girl shaped love drug

The simple things

It’s like I never knew my favorite color.
But in the morning and the sun rises
They light up your eyes…
That’s my favorite color. I simply needed to see you.

Sometimes I’m in an awful mood and I want to disappear. You smile at me, bite your lip and kiss me. It’s like all I want to do is to exist with you. I simply needed your kiss.

There are times the world is crashing and I can’t stand on my own. Then you wrap your arms around me and whisper the things I need. I simply needed you to hold me.

All of the days before you.. It was like walking through thick mist and I had no hand to guide me and no light for hope.
But I wake up to you every morning and come home to you every night.
I’ve been living it all wrong… I simply needed everything that is you that isn’t so simple at all. However simply perfect. Like I won the jackpot because I simply wished for a perfect girl and you are absolutely this.