their lives started moving on separate paths and whether or not they would converge again in the future or if maybe they’d lost their chance for good when he essentially killed her best friend. — Sxymami0909

Sparks: A slow burn Stydia story in which Stiles and Lydia share lots of fun moments together, culminating in their junior prom, when they finally realize they’re more than just friends. — cheeseeteevee

Triggers: Slow burn multi-chapter in which Lydia and Stiles start coming to terms with their feelings. In this chapter Stiles tries to convince Lydia to attend to a hang out with the pack. — writinski

Switzerland: Lydia Martin was perfectly fine living her whole life disliking this stupid commercial holiday until two days ago when Stiles had to open his stupid mouth. — companyundercovers

You’ll Get What You Deserve (Part Six in the Slightly Broken series): After Malia spills the beans about Lydia’s pregnancy, Stiles goes to Scott to confirm that in fact Lydia is pregnant leading him to the last place he’d ever thought he’d be. Angry and hurt that she didn’t tell him, Stiles confronts Lydia, but something unexpected changes his outlook on the situation. — Sxymami0909 and Cocobean2913

Stars on Your Ceiling: When Lydia found dead bodies, her first instinct would always be to call Stiles. And then Stiles, and his feelings, would arrive in ten minutes flat and they would figure things out together. It was a comforting pattern, warm and dependable, like a sweater that fits just right no matter how many winters you wear it. The more worn in it is, the more comfortable the sweater, and Lydia feels the same way about Stiles. — writergirl8

Slightly Brokens Just What I Need (Part Seven in the Slightly Broken series):Stiles is angry and hurt looking to Lydia for answers and Lydia is just trying to stay afloat. With friends at odds and new relationships forming, the tension in the pack is rising. Can Stiles forgive Lydia for her lies? Can he forgive Scott for keeping something this big from him? Secrets will be uncovered, decisions will be made, and if that wasn’t bad enough one day could take away everything Stiles loves in one swoop. Relationships are tested as the bond between Stiles and Lydia gets more complicated. — Sxymami0909 and Cocobean2913

Ground Rules: “Stiles, you can’t live with Lydia and not be thinking about the fact that she was the first girl you fell in love with. You’re gonna start feeling stuff again, and then pretending that you’re living together because you’re a couple, and one day she’s going to bring a guy home and you’re gonna be jealous and try to kiss her to prove your love and then, that’s it. You’re alone and homeless.” Stiles considers this. Then he shrugs. “Nah,” he says, waving a hand dismissively. “I think it’s gonna be fine.” — writergirl8

There’s Something About You Boy: Lydia and Stiles, on the verge of turning thirty. — SunSpell80

In the Lavender Ward (Part One in the What Is and What Never Should Be series): The dust has settled and the dead pool has been eliminated. Peter is locked away and the pack is finally safe. But tragedy strikes once again when an attempt to grasp at information to help the pack leads to unforeseen circumstances and takes an integral member of their small family away from them. Some say it’s in the darkest of hours when you learn your hearts true desires, and now Stiles knows the saying to be true. — Sxymami0909

He Meets Her Completely by Accident: Stiles brings a newly bitten Lydia back to Beacon Hills with him from New York to the pack. Things progress from there. — toomuchteenwolf

The Winter Formal: And Stiles felt someone suck the air out of his lungs and his words got caught in his throat. Because Lydia was standing, right here, in front of him and she had never looked this fragile. Never so close. Set in Senior Year. Fluff. — artisticallyunwritten

Am I That Girl You Dream Of (Part Two in the What Is and What Never Should Be series): Have you ever wondered what marks our timing? If one life can really make an impact on the world? Or if the choices we make matter? Stiles believes they do. And he believes that one woman can change many lives… for better, or worse. Can Lydia hold on to reality long enough to realize it too? Or will she be lost to him forever? — Sxymami0909