girl scout mint cookies

paolarq  asked:

Hmmmmm. Prompt: Nurseydex fighting over Girl Scout cookies 🍪🍪🍪

“We’re getting Thin Mints, William,” Nursey says, crossing his arms over his chest, order sheet still firmly in his hand.

“We’re getting Do-si-dos, Derek,” Dex shoots back, snatching the order sheet out of Nursey’s grasp and looking around the counter for a pen.

“Why am I not surprised that your favorite Girl Scout Cookie is the worst one?” Nursey scoffs, trying to reach around Dex for the sheet.

“Because you have absolutely no taste buds and think that Thin Mints taste like anything other than toothpaste with some Hershey syrup?” Dex grumbles, half-under his breath.

Nursey catches it, though, and his gasp is audibly overdramatic.

“William Jacob Poindexter, you take that back right now you tasteless goon.”

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If MC and V were in a relationship and Rika came to try to take V back.
  • *knock knock*
  • MC: I'll get it dear!
  • MC: *opens door* ...
  • Rika: Jihy-
  • MC: *slams door in her face*
  • V: MC who was at the door, love?
  • MC: Oh, it was just some Girl Scouts selling cookies.
  • V: Oh! Did you get any thin mints!?
wampus headcannons

- movie nights, they watch really bad or really old movies on a projector for everyone to see

- quoting corny lines and throwing popcorn at the screen

- making fun of the special effects and doing voice overs

- action movies are a must but the really popular ones are the movies that end up making everyone cry

- the entire wampus house has a soft spot for pixar and disney movies

-  “what’s the plural of wampus?” asks a fifth year in potions “can this wait till after class” “sorry professor, i need to know right now, im having an identity crisis”

- a few of the wampus students are really big softies especially the scary looking ones, odds are the more terrifying they look the sweeter they are

- they hoard girl scout cookies, thin mints and caramel delights are left out in the library so the other houses can have a snack while studying

- very body positive, it they see someone body shaming they immediately step in and kick some ass

- motorcycles aren’t allowed on campus but “if its flying it technically isn’t on school grounds professor”

- the short sweet looking wampus students are the most dangerous, they’re the ones who watch out for their more naive housemates and make sure they don’t get into any trouble

- sometimes a little reckless, there was a parkour phase that ended a little messy, their pukwudgie friends had to knock some sense back into them

- they tried petitioning the school for a jungle gym

- “wanna race to class” *other person already started running*

- “if you don’t want to play quidditch then, tag your it”

- after being caught running in the halls by a head boy “aren’t you a little too old for tag” “no and neither are you, tag your it” and the students run away laughing as the head boy chases after them

-  some of the wampus students like going on health kicks “my body is a temple” 

- “good for you, now pass the fucking gravy” some of the other wampus students don’t care about things like that

- they manage to get pizza from somewhere outside of the school and refuse to tell the other houses how they did it, however they don’t mind sharing

- that one wampus that wakes up before the sun rises to go jogging

- majority of them sleep in till the afternoon on the weekends

- “im in the house of warriors, im scary, right?” a first year asks an older housemate “terrifying” not really

- they can get out of hand on occassion, fights are not uncommon and bloody fists are not unsurprising but the entire house is usually stronger afterwards

B.a.p as girl scout cookies

Yongguk- thin mints, everyone’s favorite also he is a thin person and likes mints

Himchan- samoas, the most underrated cookie of our time, the best looking one, the chocolate drizzle represents his sexy voice

Daehyun- savannah smiles bc he smiles a lot and if I were to compare him to a fruit it’d be lemons

Youngjae- s'mores, packed with good things, a smart choice of cookie as Youngjae is one smart cookie

Jongup- trefoils, a cookie with lots of curves and edges, just like the bone structure of his face

Zelo- do-si-do’s for he is quite nutty, also he’s a dancer n do-si-do is like a dancing term

psychessi  asked:

No but like I saw that post abt Jared eating sponches and I think we need to encourage that more than bathbombs so you fools will stop eating those. Sponches are good af too so. Yeah uh #sponch 2k17. He'd probably buy them drunk one night bc the name makes him laugh but they end up being his fav. Other cookie hc's: Connor likes oreos bc they're black and white (aesthetique™) and Evan loves any girl scout cookie you put in front of him. Esp Thin Mints or Savannah Smiles. Not together, though.


also those other cookie hcs are good

Vegan Alcoholic Girl Scout Cookie Milkshake

Vegan Peppermint Schnapps (I used Hiram Walker) – 1 shot per serving (or more or less depending on how much you’d like to drink)

Vegan Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies – 2 or 3 cookies per serving

Vegan Icecream in Mint, chocolate, or vanilla ( I used Trader Joe’s Vanilla Soy Creamy) – 2 Cups per serving

This is one of the most delicious things I have ever consumed in my entire life.

To My Former Best Friend

There was a day I thought I could not live without you.  There was a day that I rushed to hit your name on my phone with every piece of news because there was no other person I wanted to share it with more.  If there was tears in my eyes I wanted nothing more but to hear your voice.  A cup of coffee with you was the best day yet.  There was a day that when I was shopping and everything reminded me of you from the lime green pants, to the thin mint girl scout cookies, and even the song on the radio. 

