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pairings: reader x stiles stilinski.

warnings: meh, a bit angsty, some smut. nothing much. 

a/n: I wasn’t going to publish it in the first place, it was just going to be a little thing I did for my precious bee, @dylan-trash-tbh, however, I though I would risk it and post it. I really hope you all enjoy it!! 

ps.: you might have some characteristics that don’t belong to you, because, as I said, I made this especially to bee and now I’m sharing. haha

word count: 6867

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Imagine meeting Chris at an airport.

A/N: My loves, I may have another series on my hands. (Chapter One: Unexpected Reader) A series involving the first series, which will make much more sense later. I don’t know if this will be a hit or a total miss, but a girl’s gotta try it out. (I feel like us fan fic writers will appreciate this love story.) Anyhoo, enjoy! ❤️

Your fingers absentmindedly thrummed the tabletop as you murmured the last line you just wrote to yourself. “Across the room, Chris watched you intently with a small smile on his lips. He thought of approaching you, but wondered if you were the kind of girl that would appreciate or reject his boldness.” You chewed the inside of your cheek, your finger hovering over the backspace key on your MacBook. It seemed like yet another cliché, and though clichés were what you and your hopeless romantics readers loved- you wanted to expand yourself. You huffed and pressed the delete key, allowing your words to get chewed up by the blinking bar.

“Now what was wrong with that?” You flinched and tensed when you heard an oddly familiar male voice come from over your shoulder; he was so close to you that you would feel the warmth of his minty breath on your cheek. “Clichés are great.” He winced as he pulled back, knowing he’d gotten a little too close. “I mean- there’s a reason they’re overused, right?”

Now usually, you weren’t the kind of person who would snap at a stranger in an airport; you were too worried about the repercussions to do that. Usually, you’d just send a death defying glare their way and let your eyes do the talking; you’d been told you had a very intimidating face, which you no doubt got from your mom. But this was different, this was a stranger reading your writing without permission. You’d always been incredibly protective and defensive when it came to your writing and people peering at your screens- be it laptop, iPad, or iPhone. It was your biggest pet peeve; you hated having people stand behind you while you were on any of those said devices. It wasn’t like you had something to hide, you just didn’t like your privacy being invaded.

“Thanks for the input I didn’t ask for.” You bit as you abruptly closed the screen of your MacBook; you heard him chuckle softly. “Do you want to know what I think?” You quizzed rhetorically as you turned to shoot the nosy stranger your famous glare. “I think you should mind-” You cut yourself off when you saw who it was. “Oh my God,” you breathed, “you’re Chris Evans.”

Yes, Chris Evans. Christopher Robert Evans as in the talented actor and director; Captain America himself; the brown haired, blue eyed, Bostonian angel; the man you could only dream of marrying one day; and the one who accompanied your protagonist in all her life endeavors. Chris Evans was actually in front of you, and talking to you, and breathing the same air as you, and all you’d said to him so far was “thanks for the input I didn’t ask for” as well as “I think you should mind your own damn business.” Even though you didn’t get to finish your latter, it was still not the way you’d imagined your first meeting with your celebrity crush to go.

“Yes I am,” he walked to sit in the chair opposite you, “but don’t let that stop you.”

Chris was trying not to show too much amusement, but he couldn’t help his smile. You were exactly the kind of girl he liked- sassy, but clearly sweeter than honey. He’d seen you earlier, when you were both checking in. You were talking to the little boy in front of you; he was wearing glasses too big for his face, but between you and young Jasper- Chris found you cuter. He then spotted you again in the departure hall, talking to an airport security dog while its officer was searching someone else’s bag. He was about to approach you when the officer took the dog away and you’d walked off, pouting. He thought that was it, that he wouldn’t have the chance to talk to you again- you may have been on the same flight but you were sitting in different classes- but then, he came across you sitting in Starbucks. He spotted you in the window and decided it was time he got to actually meeting you, rather than admiring you from afar. So far, his decision to approach you had been one of his best.

“You think I should mind…” He trailed off, his beautiful blue eyes urging you to continue.

“Your own damn business,” you mumbled sheepishly as you cussed yourself out. It wasn’t until he laughed that you felt a little better, guessed he was as nice as everyone said he was. “I am so sorry. I’m not usually that rude, I just-” you swallowed when you saw his intent gaze on you. “I don’t like it when people look at my screen. I’m very protective of my writing and I don’t-”

“Don’t even worry about it,” he cut you off with one of his typical, heart thumping Chris Evans smile. “I’m not usually that nosy. It’s just that I heard you mumble my name and you were watching your screen so intently that I got curious as to what had your attention. Fan fiction is an interesting thing,” he commented with a soft chuckle.

“Oh God,” you blushed deeply. “It’s not- um- I don’t- you see-” you rambled and he laughed, placing a comforting hand over yours to soothe you. “I’m Y/N and I’m studying to be a screenwriter. I write fan fiction on Tumblr to put my work out there and get real people reviews,” you explained in a frazzled tone. “I’m so sorry, I don’t mean any disrespect.”

“Oh, I know. You don’t have to apologize,” he smiled again and your heart fluttered again. “I think writing about someone is the greatest form of flattery. So relax,” he gave your hand a quick pat then pulled away, “I’m very flattered.”

“No you’re not,” you breathed in disbelief.

“Yes I am,” he chuckled. “It’s interesting to see how others see me, even if my fans may be a little biased.” He winked at you with a click of his tongue and you thought you’d swoon right there and then. “It’s nice to know people think I’d make a good boyfriend, and husband, and father. It’s actually very reassuring,” he admitted with a sheepish smile. “I was starting to think I was the problem in my failed relationships.”

“You’re not serious,” you laughed and he smiled, appreciating how lovely you and your laughter was. “You’re like the perfect man. There is no way you were the problem in any of your failed relationships,” you said and suffered immediate regret, realizing you’d offended his exes. “Of course- I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone you’ve dated.” He laughed again, noting how cute you were when you panicked. “Jenny’s awesome, I loved her in Parks and Rec-”

“Hey,” he said and you stopped, holding your breath for some reason. “Breathe, Y/N.” He instructed and you did as he said. “I’m not going to bite your head off for speaking your piece. I know you don’t mean any harm with anything you say, so just- calm down, okay?” You nodded and he smiled. “I like hearing what you have to say, it’s very refreshing.”

“That’s very sweet of you to say,” you blushed again. “You know- I’ve only ever been called refreshing in my own stories.” You joked then laughed when he did. “Looks like someone is living up to that level of perfection us fan girls have created.”

“Oh, stop it.” He chuckled and waved his hand, feeling heat rise to his own cheeks. “Fan fic Chris might be perfect, but I don’t think I am.” He joked and you chuckled. “I mean- Fan fic Chris wouldn’t have read over your shoulder like that, he’d buy you a coffee first then politely ask what you were working on.”

“Hey, no one’s stopping you from doing that now.” You heard yourself flirt and you wanted to slap yourself in the face. What were you doing? This was Chris freaking Evans! He’d dated huge names, names that you couldn’t beat even in your best day. You needed to quit while you were ahead, you needed to just ask for a photo then leave him alone. You knew all that, yet the next words left your lips anyway, “I’m all for do-overs.”

“Aren’t I lucky?” He grinned which made you smile. “I’ll be right back then. You’re a…” He pointed at you as he rose to his feet, his tone and facials showed that he was trying to guess your drink so you didn’t offer any help. “Vanilla latte, kinda girl?” He quizzed and you felt your lips part in awe; how he guessed that was beyond both of you.

“Not bad, Mr. Evans.”

