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What if the losers club meets their actors?

Beverly and Sophia: I reckon they would be best friends within seconds because they’re so alike, they both probably listen to badass girl rock and they’s sit there with a headphone each and just nod their heads in time and smile at each other. Also Sophia would put things in Bev’s hair, because its longer and wilder, like daisies and Bev would draw doodles on Sophia’s arms

Mike and Chosen: These boys would bond over singing INSTANTLY like Mike would hear Chosen’s song, Losers, and he’d nearly cry because he thought it was so damn good. They’d chill and write songs together nearly every day because Chosen could write about his life as an actor and Mike could write about the other Losers and they’d record all the songs on Chosen’s phone, and when they played it for the others they’d all be shook because their voices were harmonising perfectly. 

Eddie and Jack: Initially, he didn’t like Jack. He was loud, boisterous, hyper, constantly cracking jokes, and Eddie just wanted him to shut up. But then he realised that Jack is LITERALLY Richie, and Eddie slowly starts to get to know him better, liking his taste in old 70′s music and even letting Jack style his hair like his so they looked like twins. That freaked out Richie let me tell you. 

Bill and Jaeden: Other than Bill’s stutter, they were basically the same person. They had the same humour, cracked the same jokes, they even started finishing each other sentences. They would do that ‘twin’ prank where they’d dress as each other and try to trick their friends, but then Bill’s stutter would come out and everyone would just groan because they tried to trick them AGAIN.

Ben and Jeremy: Ben is kinda shy whereas Jeremy is the more confident of the two and he tries to help Ben come out of his shell. He takes him shopping for suits, something Ben has NEVER worn before, and Jeremy gets his right colours and perfect fitting and honestly Ben feels so good about himself? Jeremy always takes Ben to award shows and premieres with him so he can show him off to everyone because he’s proud of his double becoming more confident in himself, because he should!

Stanley and Wyatt: Like Eddie with Jack, at first Stan and Wyatt didn’t get along. They kind of competed with each other, as in Wyatt would say something funny and sarcastic at Finn or Jaeden and Stan would do the same with Richie and Bill. Wyatt would make fun of Stan on twitter, posting embarrassing candid’s of him eating or sleeping, whilst Stan would just make sarcastic comments at Wyatt’s taste in music or the clothes he wore. But eventually the two realised that it was dumb to compete so they basically ended up becoming the dynamic duo of sarcastic comments and clap backs and they were UNSTOPPABLE. 

Richie and Finn: Everyone dreaded these two meeting because they knew they would hit it off right away. And they did. Finn would make dumb vines featuring Richie so the fans could never tell if they were actually recording together or it was just one of them playing both characters in the vine. They’d be constantly bickering during interviews and were both SUPER competitive on any challenges on talk shows they were on. Richie and Finn would have a secret hand shake too, because of course they would.


Prompt: Bruce Wayne c reader and they have twins (one boy one girl)

Requested by: dannysanime

Fandom: DC

    You sit in the rocking chair, and slowly move back and forth. You stare at the nursery, your hands settled on your large and protruding belly. It’s a little past three in the morning, and you’re far too uncomfortable to sleep. One baby is bouncing on your bladder and the other is wedged near your kidney.

    “Hey, what are you doing up?” You glance up at Bruce as he enters the room. He’s dressed only in a pair of sweatpants, and his hair is still wet from his shower.

    “Couldn’t sleep.”

    He pulls up the small ottoman and sits in front of you, his hands go to your belly, “They being naughty again.”

    You sigh, “Just stubborn. They seem determined to make sure I don’t get any sleep.”

    Bruce smiles, “Only two weeks left.”

    Your hands cover his and you smile, “Only, he says.”

    “We could talk about names again?” he offers, “We still haven’t decided on anything and Alfred is getting anxious about it.”

    You grin, “I think he’s scared we’re going to stick with thing one and thing two.”

    He lets out a chuckle, “So, we need one girl name and one boy name, ideas?”

    “I’m still leaning towards Gideon or Beckett for the boy.”

    He smiles, “Any names for the girl?”

    “None that I love, what about you?”

    “Gwendolyn or Genevieve.”

    You nod, “Gideon would go well with either of those. A G name theme.”

