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Talk Dirty to Me

Title: Talk Dirty to Me

 Prompt: This is for @mamaredd123 #Mamas100Challenge! Congrats again on 100!!! :D  My prompt was “I skipped out of heaven and had a face transplant”, with Gabriel and the song “Talk Dirty to Me” by Poison. Hope you like it!

 Summary: You have been in love with Gabriel for so long, and after seeing him chatting up a girl at the bar, you begin to wallow in your own self-doubt.  Luckily, a helpful stranger is there to help you get that stubborn angels attention.

 Warnings: mild language.  

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Masterlist of FanFiction 

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 You couldn’t help but stare at him as you tied to catch your breath.  God…er, Chuck…he looked so good.  His hair tucked behind his ear, his angel blade held out as he stared down the demon.  He moved in front of you, protecting you, since you were down.  The demon used some of his mojo and threw you…through two walls. You didn’t know what it was, but you were pretty sure something was broken.  

You landed in the room Gabriel was in and he immediately took up a stance to keep you safe.  Now, most people would have been scared or happy that he was there to keep them safe, he was an archangel after all.  But you…oh, not you.  All you could do was stare and think, ‘Damn, I could bounce a quarter off that ass.’

The demon went down easily, and before you knew it, your hunting party, consisting of Sam, Dean, Cas, and Gabriel were all gathered together as Sam lifted you off the floor to carry you out.  It was confirmed, you had a dislocated shoulder and a broken leg…yay.

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Okay food for thought here. From the Dining Table, Harry sings "woke up to a girl who looked just like you, I almost say your name" made me think of Knockout Harry where he explained to Bo that he tried to forget her by being with another girl but he accidentally said Bo's name instead and he ended up getting slapped. The same pain is there, I like to think. Your thoughts?

I want honestly shocked when I heard that song. But what I wrote was for entertainment, to hear that he’s felt something similar is sort of devastating ☹️

"You're the One That I Want" Part 2 Supernatural/Grease Imagine

***Your POV***

The bell rang after a few minutes of hanging out with the girls, sending all of the kids to rush inside. You followed Frenchie and Sandy mostly, having all your classes together (as planned apparently). Unlike in the actual movie Grease, Sandy had moved here last summer and the whole Danny business happened. You sighed and shook your head in the middle of your chemistry class, were you really going to have to sing and dance? So far everything had been normal, aside from the fact that you were inside a fantastic movie.

The period before lunch was your free period with the girls, all of you hoarding into the bathroom so they could smoke. They offered you a cigarette, which you declined due to the fact you had never smiled in your real life. But you didn’t tell them that, you just told them that you had a headache and didn’t want to make it worse.

“What’s up with your hair today?” Frenchie asked. She had been staring at it all day, you could tell it was bothering her. Gabriel was nice enough to put it in some sort of pin up girl updo, but you usually had it down according to the girls.

“I-I don’t know. Fix it?” You smiled as Frenchie grinned. She nodded and made you sit on the sink, quickly pulling out her hair things from her bag. Marty, Jan, and Rizzo came over to do your makeup.

“Oh, has Sammy ever seen you like a real girl? I swear sometimes I think your one of those butch girls.” Rizzo said, making you all laugh.

“Well maybe if you girls make me look pretty enough you’ll forget that comment.” You said giggling. Rizzo grinned and started applying a dark red shade of lipstick to your lips.

After half an hour of hair and makeup, you were “finally ready to be seen”. You looked in the mirror and gasped, you literally looked like you came out a Playboy from 1955. Your lips were cherry red, your hair falling down your back and across your shoulders in kinky curls. The black scarf that was around the top of your head, the bow cocked to the side a bit. How the hell did Frenchie do that? Not even to mention the eyeliner they had done. Your eyes popped in color by a hundred percent.

“My god you’re beautiful!” Jan and Marty said in awe. They grinned and squealed happily together.