“Thank you,” he smiled, doing a small bow. “And call me Chris, ‘cause Mr. Evans is my dad and I’m not that old.” He joked and you nodded, chuckling. “Okay then, I’ll be right back. Oh-” he stopped and turned back, “just to make sure you don’t run off. Hold my phone, will you?”

“You want me to hold your phone for you?” You frowned when he nodded, smiling. “You do realize we just met, right?” He nodded. “And I’m a fan, like- a huge fan?” He nodded again. “Aren’t you worried I’ll go through your photos, or steal Sebastian Stan’s phone number?”

“Not really,” he shook his head. “I mean- I’ve got nothing to hide, and you don’t look like the kind of girl who would do that kind of thing anyway.” You bit back your smile; that was true. “As for stealing Seb’s number, well- I think he’d be lucky to have you in his life.”

“Okay, now that sounds like a line Fan fic Chris would say,” you teased him and he laughed. “Exactly how much fan fic do you read, Chris Evans?” You asked with a smug smirk, which turned into more of a shy smile when he winked. “Do you have a secret Tumblr account to keep track on all the writing we do about you?”

“I’m going to plead the fifth to that question.” He started towards the counter, glancing back at a giggling you as he did. “Don’t go anywhere, okay?” You nodded and he smiled as he told you, “I want to hear more about you and your writing.”

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Part 2

nights for celebrations - jughead jones

Prompt: requested by an anon from my songfic list. Jughead and the gang have a night out with their Irish friend.

 A/N (please read): YAY SO IM FROM IRELAND AND I GOT TRY WRITE THIS YAY THANKS ANIN. This ended up being deeply personal as I myself am Irish and so this ended up being my favourite thing I’ve ever written (surprise, surprise the irish river dale obsessed girl likes the jughead x irish reader thing she wrote Also, Y/N ended up being super like me so apologies but I did try to keep her as ambiguous as I could). I hope you guys enjoy it and the extra bits (actual, not stereotypical or made up) culture I put in. The Irish stereotypes really pisses me off (and to be honest I don’t really like St. Patrick’s Day. I know, blasphem), so there are parts of me mentioning this in here.

listen to carrickfergus here

 Warning: Cursing, drinking.

 Words: 2014 oh god sorry it’s so long lol


It had been 10 months since Y/N Y/L/N had arrived on the scene from her native Ireland and if you said that she hadn’t stirred some variety into the small town of Riverdale, you’d be lying.

The night after herself and her family had arrived into town, she took a notion and fancied a burger. She found herself in your typical diner on the edge of town.

“Hiya, how’s it going? A burger and chips please. Sorry, fries.” You said to the dark haired lady behind the counter who smiled and you and took your order. Looking around the diner, you saw the place was busy enough, with one group of teenagers around her age sitting a few botths down. They were eyeing her out of the side of their eyes. Deciding to sit down and get out of their vantage point, Y/N pulled out a stool at the counter. Several moments later, an older man handed her the food and she thanked him as he looked at her with a quizzical smile. She noted they musn’t have many outsiders come into the town.

Just as she was finishing up her meal, a figure plopped into the seat opposite her. “Hey! I’m Veronica Lodge and I’m going to guess by the accent and the fact I don’t recognise you that you’re new around here.” The forwardness of the girl took you back a bit, but you laughed anyway.

“The accent stick out that much, huh? I’m Y/N” You extended her hand to Veronica to shake.

“I love it. I grew up in New York and I’m going to guess by the sound of it that you’re Irish?” Tilting her head at you and smiling, you immedietley liked this girl who was quizzing you even though you had just met.

“Yes, I am. We just got in yesterday. Economy is terrible at home so we needed a change.” Veronica nodded at you.

“Would you like to come sit with my friends? I was the only one brave enough to come and talk to you.” You nodded eagerly, desperate to try and make friends.

As she picked up your meal, she made your way to the booth of teenagers who were eyeing her earlier.

“Guys, this is Y/N. She’s Irish and just moved here yesterday. We’re her new friends.” You waved at the group and smiled a hello.

“Y/N this is Betty Cooper. Ultimate sweetheart and secret badass.” The blonde girl waved at her as her ponytail bobbed up and down.

“This is Archie Andrews, musician and football player. Your real-life Troy Bolton.” She smirked at the ginger boy

“Hey. Jaysus, with that hair they’ll think you’re the Irish one, not me.” The others in the group laughed at this.

The beanie-clad boy spoke before Veronica had the chance to introduce him.

“Jughead. Jones. The Third. Nice to meet you.” Y/N quirked an eyebrow at the funny name, then realised she had heard worse at home.

Since that fateful day, much had happened. Y/N quickly integrated herself to the group and the became fast friends, enjoying her typical Irish sense of humour: sharp, witty and willing to take the piss out of everything, including herself. Herself and Jughead had become very close, and after 6 months, he kissed her and they’ve been dating ever since.

As March rolled around, so did St. Patrick’s Day, and Y/N may not be at home but she was sure as hell going to celebrate in style. She gathered the troops to her house and pulled out a 6 pack of cans of Guinness.

“Right lads. I’m not at home for our national holiday and I miss it so we’re heading down to the bar. First, I got the family to send me these over. Not the same as a good pulled pint but they’ll do. Drink up.” She handed out the cans and as she gave Jughead his she also gave him a peck on the cheek.

“Y/N, darling, I thought you hated the Irish stereotypes of drinking? Because, right now you’re certainly living up to it.” Kevin giggled, taking a swig.

“Now now Keller. I may not like the stereotypes but I’m still deeply patriotic and proud of my heritage. I don’t live up to any of the stereotypes; I’m not ginger, a leprechaun, I hate cabbage, I DO NOT  say ‘Top of the morning to you’ and I do not have a hidden pot of gold no matter how much you ask Jug. Now c’mon, away we go! ” Jughead laughed at his girlfriends antics but followed her anyway. He usually hated the social scene, but, as this was a local bar and not a club; he could do it (for Y/N at least.)

She took Jamie as a chaser, Jack for the fun

She got Arthur on the table, with Johnny riding as shotgun

Chatted some more, one more drink at the bar

Then put Van on the jukebox, got up to dance, you know


After an hour at the bar, Y/N had everyone in the bar celebrating Ireland. The party was in full swing with the whiskey and Guinness flowing. They were all chatting when Y/N stood up and walked over to the jukebox. Next thing, the music changed and on came Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. She walked over to Jughead and with all the strength in her body, pulled him onto the dance floor. After the song played, the young couple played some darts and some pool, in which Y/N beat Jughead at both. During some discussion of whether or not it was an 18 or 20 point difference between the in the darts, she pulled him in for a kiss. No matter how many times they kissed, he still felt like they were the only two people in the room when they did.

You know she beat me at darts and then she beat me at pool

And then she kissed me like there was nobody else in the room

As last orders were called, was when she stood on the stool

After dancing to Cèilidh, singing to trad tunes

I never heard Carrickfergus ever sung so sweet

Acapella in the bar using her feet for a beat

Oh I could have that voice playing on repeat for a week

And in this packed out room, swear she was singing to me, you know


It was near closing time when the bar had quieted down a little that a slightly tipsy Veronica called out for Y/N to sing us an Irish song. Of course, the whole bar had heard and everyone was now chanting “SING!” at a very red Y/N. Giving in, she stood up on a bar stool as everyone fell quiet. Jughead was sitting right below her perch on the stool. He realised in this moment that he had never heard her sing.

Y/N opened her mouth, singing Carrickfergus, and it sounded like the soft ripple of a brook through a quiet forest. The whole bar was silent as she tapped her feet to give herself a beat and sang without a backing tune. Her voice was smooth, silvery and thick with emotion, with a hint of grit. Though there were over 50 people in that room, he could have sworn it was just the two of them, as through the whole song she never broke eye contact.