    He smiles, “Well, it’s three in the morning so, I say we leave big choices until we’re fully rested.” He stands up and extends his hands. You grasp them and he pulls you to your feet. Together you walk back to your bedroom, a hundred months pregnant, uncomfortable as can be, and fully in love with your life.

Yo, but can you imagine, next season, the kids are closer?

And not just Marinette and Adrien

I mean

The class, like,

- Imagine Sabrina and Max having a debate about the best video games

- Imagine Kim and Marinette being up at five am to go run around a few blocks

- Imagine Nino, Alya and Rose gushing over their cute ass partners— I mean BFFs.

- Imagine Adrien and Alix racing around and Adrien, despite being a leather clad furry hero, can’t catch the little pink skater girl

- Imagine Ivan and Juleka just sitting there, rocking out to some sweet tunes

- Imagine Mylène and Nath being friends and Mylène discusses colours with Nath whilst he draws

- Imagine Chloé and Lila being snarky lil shits and arguing over fashion and what’s in season and what’s not


Imagine the class

When love comes, it takes you under

She comes to the shore every fourth night to sing songs of the dead, songs everyone has forgotten, songs that have been around long before any of the living were born. She sings of the water and the tides and the foam, she sings of violent spears and how those who throw them pay for it. She sings of love. The moon bathes her in her light, like the favorite child that she is, and her pale green skin covered in scales and droplets of water shines like the ocean does. Everyone stays inside and tries not to listen, they know what the legends say about her kind, and the legends never lie. No one has died in fifty years, and yet she comes to the shore every time like it’s her duty to do so.

She comes and there’s no one until one day there is. There’s a tiny frame of a girl sitting on a rock and reading a book. She sings her songs and the girl cries. The girl says she just wanted to be somewhere quiet, she wanted to be left alone. It’s too loud, you see. It’s too painful. She nods and smiles. The girl doesn’t flinch and briefly smiles back. The Girl whispers her name, and she can’t help repeating it over and over again, letting the syllables roll from her tongue like polished stones. The morning comes, and The Girl goes back home, alive. She keeps The Girl’s name under her tongue.

It happens more often than not: The Girl sits on the rock and rocks like the waves, like her home, or reads a book, and she softly sings, quieter now, or tells stories of the long forgotten past. The Girl tells her strange facts about people she’s never met and who’ve never existed. She brings this new human shells and pretty rocks, and The Girl takes each and every one of them. Once The Girl laughs and then says that it’s like friendship bracelets humans make, and her eyes light up. Next time The Girl ties a string of colourful gems around her wrist and shows her another one. They match. She giggles, smiling with her sharp yellow teeth, and The Girl giggles with her. The air buzzes around her fins and everything tastes stronger. Two hours before sunrise The Girl goes back home, and she wishes that she could give more than rocks and shells.

Next time they meet on the shore, they talk in hushed voices, and The Girl lies on the rock and braids the wave of her long green hair into something that makes her hold her head just a little bit higher. The Girl hands her a mirror and tells her she looks like royalty. The Girl has never looked afraid. So she asks her if she could kiss her. The Girl smiles, and her world lights up. They kiss and they kiss, and they kiss, and her lips taste like water, and she’ll never have to breathe anything else.

The Girl never comes home, and the songs become louder. The legends never lie after all.

for @quecksilvereyes

Ugly Dad Shirt.

Authors Note: This is short and not that great….. I am really running out of ideas to write about. I thought a weeks break would help but it hasn’t. The blurb request lists don’t really spark anything either. I’m sorry, this is going to have to do. Xx 

You’re bouncing your daughter on your hip as she’s drowsily clinging to you while you stand backstage at the SNL rehearsal, watching Harry from a distance as he waits for the instructions to walk on the stage and do his thing. 

You have been here for around three hours, laughing with the crew while Harry rehearses his lines for his skits and prepares himself to sing his debut song off of his sophomore solo album. 

Your daughter has been moderately grumpy since landing in New York, she doesn’t seem to appreciate being away from home. New York just does not seem to enchant her the slightest bit.

She begins to whine, wiggling in your arms as she gradually wakes up from her small nap she decided to take on your shoulder. “I know, I know.” You rub her back, calming her down as you grab her blanket from where you left it earlier. She quietens down and nestles back into you, your hand still rubbing her back, just a few whimpers escaping her lips as she gets comfortable on you.

