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Ugly Dad Shirt.

Authors Note: This is short and not that great….. I am really running out of ideas to write about. I thought a weeks break would help but it hasn’t. The blurb request lists don’t really spark anything either. I’m sorry, this is going to have to do. Xx 

You’re bouncing your daughter on your hip as she’s drowsily clinging to you while you stand backstage at the SNL rehearsal, watching Harry from a distance as he waits for the instructions to walk on the stage and do his thing. 

You have been here for around three hours, laughing with the crew while Harry rehearses his lines for his skits and prepares himself to sing his debut song off of his sophomore solo album. 

Your daughter has been moderately grumpy since landing in New York, she doesn’t seem to appreciate being away from home. New York just does not seem to enchant her the slightest bit.

She begins to whine, wiggling in your arms as she gradually wakes up from her small nap she decided to take on your shoulder. “I know, I know.” You rub her back, calming her down as you grab her blanket from where you left it earlier. She quietens down and nestles back into you, your hand still rubbing her back, just a few whimpers escaping her lips as she gets comfortable on you.

You ultimately move to sitting down trying to keep your little one calm as she gets antsy and irritated again, the comfort of her blanket no longer satisfying her. 

You let her press her little legs to the floor, thinking nothing of it as she stretches her legs and waddles around cutely, a few of the staff members chuckling as she makes some peculiar noises. You are no stranger to her strange noises and attempts at talking. 

Before you know it she’s running to her father as he’s mid-rehearsal performance. 

Her little arms reach up to press to his leg, gently tapping on them to get his attention. He smiles as he gazes down at her, completing the first verse. 

He bends down and picks her up, trying to continue singing the second verse but she starts to whimper into his neck, distracting him from the lyrics. He signals to the band and they stop playing. “Sorry guys, just give me a moment.” He smiles and everyone assures him it is fine as you bite your lip, unsure of how everyone’s going to react to him having to stop for a break bc of his little girl. 

“I’m sorry.” You shuffle towards him and he shakes his head, 

“it’s okay, she’s grumpy and just wants me.” He grins, admiring how his little one just wants to be held by her Dad. Everyone knows she likes to get in as many daddy cuddles as she possibly can, not to mention when she become irritable he is better at calming her down than what you are. All he has to do is hum a few melodies and she calms down. 

“It’s okay, I got ya, sweetheart. Shh.” He rubs her little back, enabling her to settle down and get comfortable in his arms. 

She rests in the crook of his neck and leisurely begins to fall asleep. “I’m going to need a 15-minute break, I’m so sorry.” He informs the crew and they understandably nod, not becoming crude. 

You follow him off the stage and watch as he sits down with her, a smile forming on your lips as you admire him. 

“She seems really grumpy.” Harry sighs as his little girl begins to fuss again, his hand instantly reaching for her blanket and draping it around her. 

“I know,” you sigh, feeling terrible that your little girl is grumpier today than usual. You understand she’s probably homesick and wants to be curled up in her own crib in the comfort of the house instead of being apart of her daddy’s rehearsal. 

Harry begins to walk around the area, rubbing her back to try to get her to stop crying into him.

He doesn’t care that his fifteen-minute break is up, or that he should probably be trying to get his vocals right for tonight’s performance. His main concern is his little girl. 

“I know this isn’t fun, but Daddy has to be here and I know you’ll fuss at the hotel. C'mon little darlin’ settle down for me.” He whispers as he tries to bounce her lightly, walking in circles in an attempt to calm her down. He looks to you and you frown for a moment, taking note of her flushed cheeks as she lifts her head off of Harry’s shoulder. 

“Harry, maybe she’s not feeling good.” You begin, “Maybe I should take her to the hotel.” You continue, stepping closer to the two, 

“Yeah, she does kinda feel a bit warm.” Harry nods, and you step closer before pressing your hand to her forehead. 

Harry tries to make his little girl feel better, rubbing his hand on her back, sitting with her, rocking her in his arms, everything possible that he could do while taking a break from rehearsing. “Daddy is going to have to get back to singing.” He whispers, trying to tenderly put space between him and her little body that is clinging to him. 