As she finished, she was met with whistles and applause from the crowd and pure shock from her friends. After many a ‘I had no idea you could sing’ and an incredibly bashful Y/N, she turned to Jughead.

“No idea how you hid a voice that criminally beautiful like that from a detective like me you lady.” She laughed at his words, throwing her head back and wrapping her arms around his neck.

The group said their goodbyes outside the bar, and Jughead and Y/N began to make their way back to hers, hand in hand. Both taking a deep breath of the cool spring night air to rid themselves of the smell of smoke, whiskey and wine that had attached itself to their coats.

Now we’ve outstayed our welcome and it’s closing time
I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine
Our coats both smell of smoke, whisky and wine
As we fill up our lungs with the cold air of the night

They laughed and joked around the whole way home, and upon reaching Y/N’s door; it was decided that Jug would stay the night. Her parents loved him anyway so that wasn’t an issue.

“I’m fucking starving, do you want anything from the kitchen” She called over her shoulder.

“Me too. It’s me Y/N, I’ll honestly eat whatever is in your kitchen and lots of it.” He heard her glorious, melodic laugh from the other room.

She walked out with a packet of Doritos and sat on the sofa with him.

“Jesus Jug, that was one of the best bloody nights of my life. I can’t thank you enough for coming with me, I know it’s not either of our scenes but I had to make an exception for St. Patrick’s Day. I love you.” She smiled up at him from her place beside him.

I walked her home then she took me inside

Finish some Doritos and another bottle of wine

I swear I’m going to put you in a song that I write

About a Galway girl and a perfect night

“I love you too. You know, I feel a short story coming on about tonight. A perfect girl and perfect night. I’ll call it Galway Girl.” He laughed at her face.

“You know there are places in Ireland apart from Galway right? I’m not even from Galway.” She nudged his shoulder and raised an eyebrow.

“Alliteration, Y/N. Alliteration. I have poetic license with this stuff.” Jughead smirked at his giggling girlfriend.

“You know, I just thought. I speak another language and I could say anything I want about you in it.” Y/N laughed at the false scandalized look on her boyfriends face.

“Is pian so thóin tú.” She kisses his nose as she says this.

“Does that mean ‘I Love You’?” He cocked an eyebrow and looked at her smugly.

“No. It means you’re a pain in the ass.” She doubled over laughing as he slapped a hand over his heart, pretending to be wounded. She climbed onto his lap and pushed the beanie off his head and brushed back the stray hairs. Studying his beautiful face and staring into his eyes, she kissed him, soft and slow and filled with love.

“Tá mé in ngrá leat” She whispers, foreheads touching.

“Does that mean I love you?” He whispers back, breathlessly.

“Yes, that means I love you.” She chuckled.

“Well then tá mé i ngrá leat as well.”

For the rest of the night, the young couple lay in stitches, with Y/N trying to teach Jughead her native tongue. By the end of the night, he had the important stuff down perfectly.

Y/N was drifting off to sleep, head on his chest and legs tangled together.

“Hey Y/N/N?” The girl hummed in response.

“Tá mé i ngrá leat.” He whispered into her hair.

A smile broke out on the girls face, as she felt so at home in this boy’s arms, and he felt the same.

“Tá mé i ngrá leat freisin.” And with those final words whispered, the young couple drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

My pretty little Galway girl

  • Chu Yunxiu: *pulling out eyelash curler*
  • Huang Shaotian: Oh man, what is that? Are you gonna pull out your eyeball? Is that normal?? Is that what all girls do???
  • Chu Yunxiu: Yes, Shaotian. All girls pull out their eyeballs to look pretty.
  • Huang Shaotian: Sick! Girls are so weird! I'm learning so much! Keep going!

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60 and 3 with simon 🙏🏽💗

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” Simon grabbed your wrist, pulling away from the guy that you were dancing with.

“What makes you say that?” You huffed, crossing your arms turning to face him.

“The looks, the way that you were dancing, it all gave it away. If I didn’t know any better myself, I’d say that you’re jealous.” He smirked, looking down at you.

“I’m not jealous.” You informed him, making him chuckle.

“Oh really?” Simon dragged out, coming close to your ear, making you shiver slightly.

“Y-Yeah.” You stammered, clearly lying.

“Then you wouldn’t mind if I continue to dance with that girl?” He quizzed, pulling away, turning to go back.

“Don’t.” You demanded, pulling him back.

“I thought that you wouldn’t mind considering that you’re not jealous.” He teased, making you roll your eyes.

“Okay, okay, you caught me.” You sarcastically spoke, putting your arms up in defeat.

“No need to speak in that tone, Missy.” He tutted.

“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it?” You mused, raising your eyebrow up.

“This.” He said, pushing you against the club secluded wall and kissing your roughly.

Imagine long distance with Chris.

A/N: Hello, this is Part 1 of Chapter 2 - Little Ways Away. Now I know I’m jumping into the next chapter of the mini series, but I just don’t have inspiration to write anything else. This chapter’s going to be a bit of an emotional ride, so there’s my little heads-up. You can read the related mini series, and the first chapter of this spin-off here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini Series Spin-off, Chapter 1 ‘Unexpected Reader’ - Masterlist)

Ava smiled when she heard your phone ringing from her bedroom; the set ringtone told her that Chris was finally calling. You’d been waiting a while for his daily phone call now, a mishap on set pushed filming back a little which was why he was late. It’d been a rough couple of months for you with Chris being away, business picking up at the Italian restaurant where you worked part time, and your school’s workload piling on. It was almost suffocating, everything that was going on in your life.

As it turned out, that week you took off from school to go spend some time with Chris was a terrible idea; you got back and found yourself overwhelmed by everything you missed out on. Two months later, you felt like you were still trying to catch up. But that was the thing, you just felt that way because it was all in your head. It was always all in your head, which was why your mom, your best friend, and your boyfriend were always so worried about you; you were too much of a perfectionist to give yourself a break. You were an incredibly intelligent and diligent student who was ahead of the class despite being in Boston, but your mentality after returning back to Los Angeles without your boyfriend ruined your stride. So here you were; overworked, sleep deprived, and stressed beyond belief.

So Ava was glad to hear ‘Under The Sea’ coming from your phone, she knew you’d benefit from hearing from your sweet, loving, and reassuring boyfriend. Up until Chris came along, your mom and her were the ones to reassure you. With them, it didn’t always work- you’d still doubt yourself and let your anxiety chew away at your brain. But with Chris? He had a way with you that no one understood, it was like he had the handbook; he always knew what to say and when to say it. It was sickly sweet, and it was proof that soulmates do exist.

Ava waited a while and felt her eyes narrow when the song didn’t stop playing. She closed her MacBook screen then walked outside, sighing when she found you asleep at the dining room table with Dodger at your feet. You were surround by your textbooks, assignment notes, class timetables, work schedules, and other bits and pieces. Ava guessed you were trying to plan out your week again and fell asleep after overwhelming yourself. It was typical Y/N, every Sunday evening you’d sit and plan your whole week like life was just going to do what you wanted it to. She walked over and held a finger up to her lips when Dodger looked up at her, whining slightly. She gently pried your phone out of your hand; breath held when you stirred. She let out a quiet sigh when you remained asleep and answered the call, walking a distance away before she spoke because the last thing she needed was to disturb your much needed rest.