You ultimately move to sitting down trying to keep your little one calm as she gets antsy and irritated again, the comfort of her blanket no longer satisfying her. 

You let her press her little legs to the floor, thinking nothing of it as she stretches her legs and waddles around cutely, a few of the staff members chuckling as she makes some peculiar noises. You are no stranger to her strange noises and attempts at talking. 

Before you know it she’s running to her father as he’s mid-rehearsal performance. 

Her little arms reach up to press to his leg, gently tapping on them to get his attention. He smiles as he gazes down at her, completing the first verse. 

He bends down and picks her up, trying to continue singing the second verse but she starts to whimper into his neck, distracting him from the lyrics. He signals to the band and they stop playing. “Sorry guys, just give me a moment.” He smiles and everyone assures him it is fine as you bite your lip, unsure of how everyone’s going to react to him having to stop for a break bc of his little girl. 

“I’m sorry.” You shuffle towards him and he shakes his head, 

“it’s okay, she’s grumpy and just wants me.” He grins, admiring how his little one just wants to be held by her Dad. Everyone knows she likes to get in as many daddy cuddles as she possibly can, not to mention when she become irritable he is better at calming her down than what you are. All he has to do is hum a few melodies and she calms down. 

“It’s okay, I got ya, sweetheart. Shh.” He rubs her little back, enabling her to settle down and get comfortable in his arms. 

She rests in the crook of his neck and leisurely begins to fall asleep. “I’m going to need a 15-minute break, I’m so sorry.” He informs the crew and they understandably nod, not becoming crude. 

You follow him off the stage and watch as he sits down with her, a smile forming on your lips as you admire him. 

“She seems really grumpy.” Harry sighs as his little girl begins to fuss again, his hand instantly reaching for her blanket and draping it around her. 

“I know,” you sigh, feeling terrible that your little girl is grumpier today than usual. You understand she’s probably homesick and wants to be curled up in her own crib in the comfort of the house instead of being apart of her daddy’s rehearsal. 

Harry begins to walk around the area, rubbing her back to try to get her to stop crying into him.

He doesn’t care that his fifteen-minute break is up, or that he should probably be trying to get his vocals right for tonight’s performance. His main concern is his little girl. 

“I know this isn’t fun, but Daddy has to be here and I know you’ll fuss at the hotel. C'mon little darlin’ settle down for me.” He whispers as he tries to bounce her lightly, walking in circles in an attempt to calm her down. He looks to you and you frown for a moment, taking note of her flushed cheeks as she lifts her head off of Harry’s shoulder. 

“Harry, maybe she’s not feeling good.” You begin, “Maybe I should take her to the hotel.” You continue, stepping closer to the two, 

“Yeah, she does kinda feel a bit warm.” Harry nods, and you step closer before pressing your hand to her forehead. 

Harry tries to make his little girl feel better, rubbing his hand on her back, sitting with her, rocking her in his arms, everything possible that he could do while taking a break from rehearsing. “Daddy is going to have to get back to singing.” He whispers, trying to tenderly put space between him and her little body that is clinging to him. 

The minute he tries to hand her to you her whimpers get louder, turning into cries. He sighs and presses her back to him, her head resting on his shoulder again. “At some point, I really need to rehearse.” He sighs with a small pout, not wanting to leave his little girl. 

She lifts her head and he looks at her, pressing a small kiss to her forehead, “alright, you ready to go to mummy?” He hums sweetly, her eyes just staring up at him. For a moment you think she’s going to stay calm and allow him to pass her off to you so you can take her to the hotel and let her sleep, but instead, Harry groans as she gets sick on his shirt. 

He screws his nose up before trying to sooth his little girl with sweet words, “it’s okay, shh. I know yeh not feeling good.” He murmurs, carefully handing her to you as he looks at his shirt. “This is so gross.” He pouts, unbuttoning his shirt, leaving him bare. 

“Told ya it was an ugly ‘Dad’ shirt.” You chuckle with a small wink, his eyes rolling as your little girl finally settles down into you, no longer whimpering. 

“Oh, ha-ha.” He sarcastically mutters, “it isn’t ugly.” He defends, “but, I need to rehearse and you both need to relax. I’ll meet you at the hotel in a few hours.” He presses a kiss to your lips, his hand gently pressing to his little girl. 