Rizzo and Frenchie high fived, obviously happy with their canvas. You smiled widely and gave all the girls a hug, “Oh my gosh I love it!” You said looking at yourself in the mirror.

You and the girls walked out of the bathroom when the lunch bell rang, looks coming your way as you walked down the hallways to the lunchroom. You got some macaroni and cheese with some meatloaf that was on the menu that day, not exactly your first choice but it was all you wanted. Not like you were going to eat anyway. You knew this scene. It was singing time.

All you girls sat down at a table and started eating, small talk going around. It was when Jan asked you about what you did over the summer with Sam that this feeling overpowered you. It was a happy bubbly feeling, one that made you want to… Oh god… Sing.

The T-Birds walked out into the outdoor area and sat at the table with you girls. It took a moment, but all of the guys looked at you when they got settled in. Sam stood across from you at your seat, wide eyed and drooling over you. You smirked to yourself and chewed on the tip of your straw and winked up at him.

“W-wow there (Y/N). You look nice.” Sonny said ogling over you. Marty swatted his arm and looked at you, giving you a playful wink before returning to her food. You grinned and giggled a little before thanking him.

“It’s because of Frenchie here.” You said nudging her. She blushed and looked down before starting to eat.

Sam sat down finally but kept staring at you. You felt yourself blush as his stare became lustful. Sam took your hand and pushed you over to him, pulling you on his lap. You gasped and looked down in his eyes that were clouded with lust. No one seemed to notice, not even Dean or Cas.

“Is it bad that I really really like you like this?” Sam whispered kissing your neck once. You sighed and shook your head, kissing him harshly.

“Wow wow wow guys, get a room.” Kenickie laughed, causing everyone else to laugh at the table. You smirked and pecked his lips before getting off his lap reluctantly. Danny gathered the guys and they left, going across the room to another table.

That’s when the music started, Marty leaning over to you and whispering how she thought you and Sam were “as sweet as a chocolate cherry shake”. ‘Oh god please no I can’t sing!’ You thought to yourself. You looked over at the boys, they were looking at you wide eyed. It was coming.

The boys crowded around Sam, Sonny prying to know what he and you did over the summer. Sam tried to fight it, you could tell, but the spell Gabriel had put made you sing. ((You can look up the song for the best if you want, it’s “Summer Lovin”. I had to change some lyrics to have it make sense.))

Sam had a strange look on his face before he began singing, standing up with the guys. “Summer Lovin’ had me a blast.”

You looked at the girls, a forced smile on your face. “Summer Lovin’ happened so fast.”

“I met a girl, crazy for me.” Sam sang looking over at you.

“Met a boy, cute as can be.” You winked over at Sam. 'What the hell were you doing?’ You thought to yourself. You were actually getting into it! What?!

You and Sam started dancing over to each other while singing at the same time. “Summer days, driftin away, uh-oh, to those summer nights.”

“Tell me more, tell me more, did you get very far?” Sonny smirked at you and Sam.

“Tell me more, tell me more, like does he have a car?” Marty giggled between you two.

The girls pulled you away, dancing on the tables in front of the boys as the whole “oh ah ah” chorus began. You couldn’t help but grin as you danced.

Sam and the boys danced together, Cas looking the most confused. You watched them closely, the movements were being controlled anyway. There was nothing you could do about it.

“She ran past me, she got a cramp.” Sam sang.

“He walked with me, holdin my hand.” You cooed to the girls.

“I helped her up, she nearly fell down.”

“He showed off, prancing around.” You laughed and all the girls giggled.

“Summer sun, something’s begun, uh-oh, but those summer nights!” You belted out with Sam, looking over at him a little confused.

You two danced away from each other, the music flooding through your head loudly. Everyone was happy and smiling. 'Play your part, play your part.’ You repeated to yourself, smiling and seeming as happy as you could.

The one thing you were worried about was the last note, aka the most important part of this song. Dean had a nervous look on his face as he danced, he knew it was coming too.