“Um…Hello?” Chris’ voice came through sounding confused at the lack of your chirpy greeting; you always answered with “oh Evans, my Captain. To what do I owe this pleasure?” Always, every call, without fail- unless he caught you while you were half asleep then it wasn’t so chirpy and coherent. “Sweetheart,” he chuckled softly, “are you there or is this your cute butt I’m talking to?”

“This is actually her cute best friend you’re talking to,” Ava quipped and Chris chuckled. “Sorry, Cap, but your girl’s passed out at the table.” Ava heard Chris sigh and began to explain to him what he already knew had happened. “It’s Sunday so she-”

“Overwhelmed herself by planning her week again,” Chris finished for her and Ava noised confirmation. “God, I leave her for two months,” he commented with a weary chuckle. “Other than her usual Sunday activities, how’s she doing? I feel like I have to ask you because she’s not going to tell me the truth about anything bad. Every time I ask how she’s doing, she says she’s fine but- if she’s falling asleep while planning her week, things must be a little chaotic.”

“A little, she’s stressed. But-” Ava looked over at you with a small smile; she wished you’d let up a little. “When is she not?” Chris nodded in agreement, a weary eye roll was used. “But she’s okay, I mean- she’s a tough nut to crack.” Both your best friend and boyfriend chuckled at that because it was true; they’d seen you persevere through so much. “Dodger and I’ve got her sorted, don’t you worry.”

“Thanks, Ava.”

“I’m going to have to hang up on you though, I don’t want to wake her up. She really needs her sleep, she asked for an extra shift at the restaurant and that’s in an hour so- Let her sleep?” Ava made it sound like a question, but it was more of an order; Chris said nothing because he knew what his options were. “I’ll tell her you called so she can-”

“What time is it?!” You shot up from your quick ‘rest-of-the-eyes’, worried you were late for work. You scrambled for your phone then looked up and saw it in Ava’s hand. “Is that Chris?” You asked and she nodded, walking back over to pass the call to you. “Hey, sorry.” You said into the phone, then mouthed a “thank you” at Ava, who nodded and went back into her room to give the two of you some privacy. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I’ve just been really tired lately.”

“There’s really no need to apologize, sweetheart,” he told you. You held the phone to your ear with your shoulder as your hands started to fiddle with the pieces of paper in front of you. “You’re busy, I get it and it’s fine. I just want you to take care of yourself, please.”

“Yeah, the weather’s been lovely,” was your response because you didn’t actually process anything Chris said to you. You were too preoccupied, scribbling all over your planner to listen and respond accordingly. “A little warm, but perfect for my afternoon walks with Dodger.”

“Step away from the table, Y/N,” he instructed in a firmer tone and you found yourself dropping the pen you had in your hand. You took the phone back in your hand as you stood up and walked over to the couch where you couldn’t fiddle with anything; Dodger followed, settling by your feet. “How are you, really?” He asked, surely with furrowed brows of deep concern. “I know you don’t want me to worry, but lying to me- that’s even more worrying.”

“What did I lie to you about?”

“Every time I call and ask about you, you tell me you’re fine-”

“And I am-” you interrupted.

“I just talked to Ava and she tells a different story,” he cut you off and you huffed, wishing your best friend would just keep your struggles to herself. “What’s going on? What’s got you so stressed out? It can’t be school, you’re doing so well.” You sighed because you wished you knew. “What can I do to help? Ava said you’re asking for extra shifts, do you need-”

“I don’t need your money, Chris,” you stopped him before he could offer and he sighed. “I’m fine, honestly,” you let out a laugh to lighten the mood. “I’m just- I miss you and not having you around is affecting me a lot more than I thought it would. So don’t worry, I’m fine. School’s great, work’s good, my financial situation is perfect so- don’t worry about me, okay?”

“That’s like telling water not to be wet, darling,” he chuckled and you smiled. “You promise you’ll tell me if something’s up?” You nodded, 'mm-hm-ing’ your response. “That you’ll keep things honest between us?” Another 'mm hm’ left your throat. “That you’ll ask for money if need be?” He winced as he said that because he knew he was trying his luck; you were one of those 'make-my-own-way’ girls. “Y/N?” He quizzed when he heard nothing come from the other end.

“No,” was all you said.

“I can afford to support you,” he reminded you.

“And I can afford to make my own way,” you retorted.

“I know,” he sighed. “I’m just reminding you, in case you get sick of working while studying.” You smiled because he reminded you every chance he could, and while you did appreciate his offer- you couldn’t take it. You knew how it would look and you didn’t want it to look like that, perhaps when you were his wife and not his nineteen year old, student girlfriend. “Are you sure you don’t need anything, baby? Can I at least pay for Dodger? He is living with the two of you, I can-”

“Baby, no,” you chuckled, reaching down to pat your boyfriend’s cute dog who you were more than happy to support for nine months. “Right now, all I need from you is your maximum effort to make Infinity War absolutely amazing.” He chuckled softly, nodding. “Then I need you to come home to me and Dodger because we miss you,” you felt your eyes well as you told him that.

“I miss the two of you too,” his own eyes watered as he reached for the Polaroid photograph he kept on his desk in his trailer. The photo was of the three of you, the morning after you got together; you had a copy too which you kept in your planner. “I’d count the days, but that’s just going to make us both sad.”

“Yeah,” you chuckled with limited humor.

“I’m going to let you go,” he said and you felt yourself sigh. “You need some rest before you go to work,” he explained his leave and you nodded in agreement, running a hand through your hair. “I’ll call you tomorrow and have an actual conversation, okay?”

“Okay,” you nodded.

“I love you,” he ended the conversation like he always did, smiling despite how much his heart ached for you. He wished he could be there with you, hold you and tell you things were going to be okay because you clearly needed that. You lied about being okay, and he knew you were lying, but you were going to work and he didn’t want to put you in a bad mood by calling you out. He was going to save that conversation for another day, when you didn’t have classes or work to go to or worry about.

“I love you too,” you responded then stayed silent until you heard the dial tone. He hung up and you did the same, putting your phone aside. You sighed and buried your face in your hands, only looking up when you felt Dodger nudge his head into your leg. “How do you do it, Dodger?” You asked the pup, cupping his furry face in your hands. “How do you survive without Chris for months on end? Because it’s hard, like- it’s really fucking hard,” you chuckled to stop yourself from crying. Dodger licked your face when you bent over to kiss his forehead, making you smile. “Yeah, I know I’ve got you and Ava.”

Nine months; two down and seven to go.

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Part 2

My Best Friend’s Sister - Sirius Black x Reader (Request)

Warning: Mild/Graphic Smut and Strong Language. 

Request: “Hi can you do marauders era one with smut Where your James Potter’s younger sister and secretly dating Sirius Black and one day while the two of you are doing “It” the rest of the marauders walk in which leads to Sirius and James getting into a fight???”


“What the fuck is their problem?” James fumes.

“Don’t worry about them; they’re only winding you up.” Remus answers.

“Winding me up!? If I hear another word about how good anyone thinks she is in bed I’ll go mental.” James retorts.

“You can’t blame them James, she’s quite something your sister.” Sirius jokes.

“Piss off!” James growls.

“Calm down, I’m only joking.” Sirius sniggers, “Anyway, I’m off. I err, need to do some homework.” He adds sheepishly.

“Since when has he made homework a priority?” he hears Remus question as he turns down an empty corridor and enters an abandoned classroom.

As soon as Sirius shuts the door, he feels someone wrapping their arms around his waist.

“I thought you’d never get here!” you exclaim.

Sirius turns around and greets you with a kiss on the forehead.

“It’s pretty difficult getting away from those three. Especially when there’s guys on every corridor winding your brother up by informing him which positions they’d like you in.” he grins, stroking his hand through your hair and lifting your chin with his finger.