“Be good for mummy, feel better little one, I love you.” He whispers to his daughter, his hand rubbing in a circular motion. “And I love you, be careful.” He looks back towards you and you nod. 

“I love you, too. Have fun and try not to stress, you will do great tonight.” You assure him, knowing that he is going to stress himself to try to get everything perfect.

Nerd Sisters

Beta love to @reinakonanofate. She’s the one that makes everyone able to read my stuff 💕💕💕.

After the last one.. y’all deserved some love between the sisters.

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“If you touch that, you will die.”

Your hand stops, just an inch from its destination, frozen.

You turn back to Alex and gape.

And you frown.

“Alex!” you whine.

Because your dummy sister is wearing her ‘I gotcha’ smirk.

“Sorry, Kar, sorry,” she chuckles. “You’re just too easy sometimes.”

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Peter Pan-Once Upon A Time

It had been a few months since the spell was lifted by Emma Swan. She set our town free from the Evil Queens curse. Everybody began remembering who they used to be. Snow White, The Mad Hatter, even the blue fairy remembered who they were. everybody remembered the lives in the enchanted forest, everybody, except me.I didn’t remember anything. Well, I remembered a few bits, a forest, a camp fire, music played on a set of pan pipes. Mostly though I just remembered a boy. My age, maybe older, he was tall and skinny. He always had a cocky look on his face, a smirk on his lips, one of his eye brows raised. I remembered his face but I couldn’t remember his name, and I didn’t know why.

It’s wasn’t all bad, not remembering. My mum, well adoptive mum that is, Mary Margret (Well snow white) had been so supportive, even with all the catching up with her real daughter, Emma. She was an amazing mom and Emma was an amazing Sister. I didn’t NEED to know who I was in the past, I just wanted to know.

A few days ago, Henry, Emma’s boy, was taken and my mom, David, Emma and Regina who I nicknamed ‘EQ’, had decided they were going to find him and bring him home, with help of a pirate. I however was forced to go. I mean sure, don’t get me wrong, I love Henry, even before the curse was lifted, I loved him like a brother. I was his babysitter and tutor. He means a lot to me, but ermm, I did’t think, I’d be much help in the rescue mission like this. I’m not really good with stuff like being a hero. My mum and sister however  thought other wise, so here I stand in the middle of a forest, lost in Neverland.

I had gotten lost because I thought I heard crying so I went to look, so I went to look and when I turned back to find the group they were gone. I stumbled around the forest looking for them.

I tripped and stumbled around. I don’t really know why, but something felt familier. I felt as through I had been here before. Something about the trees, the sounds the feel of the place felt as though I had been there before. For a moment, I forgot about finding my mom and sister. I just walked, trying to figure out why I knew this place, why it felt so familiar. I pushed my way through bushes and branches trying to find my family when pushed threw a bunch of think over grown branches and all of a sudden I couldn’t feel the ground under my feet anymore, I looked down and I could see the ground, traveling towards me at a quick pace. I was falling.

I fell, fast and I knew it was over, I held my arms out, over my face, I’m not sure why, I guess I thought, if I protected my face from damage my mom would know it’s me. If see ever found me that is. Holding my arms over my face, I closed my eyes, and braced my self for the impact with the ground but it never came.

My eyes opened slightly and I moved my arms, looking at the ground, it was there, right in front of me, my head floating just above it. I looked around confused. I was floating, I laughed a little, relieved I wasn’t dead. I was alive. I looked up, over to the cliff I had fallen down and some how I willed myself  to slowly raise up towards the cliff. “I…I’m flying.” I whispered to myself. “I…I’m flying.” I shouted laughing. I started to fly up faster and faster the smiling never leaving my face. I flew a little bit further on to the cliff so I didn’t fall again. I hovered a little over the ground before I felt my feet drop to the ground. Then it all came flooding back. I remembered Everything.

I remember Neverland, I remember the lost boys, I remember who I was but most importantly, I remember Peter Pan.

I looked around and laughed at myself, I could still hear the crying, and that really bothered me, I remembered who I am, I remembered that if I could here the crying, it meant I was lost, but why was I lost, I knew exactly where I was.

Ignoring the feeling of confusion I figured it was because I need to find my mum. I willed myself to lift off into the air and flew over the trees trying to find my family when I spotted something familiar.

