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Ron: Ginny, do you know where my broom is?

Ginny: nope.

NCT Hyung Line - Him cheating on you and tying to apologise

My first reaction. Yayyy :D (English isn´t my first language so sorry for any mistakes)

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You saw him at pratice and there where this new really pretty trainee girl. First they were having a small talk but she got really flirty. After a few minutes she leaned in for a kiss and he didn´t stop her. He kissed her back and didn´t realize that you were there. Watching him and the girl kissing with your eyes full of tears. As the girl saw you she pulled away making Taeil confused. Then looked at the direction the trainee was looking at. His eyes widden as he saw you and with that you left. He ran after you, trying to stop you from running away while his tears couldn´t stop falling. He told you that it wasn´t his fault. You couldn´t believe him “So thats why you kissed her back” was the last thing you said after smashing the food you bought for him to the floor. The last time you looked at his tearful eyes. 

“Don´t ever contact me again. I hope it was worth it.”

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It was your first wedding anniversary and you prepared his favorite dish at home. He was late again and you guys stared fighting cuz of it. He just couldn´t take anything serious. After a few minutes of agruing he left the apartment leaving you completly alone. He stopped by his new fav bar and bought a few drinks. A woman was catching his eye. She was just as pretty as you. After a small talk with her she left with him to a motel. He was drunk and didn´t realized what he was doing. Right in the action he came back to reality and left the woman he was rushing to your apartment. You were sleeping in the bedroom as you heard Hansol coming in. His eyes teard his hands shaking. He pulled you into a hug telling you how much he loves you and how much he was sorry for what he did. You confused asking him why he was acting like that. Your eyes widen as he told you the truth. You immediately pulling away from his touch. “Leave” you told him. 

“Baby I´m so sorry I know it was my fault…b..but I was drunk….please don´t do thi–”

“Leave!Or I´ll leave” you screamed taking a few steps away from him. You couldn´t just forgive him. So you packed your stuff and ignored his calls for you. And the last time he tried to stop you but couldn´t. So you left and forget the little present you left at his nightstand. After you were gone he saw a little box on his nightstand with an sticky note. -`Happy first anniversary babe! I love you forever and hope you´ll like the present I have for you! I´m sorry about our fight and hope we can forget about it´- Hansol opened the box.

There was a pregnancy test on it. - prositive -

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You and Johnny were in a secret realtionship. Even his own members wouldn´t know about you and him. Since you were new in Seoul you needed a job and luckily did get one at yours and Johnnys favorite coffee shop. You hadnt told Johnny about your job yet. You wanted it to be a suprise. But you were the one who was getting a suprise. You saw him entering the shop while he was holding the hand of a beautiful girl. They sat down and looked at the menu. He was still holding her hand - telling her that he loves her and only her. You grabbed the drink that was in the corner and started walking to his direction.

“Here is your order Sir.” you said after pouring the smoothie on his now wet head and clothes. Then smiled at the girl. “He´s a f*ckin´cheater be careful.” and with that you left the shop.

Ignoring his calls for. And ignoring all the calls he left you on your phone even after weeks. You weren´t going to forgive him.


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It was NCTs comeback party and everyone included you were invited. The boys and you were having a great time but Taeyong was acting a little bit strange. He just didn´t like the fact that you were spending time with Ten on the party when you should be by his side. As he saw that Ten was getting a little bit to touchy with you he coulnd´t take it anymore and pushed Ten away from you. Catching everyones eye to you guys. Taeyong started agruing with you. Saying that you were flirting with him when the oppsite happend. Ten was telling you about the cute girl that he currently liked. As you tried to calm Taeyong down he grabbed the girls arm who was just passing by you guys. 

“Should I show you how it felt?!” he said after grabbing the girls face and pulling her in for a kiss. Your eyes filling with tears as you walked out of the club. Jaehyun pulling Taeyongs face away from the girl. Yelling at him and telling him the truth about what happend. Taeyongs eyes widden as he heard Jaehyuns words. He rushed out of the club to find you sitting at a bench a few blocks away from the club. His eyes teary as he apologized to you. You crying with him and pulling him into a big hug and saying ´I´m sorry and I love you´ again and again.

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Doyoung was ignoring you for a while now. You didn´t know why he was acting like that so wanted to talk to him. You went the the guys dorm knocking at the door. A few seconds after the door was being opened. A suprised Mark looking at you. At first he didn´t wanted to leave you into the dorm without telling you the reason. You were trying to pass him but he stopped you. Telling you that this wasn´t the right moment and pleasing you to go. You pushed the little boy away and went into the living room.  Just to see Doyoung and a girl sitting on his lap.

“WTF IS GOING ON!” you yelled at Doyoung. He was shoked seeing you standing there. Doyoung pushed the girl out of his lap trying to explain. “It´s not what it looks like Y/N!Let me explai–”

“its not what it looks like my ass! I called you everyday and YOU ignored me EVERYDAY just so that little b*tch can sit on your lap?! Are you kidding me!”

“NoO- I just- I- … I´m so sorry..” he couldn´t look into your eyes.

“Yes. I´m sorry too. Sorry for trusting you.” you slapped his face leaving his eyes widden.

And like that you went out of the dorm out of his life.

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It was late night and you were by yourself again - your bf wasn´t home today. He told you not to wait for him but you did it anyway. Tomorrow he was leaving for his worldtour and you wanted to see him the last time before he leaves. You were focused on this new netflix series as your phone ringed. It was Johnny calling you. “Hey John´what´s up?”