The minute he tries to hand her to you her whimpers get louder, turning into cries. He sighs and presses her back to him, her head resting on his shoulder again. “At some point, I really need to rehearse.” He sighs with a small pout, not wanting to leave his little girl. 

She lifts her head and he looks at her, pressing a small kiss to her forehead, “alright, you ready to go to mummy?” He hums sweetly, her eyes just staring up at him. For a moment you think she’s going to stay calm and allow him to pass her off to you so you can take her to the hotel and let her sleep, but instead, Harry groans as she gets sick on his shirt. 

He screws his nose up before trying to sooth his little girl with sweet words, “it’s okay, shh. I know yeh not feeling good.” He murmurs, carefully handing her to you as he looks at his shirt. “This is so gross.” He pouts, unbuttoning his shirt, leaving him bare. 

“Told ya it was an ugly ‘Dad’ shirt.” You chuckle with a small wink, his eyes rolling as your little girl finally settles down into you, no longer whimpering. 

“Oh, ha-ha.” He sarcastically mutters, “it isn’t ugly.” He defends, “but, I need to rehearse and you both need to relax. I’ll meet you at the hotel in a few hours.” He presses a kiss to your lips, his hand gently pressing to his little girl. 

“Be good for mummy, feel better little one, I love you.” He whispers to his daughter, his hand rubbing in a circular motion. “And I love you, be careful.” He looks back towards you and you nod. 

“I love you, too. Have fun and try not to stress, you will do great tonight.” You assure him, knowing that he is going to stress himself to try to get everything perfect.

BAP’s Reaction to: finding out their crush is blind

A/N: this somehow turned not so much into a “finding out” but just their crush being blind sorry :( I got kind of carried away … message me if you want a do-over!

Yongguk: very soft-hearted so teared up a little at seeing you stumble in the street, was even more upset to realise you were blind. You lost grip of your white cane, people pushing by without even looking at you. He picked it up, taking your hand and wrapping your fingers around it. That was the moment when he started to like you.

Himchan: his ideal type is a kind woman, so seeing you volunteering at a local pet shelter, made him immediately fall for you. When he realised you were blind, he liked you even more for how selfless you were. He knew he just had to take you out on a date. And this former ulzzang and chubby kid also liked the fact that his looks were not a factor in this relationship at all, since it made your bond feel even more special and real.

Daehyun: bumped into you while you were asking an employee at a manga store if they sold braille mangas (it’s actually a thing, guys!). Seeing you so disappointed at hearing “No,” Daehyun offered to help you find a store that did. So you and him went on a day-long adventure, searching until you found a store. At some point, you exchanged numbers and he went back to bap’s dorm, to tell them all about his new crush.

Youngjae: was out taking pictures one day when a pretty girl caught his eye, sitting on a rock, petting her seeing eye dog. He approached you, asking if he could take your picture, then slyly invited you out for coffee.

Jongup: he liked you the moment he seen you. You were in the audience, cheering on your friend during a dance competition. Him and his friends just so happened to have entered that exact one and after the competition, which your friend won, he went up to congratulate them. Conversation was easy between you two, even considering his shyness, and you exchanged numbers, first intending to be just friends. Along the way, he started to go from seeing you as a friend to something more …

Zelo: you approached him one day, after hearing him rap, to applaud his talent. That encouraged him to try even harder at making it big and then he actually did and a part of him feels like it’s all thanks to you. So a few years down the line, unable to get you out of his head, he randomly sees you on the street and approaches you before he even realises what he’s doing – “Hey, I don’t know if you remember me but …”

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Sass Don't Get You Anywhere,Mister. (Shield Foursome)

Imagine: You and The Shield are fuck buddies and you usually bottom but one day, Dean gets sassy (usually he runs the show) so you say that he needs to be a bottom for a day just for punishment. So, you top with the help of Roman and Seth.

