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I love being fearless with you… 

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Hanji/Erwin, 1,3 and 15?

This is a great ship! 

1) Who rocks the Ferris Wheel seat and who flips out and begs them to stop?: Who do you think? Hanji. She gets excited and she is a bit of thrill seeker/adrenaline junkie (girl went skydiving for her 30th birthday).  Erwin…is not. He is not scared of heights or anything - he just does not want to chance the stability of something that is meant to be disassembled and loaded on  truck.  


3) Who is more into taking showers/baths together? Who tries to make it relaxing and who tries to make it sexy time?: Erwin loves hot showers and thinks they are very calming. He also think naked and wet Hanji is stunning (she’s stunning all the time…but….ya know). He would love to have showers together where they can just kiss and cuddle.  Hanji is the one who tries to make it sexy time. Shower sex is hard okay (no matter what the movie’s show you) and it does not work out well. Erwin is normally happy to finish on the counter what Hanji started in the shower though.

15) Who likes writes the others name on their wrist?: Neither really like to doodle on themselves.  Though the way Hanji first said “I love you,” was to write it with her finger on his arm and make him try and figure out what she was writing.

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Every time I watch SHINee’s Surprise Vacation (AKA One Fine Day), it makes me love each member more
Key is so unsure of himself, but he has the cutest little smile when he finds things he likes, it makes me so happy I could cry
Jonghyun bought a SHINee cd while he was in Japan, and was so damn proud to see how many had sold there
Minho got so worried that because of flooding he wouldn’t be able to see Manchester United play, but he did and when he stood outside Old Trafford he was speechless with happiness
Taemin was being a little cheeky while saying it, but he wants to care for his hyungs because he’s old enough to take responsibility, amd he knows it
And Onew was so fricken smiley on his healing trip that it lit up my fricken soul, that boy is a beacon of happiness, and wants to share it with everyone
I love SHINee so much, and it’s not at all hard to see why.

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I'm getting married soon and I asked my DJ to include at least 1 BAP song during my wedding. To my surprise, he emails me an entire folder of BAP songs (all the romantic, sweet ones) and asks me if I want any other song in there. BUT I DON'T KNOW IF SKYDIVE AND YOUNG, WILD AND FREE ARE APPROPRIATE FOR A WEDDING LIKE I'LL BE BOPPING TO IT BY MYSELF WHILE MY GUESTS STAND THERE AWKWARDLY. What do you think??


no but seriously, I think romantic sweet B.A.P songs are more ‘fitting’ for a wedding setting, I suppose, but if you want to put on skydive and young wild and free then you do it this is your wedding get down to skydive girl i support you