A camp. It was big, huts scattered around in the middle sat a large camp fire, surrounded by boys, all dancing and shouting, having fun. Not wanting to spoil their fun I flew a little lower and landed by a tree and watched, smiling at the familiar sight.

“Are you sure it’s her?” I heard a voice ask, I slightly looked around the tree to see Felix, my old friend, talking to him, to Peter. Peter was still as handsome and young as ever. He was sat there, on a tree stump, playing with his pan pipes, only stopping to ask questions to Felix.

“I’m sure, I’d know her voice anywhere Peter. It was Y/N” Felix answered. I knew instantly who there were talking about before he even said my name, my whole life here was spent with the lost boys, I was the first and only lost girl.

“We need to find her, I need her back here with me.” Peter whispered, regret and sadness clear in his voice. I decided then It was time to come out of the shadow, I wanted to see him again. Face to face.

“No need Peter, I’m right here.” I called as I stepped out from behind the tree. I looked around and noticed all of the eyes on me, but the only person to speak or eve move was Peter.

“Y/N, you’re back.” He laughed happily as he ran over to me and pulled me into a hug. The second I felt his arms wrap around my waist as he pulled me close, the sound of crying stopped. I wasn’t lost anymore, now that I was back in Peter’s arms.

“Yeah I am.” I mumbled into his chest. “I’m home.” I whispered as I looked up into his eyes. I remember everything from before the curse, how I got to Neverland, how I fell for Peter and how I was taken from Neverland and ended up in the enchanted forest.

“Where were you?” He asked, sitting me down on a tree stump, him sitting on the floor next to me. He waved his hand, signaling everyone to carry on with what they where doing. I smiled at the sight of all the lost boys being happy and free.

“It’s a long story.” I laughed quietly but I went serious again. “Peter, where’s Henry? I know you have him.” I asked grabbing his hand and pulling it to my cheek which he gently stroked and smiles a me.

“Y/N, please don’t be mad.” He whispered shamefully. “I only took him because we needed to get the magic back.” He explained, pulling me up and leading me into the woods. “After you were taken, everything changed. Magic stopped working. A few months ago how ever something changed, the shadow came back and I figured if I sent him to find the right child, he would ring back magic and I could get you back.” He finished, just as we stopped at the cages.

“Henry?” I called, walking towards the cages thathad people in.

“Auntie Y/N” I heard him call ack.  ran over to the cell and let him out, he immedietly ran into my arms.

“You’re here, is my mom here?” He asked tears welling mp in his eyes. I nodded and turned to Peter.

“I’m gonna take him back to his family. "I told Peter, grabbing Henry’s hand. Before I could leave Peter grabbed my arm. Henry, being scared and not knowing who I was tried to fight Peter off but I stopped him.

"Henry, no stop.” I shouted, pulling him back, “Peter won’t hurt me.” I reassured him. I turned to Peter and smiled, “I’ll come back, I promise.” Peter nodded and lent in, kissing my cheek before letting go and walking away.

“Okay, Henry, hold on tight.” I told him as I hugged him close and smiled before lifting off into the air.

“Wow” I heard Henry whisper as we flew over the trees.

We flew around for a while until I saw Emma and Regina fighting…again. I sighed and turned to Henry before flying down and landing a little away from the group. As soon as my feet hit the floor Henry ran towards Emma so I followed.

As soon as we broke through the trees the arguing stopped and both Henry and I became trapped in a large group hug. “Henry, Y/N, you’re back.” Emma called, I nodded a pulled away. I looked over at my family and it hit me, I had a choice. I was either going to stay here with Peter and the Lost boys or go back to Storybrook, with my family. Being here in Neverland, even though I have only been here for a short time, I feel at home, but I have spent god knows how long with my mum, my sister and Henry. My family.

“Y/N what’s wrong?” My mom asked. I smiled and shrugged, as I was about to speak a familiar voice interupted.

“YOU!” I turned around and came face to face with Hook. “Where is he?” he asked.  Before I could say anything Henry spoke up again.

“You’re her, aren’t you? You’re the one he talks about.” He asked, leaving everyone else confused. “The lost girl.”