“See, I told you guys she was going to bitch at us.” Dean grumbled at he ran a hand through his curls. You glared at him then snapped,“I’m not fucking bitching,I’m chewing your asses out for losing to those newbies.” Roman shot a glance to Seth who then transferred the look to Dean but you were too busy with your rant to notice what the Hounds were up to.

A hand wrapped itself through your hair before tugging, causing you to yelp and go silent, as Dean warned,“Listen, kitten, we don’t need your ass lecturing us on what we did wrong. If you hadn’t shook your ass at Tyler, we wouldn’t have lost. But since you wanted to act like a little slut, you’re gonna get treated like one.”

Your mouth went dry and you gulped in hopes to wet your mouth, only to see the looks in the boys’ faces. They weren’t fucking around today. Your (e/c) eyes blinked up at Dean in false innocence then you whimpered, “Can we take this back to the hotel, please, Sir?”

He chuckled at your pet name then nodded, releasing his grip on your hair. You all sat in silence as Roman drove you to the hotel before you hurried in the suite, knowing the consequences if you weren’t undressed by the time the boys arrived in the bedroom.

“You look very sexy tonight, Princess. Were you looking for a punishment, huh? Is that why you stated mouthing off to Dean?” Seth asked, his gloves still on his hands. Dean entered behind him with Roman following, but you never answered the two toned man’s question.

“Answer him, baby girl, before your night goes from bad to worse.” Roman warned, his deep voice playing as a soft caress against your skin. You nodded eagerly then replied, “Yes, Sir, I wanted to get punished tonight.” Dean let out a chuckle as he approached you then spat, “Whore. You just love the way we treat you. Our own little sex toy.”

Your temper flared and before you could stop, your hand smacked a print against his cheek. His head whipped to the side and he gave a wicked chuckle then asked, “You like that, kitten? Huh? You like smacking me around in front of my brothers? Does it makes you wet?”

You left your eyes fall to the ground because you knew it was true but didn’t want to admit it. Dean’s mouth always got him in trouble but it was sometimes a blessing in the bedroom. Roman murmured something to Seth and you felt the bed shift which signaled that Dean had gotten off and you felt ashamed at your kink.

“Kitten?” Dean’s voice broke your silence and you raised your head slightly to see The Shield naked and oh so turned on. Your mouth watered at the sight but it quickly stopped when The Lunatic Fringe continued speaking, “It’s okay if it gets you off, darling. I’ve talked to the boys. Do you want to be in charge of…”

His voice died off but with a jab to the ribs thanks to Seth, he finished his sentence, “Do you want to be in charge of me for a night?” Your eyes widened and you shot a glance to Roman and Seth who nodded in encouragement then you stated, “I would love to make you my personal sex bitch for a night, Dean.”

“Woah, hang on. There’s still rules though. You may be in charge of Dean here for a night. But that don’t mean you’re charge of Rome and I.” Seth informed you. You grinned then stated, “It’s a deal.”

You motioned for Dean to lay on the bed as you dug through your suitcase in search of handcuffs and a blindfold. Once you got the items, you cuffed him to the bedframe and tied the fold over his eyes, causing you to smirk at the sight.

“God, you’re gorgeous, baby boy. Just… Fuckin’ gorgeous, ya know that?” you cooed, pulling off your panties.

“Ain’t no way in hell I’m more gorgeous than you are, kitten.” he protested but shut up as you smacked him again.

“Shut it, Ambrose. I didn’t ask for your mouth and flattery won’t get you anywhere in this situation.” you warned. You glanced down at the baby blue lace that you had balled up in your hand then grinned and said,“In fact,I’ve got a great idea to keep that pretty mouth busy.” You waved the panties over his nose and nearly melted as he sighed with relief and bucked against his restraints.

“You wanna taste me,Dean? I’m fucking soaked for your hard cock.” you cooed in his ear. He snapped his teeth in your direction, causing you to laugh and throw your panties back towards Seth and Roman.