“Well he needn’t worry,” you begin, “there’ll only be one person getting me into any sort of positions around here.” you smirk, your lips meeting his at last.

“I do feel bad you know. Your brother is my best friend, I don’t like going behind his back.” He states.

“Aww, has Sirius Black actually got a conscience?” you ask sarcastically, stepping away from him, “I suppose you won’t want anything to do with this then?” you question, pulling at the string of your cloak and letting it fall to the ground.

Sirius’ eyes grow wide with lust as he realises that you are wearing nothing more than black laced underwear and thigh high stockings.

“Now, Y/N. That’s not fair.” He voices breathlessly, walking towards you slowly as his eyes travel hungrily across your body.

Sirius completely understood why the majority of the male population of Hogwarts were going crazy over this girl. She was completely and utterly stunning.

“Oh no, I completely understand Sirius. Your loyalties lie with my brother.” You grin, backing away from him playfully.

“My loyalties will be lying wherever you’re lying Y/N, trust me.” He sniggered, backing you up against the hard stone wall of the classroom.

“How very witty of you Mr Black!” you giggle as his teeth start biting the soft skin of your neck.

Sirius’ hands glide down the sides of your body, resting momentarily at your hips and continuing to snake down to your ass.

“I do my best to please, Miss Potter.” He breathes as you unbutton his shirt and push it off his broad muscular shoulders.

Sirius lifts you up, walks towards a desk in the middle of the classroom and lays you down on it.

“What were you saying earlier Sirius? About going behind my brothers back?” you question, sitting up and wrapping your arms around his neck.

Sirius tries to hide the smirk growing on his face by kissing you fiercely, his hand deftly unclasping your bra as you undo the button of his trousers.

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.” he gasps, teasing your nipples with his fingers and biting your bottom lip.

“Oh, Sirius!” You moan loudly, as his gentle fingers begin rubbing your clit through the wet fabric of your underwear.

“You like that Y/N?” he asks.

“Mmm, yes!” you wantonly reply as he begins taking off your underwear and running his index finger down your soaked slit.

You arch your back, euphoria hitting you like a tonne of bricks as he inserts his finger deep inside you and begins to push it in and out at a deliciously slow pace.

“Sirius, I want you inside me, now!” you exclaim, your breath ragged with exhilaration.

“You have to suck me first.” Sirius smirks.

You willingly drop to your knees in front of him and pull down his boxers, his penis springing free.

“I can never get over how big you are.” You breathe, pumping his thick length with both hands.  

“I can never get over how perfect you look in that position.” He grins, stroking your cheek with his thumb and bringing your head closer to his throbbing member.


Sirius snaps his head up while awkwardly lifting his trousers and to his horror sees James, Remus and Peter stood in the doorway.

You scramble across the floor in a frenzy trying to get to your cloak, your brother’s eyes full of rage and disgust.

“James, calm down. It’s not what it looks like. I swear it’s not just a one off thing.” Sirius tries to explain.

“AND THAT’S SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!?” James roars, striding towards Sirius with a murderous look about him.

“Okay, that sounded pretty bad.. but what I mean is,” Sirius stutters, “I mean that, well, me and your sister, we’ve kind of been seeing each other for months and-” Sirius is stopped mid-sentence by an almighty blow to the head.  

“JAMES!” you shriek, horrified at the scene unfolding before you, “Sirius, STOP!” you yell again as he begins fighting back.

Remus runs forward to stop two of his best friends from beating the living shit out of each other and manages to restrain James.


“Yes well imagine how I felt hearing what they wanted to do to MY girlfriend!” Sirius retorts.

“GIRLFRIEND!? Don’t make me laugh Sirius! You couldn’t stick to one girl if your life depended on it!” James chortles menacingly.

In the middle of all the shouting you couldn’t help but blush at the sound of Sirius Black actually calling you his girlfriend.

“Don’t you find it a bit odd how I haven’t even looked at a girl in months?” Sirius quizzed.

“Oh fuck off Sirius! And YOU,” James finally turns to look at you “Don’t ever fucking speak to me again!” he growls before breaking free from Remus’ hold and storming out of the classroom, slamming the door behind him.

“Fucking hell Sirius.” Remus muttered in disbelief.

“Oh don’t you start as well.” Sirius sighed, his hand nursing his bleeding mouth.

“Right, I’m going to find him, make sure he isn’t cursing the castle down.” Remus states, heading towards the door, “Come on, Peter.” He adds, leaving the both of you to stand there dumbstruck.

“Girlfriend, huh?” you utter, trying to break the silence.

Sirius looks at you, a grin spreading across his bruised face.

“It’s not funny, Sirius!” you sigh, the horrific scene coming back to your head.

You blush at the realisation of what position your brother had found you in with his best friend.

“Well he knows now, Y/N. At least we won’t have to sneak around anymore.” Sirius smiles, pulling you close and gently kissing your forehead.

“Well that’s good because I can’t wait to start showing off my boyfriend.” You giggle, burying your head in his chest. 


Hope you enjoy reading it!


Slythrin Girls

Slythrin girls 
5th year slythrin girls teaching 1st years how to use a tampon

senior slythrin girls buying lacy thongs for 3rd years to wear so they don’t get VPL in their new skin tight jeans

Senior slythrin girls painting 2nd year slythrin girls nails dark green becuase fluro green so so muggle 2009

2nd year slythirn girls quizzing 5th years with palm cards for their OWLS

senior slythrin girls asking senior gryffindor boys if their 2nd year boy has a crush on their 2nd year girl

5th year Slythrin girls dying junior Slythrin girls hair for them, because mousey brown is not their colour and no one likes a bad dye job.

junior slythin girls going to senior slythrin girls with boy problems 


Shu Headcanon (King Shu 2 Edition)

You had been in your room crying for what felt like forever at what had happened. You cuddle your pregnant belly and dread to even think what could have happened if Shu hadn’t have caught you.
Would you have died? The baby? Both?!
The bedroom door opened and the girl you shared the room with kept her eyes to the floor, almost as if she was scared to even look at you.
‘I-I..’ you didn’t know what to say to her, had she been one of the main girls planning this?
She ignored you and sniffles turning to undress and go to bed.
That’s when you notice the rather open vicious looking bite on her neck, her dress had been soaked with blood.
She cried as she put a cloth over the raw wound, dabbing it gently to soak up some blood.
You were horrified at Shu’s punishment, yet happy that you had received justice.
'You had better be careful now..’ She warned, her voice shaking as she spoke, 'A couple of the girls I heard was swearing revenge…’
The door opened again and the girl flinched with fear, it was only one of Shu’s guards.
'Collect your immediate possessions, you are being moved to another room.’ He orders.
You rush quickly collecting everything you though you would need.
What’s happening now?
The guard sees you struggle with the heavy box you had packed, he quickly takes it off you to carry and you followed him down the corridor.
You frown in curiosity as you pass the harem corridor completely, eventually you pass all rooms until you cone to big wooden doors.
'Ah! Isn’t this the King’s room?!’ You gasp at the guard.
He simply nods and opens the door, carrying your possessions inside and leaving you there.
'The’ You couldn’t possibly stay here!
If the girls found out you were dead for sure.
'Is this a problem?’ You hear his voice behind you as he enters.
'Your majesty I can’t stay here. This is your room..’
'Such a will stay here.’ He sighs as he takes off his cape and throws it over a chair. 'Where I can see you..’
'But..I shall be ok..’
'No. you stay here where I’ll know you’ll be safe.’ He walks up to you, 'You are carrying my child after all..’
' it’s that..’
'Hum? it’s that?’ Shu repeats you, a frown on his face.
'I mean, I wondered why you would be so kind to me…but obviously it would be for that..’
Your heart sank a little at knowing this. You had hoped he would have thought about you and only you on this situation, you and his baby.
'Bothersome girl…’ He shakes his head and kicks off his boots before landing on his bed. 'I’m tired, come to bed.’
'Come. To. Bed.’ He orders and you comply straight away.
Under the warm luxury covers you snuggle up, nerves gripping you that Shu was so close. You had been in bed with him before of course but never to sleep. All the girls were order to leave straight away when Shu fell asleep.
'How far along are you now?’ He asks, his voice low and soft.
'Six months now.’ You smile rubbing your belly, 'She can really kick now.’
'She? How do you know it’s a girl?’ He quizzed.
'Ah, my mother always said if you were so ill in your pregnancy then it would be a girl. She had three girls and one boy. So she found out that way. It was the same for my grandmother too.’
Shu was gripped by you, talking about your family so fondly.
'Hum…you say she can kick?’
You nod grinning, 'She’s doing it now! Want to feel?’
Shu was caught of guard but nodded, it was his child after all.
He gently placed his hand on your stomach. You both wait until you feel a sudden movement.
Shu’s eyes widen, he sits up and keeps his hand still. He feels it again and smiles.
'Ah! She really can kick!’ He grinned.
Your heart was pounding in your chest, experiencing this with Shu was strange. You had never imagined this would happen. Seeing him smile like this made you fluster.
Eventually the baby had enough and didn’t kick anymore, Shu lay back down.
'Interesting..’ He sighs and yawns, 'Ah..are you feeling ok? Since earlier?’
You are reminded of the horrible scenes earlier.
You nod yet tears form in your eyes.
'You have no reason to fear them. I will not stand for their behaviour. I am quite happy to punish them.’
You remember the horrid blood stained dress.
'I understand.’

