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I will unfollow anyone who posts or reblogs anything negative and or hateful about police officers. I’m sick of ignorant people making ignorant comments about people who save your lives and protect you on a daily basis.

I never realized how much random stuff I learned reading high fantasy until I started translating Latin and Greek and realized that I was the only person in the class who knew what “to winter” meant.  (And a bunch of other stuff – some of it also comes from being one of the few people in my fancy private university who grew up in farming/ranching country and someone who used to do a lot of handicrafts.)

Well, not just Latin and Greek – one of my clearest memories from undergrad is the time in one of my classical art history classes when we were looking at the Dying Gaul and the prof asked how we could tell that he wasn’t a Roman or a Greek.  “Well, he’s wearing a torc,” I said, and she stared at me like I’d said he was from Mars.

“How do you know what a torc is?”

Me, utterly baffled by how startled she was: “I…read books?”

“I’ve never had a student know what one was before!”

This was an honors class in a top-ranked private university, by the way.  She was a prof who had probably been teaching for thirty or forty years.  (She just retired last year.)

As a woman I have no country. As a woman I want no country. As a woman my country is the whole world.” - Virginia Woolf

MY VOICE IS MY WEAPON OF CHOICE. A battle mix for my ladies; don’t ever stop fighting like a girl. Happy International Women’s Day!

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