“Here, big boy. I’ll give you a taste. But only, if Seth gets a taste of your cock.” Dean groaned at the stipulation then nodded and stated,“Deal, Mistress, please, I just want a taste of your sweet cunt.” You smacked him again then warned, “Watch your filthy mouth, Dean,or you won’t get anything tonight. The only thing you’ll see is Roman and Seth fucking me senseless.”

Seth gripped your hair then warned, “You slap him again and your ass will be redder than rubies by the time we’re done with you.”

“Yes,Sir.” He released you then patted your ass and stated, “Get up there and let Deanie have a taste of you.” You crawled up the Cincinnati man’s body, laving him in kisses and love bites, before Seth nodded at you, signaling in was time for you to sit on Dean’s face.

You sat down just as Seth enveloped Dean’s dick with his mouth, causing you all three to groan. Dean’s tongue immediately went seeking for the source of your sweetness and his scruff roughed cheeks heightened the experience as you grinded down his face like a bitch in heat. Roman stood from his chair then walked over to your little circle, watching with you three with burning eyes.

“Get over here.” you ordered, motioning him forward. He frowned at your demand then declared, “I don’t take orders from little girls who’s sitting on my best friend’s face. “

“Please, Sir!” you cried out, rocking your hips against Dean’s clever mouth. He chuckled and crawled onto the bed where he met your lips with a teeth crashing kiss. It was very sloppy but so very primal and Dean let out a groan of warning. He was going to come. You pulled away from Roman then barked, “You don’t come until you have my permission, Dean.”

“Please, Mistress! I’ll be a good boy, I promise.“he whimpered as Seth pulled away from his cock.

“No!” you barked. He groaned with denial and you jumped slightly at the feeling as someone shoved a finger inside you,causing you to cry out.

“That’s a good girl. You’re so wet, Princess. Who got you this wet?” Seth asked in your ear, his fingers moving cleverly over your slit.

“Dean did. Oh God, so did you and Roman. All three of you did. Please let me come,Sir!” He chuckled and suddenly, another mouth joined in down at your cunt and teeth skimmed your clit, causing you to scream with delight.

“Come now.” Roman ordered, watching as your hips bucked for release.

“No! She doesn’t get to come!” Dean cried out, pulling away with your cream across his lips. You fisted his hair and forced him against you as you snapped, “You don’t get a say in this. Make me come and I’ll make sure that Seth will suck your cock enough to make you come for me.” He eagerly returned to eating you out,suckling on your nub as his scruff roughened cheeks shredded against your inner thighs and it delivered a delicious burn that had sent you over the edge.

You yelped as Seth drug you away from the pleasure but moaned as he forced his dick inside you, burying it to the hilt.

“So gorgeous, my Princess. Such a pretty pussy, all for my brothers and I. Can you handle a second cock, Princess?” He gave a short laugh, not giving you the chance to answer because he was already shooting into his next sentence,“ ‘Course you can take a second dick, you’re a whore that begs for three on a daily basis. Poor Ambrose. He can also sit back and watch. How cruel of you,Sweetheart.”

“The bastard deserves it.” you snarled only to scream in slight pain as Roman’s big hand cracked across your bottom.

“Don’t make me gag you with Dean’s cock, baby girl. Just remember, you may be in control of him but we can always punish you for what you’re doing to him.” Roman reminded you, soothing a hand down your back.

“I’m sorry,Sir. But Dean has always denied me orgasms so its only fair-”

“Its only fair if it does done between just you two. Otherwise,there will be no punishment for Dean served by you unless we give you permission.” Roman declared, glancing over at his best friend who stared fervently at the area where Seth and you was joined.

“Please.” Dean whispered,tugging in his restraints. You glanced up at him just as Seth twisted his hips and shoved his cock deeper, causing you to scream out Seth’s name with a broken voice.

“What do you want, Dean? Tell your Mistress what you want.” you panted, gripping Seth’s shoulder, causing him to hiss and bit your’s in return.

“Let me join you. Uncuff me, darling, please, let me take that sweet ass of yours.” he begged, blue eyes wide with hope and desire.