“Yeah, I’m her.” I answered sitting down o a rock. I sighed and looked up at everyone else. “I remember…who I am, before the Curse EQ cast.” I told them, “I was taken a long time ago I don’t know who by but I managed to get away from them somehow and I ended up here. I met Peter and the lost boys and I was happy until a few of the lost boys thought Peter’s love for me was a weakness and they wanted to overthrow him, so they kidnapped me as sent me away, that’s how I ended up on the enchanted forest, and how I ended up on Storybrook.

"I got here and I fell off of the cliff, I flew and I remembered. I’m home, I’m where I should be but I don’t want to lose you mum. and Emma I only just got you. I don’t know what to do.” I cried, my mum walked over and hugged me tight.

“You do what you have to do, I love you, you know that. But I can tell you want to be here. Home is where your heart is and you’re heart has never really been in Storybrook, you know that.” My mom reassured me holding me close.

“Y/N, I know I just got you as a sister u I agree with Mary Margret, before I lifted the curse, you always told me about wanting to leave o find adventure, you love right, who ever this Peter Pan is?” Emma asked to which I nodded. “Then you should stay here, the biggest adventure anybody can find is love.” She smiled, hugging me I nodded and smiled pulling away.

I turned to look around the clearing when I saw a figure duck behind a bush, I smiled and shook my head,“Peter, I know you’re watching, get them home please.” I called, before I had even finished my sentence Peter was by my side.

“Ok,” was all he said. I smiled and walked over to my family. “Bye EQ.” I said giving her a quick hug before moving on over to David.

“Hey, thank you for being a great dad over the past few months .” I whispered in his ear.

“Henry, I love you a lot, don’t forget me OK?” I said hugging him tight.

“Emma, I love you too, even if you didn’t have them your whole life , they still love you.” I reminded Emma, hugging her tight too.

“Mum, thank you for being there for me. I am so greatful for you.”  told her, “I love you” I whispered.

“I love you too Y/N. come and visit, OK.” She cried. I nodded and pulled away.

After our goodbyes my family left and I sighed. I love my family but my mum was right, I never felt like I belonged in Storybrook, I always felt like an outsider because I never got me memories back when everyone else did. I belong in Neverland, with Peter and the lost boys, My lost boys.

The feeling of someones arms wrapping around my waist pulled me from my thoughts.

“I am so glad you are home, with me.” Peter whispered turning me to face him. I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Me too.” I replied pulling him in for a long over due kiss.

“So very glad to be home.” I sighed happy looked into his eyes.

Title: Deal with the Devil [ Chapter Three ]

Summary: Negan takes Monroe home.

Warnings: Language, flirtation

“What just happened?” Gasping in a breath of air, Monroe’s knees buckled and her head spun as she let her grip loosen on Negan’s leather jacket.

Taking a step back, the demon leaned back just enough to eye the curve of her ass with a smirk. He liked her in this position, maybe he’d teleport her all over the place just so he could have this sweet view all damn night.

“By the looks of things, I just flipped your whole fucking world upside down.” He said breezily and palmed his neatly trimmed beard as she steadied her breathing. “Being what I am, I have a shitload of abilities tucked away under my sleeve that just so happen to include travelling places in a blink of an eye. Cool, ain’t it?”

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Fluff Month LS Day 5

@miraculousfluffmonth Here’s the love square edition of Day 5! Some first-time Dadrien/Adrinette fluff.

FF | AO3

Adrien paced the floor of the waiting room anxiously, blond eyebrows knit together as he chewed his nails. Tom sat calmly in the chairs next to his wife, watching him with an amused expression, remembering the day he wore a very similar face twenty three years ago. Today would change his life forever, and Adrien was itching to get into the room, a feeling Tom remembered quite well. Fear, excitement, worry. Running every possible outcome in his mind until he felt dizzy. Such things were all part of the process.

“Mr. Agreste?” The nurse called, and Adrien was at her side in an instant.


“Everything went smoothly. You can come back and see her now,” She said with a cheerful grin.

Working in the maternity ward, she was used to handling new fathers, and she followed Adrien calmly as he rushed through the doors and up the hall to the delivery room where Marinette was cradling a small bundle of blankets. She glanced up when he entered, watery-eyed and smiling, and Adrien felt his eyes begin to sting as he moved closer. Alya surrendered her chair by the bed for him, and Marinette shifted the small heap in her arms for him to see.

