girl rapper

Hi everyone, 

Not sure if anyone knew about me rapping, but I’ve been working towards a project for a little while now and I’ve finally decided to make/release something substantial.. I’m going by “Zinnia” and this song is her talking about her friend Emma (me), someone she’s grown up with and knows well. 

I’d appreciate any listens a ton and if you wanna reblog/show people?! Wow! Amazing! Let’s just get this out there and see what happens. 

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[Kim] Hello?
[Girl] Hello, Is this Lil’ Kim?
[Kim] Who’s this?
[Girl] Don’t worry ‘bout all that..I found your number in my man’s pocket
[Kim] Well shit bitch! Give it to him then! No wonder the motherfucker hasn’t call me yet! Look at your fuckin’ groupie ass…Stealin’ numbers and shit  [Girl] Wha? Fuckin’ bitch! I’m gonna see your ass at the motherfucking concert

Put out a new song tonight! A collaborative effort brought forth by a fateful meeting of producer, Unpopular Culture, and myself. We mushed our brains together and came out with this, which showcases a different side of Zinnia. I can’t appreciate all the support already enough, and it’d mean everything to me if you guys checked this one out too. Listen, tell your friends, play it for your plants.. Maybe even reblog n share if you dig it that much. But most of all, enjoy. 


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