“Then where does that leave Roman? Hmm, Deanie? Are you going to let Roman take your precious ass, baby boy?” Roman grabbed you by your hips and pulled you off of Seth’s dick before shoving three thick fingers inside of you.

“Yes,Mistress,anything you want. Please,anything you want.” he insisted, eyes glued to Roman’s pumping fingers. You gave a small laugh then glanced over at Roman who nodded in approval. You slid off his fingers and whimpered in denial before sinking down on Seth’s cock, who groaned in reply.

“Goddamn,Princess, give a man some warning before you do that. He’ll have a heart attack if you don’t warn him about that tight pussy.” Seth cursed, gripping your hips. You let out a small chuckle then realized that you forgot to uncuff Dean. You turned to Roman then ordered,“Uncuff him.“

Thankfully, Roman listened to you without a protest or punishment, which you were slightly upset about it. You loved when Roman spanked you. But when Seth did it.. Whew, you could get off on just that. In fact, you’ve done it before.

Seth slipped his cock from your heat then allowed Dean to sink right in,causing you to moan and push backwards and he groaned in return. The familiar click of a bottle of lube being opened filled the empty space and suddenly, Dean tensed and you knew why. He was never very good with someone taking him from behind, given his past.

You pulled away from Dean then reached for the bottle, kissing Roman in process, before you whispered to the ginger,"Relax,baby boy, I’ll start you out. But Roman will take you and this exquisite ass of yours.” He whimpered and mumbled, “Understood, Mistress.”

Instead of using the lube, you did a last minute decision and used your wetness for lubrication. You whined at the empty feeling before sneaking a finger into his tight hole, causing him to groan and push back into your hand, silently asking for more.

You pushed in another finger then yanked them back after pumping a bit and stated,“Time for Roman to take over, baby.”

Seth pulled you back to him then shoved you onto his cock and hissed, “You think that shit is funny, Princess? News flash, it’ll get your ass spanked cherry red. But right now, I’ll settle for fucking you senseless.”

He thrusted forward,pushing you back onto Dean’s dick, then the ginger wrapped a hand around your throat as he pushed inside and growled,“ You’re going to regret this in the morning,doll face.”

“W-worth it.” you choked on, digging into Seth’s abs as you grinded downwards. The boys shared a laugh then Dean froze against you, which was a dead given away that Roman had joined you.

"Are you lubed up?” you panted, turning your head the best you could. Roman’s silver eyes swung to you and nodded before he pushed unto Dean, who in turn,rocked you further down onto Seth. You reached behind you and grabbed onto Dean’s hip before you whispered,“Trust him, baby boy. You’re safe.”

“Are you sure?” he whimpered. You nodded as best you could then pressed against his hand and encouraged,”Let Rome do his job,baby boy,and you won’t regret it. Please? It’ll make us all feel good,Sir. P-plea-” Your voice broke away as Dean gave in to what you wanted, causing you to scream out,”God yes, please,more!” The three begun a rhythm that only the Shield could keep going without fucking it up,causing you to tumble into your second orgasm of the night. 

“C’mon,Princess,you know that sweet little pussy ain’t done just yet.”Seth declared, tugging you back for more. You cried out for more which is exactly what they gave you. Seth came right after your third time before Roman let out a roar,signaling that he came as well. Which meant that there was only one more person to come. 

“I can’t.” Dean stuttered out, releasing his hold on your throat as Seth and Roman rolled away from your group. You slipped off his cock and met his eyes as you sunk right back down to the hilt. He groaned and arched his back before you demanded,”Look me in the eyes,Dean, and don’t look away. I’m going to make you come.”

“Promise?” he stuttered,gripping your hands as he pushed you harder against his pelvix. Your lips twitched with a small smile then replied,”Anything you want,baby boy, I trust you.” He thrusted into you with a growl then his beautiful mouth started running,”Fuck,kitten,you look gorgeous riding my cock. Mouth wide,practically begging for one of my brothers to choke you with their dick. Looks like a fucking goddess on me.” 

