girl slaps boy

maggie👏 should👏 not👏 have👏 had👏 to👏 apologize👏 for👏 her👏 trauma👏

it👏 should👏 not👏 have👏 been👏 trivialized👏  

it’s👏 important👏 to👏 discuss👏 how👏 it’s👏 wrong👏 and👏 incredibly👏 damaging👏 to👏 out👏 someone👏 without👏 their👏 consent👏

i’m👏 mad👏 sg👏 writers👏 fucked👏 up👏 maggie’s👏 arc👏 AND👏 alex’s👏 arc👏 

alex👏 would’ve👏 sat👏 them👏down👏 and👏 tried👏 to👏 have👏 a👏 gentle👏 considerate👏 healthy👏 and👏 healing👏 heart👏 to👏 heart👏 with👏 maggie👏

maggie👏 deserves👏 more👏 for👏 her👏 backstory👏 she👏 deserves👏 an👏 independent👏 and👏 complete👏 story👏 arc👏

fuck👏 you👏 sg👏 writers👏


  • more demon interactions (esp if they knew his dad)
  • more angel interactions (esp if they knew his mom)
  • hunting down a demon to find out its not a demon, it’s just some monster
  • more interactions with shady human friends from dante’s living on the streets
  • maybe your char needs help with a demon problem
  • maybe your char IS the demon problem
  • shenanigans in limbo
  • escort mission where dante has to keep your char alive (and he’s not happy about it)
  • dante and your char had a one night stand and now they have to work together (also he might not even remember it 100% bc he’s a dog)
  • your char has a crush on dante and he totally uses that to his advantage for information and perks (see previous bullet: he’s a dog)
  • basically anything in any of his crossovers (altho i mainly got ffxv and ffvii atm i am always willing to come up with more at any time)
  • conflict of any kind i love conflict lmao

I re-watched the first season of the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya after a long while, and I think they did something interesting with it. In episode 4, Suzumiya gives her famous “feelings of love are just some sort of mental illness” speech. While Suzumiya is explaining her view point, the audience is shown what is happening outside. In the yard, there are two people who seem to have feelings to each other. 

Now, this could be what Suzumiya is seeing since she is looking out of the window, and what she is talking about love gives this scene and interesting vibe going around. However, what interests me even more is the location where this is happening. You see, later on in episode 4 we get see how this couple goes forward, and the girl ends up slapping the boy. 

This happens in the same place, in the yard, but the reason to show the viewer this is a bit strange, since it does not make full sense with the context of the scene. Suzumiya and Kyon are discussing Asakura`s transfer at the beginning, so why did the creators show this couple again? Of course it´s possible that since Asakura appeared/was mentioned in both of these scenes, that small clip from the yard connects the two thematically. However, I have another reason in mind. 

I think the reason is that now the yard, with the showing of this couple 2 times, has been connected with the theme of romance. It is significant that this vibe/theme was connected to this location because of episode 6, aka how the first book ends. I checked and in both of the source material (the book) and in the anime version, Kyon and Suzumiya end up running away to the yard to escape the Celestials. 

Now, the creators of the anime need to follow the source material and that is why Suzumiya and Kyon run to the yard, but the creators were smart about this, and have connected the feeling of romance into that place. And I think it`s really clever since that place, which we were shown a boy and girl blush, a place where they were shown to break up, a place which was shown when Suzumiya described love as an mental illness, also happens to be the place where Suzumiya and Kyon have their romantic moment.  

1950/Grayson Dolan Smut

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Most of these are taken from my Wattpad account! (Twtrash01)

Send me requests for the following Fandoms: Teenwolf, Vampire Diaries, Dolantwins, OUAT(Peter Pan, Robbie Kay, Supernatural, Suicide Squad, The 100. Basically I’ll write for any fandom. I’ll write non-smut as well. Be specific in what you want! *I DON’T OWN ANY GIFS*

Request:  Hiya 👋 I love pretty much everything you write, my request is a Grayson•reader smut (where the Dolans aren’t famous) your new and you make best friends with girl who’s going out with a jerk (Ethan) and she invites you to a diner where you meet Grayson ? Xx

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Shit Aph Belarus Does #70

Has once taken America’s stuffed minion and burned it right in front of him

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I misread the "Draw the muse wearing mun's clothes" as draw the muse wearing mom's spaghetti. I don't know how I fucked up that bad.

this is the spagedy joseph. reblog and you will have weak knees for the next 1000000 years.