Dersha Fiction: Skylines- Chapter 11

Thank you for all the comments, reblogs, likes and more on the last chapter! I couldn’t thank you enough for the support! This is the final chapter of the Skylines series. Next week, I will post the Bonus + Epilogue to tie everything up. Yes, I said Bonus. It’s just a small bonus since I won’t address certain events in this final chapter *wink wink*

Chapter inspiration song: So Anxious-Ginuwine

Jackson and Harper were eager to see their parents after an entire week. They had a pretty eventful week with their grandparents. Sloane had Harper out in the garden and at the court every day, while Jackson attended the Ram’s training camp with his grandfather. The two children were always being spoiled by their grandparents and they couldn’t complain. Ahsha was Sloane and Pete’s only child which meant all of her children would be given the world, plus some. No matter how much Derek and Ahsha complained about them being spoiled too much, the grandparents continued showering their grandbabies with an abundance of love and gifts.

When Derek and Ahsha pulled up to Sloane and Pete’s home, the children were playing in the front yard. Their eyes lit up when they saw their parents walking up the driveway. “Mommy, daddy,” Harper shrieked, dropping her toy car and running towards her parents. Jackson walked behind her with a big grin on his face.

“Hey sweetie,” Ahsha smiled as Harper hugged her legs. “Were you two good for grandpa and grandma?”

“Yes,” Harper said, moving to her father, who lifted her over his head before placing her on his neck. The small child giggled and rested her hands on the top of her father’s head.

“I missed you two,” Ahsha expressed, hugging Jackson tightly.

“Did you bring us anything back,” Jackson asked, peeking inside the gift bag that his father was holding.

“We haven’t been here for 5 minutes and you’re already wanting gifts? Geez kid,” Derek joked, handing Jackson one of the bags.

“I know right? We’re only good for gifts,” Ahsha added, throwing her arm around Jackson’s neck. “Come on, let’s get inside. We have something we need to tell everyone.”

Pete was in the living room hooking up a new gadget to the television. “Thought I heard you two pulling up. How was the trip,” he asked, wiping his hands on his jeans before greeting Derek and Ahsha.

“Great. Much needed. Dad, what are you hooking up now,” Ahsha laughed, watching her father get tangled up in cords.

“Oh, just a new movie player system. Your mom got it for me and I thought I better set it up. Jackson was supposed to be helping the old man out,” Pete said, glancing at his grandson who was too busy digging through his gift bag.

“Huh,” Jackson choked, his eyes widening.

“Huh,” Pete mocked, sticking out his tongue. “But he’s been doing a good job helping me at the stadium. And Harper is going to grow a green thumb after all that gardening she was doing with her grandmother.”

Harper gasped dramatically and stared at her thumbs.

“Speaking of ma, where is she,” Derek asked.

“Still down at the courts. She should be back in a few,” he replied. “Let’s go sit out in the back. I made some fresh lemonade this morning.”

Harper and Jackson took off in front of their parents and ran towards the back door. “I wish I had their energy,” Pete chuckled, heading to the fridge.

Derek and Ahsha glanced at each other and nodded. The kids were busy playing in the backyard but they wanted to share the good news with Pete. Ahsha assumed her mother hadn’t shared the baby news since he hadn’t mentioned it to them. “Um dad, we have something to tell you.”

Pete stopped dead in his tracks, his wise eyes darting back and forth between Derek and Ahsha. “Tell me what?” After their separation, Pete wasn’t too fond of his son-in-law. They had finally built their relationship back up to what it was before Ahsha left for New York.

“It’s nothing bad. We decided to renew our vows,” Derek answered, squeezing Ahsha’s hand. “And…”

“You’re going to be a grandpa again,” Ahsha beamed, her pregnancy glow in full effect.

The expression on Pete’s face was the perfect Hallmark moment. Being a grandfather brought him so much joy. Adding a new baby to the mix only made his life as a grandpa even greater. “Are you kidding me,” he chirped, placing the pitcher on the counter.

“Nope. I’m definitely not kidding,” she added, placing a hand on her stomach. “There’s a little one growing in here. The morning sickness is no joke.”

When Ahsha told Pete she was pregnant with Jackson, he cried. Then he cried with Harper. His eyes were already welling up with tears as he stood before his daughter and son-in-law. Pete didn’t have a great relationship with his grandfather and he dreamed of having a load of grandchildren running around the house. Ahsha had blessed him with two beautiful grandkids and now he was getting another.

“Aw, don’t cry,” Ahsha cooed, throwing her arms around her father.

Pete pulled back and rested both hands on Ahsha’s belly. “You’re really having another baby?”

“Yes,” Ahsha smiled.

“Or babies,” Derek added.

“Hey now! Don’t jinx me, baby. One more is enough,” she shot back with a playful glare.

“You know the Romans are known for being strong sho-,” Derek grinned.

“Derek,” Ahsha gasped, slapping his shoulder.

Pete erupted into a hearty laugh. He and Derek bumped fists as they continued joking around.

Ahsha rolled her eyes. Men.

Sloane finally arrived about thirty minutes later and joined them in the backyard. The air was cool enough to enjoy a nice day on the deck. The three of them watched Jackson and Harper play on the swing set Pete had set up earlier that week.

“You two have them so spoiled,” Ahsha expressed, shaking her head.

“They are our only grandbabies, what do you expect? Well besides the one growing in here,” Sloane responded, patting her daughter’s midsection.

“Yeah, the baby you didn’t tell me about. I swear these two are always keeping secrets from me,” Pete joked, turning to face Derek. “Hope you have another boy. Before you know it, you’ll be outnumbered.”

Derek chucked. “Oh trust me, I’m praying for a boy. I’ll have enough trouble on my hands with Harper. She’s not dating until she’s 50, we’ve had that discussion.”