“Gimme more,Dean,I can take it, I know I can. So give it to your slut.” you encouraged, grinding down harder against his cock and thighs. He gave a quick chuckle then snarled,”That’s not who you have right now, so call me by the right name and I’ll make you come so hard you’ll forget your name while you scream mine.”

You cried out as you came again, with his name on the tail end,”Mox,God yes, Mox, please!” He chuckled and through the ringing in my ears,I could hear Seth say an old warning to his partner in crime and sex,”Go easy on her,Mox. We don’t want her running away screaming.” 

Another laugh bubbled out of Dean’s mouth then he replied,”She’ll be screamin’ a’right,but I know for damn sure she won’t be runnin’ away. She’ll be runnin’ back to our cocks.” His old demeanor begun slipping through the cracks that the Lunatic Fringe had sealed long ago with no intentions of opening it back up. But apparently, you roughing him up had brought Jon Moxley out to play. 

“One more,Mox, one more please. You gotta come with me,please,you gotta.” you sobbed, twisting down for more. He gave the cockiest smirk ever known to man then said,”Ya got it,doll. Come one more time, come for yer Mox,whore, and I’ll be right behind you.” He stayed true to his word because the moment that you started to come for the whatever many number that you were on, he was right behind you,cursing so loud with vulgar statements thrown in the mix. 

You fell onto of his chest and he gently pushed you off his cock, earning a tired moan from your mouth before Seth and Roman joined your cuddle after sex time then you begun to his giner looking curls and murmured,”Thanks for letting me make you my sex bitch,Dean.” He hummed in response as he curled into you then mumbled back,”Anytime,cutie. Any-fucking-time.” The boys shared a laugh then you said softly,”Oh and Dean?” 


Sass don’t get you nowhere,mister.” They shared a laugh again then Roman stated in his bass tone,”Shit, if that’s nowhere then I will gladly give you sass.” 

Creepypasta #574: Kelpie

Story length: Super long

I wasn’t very old when I first saw it. Maybe about five or six or so. It was a long time ago. But I remember it well.

For what feels like the longest time, the whole experience of it felt like… a dream. Like it never really happened, just a little image in my head. A half-forgotten memory. Maybe it didn’t. 

I can’t remember exactly where the place was, just what it looked like. As the same with the people there. No face or name I could say now. Maybe they weren’t even there. Just additions by time to the memory. Slowly changing the devils in the details. But they don’t matter much. They never did. What did matter, was the Kelpie.

It was summer. I was playing near the bayou not far from my grandmother’s house. I had been sent there to spend the duration of the warm season. My mother thought it was good to breathe fresh, humid air instead of the city smog. My summer that year was spent with my grandmother down south. She was a fierce old lady, second generation from Scotland. Often she would tell wonderful tales of the lochs and forests from her parent’s homeland. About all the creatures that lived within the waters, and all the ones that lived in the trees. 

One of my favorites was the Selkie. Beautiful seal-women who could change shape at will as they sunned on the rocks or swam in the sea. Another was the Each-Uisge, a more ferocious beast, but also quite interesting to me. My grandmother said that they could take the form of a singing woman, where they would lure sailors into the ocean, and drown them in the salt water when they got close, like sirens. 

The one I loved most though, was the Unicorn. Such a majestic, mysterious creature. I liked how pure it was told to be. I had always had a desire to see one. To touch its pure, white, coat. But I knew they weren’t real. Just stories. Just tales. But I liked to pretend.

One day I went down to the bayou to catch a fish. I was very proud of myself, having made a pole from a stick and some string. My grandmother laughed and said if I caught a fish, she would cook it for me. I became very determined to the task. I told her I would be back before sundown.

I waited at the banks of the water, legs crossed and pole in hand. There was a small bit of uncooked bacon on the end of the line. I knew I was going to catch a fish. I just knew it. My train of thought and concentration was broken, by music. Someone was playing a fiddle. The sound was enchanting. I looked around for the source. Not finding one, I tried to follow the sound. 

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So there’s all these stories about mermaids wanting to grow legs and live on land… but where are the stories about the humans who want to grow fins and live in the sea?