You and Sam ran up on a table, up against each other and staring into each other’s eyes. “Summer dreams, ripped at the seams. But… Those su-ummer…” Oh god here it was!

You took a deep breath, as did Sam, and belted out (quite good actually), “Niiiiiiiiiggggghhhhhhtttts!”

The song was over and the bell rang, signaling you all to go to your next period class. The girls ran off, as did some of the T-Birds, leaving just you, Sam, Cas, and Dean.

“I don’t like this Dean. I do not like this one bit.” Cas said panting heavily. He had danced his heart out, poor thing.

You looked up at Sam and started laughing, him soon joining. Soon all of you were laughing loudly, “What the hell did we just do?!” Sam laughed.

You shook your head and kissed him deeply, just wanting some sort of escape from this. Sam kissed back immediately, sighing into your mouth. You smiled and pulled away, looking in his eyes. “You have a lovely voice, Sammy.” You giggled and he rolled his eyes.

“Your last note was beautiful.” He laughed and nodded.

“I know it was.” You joked and put a strand of hair behind your ear.

“Hey lovebirds, we have to go to class. Play our roles.” Dean said combing his hair back. You laughed and nodded, taking Sam’s hand and walking back into the life of Rydell High.

Paid to be Popular ~ Pt. 9

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credit to the original owner of this gif

Requested: The idea came from this anon.

Pairing: Who are you rooting for?

Other series: The Purpose of Love - Bittersweet Generation

Description: When Calum, Michael and Ashton are offered 5000$ to get the nerdy Luke to be popular, there was no way to deny. And who knows, maybe one of them will mingle with the gorgeous Y/N?


“There’s nothing to explain,” Y/N clenched her fist, wanting to escape. Wanting to turn around and leave Calum standing in the dark.

“There’s a lot to explain.” He answered and inhaled so deeply she thought he wouldn’t exhale again. But he sat down on the pavement with pain in his eyes, his lanky legs almost reaching his head.

Y/N knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to sit down beside him, to tell her everything. But what if Y/N didn’t wanted to know everything? However, against every odd, she sat down beside him on the dirty pavement and tried to make eye contact with him. The loose stones on the sidewalk laid around her and she took one of the bigger stones in her hand and started to play with it: just to relax.

Calum looked at her before breathing heavily again. How could he start this without sounding like a narrow-minded, drug-addicted dumbass? He just realised he had to try and maybe he would sound like a narrow-minded, drug-addicted dumbass. He had to try to say something.

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can you do a Justin imagine where you like Justin and he's doing a movie night at his house and you go and you're all chilling and he's cuddling and flirting with hailey and you get really jealous so you get up and leave. Justin try's to catch up but you get out in time. you've been ditching his calls/ text then he decides to go to y/n house and they end up dating? thanks!!

“Okay so what movie are we watching?” 

“uhm i dont know how about Fifty Shades of Grey ??” kendall shrugged 

all boys groaned `’uhm no thank you” Khalil rolled his eyes.

“but nobody asked YOU fool” you smirked 

kendall laughed and put in the DVD as the movie started the trailer played first.

Mr.Grey’s fine perky ass was on the screen as you heard Kendall whisper “Damn” next to you.

“Hey Hailey that could be us but you playin’” Justin smirked at Hailey 

you felt the urge to roll your eyes but you didn’t.

“Oh really cause last i checked you’re playing games that could’ve been us a long time ago” she smirked back

“Well damn i guess i should start placing orders for ceiling mirrors every room in this house” he chuckled 

you rolled your eyes. 

it came to the part where Christian pushed her against the elevator wall

justin walked over and sat down next to Hailey and started singing

From the door to the wall
Coffee table, girl get ready
I'mma put you down (PYD, PYD, PYD)
All the way down (PYD PYD PYD)
From the stove to the counter top
Dining room table, are you ready?
I'mma put you down (PYD, PYD, PYD)
Up the stairs to my bedroom
Light a few candles brace yourself” 

you couldn’t help but feel the jealousy bubbling inside of you.

