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Its me again! With some more Halo art - I thought I’d illustrate my favorite moment in Halo: Evolutions - when Gage is saved by an unknown SPARTAN-II.

It’s sorta implied that the SPARTAN is a man, however for some reason I just love thinking its one of the lady SPARTANs under this suit hauling an hardened ODST like a purse haha :D

I tried to make the armor an combination of MARK V and MARK VI suits to make a unique MARK IV suit as both draw influence from its daddy platform - Also I had fun making the SPARTAN absolutely huge. 

Lastly I gotta work on my background painting - the scarab leg and the background could have been pushed further, but I am happy with the tracer fire. Well comments and critique welcome! Enjoy the weekend my friends! 


I got a new tattoo.

Here’s what it is and here’s why.

The Escape

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Pairing: None yet
Word count: 874
Request: @spartan-girl So I know you want John requests and I wasn’t planning on this turning into one (In my mind it started out as a DeanxFemale!OC). Could you write something where Female!OC is Bobby’s long lost daughter and she meets the Winchesters? Dean would flirt with her but she’s attracted to John. (Maybe make it a series if you want…) I just finished reading the Chocolate Cupcakes series and now I crave more lol
A/N: I had been asking for John requests! This is one<3

Part 1 of Flirting with Danger

Devon ran down the beaten dirt road, her black boots no longer exactly black. Her dark blue jeans were ripped, smeared with mud, and what she hoped wasn’t blood. It was a chilly night, and she was wearing a loose tank top, which was torn, letting her really feel it.

Coming to a stop, Devon leaned over, putting her hands on her knees. Her lungs were yelling at her in protest, aching and burning. Her skin felt like it was on fire, from escaping. Her shoulders were scraped, as were her forearms, hips and knees. She knew that she couldn’t stop too long, though. Whatever the hell had taken her and her mother was still out there. Her long red hair hung around her head, creating a curtain.

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Sci-fi Girl Portrait by Spartan Digital Art

Spartan girls in practice.

I’ve been feeling a bit demotivated lately (maybe cause I’m older lol), but this day inspired me to start something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile.

I’d like to start a series of illustrations to picture the presence of women through History, without being necessarily attached to a well known woman and along with it I’d like to picture friendship and love.

If you like the idea feel free to suggest me place/time/settings, I started with Sparta for no reason, probably just easier for me. I’ll put some colours on it another time.