A girl goes out to sit on the rocks near the ocean every morning, the salt air around her, it’s the only place she feels at peace.  One morning she sees something in the water, as the thing gets closer she realizes it’s a woman with long dark hair and bright green eyes.

The woman get’s closer and the girl notices that she has a fin.  The woman introduces herself, her voice has a lilt to it, her skin is creamy white and almost blue, her hair has seaweed and shells in it, her tail is a beautiful silvery green. 

It becomes a daily thing, the girl sitting on her rock and waiting for her mermaid to come to her.  Some mornings she jumps in and they swim, but not too far because the girl is slower.  All she wants to do is give up her legs and live with her mermaid in the ocean.  

She wishes for it every night for a tail so she can be with her true love in the sea and finally one night there’s a shooting star.  All the old tales tell her that if she wishes will all of her heart it will come true.  She makes the wish and the next morning she still has legs, her heart breaks a little but she still goes down to the water to wait. 

While she’s waiting she puts her toes into the cool ocean and suddenly there are no toes, there’s a silvery purple tail instead.  She slides into the water and for the first time in her life she feels like she’s home.  When the mermaid comes today they leave together, looking back at the shore one last time, but it doesn’t feel like she’s leaving something behind, it feels like her whole life is ahead of her.

The gang at the beach(ugh im horrible at these)

Darry: Brought a whole hospital with him cuz these bois need medical attention Also floaties and a truckload of food

Ponyboy: Staying with Johnny at the picnic area cuz water gives him nightmares

Johnny: Keeps on ordering pepsi for his boi over here but keeps drinking it

Dallas: Somewhere not near the coast. Probs hitting on some girl sitting on a rock like freaking Tamaki

Sodapop: Was missing in action once he took off his shirt

Steve: Making sure the ladies dont get too close to Sodapop by showing his teeth

Two-Bit: Kicking his legs in the waves like a little girl in a Mickey themed floatie

Dallas: Finally stopped hanging out with the girls and walked over to the picnic area. “Hey PoiBoi and Janny wanna swim?’

They both immediately are like N O O but Dally picks both of them up by the legs at once carrying them to the sand

Darry is off talking to a life guard about a possible job interview

Life Guard: Are these your brothers?

Darry: No, just some distant, distant, cousins.

Meanwhile Johnnyboi are being thrown into the ocean by Dallas but for some reason they both dont know how to swim

They think they are drowning but they are in the shallow end that is 3 feet deep

Randy comes over in a yacht and starts staring at them then throws a floatie at the two yelling “G E T   A    R O O M”

And thus the day ends with a picnic brought by Darry which consisted of Chocolate Cake and egg toast. Mainly because Randy offered his gourmet catering from the yacht.

T H E     E N D

(of my life)

“A girl ought to have a name that ought to express her personality. Like mine is Lorelei which is the name of a girl who became famous for sitting on a rock in Germany.”

little-mcarthur  asked:

The little girl could be seen sitting on a rock near the cove, her finger idly waving through the water. Her doll like eyes were looking through the water's surface, taking in each detail it had to offer. She had been calling for Kaimu, remembering that this was the spot that she met her at. She knew mermaids were real, and she was captivated by them. If Kaimu was kind, the others -had- to be just like her, right? "Kaimu?" She called out, seeing if anyone was near- she prayed it was Kaimu.

The inlet was a small swim, never far from the Cove and Cressida found herself making a beeline for it this day. However….it was the ripples in the water nearby that caught her attention, gliding slowly towards the rock she took note of the finger…..a landwalker finger. It caused her to smirk and she circled the rock a moment as a shark would have done while looking for an opportune moment to strike. Slowly she reached for the finger and grabbed it, holding it just so as she began to slowly surface. Shelled crown and golden eyes first but it was the twist in her lips that indicated a partial, playful nature.


She released the stunted landwalkers finger and simply stared at her, “Hello.” She spoke in a silvery tone, intrigued with the dwarfed landwalker and how childishly small she was compared to the others, more so than Mermaids and their towering length.