“you know what i forgot i needed to do something so i kinda have to go” you sighed 

all heads snapped towards you.

“But i thought you were spending the night?” justin asked confused 

“yeah well not anymore like i said i have things to do” you snapped 

a flood of realisation washed over his face but before any thing else was said you stormed out of the house wearing  your unicorn bed shoes and your bags hands.

you speed walk to your parked Audi R8. 

“y/n wait hold up !!” you ignore the him calling your name and start your car. 

without a second glance towards him you drive home 

———–3/ days later——————-

you’ve had a busy day on set of CK new collection…stopping by the grocery store to get the biggest Ben&Jerry carton possible as you pull up in your drive way his fisker karma was parked outside your garage.. you rolled your eyes and got out you walked past his car like it wasnt even parked there…

he got out and followed you up the steps 

“Y/N what is wrong ?!” you ignored him and opened the door and walked straight to the kitchen to put your ice cream in the freezer and grab something to eat.

“Stop Ignoring me !!” he yelled frustrated 

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N stop and talk to me right now” 

you stopped in your tracks and turned to look at him…

“You’ve been ignoring my calls my texts my dms My damn presents and don’t know why fucking talk to me Y/n…. i miss you” he sighs taking a step closer to you.

he tried to wrap his arms around but you stopped him 

“don’t touch me” you whispered 

“oh so now i can’t even touch you WHAT THE FUCK Y/N ?!” he yelled 

“Just STOP OKAY JUSTIN I’M ONLY LOOKING OUT FOR MYSELF!!” you yelled getting frustrated as well 


“NO LOVING IS IN MY BEST INTEREST BUT I CAN’T FUCKING DO THAT NOW I CAN I” as soon as the words left your mouth his eyes widened 

“y-you love me?” he said softly 

“yeah i fucking do so much tha-” before you could finish your sentence 

he smashed his lips onto yours… you felt nothing but joy at that moment.

he pulled away slowly “I love you too” 

“then why were you flirting with hailey ?? “ he said sternly 

“because hailey wanted to see if you would get jealous after you told her you didnt like me “ he smiled kissing my forehead 

now it all made sense…

“but now that i know… i would like to take you out on a date… as my girlfriend” 

you smirked “Well i’d love to go out with you…as your girlfriend” 

he chuckled and held your cheeks “I love you so damn much” he whispered against your lips

i hope  you liked it boo xx

Shortly after that she sat on the table and he somehow started singing “My girl”.She was smiling and in that  moment,didn’t looked like Selena Gomez,rather a girl at a bar being doted by her first love
—  Photographer who saw Justin and Selena’s date in november

The last sentence It’s just more beautiful than words can explain
All Time Blush - Requested (Calum)

HELLO, this was requested by Anon (Hiii, can you do one where you’re dating Calum and the guys from All Time Low tease you and you blush and Calum tells them to stop hahaha pleaseeeee!! Thank you so much! :D) ENJOY!!!

‘Have do you not agree?’ You gasp, 'have you actually watched the whole film?’ You question, narrowing your eyes towards Rian. 'Yeah I watched up to where they had the meeting about her being a shit actress’ he tells you making your jaw drop. 'Dude that’s like twenty minutes in’ you cry making Alex laugh. 'Fucking hell, it was a boring film, I lost interest’ Rian argues. 

'You didn’t give it time to get interesting, you need to watch the full thing’ you tell him 'only if you get me enough snacks for the seven hours it’s on’ he agrees and you nod before the door flies open. Luke, Michael and Calum coming in. 