7 minutes in heaven. (Suho Smut)

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Paring: Suho x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word count: 1675

this made me cry bc i had no idea how to end it nor how to start itt 

“Y/N!” yelled your best friend ushering her into her house, shortly after quietly knocking on her door hoping that she wouldn’t answer. Your best friend had invited you to a hangout at her house with a few of her friends from her other classes and you. You didn’t really want to go since you didn’t know anyone there except her but since she really wanted you to be there, you came just to please her.

She grabbed your hand, closing the door with her foot and dragged you to the living and on the couch sat a couple of boys and some girls chatting away together on the floor, giggling every two minutes. You turned her way flustered that there were boys and you tried walking away but she kept you in her grasp and sat you down on the couch.

“Okay, this is Y/N” announced your friend, smiling at you to assure you that everything would be fine. Everyone turned quiet and turned their head your way and you shyly brought your hand up, giving them a small wave and you uttered a ‘Hi’. Your friend chuckled and she clapped her hands, and they turned their attention to her again and you sighed grateful that they stopped staring at you.

“Let’s play a game” She exclaimed, she looked around looking for any suggestions.

“7 minutes in heaven!” yelled one girl while jumping up and all the girls around her giggled, including her, one boy groaned and you wanted to too, but you were worried people would look at you like they did before so you kept quiet keeping your attention on your friend.

“Any objections?” asked your friend, she looked around searching for any signs of disapproval, when she found none she walked to the kitchen and grabbed a wine bottle and you watched her drain all the contents of it in the sink making it empty. She turned around and sat down on the floor and put the bottle on the coffee table and smiled.

“Who goes first?” she asked.

No one answered and they all looked at each other, looking to see if any one of them would go up first, your friend squinted her eyes and shrugged.

“Okay, I’ll pick” She smirked to herself, looking around the room to find her first victim. ‘Please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me’ you wished while shutting your eyes, you heard her chuckle as if she saw you praying that you wouldn’t get pick.


And she picked you, you silently cursed and looked at her with pleading eyes for her to change her mind, but she shook her head and gestured you to spin the bottle.

You reluctantly put your hand on the bottle as you felt all eyes on you, you lightly turned the bottle, spinning it and watched it turn and have little drops of wine fall from it as it was spun. You bit your lip and watched it slow down.

When you stopped you didn’t want to look up, you didn’t want to see who it landed on, you didn’t even want to do this in the first place but you looked up after you heard some giggles from the girls and the boys slapping the person the back, laughing when it stopped on them.

You looked up and it was the same boy who groaned, he had brown hair that looked soft if you ever put your hands in it, small pink lips that looked so kissable and small eyes. You didn’t realize you were staring until your felt hands lightly nudge you and you got up from your seat, wiping the sweat that was forming on your hands.

“Go to the closet right down the hallway” instructed your friend and you couldn’t believe you were actually doing this.

You quietly followed the boy into the closet and you leaned your back up against the wall, away from him. He quietly closed the door and it suddenly became dark and all you heard was your quiet breathing but you didn’t hear his, he was silent.

“What’s your name?” you whispered almost wishing he wouldn’t answer it but you heard some footsteps coming closer and you saw his figure in the dark, tall and broad.

“Suho” He whispered back, he put his hand on the side of your head. You saw his eyes they were the only thing bright in the dark, you liked the way he looked at you like you were the only thing piercing through his mind right now and it made you want to kiss him, remembering how soft his lips looked.

You boldly put your hands on his chest wondering why in the world would you do that in your head. You could sense that he was smirking from the way, you saw the figure of his head glance down at your hands and back up again to face you.