She most certainly wasn’t Kaimu…..lucky her.


Cyla raised her eyebrow as she peered over at the boy. She knew that face strangely well. ‘What happened to him?’ The 11 year old girl thought. He was kind of just sitting on a rock near the riverbank.

It was clearly Morro but…smaller, let alone human. 'Can he even notice me?’ Cyla was only about 2 feet behind him. A paranoid feeling started to creep into the girl’s mind. What if he plans on hurting Lloyd or her brother again?

“HAAAAAAAAA!!!” Cyla screamed as she pointed at him. She was clearly freaked out. “Wh-What are you doing here, Morro?!! Are you planning something?!!”

Fluffy Blurb Night #12

4, 13, 15, 24 and 32 are already done. Here are 3 5, and 21!

3 - A Tired Kiss

Harry had just gotten home from a 14 hour day full of interviews and you could tell the second he walked in that he was completely exhausted. He shuffled his way over to where you were sitting on the couch and flopped down at your feet.

“Hi, love.” You said. “Tired?”


You moved your feet so he could lay down next to you and he instantly curled himself up as close to you as possible, resting his head on your shoulder and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“Missed you today.” He mumbled.

“I missed you too.”

He let out a contented sigh as he squeezed you tighter. “Mmmm, I could just fall asleep right here.”

You chuckled and ran a hand through his hair. “Go ahead, baby.”

He leaned his head up to look at you first and you could see just how tired his eyes looked. But he managed to pull you face down to his and give you a sweet kiss before returning his head to your shoulder.

“Love you.” He said through a yawn.

Within minutes, he was asleep. You laid there with your book, casting down glances at your sleepy boy every so often. His breathing was steady, his grip was still tight around your waist and there was a hint of a small smile on his lips. You couldn’t imagine being anywhere else in that moment.

5 - A Reunion Kiss

You were bouncing up and down on your heels as you tried to pick out one familiar face in the crowded airport. You knew his plane was on time and had landed, and you couldn’t wait another minute to have your boy back in your arms.

Finally, you spotted the mop of curly hair coming toward you and heard him shout, “Babe!”

He dropped his bag on the ground as you ran to him and caught you in his arms, spinning you around before lowering you to the ground and capturing your lips in a long, deep kiss.

“God, I missed you.” He breathed, not releasing your face from his hands. “Let me look at you. God, you’re so beautiful. I swear you get more beautiful every time I come home.”

You giggled as he proceeded to cover your face in quick kisses.

“Harry!” You cried through your giggles. “Harry, stop!”

“Can’t.” He said, continuing to kiss you. “Your face is like a magnet for my lips.”

You laughed out loud at how ridiculous he was, but in the moment you didn’t mind. All that mattered was that Harry was back in your arms and was here to stay for over a month.

“I love you.” You whispered when he finally stopped kissing you.

Harry pressed his forehead to yours and kissed your nose one last time. “I love
you so much. Never let me leave again.”

“Well, if you insist.”

21 - A Promise

You stirred awake with no idea what time it was. All you knew was that Harry had gotten up with the baby and still hadn’t come back. You rubbed your eyes and made your way out of the bed and down the hall toward the baby’s room. When you got there, you glanced inside and saw Harry sitting in the rocking chair with your little baby girl, swaying back and forth as he held a bottle to her lips.

You smiled, despite your sleepiness, and leaned against the door frame watching them.

“You’re such a good little girl.” He cooed. “Yes, you are. Such a sweet girl. Daddy loves you so much, baby. I’ve waited so long for you and I promise you that I will always be here to keep you safe; just like I promised your mummy when I married her.”

You didn’t realize that you were crying until you felt a tear land on your crossed

“I loved you as soon as your mummy told me that you were in her belly, and I promise that I will love you forever, baby girl.” He continued.

He leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to her forehead. “Forever and ever.”


This is last one, folks! Thanks so much for playing, loves! I’ll have the masterlist of these up tomorrow, and we’ll do this again soon. :)