Then one day just like all the years we spent building the relationship it vanished.  I slowly came to see you in the light that perhaps you always stood.  All the years I spent giving into the relationship.  Answering the phone no matter what time day or night for you, rushing to save you from whatever mess you had landed yourself into, being there no matter what you faced in regards to all the crisis you found yourself in with your marriage, and bailing you out of financial crisis to the grief of my own financial collapse.  Then one day I needed a friend a brief moment of need and just when I thought I could rely on a person who I had been there for I found that was not the case.  Much to my surprise the years that followed showed me that you never intended to be a friend the way I was for you.  Loyalty was never returned.  My heart shattered as I realized not everyone gives as I do.  Not everyone is a friend as I am.  Not everyone speaks the truth as I do. 

Detangling the emotions of a friendship was almost like getting a divorce from someone you thought loved you.  That used you and emotionally played you.  It took years and several attempts before I finally severed it.  My heart was left raw. Nights were spent sleepless and in tears, then slowly it started to heal.  Then one day I could talk to you again.  I could see your face without the slightest emotion.  My heart grew colder. Yes, I talk to you and yes, I call you friend.  Just like you do me.  I serve you the same cold dish you did me for years.  I can brush your phone calls aside and lie about what I am doing.  I can not answer your texts with urgency.  I can not worry about if you are dying because at one point I was and it didn’t even matter.  Matter of fact if you were to ask me for a favor I would probably say I could do it and not even show up without the slightest remorse.  Why?  Because I have no emotional ties anymore.  It took a whole year for me to let it go and emotionally disengage from you.  To survey the damage you did.  To really see just what you have done and what someone who even had respect would do.  I have found more steady friends.  Friends who are there no matter what.  Who give back.  I found loyalty.  I found those who believe as I do.  Those who meet me for lunch or dinner or coffee.  Who answer my calls or texts.  Who don’t lie or steal or fail to keep promises.  Who don’t use friends lightly.  Those who when I gave them recent news of things I was going through told me “we” will get through this and they have been there every step of the way with me.  They know me and I am proud to say I adore my friends now.  I found myself again.  I found love.  I found true love within me and within others.  I found it cannot be bought or played for.  I found that I can live without you on speed dial or on my thoughts and that I am actually happy. 

And to my former best friend: Good riddance dear “friend”.  I hope you find more friends like yourself that are shallow and using; because birds of a feather usually flock together.  We can continue to pretend to be friends just like you always did.  Two can play that game now. Soon you will figure out that others are playing you even better at that game…but to each their own. Life is all about the lessons you learn. I learned mine.

Bring Him Home (Klaine one-shot)

Anonymous asked : Can you do a fic where Blaine is a part of the army and he is ‘missing in action’. After a year he surprises Kurt by appearing at the door. (Bonus if Kurt has moved on and Blaine has to get him back).

The kiss.

No, that kiss.

Kurt can still feel it on his lips, hard and lingering. It never goes away, that last kiss they had. The very last kiss before his husband left to fight for his country. Kurt can still feel it every time he wakes up, every time he falls asleep. Those lips, the ones he’d grown so accustom to, the ones he’d vowed to spend the rest of his life kissing, every single day.

When Blaine had told him that he was being deployed to Afghanistan, sheer terror had filled Kurt’s veins and he’d begged him not to go.

“It’s going to be 4 months Kurt. That’s it. Then I’ll be right back home”

Of course, Blaine had always been so optimistic, where as his fiancé had worried over and over their situation every single minute of every single day until he was ready to leave.

Amongst a sea of army greens, Kurt and Blaine had shared their teary goodbye’s, Kurt clinging so desperately to his love that his knuckles were white, his eyes red and raw.

“You come home to me Blaine Anderson, you come home to me” he’d managed to say through broken sobs as he was held in his fiancé’s strong arms. Blaine had smiled at him as tears raced down his cheeks. He’d pressed their foreheads together and held his love as close as he could.

“I’ll never say goodbye to you”

Kurt had laughed softly and they’d kissed, long and hard and desperate.

Kurt had stood, lips trembling as he watched Blaine wave to him until they were all gone, and he was alone.

All alone.

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Tadashi Hamada Headcanons
  • The majority of his iPod consists of soothing / easy listening bands like The Paper Kites and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
  • He LOVES green tea. Aunt Cass often says that it’s in his bloodstream.
  • All the selfies on his phone usually involve him making a stupid face. His favorite is a double chin with his eyes crossed.
  • He hardly ever cries. Only when he’s really overwhelmed or exhausted does he allow the tears to flow.
  • When he hadn’t slept in over 36 hours, Hiro pointed out that he was putting his shoes on the wrong feet, and Tadashi sunk to the floor and wept.
  • He lives and breathes for Girl Scout cookies. His favorite are Thin Mint and Shortbread.
  • If he wasn’t gifted in robotics, he would’ve liked to become a physical therapist.
  • He thought about being a doctor, but after shadowing a few at a hospital, he didn’t think he could grasp the idea that he couldn’t help everyone. People die, things happen.
  • He has horrible vision. He mainly wears contacts, but he has to take them out and switch to glasses when he wants to read.
  • His parents wanted him to pick up some sort of instrument, but he completely rejected piano and violin. He discovered the guitar in middle school, and he quickly picked it up.
  • He can do the coolest vocal growl when he sings.