“Emma, this is your papa,” She cooed softly, stroking the child’s cheek.

Adrien reached out gingerly to place his finger in her tiny palm, and she instinctively latched onto it. With a breathy laugh, he leaned closer to see her face, and Marinette planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Would you like to hold her?” Adrien’s gaze flicked up to meet hers, and for a moment, fear flashed in his eyes. But he swallowed hard and nodded, sitting back as Marinette carefully passed him their precious little girl.

Emma grunted and squirmed a little as he situated her on his arm with Alya’s guidance, but she settled down quickly, her little eyes searching his curiously. Adrien let out a ragged breath and smiled down at her, unsuccessfully fighting off tears.

“Hi, Emma,” He breathed, bouncing her slightly a few times. “I’m your dad, and me and Mama are gonna take care of you, okay?”

He leaned down to kiss her forehead and nuzzled her against his cheek. Never in his life did he think his heart would feel as full as it did on his wedding day, but sitting in that hospital room, rocking his new little girl, he was almost certain that his heart would burst out of his chest. All of the months of waiting to meet her, and she was every bit as perfect as he imagined, maybe even more.

Over the years, he and Marinette had faced many challenges and gone on many adventures. Being superheroes, surviving school, getting married…Now they were beginning a new journey, a road they would walk together. That day marked a turning point in their lives, a new story being written from that moment on, and Emma was only the first page.

Robbaery magnificent century au (sort of)

Read it on ao3:

She was taken from her home, her whole family dead. They took her to Casterly Rock, along with hundreds of other girls. 

She kept her head low, observed the people around her. 

Other concubines told them that going to the prince’s alkove would be the biggest luck they could get. But Margaery looked at his golden hair, his cruel smirk and all she could remember was the gold shining armours of the soldiers attacking her brothers, the way they smirked when Willas tried to defend her with nothing but his unarmored body.

Harem was a difficult place to survive in, but Margaery was determined, and so she completed her tasks, hunted for gossips and tried earning gold. Her long distance plan was to collect enough to buy herself out of the harem and get as far from the Lannisters as she could.

After a year or so, harem was struck by unusual news; twenty girls would be chosen as a gift for the new King in the North. 

Margaery didn’t care at first, rather fine with staying where she was and earning freedom slowly but surely, rather than going to some strange place and starting everything over.

But then happened what she feared. The queen mother requested her presence at the feast, and everyone knew what such invitation meant. 

Margaery counted the gold she had, pondered on her options and it was becoming clear that if she does not get out of Casterly Rock in two days, she probably will get called to prince’s chambers. And no gold would help her then: he was knows for keeping his toys until they were ruined, or if the girl was lucky, he found a new one.

She found one of the guards, and gave him all the gold she had, for a promise that she would be a part of the party leaving the next day. As she got back to her bed, her pockets were empty, but her heart heavy.

Fortunately, the guard turned out to be a rather honest man, and twenty four hours later Margaery was sitting in a carriage with a few other girls. Casterly Rock in the window got smaller and smaller every minute, and she felt alive again.

It took her a week in Winterfell to get into the King’s bed.

He was handsome and kind, much different than Jeoffrey. But she didn’t do it because he was those things. 

She wanted revenge on the Lannisters, and she saw the way they feared the North back in Casterly Rock. If she was going to avenge her family, it would be through the Stark armies.

The King liked her, she felt that. He laughed at her jokes, gazed at her face and body. He was young, and she was becoming better and better at wrapping him around her finger.

But a curious thing happened: the more she could manipulate him, the less she wanted to. 

Besides, she felt that she won’t have true power until she gets his family to like her. And that wasn’t easy.

Queen Mother, Catelyn was suspicious of her at first, and never really stopped. His siblings didn’t trust her as well, maybe except for Sansa: the two became fast friends, and Margaery saw how much happiness it brought Robb to see his sister smiling again. 

And then there was Jeyne and Jon.

Jeyne, the mother of Robb’s first son, a pretty woman, who couldn’t even hate her. Margaery knew that her presence brings Jeyne pain, sometimes she felt bad for it, but then she would look into Robb’s eyes, think about the gold shining armours, and all the guilt she felt would fade. 

Jon, however, was the real issue. Margaery didn’t like him, and he seemed to simply ignore her. He was like a brother to Robb, and Margaery knew that as long as Jon didn’t acknowledge her, she didn’t truly matter.