“And Jackson isn’t bringing a girl home until he’s 70,” Ahsha added. “But I think this is a girl.”

“Me too,” Sloane agreed with a grin. Like Pete, she loved being able to spoil her grandchildren. Having an empty nest was their excuse.

Sloane’s eyes fell on Ahsha’s ring finger. “Um, is this a new ring I see?”

Derek and Ahsha smiled like two school-aged children. They couldn’t even hide their happiness at this point. “Yes. That’s what we wanted to tell you. We’re renewing our vows.”

“Something I knew before you did,” Pete teased earning a glare from his wife.

“How beautiful. So you two are going all out, I’m assuming,” her mother asked, staring at the new rock sitting on Ahsha’s finger. “This ring is bigger than the last one, no?”

“It feels bigger,” Ahsha added, watching the ring sparkle in the Cali sun. “I think he did a good job.”

“Oh he did a wonderful job,” Sloane cheesed, winking at her son-in-law. “Pete, darling, take notes.”

“Ha! Hey Derek, I took some meat out of the deep freezer last night. Why don’t you help me grill it up for dinner? We’ll leave the women up here to talk about diamonds,” Pete grunted as he stood to his feet. “Plus, I don’t get to spend a lot of time with my son.”

“Awww, quality time,” Ahsha teased.

Derek and Pete grabbed some steaks and ribs from the kitchen and gathered in front of the grill. “I see you got a new grill, pops.”

Pete was the grill master. When the kids were out of school for the summer, they begged him to grill every evening. Harper even went as far as asking him to grill waffles, though her grandfather declined. “Yeah that other one finally died on me. This one here is my new baby. I’m out here every weekend on this thing,” Pete replied, patting the top of the grill.

“I bet. It’s nice,” Derek said.

There was a short moment of silence before Pete finally piped, “I’ve never said this, but I appreciate the way you stepped up and took care of business. I haven’t seen Ahsha smile like that in a long time. You’re a great man for her and a great father to the kids.”

“Thank you. Just doing my job, sir,” Derek noted with a nod of his head. “Keeping them happy is my number one priority and of course myself included.”

“I know what you mean. When we had Ahsha, I was scared out of my wits. Sloane was the one trying to keep me calm. But she’s probably the best thing that could have happened to us. She turned out to be an amazing woman,” Pete gushed, glancing over at his daughter and wife.

Derek followed Pete’s gaze. Sloane and Ahsha were deep in conversation. “Yeah, I’m lucky.”

“You both are. She’s just as lucky to have you,” Pete added, slapping his son-in-law on the back. “Now let’s get these ribs on the grill. I’m starving.”

Later that evening, they had dinner on the deck and shared a lot of laughs. Derek and Ahsha also shared the baby news with their children. Harper was beyond excited about the new addition. Jackson was fine either way. He knew he would be tortured by his younger siblings and didn’t look forward to that part.

The family joked and reminisced into the night.


5 months later

Harper rested her head on her mother’s stomach as they watched cartoons from the bed. Ahsha and the kids had officially moved back into the mansion. Their new home was in the process of being remodeled on the other side of Los Angeles.

“Mommy, when is the baby coming out,” Harper asked, her tiny fingers pressing into her mother’s rounded belly.

“A few more months, baby,” her mother answered. Ahsha couldn’t wait until she finally popped because carrying this baby was a lot harder than her previous pregnancies.

“Is it a boy or girl,” Harper quizzed, her big brown eyes full of so much curiosity and innocence.

“We find out today. What do you want it to be,” Ahsha asked in return.

Harper pondered on the question for a few minutes. “A girl. I can play with her and dress her up in my princess stuff. I’ll let her play with all my toys.”

Ahsha laughed at her daughter. It was quite obvious that she had a plan and it didn’t involve having a baby brother. “I hope you share. You’re not the baby anymore. How do you feel about that?” The topic of being a big sister hadn’t been brought up to Harper. Her parents took her excitement as an indication that she was ready to give up her baby title.

“Good,” she answered quickly, still rubbing her mother’s stomach. “I’ll be a good big sister.”

“Will you,” Ahsha raised a brow. “You won’t be the baby anymore and mama needs for you to be a big girl. Can you promise me that?”

“Yes, I promise,” Harper smiled, holding out her pinky.

“Alright,” Ahsha answered, linking her pinky with Harper’s.

Loud footsteps sounded off on the steps indicating that Derek and Jackson were back home. Derek had taken Jackson to football practice. Jackson was excited about having his father there and even more excited that Derek was assisting the coaches.

“How are my two beautiful girls,” Derek crooned as he walked into the room to find his wife and daughter laying across the bed. “Sorry we’re late. Practice went over a few minutes.”

“That’s okay. Kyle is on her way now,” Ahsha replied, kissing Derek’s lips. “Figured the kids could get some quality time in with auntie Kyle while we’re at the appointment.”

“Yes,” Jackson cheered to himself. Going over to Aunt Kyle’s meant he could play video games all day. Plus, she let them eat all the unhealthy foods their mother wouldn’t let them eat at home.

Later that afternoon, the couple was on their way to Ahsha’s appointment. After months of guessing and making bets, they were finally going to find out the sex of their third child. Derek’s hand rested on Ahsha’s thigh as they drove down the jammed packed highway.

“It’s a boy,” Derek said, his eyes set on the road.

“Nope. A girl,” Ahsha shot back, propping her head up on her hand.

“Hey, I just want a healthy baby with all 10 fingers and toes,” he replied, massaging the smooth skin of Ahsha’s leg. “I’ll honestly be fine with whatever.”

“Me too,” she smiled, laying her hand on top of Derek’s. His intense gaze sat on her eyes for a second before he turned his eyes back to the road.

The car fell silent for a few minutes, the radio softly playing in the background. Both of them seemed focused on other matters before Derek spoke up. “Remember when you wanted to see a marriage counselor?”

Ahsha’s brows crinkled together. “Yeah. Why?”

“Well back then I was being super stubborn and didn’t want outside help. I wasn’t into that “wacky” psychology stuff and I didn’t trust someone else trying to tell me what was wrong with my marriage. Looking back, we could have really used that help. Who knows what could have happened had we gone to see that doctor like you asked,” Derek began.

Still confused, Ahsha frowned. “Oooook.”

Derek’s grip on the wheel tightened. “I want to see a marriage counselor. Even though we’re fine right now, it wouldn’t hurt. Right?” He hated getting ‘help’ from others and this was a huge step for him. Thinking about seeing a marriage counselor back then was such a hassle. He didn’t trust another person telling him how to fix his relationship. What did they know? What if they took that information and sold it to the press? How did they know that their methods would work? He had so many doubts back then but since he had gotten older, Derek had a mature outlook on it. Having an outside person they could talk to actually seemed like a good idea.

The expression on Ahsha’s face told Derek that she thought he was joking.

“Seriously Ahsha. I refuse to go down that road again and if talking to someone helps us, then that’s what I want to do,” he added.

“Okay then. That’s what we’ll do,” Ahsha replied with a wide grin.

There was no denying the growth they showed not only as a couple, but as individuals.


The anxious couple finally reached the doctor’s office forty minutes later. Derek helped Ahsha out of the truck. He couldn’t hide the smile on his face. She looked so beautiful carrying his children.

“Whew, this baby is wearing me out already,” Ahsha grunted as they walked through the glass doors.

“My boy,” Derek boasted with a cocky smirk.

“Whatever Derek,” she chuckled. “I bet you dinner that this is a girl.”

“Deal,” he smirked, placing a hand on her lower back as they neared the receptionist’s desk.