Finallyyyyy getting around to doing this collective haul post! This is a bundle of lip balm and makeup products I have purchased (or were purchased for me) over the past 2 months that came from amazon, drugstores, too faced, lime crime, big lots, dollar tree, target and ulta. This is gonna be a little long so please don’t hate me haha.

Picture 1:
 Hershey’s flavored lip balm set (flavors are watermelon jolly rancher, hershey’s chocolate, cotton candy bubble yum, original twizzlers, reese’s peanut butter cup, cherry jolly rancher, original bubble yum, and hershey’s kisses).

Girl Scout cookie lip smacker set (flavors are thin mints, coconut caramel stripe, trefoils, chocolate peanut butter, and peanut butter)

Dip n’ Dots lip balm set (flavors are cotton candy, raspberry shebert, watermelon ice, lemon lime sherbert, banana split, bubble gum, peach, and mint chocolate)

Picture 2:
Tootsie Roll lip balm set (flavors are vanilla tootsie roll, lime tootsie roll, grape blow pop, cherry blow pop, junior mints, strawberry blow pop, sour apple blow pop, original tootsie roll, cherry tootsie roll and sugar daddy)

Cupcake lip smacker set (flavors are birthday cake, berry buttercream, slated caramel, red velvet, vanilla coconut, strawberry sprinkle, ice cream cake, dulce de leche, spun sugar lip gloss, and red velvet cake lip gloss)

Picture 3:
Frankenberry and Count Chocula flavored lip balms

Two Best Flavor forever lip smacker sets (flavors are blueberry pancake, maple bacon, orange juice, toasted smores, keetle corn, and frozen lemonade)

Vanilla Whipped frosting flavored lip balm and Fudge Brownie flavored lip balm

Cake Pop lip smacker set and another Best Flavor Forever set (flavors are strawberries ‘n cream, vanilla buttercream, royal red velvet, chocolate lemon, double cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, and strawberry milkshake)

Picture 4:  
(all from NYX Cosmetics)2 colored mascaras in the shades reef and mint julep, 4 high voltage lipsticks in the shades feline, wine and dine, stone, and twisted, macaron lippie in the shade earl grey and matte lipstick in the shade whipped caviar, v’amped up lip top coat, and color correcting concealer palette

blistex orange mango blast lip balm, hershey’s strawberry syrup lip balm, burt’s bees blueberry and dark chocolate lip balm, doughnut lip smacker set (flavors are cake donut, confetti sprinkle and raspberry jelly) cotton candy bubble yum lip balm, and 3 lip freak lip balms (flavors are bubble trouble, berry sinister, and atomic cherry)

Picture 5
Revo lip balms (flavors are chocolate strawberry, pink sugar, pink frosted cupcake, marshmallow creme, cherry lemonade, bubble gum, chocolate mint, cherry and watermelon

Picture 6
Tarte blushes in the shades savored, pampered, amused, tickled, and passion

Picture 7
All 18 L.A Girl glazed lip paints, shades are  whisper, elude, flirt, peony, tango, hot mess, feisty, pin up, gleam, whimsical, babydoll, bombshell, tease, blushing, coy, sadness, daring, and tempt

Picture 8: (all from Lime Crime)
3 original eyeshadow primers and 3 eyeshadow brightener primers

6 velvetines in the shades cashmere, riot, rave, pink velvet, utopia, and pansy

Picture 9:
Kat Von D Esperanza palette and 8oz jar of Ben Nye’s Super White face powder

Picture 10
Too Faced Sugar Pop eyeshadow palette

So to state the obvious, I went a little lip balm crazy. Main reason is, due to my medical issue causing me to no longer be able to enjoy the foods I love, these lip balms help to cure my horrible cravings that I get. I’m excited to finally have the last 6 velvetines from LC, this means that I now own every single lip product (velvetines, lipsticks, and lip glosses) that they sell. It has taken years to build up my collection but I’m happy to finally own them all. And I promise to do a long dupe list for anyone who doesn’t care for the brand or who can’t afford it (and please do not give me hate for liking and buying from the brand, I understand what’s being said online, I have been a customer for years and have never had a bad experience. plus the velvetines were an early birthday gift from my dad <3 ). I am also happy to have the sugar pop palette in my possession, anything with french macarons on it, I have to have it! I will be doing reviews on some of these products for you all in the future. Can’t wait to put all these products on my face :D

Below the cut is a masterlist of random gif chat/gif starter ideas sorted by character personality type – these all come from my own head, credit isn’t needed but please like or reblog if you found them helpful!  Enjoy, and happy roleplaying! 

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