girl rig

☠️A mini glob hit for @denvercaphilldabber 💀
Plus an OGKB hit👽
I’m tagging @ganja-goddess @that-deadhead @that-deadhead @eccedentesiastfoxx @etthereal @weedsoda @wutangkilllabeez @ladyabigale (and anyone else who would like to take me)-take some globs if ya can👻


Got 2 amazing new surprise pieces in the mail today for promotion from different companies! I can’t believe how similar they are. Both so flawless..😍😢💚 obsessed with green slyme


So after seeing that great news cast I said to my self “There HAS to be better models on like turbo squid or something, right?” I go over and look up Pokemon. Sure enough I find our boys. Not only that they were cheapest ones you can buy while still slightly resembling the original fellas.

The best part is that the models that look significantly better are only slightly more expensive but CBS said “FUCK THAT! WE DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF SCRATCH!” 


vector + 2d rigging practice with the ladies from GIRL and ME!ME!ME!