But even with those issues, and several others, she was kind of happy. Robb spent almost every night with her, told her stories of the North, asked about her family, and then started seeking his advice, and that brought her the most joy, because he trusted her entirely on his own, without any manipulation on her side.

She was slowly forgetting about the Lannisters, focused on winning over the hearts of Starks and helping Robb with ruling, when the war started.

He kissed her goodbye, for everyone to see. When he was leaving she tried to smile, to tell herself that was what she wanted, but as soon as she returned to her chambers, she started crying.

Sansa found her like that, and so they cried together, then laughed as they saw each other’s red faces, and then cried again. 

She started sending letters, and cherished each reply he sent her. 

She also noticed Sansa sneaking to the messenger, but she didn’t voice her concerns.

She didn’t say anything either when Sansa fell ill, and in fever marmoured ‘’Jon’’.

Three months before Robb came back from war, she found out she was pregnant. Everyone celebrated then, except for Jeyne, who held her son Eddard close to her and didn’t speak a word for an entire day. 

When he came back, with a longer beard, thinner than before, and worn out from the road, she barely held herself from throwing herself at him. And later that night, when she was falling asleep in his arms, she thought that she might seriously be in love with him.

Their first child was a girl, and as Margaery held her, she couldn’t help but fear that he would be disappointed. 

He wasn’t.

But she saw how Jeyne’s smile got wider after the child was announced a girl.

When their daughter was six months old, Sansa and Jon got married. Margaery smiled widely at the wedding, and as her gaze met Jon’s, her grin got even wider, like she was saying “You owe me this”.

He kind of did, because Margaery was the one to propose the match, and fight everyone that opposed to it. 

Margaery bore four more children, all of them boys. 

The history of Westeros would speak of her as Margaery the crownless Queen, as she never formally was a queen, but still ruled with Robb Stark for almost 30 years.

After her death Robb abducated, and was said to spend most of his time with his only daughter Allerie.

500 years later archeologists found out Margaery the crownless was in the fact the last member of great House Tyrell, destroyed by House Lannister, before the latter tried to conquer the North, and was defeated.

* Inspired by a jonsa fic with a title I can’t remember, and of course by magnificent century

BAP’s Reaction to: finding out their crush is blind

A/N: this somehow turned not so much into a “finding out” but just their crush being blind sorry :( I got kind of carried away … message me if you want a do-over!

Yongguk: very soft-hearted so teared up a little at seeing you stumble in the street, was even more upset to realise you were blind. You lost grip of your white cane, people pushing by without even looking at you. He picked it up, taking your hand and wrapping your fingers around it. That was the moment when he started to like you.

Himchan: his ideal type is a kind woman, so seeing you volunteering at a local pet shelter, made him immediately fall for you. When he realised you were blind, he liked you even more for how selfless you were. He knew he just had to take you out on a date. And this former ulzzang and chubby kid also liked the fact that his looks were not a factor in this relationship at all, since it made your bond feel even more special and real.

Daehyun: bumped into you while you were asking an employee at a manga store if they sold braille mangas (it’s actually a thing, guys!). Seeing you so disappointed at hearing “No,” Daehyun offered to help you find a store that did. So you and him went on a day-long adventure, searching until you found a store. At some point, you exchanged numbers and he went back to bap’s dorm, to tell them all about his new crush.

Youngjae: was out taking pictures one day when a pretty girl caught his eye, sitting on a rock, petting her seeing eye dog. He approached you, asking if he could take your picture, then slyly invited you out for coffee.

Jongup: he liked you the moment he seen you. You were in the audience, cheering on your friend during a dance competition. Him and his friends just so happened to have entered that exact one and after the competition, which your friend won, he went up to congratulate them. Conversation was easy between you two, even considering his shyness, and you exchanged numbers, first intending to be just friends. Along the way, he started to go from seeing you as a friend to something more …

Zelo: you approached him one day, after hearing him rap, to applaud his talent. That encouraged him to try even harder at making it big and then he actually did and a part of him feels like it’s all thanks to you. So a few years down the line, unable to get you out of his head, he randomly sees you on the street and approaches you before he even realises what he’s doing – “Hey, I don’t know if you remember me but …”

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