“Should we do this?” He asked as he brought down his hand from the wall and landed it on your waist, all the hairs on your body stood up from shock, you never really had this happening to you before but you didn’t want his hand to move, you liked the way his hand gently gripped at your hip, you wanted more.

You put a hand on his cheek, signaling for him to kiss you and he did. As you expected his lips were soft and it felt nice the way it moved against your own, the way your tongue would occasionally glide against it and it felt smooth, you didn’t want to stop kissing him, it was almost too perfect for you to stop now. You wanted to continue the heated moment, but he pulled away and you almost whined at the feeling of nothing on your lips. You gasped as you felt his lips press against your neck.

He peppered soft kisses on your neck, trailing down to your collarbone, nibbling lightly on the skin. You opened your mouth wanting to make a noise but nothing came out. You wanted to tell him to stop to tell him that you were new to this and you didn’t know what to do, but your body refused and let him continue on.

He brought his hands up your shirt and you shivered at how cold his hands felt against your warm skin, his hands trailed up to your covered chest and he cupped his hands over your bra and gently squeezed them, you pushed your chest against his hand wanting to feel more and he chuckled.

He took his hand off your bra and continued sliding his hand around your skin while his mouth was too busy covering your neck and collarbone with small marks your head tilted to the side to give him more access.

He suddenly went on his knees and you looked down at him, shocked as in to why he stopped everything just to get on his knees, he put his hands on your thighs and instinctively since you had a skirt on you closed your legs and felt your cheeks heating up.

He pressed his lips against your bare thigh leaving small kisses as he did on your neck.

“W-what are you doing?” you asked you didn’t want to hear his answer, you just wanted him to continue. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t like what he was doing. You wanted him to touch you in the dirtiest way possible, you rubbed your legs together not knowing that he was watching every move you made.

He pushed your legs apart and slid down your panties, and surprisingly you didn’t stop him you let him continue like you’ve been letting him do for the past 4 minutes. You watched him disappear under your skirt and you put your head back as you felt his fingers slid up and down your slit, you bit down on your lip wanting him to finger you, you knew that after this was done you’d be ashamed of yourself for not waiting for the right person to do this to you but  right now you didn’t care, only thoughts of you and him flooded your mind right now you wanted him to make you orgasm better than you ever made yourself orgasm.

You moaned as his index finger rubbed at your clit, and you grabbed at his hair running your fingers through it, you could feel yourself getting wetter and you knew he could feel it too when he slid in two fingers inside you, you bucked your hips against his fingers and quietly moaned, your grip on his hair getting tighter as his fingers sped quickly. You moved your hips against his fingers and you could feel yourself coming closer to your orgasm. His fingers worked magic inside of you, curling occasionally when he thrusted them inside of you, making your legs shudder threatening to fall but Suho helped you stay up, holding your legs.

“Suho” you moaned his name, feeling your release coming closer, he brought his mouth to your region sliding his tongue up your slit and you bit down on your lip at the feeling of his warm tongue against you.

“More..” You breathed out and he stuck his tongue inside and started to tongue fuck you, you couldn’t believe how good it felt, you didn’t want this to end you wanted this to keep going on forever, you felt your walls tighten up and your legs getting weaker as you orgasmed on his face and you were too caught up in catching your breath to feel ashamed, you sat down on the floor too weak to get up.

Suho sat down beside you and smiled, rubbing your thighs and you smiled, blushing realizing what had just happened.

“I think we should go now..” Suho chuckled.  

 “I don’t think I can get up..” you confessed and he laughed, sitting back down putting your underwear back on.


Girl: Mean Girls is the best movie ever! *Keeps talking*

Boy: How boring, I’ll shut her up with a kiss.

Girl: *slaps him*

Boy: Holy shit!

Girl: Don’t interrupt me when I’m talking!


I have difficulties keeping Lissa (actually, all the healers) alive on classic. They always die. ALWAYS.

On a side note, no more drawing comics for me, they’re too time consuming–….orz