A short time later, the couple was returning to their truck with a sonogram picture in tow. Ahsha shook her hips before sticking her tongue out at her husband. “You owe me a big pot of spaghetti with homemade garlic bread and a nice slice of apple pie.”

“Oh so you already had the meal planned all out,” Derek laughed. “Alright, I got you…and you,” he added, kissing her stomach. “Can’t wait until you get here.”

Ahsha’s ovaries exploded every time she witnessed Derek have moments such as these with his children. Seeing him as a father was such a beautiful blessing. “I can’t either,” she responded, laying her hand on top of her husband’s.


A few weeks later, the Romans and their family and friends gathered in the backyard of the new Los Angeles mansion. Derek and Ahsha had purchased a new home to begin making new memories as a family.

With a rounded belly, Ahsha literally glowed in warm California sun. It was hard to believe that a short time ago she was living across the country, barely speaking to Derek. Now here they were, renewing their vows in front of close friends and family.  Just thinking about all they had endured made her tear up.

“You done in here,” Kyle asked, peeking into the master bedroom. “You look gorgeous!” Her best friend slid through the door and shut it behind her.

“Thanks girl. I feel like a whale,” she complained, looking at herself in the mirror.

“If you don’t quit! You look beautiful, big belly and all,” Kyle replied, fixing a piece of Ahsha’s hair. “I’m so happy for you, Ahsha. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

Kyle wasn’t lying. The effects of the separation were also draining on her as a friend. Derek and Ahsha were both good friends of hers and she hated to see them unhappy. Witnessing the fight to get back what they had, made Kyle emotional.

“Awww,” Ahsha cooed, pulling Kyle into a hug. “Thanks for being there for me. I know you got tired of listening to me cry all the damn time.”

“There were times I wanted to tell you to pull it together. But I understood the circumstances,” Kyle claimed with a wink. There were many nights that Ahsha would call her just needing to talk. Being a great friend, Kyle would stay up and let her vent. Many of those nights would end in tears. “Now you can be up all night for other reasons,” she added, raising her brows.

“Yeah, that’s what got me knocked up and looking like this,” Ahsha chuckled, pointing to her stomach.

A soft knock at the door interrupted their moment. “They’re ready for you, honey,” Sloane whispered.

“Okay, I’m coming,” Ahsha answered, taking one last glance at herself in the floor to ceiling mirror. Kyle and Sloane got one last hug in before helping Ahsha down the long staircase and to the kitchen.

Harper and Jackson were a part of the ceremony and were excited to walk with their mother down the aisle.

“You look pretty mommy,” Harper gushed, hugging her mother’s waist.

“You look beautiful, mom,” Jackson added, hooking his arm around his mother’s.

Their sincere words almost made Ahsha cry but she held herself together. “Thank you. You two are too sweet,” the mother replied, placing a kiss on both of their cheeks.

“Ready,” Jackson asked Ahsha as he led her to the back door. Harper was holding on to her mother’s hand for dear life. Ahsha nodded and Jackson walked his mother and sister out to the spacious backyard where Derek awaited.

Derek winked at his wife as she slowly hobbled down the porch steps and sidewalk. Seeing his children and expecting wife walking towards him on such a special day made him emotional. To think about where they were in the last year made him feel incredibly thankful for what he had now.

“Hey beautiful,” Derek crooned as his family finally reached the end of the yard. Jackson placed his mother’s hand in his father’s and took his spot on her other side. Being a daddy’s girl, Harper ran to her father’s side and took his free hand.

Pete took his place in front of the family. “Good afternoon. I would like to thank you all for joining us on this beautiful day to celebrate Mr. and Mrs. Derek Roman. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these two grow as individuals as well as a couple. Two kids…well three,” Pete continued, causing a few laughs. “Three kids later and they are still going strong if not stronger than before. Today they reconfirm their commitment to each other. May you two continue to love and cherish one another despite any hardships or challenges thrown your way. May this renewing of your vows open the door for more memories and serve as a reminder of the love you share for each other. Please join hands and share your vows.”

The couple turned to face each other and linked hands. Their eyes stayed locked on each other, lips curved into bright smiles. This day would be their new beginning as a married couple. The vows they delivered years ago weren’t fulfilled and after today they would live by new promises.

Derek’s thumbs massaged Ahsha’s knuckles as he began speaking. “Ahsha, when I first met you, I didn’t think you would give me the time of day. I wasn’t the type of guy a woman like you dated. But you gave me that chance and we’ve built great memories with each other since then. All these years later and I still see you as the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. You’ve given me two beautiful children and I’m sure our third will be just as amazing. I can’t thank you enough for the love you have given me even when I haven’t returned it in the way I should. From this day forward, I want to continue building on our love and making new memories with each other.  I couldn’t ask for a better woman to be my wife and the mother of my children. You’re my best friend, the love of my life and the one person who has cherished me and helped me become a better man. In the past, I’ve taken advantage of what we’ve had. I am here today to move forward with this renewed commitment to you and our family. I promise I’ll always look out for you. I love you with all my heart and I always will.”

By the end of Derek’s vows, there wasn’t a dry eye. Everyone was thrilled about the couple renewing their love. Ahsha quickly blinked away her tears, though one escaped down her cheek.

Taking a deep breath, she began, “Derek…there have been times when I’ve taken our love for granted. I’ve done things I’m not proud of and I’ve been wrong. We’ve been through so much in these past few years and our love still survived. If that isn’t proof that this is meant to be then I don’t know what is. The trials we’ve been through only made us stronger and the bond we share cannot be broken. I’ve never met someone as giving and kind hearted as you. The joy you’ve brought to my life outweighs the pain we’ve encountered. We aren’t perfect by any means but I don’t wish to be. I want to continue building a life with you while learning how to better myself to be the best mother to our children and wife to you. Today, I want to renew the vows we made a long time ago and pledge my love to you. I have never stopped loving you and my heart has always been yours. I promise to cherish you as you have cherished me and I can’t wait to begin this new chapter of our marriage with you by my side. I love you Derek Roman and I always will.”

The couple remained hand in hand as Ahsha finished her vows and Pete rejoined them.

“Now you may exchange rings,” Pete demanded.

Derek and Ahsha turned to their children to receive their new rings. Harper placed her mother’s ring in Derek’s hand as Jackson gave Ahsha his father’s new ring. Kissing her hand, Derek slid the new ring onto Ahsha’s finger. She slid Derek’s new band onto his finger and turned to face Pete.

“Today, you have renewed the vows that you made to each other on your wedding day. You have reconfirmed the meaning of the rings you wear each day. I ask that you continue to love each other through the good times and bad. You have renewed the vows that bind you as husband and wife. You may kiss your bride…again,” Pete concluded, stepping back.

Derek grinned as he leaned in and captured Ahsha’s lips in a sweet kiss. The small crowd clapped as they watched their favorite couple renew their love.

“Ewww,” Harper frowned as she watched her parents kiss.

Ahsha laughed as she pulled away from her husband’s lips and pulled her children into a tight embrace. The family shared a quick moment before turning around to pose for pictures. As the photographer along with family and friends snapped shots, Derek and Ahsha shared a moment of their own.

“Looks like you’re stuck with me forever,” Ahsha muttered, resting her head on Derek’s shoulder.

“And I’m perfectly fine with that, Mrs. Roman,” he said, kissing her forehead.

They were both perfectly fine with that.

Thank you so much for all the support and love I have received while writing this story. It’s been such an amazing journey that I don’t want to end but I know it’s time to stop it here. I will be posting a bonus+ epilogue in the next week or so. You will get to meet the new baby then! Introducing the baby in this chapter was a little long so I thought I’d save it. The next one will definitely be the last chapter of the series. Again, thank you!