girl skully

I’m going to tell you all something.


Listen to them. Reblog them. Make them.

Because those posts mean more than what it looks like.

I kind of came out to my mom. She said I was too young, and I was confused and that I couldn’t be transgender because i used to love dresses and i wear makeup.

Actually I loved those dresses because people told me I had to wear them and I wore makeup to outline my cheekbones and jaw to make me look more like a boy/genderless.

What was even worse was that I told my mom after she got upset that “oh dont worry just a little thought im a girl and always will be”

She said of course, and was a little happier i guess. But i felt like i had betrayed myself.

It felt horrible.

I told my friend/afterschool teacher about it. My friend said I was valid. That I’m never too young. That im not confused, and the only person that can influence me was myself.

Im still hurt. But my friend helped me a bit. I might lie more about my gender to anyone, say that im a girl when really im only 1/10 of the time.

So you know those posts?

At least look at them. Like them. Reblog them. write them.

Because that can make even a questioning person feel safe.

Watched the Monster High episode of Grumpcade, so of course the natural course of action was to stay up til 1 AM drawing Skully Bonezone, duh. She cute as fruck and has lips somehow. 

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decem (Let It Go Trap Remix)
decem (Let It Go Trap Remix)

I’m trying to drop a track every Sunday (Last Sunday’s track is here)
Till it ends, you can look forward to a new song every D.A.F.T Day
A deed accomplished for this day is just my way of continuing to create while I live my everyday life and not taking a large amount of time off
I’m mostly picking instrumentals that are fun and idk maybe something you would enjoy jamming too

YourDaftHero - decem (Let It Go Trap Remix) 

Young, daft and arrogant
Late on what on the errand is
Heroine sick heretic
Fluent talking terrorist

Past lip tremble kissing
Succubus, Medusa hissing
Crusades with the crew made
For a good summer and a long day

Im drowing out the drone noise
With a bruised lip and a slouched poise
Poison puffing, this nic nothing
Burn a whole pack with the wolf boys

And your whole clique is irrelavent
Erradication is imminent
Fuck with me if you into this
Like we fucking when you reminisce


21st century tyrant and I’m applying plenty pressure
Thrashing lessons when I let it go, weave these words into a lecture
Hock a lougie music bumping while looting bodies of copies
Carbon carcass dead walking fluent Florida fiendish zombies

Two skullys, girl youre too chummy
Chucking back vomit cause being ills yummy
In the digital, these gits fools
Whisper lines and this dopes fuel

Cop a seat, till it loads complete
My manners messy and my life neet
Devil desired bum for hire
Plucking out gold grills with a pair of pliers


Heir bred from the hollow
Speaking as though all this story origin aint hard swallow
Bit confident, and well within
Feeling like I belong on the premisis
The Con Crew crude, five fools
You and me make the KG malicious

Words from Judas are pretty, and the message is potent
Precious symphonies sing and all stigmata wounds reopen
Gutting gangs of second borns thirsty for a golden crown
Say its now or never, but never now since you came around


Villainous daft reminisce of past acquired accolades
Linger where the will o wisps whisper and where their stories stay
Priests to pray, clutching crosses, heads low, amen away
Lids low watching decades of doomed dynasties slowly decay

Favorite weathers when the clouds are grey and come together
Rains mellow, sing whenever, hell or high water caused Helios to melt the lever
Overflowing, overflowing, drowning from a daily dose
Thunder cracking, serpent kraken, in this sea youll drown alone

Con Crew x Kawaii Gang

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