'She went fucking crazy, like I was in the wrong’ Luke sighs sitting on the arm of the chair Zack is sitting on. 'I will never understand girls’ Michael sings as he picks up a chocolate bar from the table. 'Girls are easy, you just gotta listen’ Calum tells them winking at you which makes you laugh a little. 'That’s easy for you, (Y/N) fucking simple’ Luke grumbles. 

'I’ll take that as a complement’ you laugh a little as Luke gives you a quick smile. 'What’s up kid?’ Jack asks. 

'Me and Gina have had an argument’ Luke signs. 'No man, an argument is two sided from what you said only she spoke’ Michael interrupted making you laugh a little along with the others, but you soon stop when Luke looks up narrowed eyes. 

'What did you guys argue about?’ You ask 'She wanted to do this thing called hall pass’ he starts. 'What the fucks that?’ Zack asks, 'It’s when you both pick a person who if you ever met you could sleep with, with no consequence’ you explain. 

'What? That’s ducking mad’ Zack laughs, 'That’s what I said’ Michael agrees. 'That can only go bad’ Alex laughs. 'I dunno me and my ex did it, more of a joke but still’ you shrug. 

'Who did you pick?’ Alex asks, you bite your lip shaking your head. 'Doesn’t matter, so Luke, what happened?’ You ask, turning back to Luke. 

'Well she picked Louis and I said she couldn’t because I know him then she said that’s was fair and I said I’d pick one of her friends and she started going fucking crazy’ he explains looking shocked and confused. 'Women’ Zack laughs. 'Just apologise, I don’t know what you did but apologise’ Jack tells him. 

'Just leave her to sweat, that way the sex will be better in a couple of days’ Michael speaking up making you laugh. 'Do you really not get why she’s annoyed?’ You ask, gaining all the guys attention, and from the blank looks you get your answer. 

'Look the hall passes only works because you will never meet the people you pick and if you do by chance meet it wouldn’t happen. You guys doing a hall pass would only be bad because you all have a good chance of meeting who you pick.’ You explain, they seem to slowly understand nodding. 

'Looks like it’s your fault then mate’ Rian tells Luke making you laugh. 'Just tell her you don’t need a hall pass because you don’t want anyone else’ you tell him. 'That’s what she wants to hear’ you add. 

'See easy, does she tells you what to say to make arguments better?’ Michael asks looking to Calum. 'We don’t argue’ Calum smiles smugly making you laugh. 'So, who would you pick?’ Luke asks you. 

'Did you not just hear what I said’ you laugh, 'I don’t mind, tell me who you would pick’ Calum encourages. 'No’ you refuse, glancing at the others. 'Why not?’ Calum’s asks. 

'It’s me isn’t it’ Michael wiggles his eyebrows making you laugh, 'Didn’t Alex used to be your crush?’ Zack asks, you feel the heat starting to rise in your cheeks. 'Who would you pick?’ You ask Calum hoping to change the subject a little. 'Come on (Y/N) you’re not getting out of it that easily’ Rian sings. 

'How’s it feel to know your girlfriend liked me first?’ Alex teased Calum which only made you blush more. 'I made your girl scream my name’ he continues. 

'Probably still could’ Rian adds, 'louder than you too’ Jack laughs. 'Are we your hall pass (Y/N)’ Zack asks. At this point you imagine your cheeks are bright red and you notice Calum glaring at them. 'Would you guys shut the fuck up, your embarrassing her’ Calum groans throwing his arm around your shoulders and pulling you closer. 

'That’s no way to talk to your idols’ Jack gasps, 'Come on Cal, don’t get jealous, I can’t help it if she likes me’ Alex laughs. 

'Holy shit, did you get him to get the high lights so he would look more like Alex?’ Luke joins in. 

'Oh my god, I hate you guys’ you whine 'No, the problem is you don’t hate them’ Calum grumbles making you all laugh. 'I only love him a tiny bit more than you babe’ you playfully reassure Calum, be glares for a second before pecking your cheek. 'It’s a good fucking job I love you’. 

From Chelsea