“heyy..I´m sorry for calling you this late but we need to talk.” Johnnys voice was shaking and you were getting confused. “You can tell me everything John. Whats wrong? Did something happend at pratice or with yuta?” you asked confused.

“Its about Yuta….I´m so sorry.. I know that you love him but I just can´t take this anymore. Y/N… he isn´t at pratice he wasn´t even here. He is with that girl again….. he has been cheating on you….since months….I thought that you have to know about it….I´m sorry for not telling you sooner. You can talk with me anytime and I´ll be always there for you. You deserve better Darling and you know that.”

2 hours later Yuta arrived at the front door of your apartment only to find his stuff at the floor with an sticky note.

“Greet your new girlfriend by me” - Y/N

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Hit the stage season 2. Todays theme: Love

Hit the stage happend again! And you were so happy about the fact that Ten is in the show again. He even got you backstage vip cards for you and your best friend. But you weren´t happy about the todays theme. Ten has to dance a slow romantic dance with that sexy SM Dancer girl who everyone loved. You have gotten the chance to see the dance before everyone else and you didn´t tell him but of course you were jealous. Maybe a little bit too jealous. Everyday you would text him- who he was with - what he was doing - if everything was ok-. After the performance you looked for him.

But you couldn´t find him. After the whole search for Ten action you received a text message. 


Ten from the rookie boy groub NCT is dating his beautiful dance partner from the new popular dance show Hit the Stage! We wish the couple much luck and are happy about the realtionship.

And there was that picture. That picture that broke your heart into million of pieces. - his arms around her waist. her arms around his neck. and the lips connected.

Days later he tried to contact you. Telling you it was fake. Telling you he loved you and only you. But the picture was telling another story.

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Kun and you were currently dating. You guys first met at the new book shop he was working for. Before you guys stared dating you were just an normal customer who loves to read.Your friend gave you the recommendation to this new book shop where that cute boy worked. He was always kind to you, bought you coffee, spend his breaks with you,gave you book recommendations.After a month of being close friends he finally confesed his feelings for you. After 3 months of dating he gave you that beautiful necklace; you wore it everyday, feeling special because of it. You were his first and last love; that´s what he had told you.

But was he telling the truth?


Today was your guys anniversary and you wanted to suprise him. You had bought him  flowers; the ones he bought you on your first date. You went to the book store waiting for his shift to end. As the time finally arrived you saw him walking out of the shop. But he didn´t saw you. He kept walking so you started following him.

He wasn´t going to the direction where his house were. But why? You followed him quitely. And there she was. She had beautiful long dark hair. Dark brown hair and was a little bit taller than you. And she had the necklace.

Maybe you were his first love. But not his last.

As the warm tears were running down your cheeks you felt someone holding your hand. And you turned to the direction to saw a strangers face.

“Forget him. You are to beautiful for him anyway.”said the handsome boy to you

 who was now your husband since three years.

– You hadn´t heard what happend to Kun after that. But he knew as you stared ignoring his messages and calls that he had lost you. And even that dark haired girl couldn´t replace you. He made that mistake. 

(Hmmm..who is that handsome stranger??- i kind of thought about WinWin cause why not;D)

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Jaehyun and you were in a dream like realtionship. But dreams don´t last forever right?

Jaehyun broke up with you, two months ago. You were begging him to stay, begging him not to end your realtionship. But you weren´t enough for him; that´s what he had told you. As you guys were still together you knew that he was cheating; all this ignored calls, make up on his clothes and not showing any love to you anymore.

You now moved on, no, you tried to move on. You thought that you did get over him, that you were ready to meet new guys. But were you ready?

That night he came to your apartment;completely drunk. Telling you he was sorry, telling you you were his only one, telling you he can´t get over you.

Now there were you. Sitting on front of your door just to listen to the voice who where behind the door.

“Please…..don´t leave me again……i need you……” said the person who´s voice was shaking from crying.

So… are you going to open the door for him? To the door to your heart? Will you let him in .. - again?

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I´m so sorry guys but I just can´t imagine WinWin being a cheater.

I think I liked you better when you didn’t have a knife in your hand, Peaches... Chapter 40 - Mia

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When Blake finds herself sold out to the Saviours by her abusive fiancé, she realises that she’s certainly not on her own anymore and finds an unlikely friend in Negan. And Negan does NOT like men who beat their girlfriends, one tiny bit…

Chapter 40 - Mia

The journey back the Sanctuary took no time at all, in the warm, hazy, late afternoon sun.

But by the time the truck had made it back through the high fences leading into the looming, abandoned factory, the tiny girl in Blake’s lap had fallen soundly asleep in her arms.

Blake had sat there, resting her chin ontop of her teeny head, rubbing gentle circles on her back, soothing her the entire journey home.

Negan beside her, had been silent for the entire trip back too. Which Blake wasn’t particularly worried about…as his hand, that had been positioned over the back of her seat haphazardly, had long-since drifted down over her shoulders instead.

She liked him. There was no doubt about that anymore. But his actions worried her….as the obviously did the rest of the Saviours too. It was his anger, his outbursts, his need for violence and his unpredictability that made them all uneasy. Always unsure about what he was going to do next. And with Lucille barely ever leaving his hand, that, sometimes was a frightening prospect as well…

The truck pulled up close to the building, and Arat turned off the engine, giving a brief sigh, eyeing Blake as she did so. But she too, didn’t say a word.

It was then and only then, did the tiny toddler in Blake arms begin to stir.

“Hey, sweetie,” whispered Blake in a kindly voice, as the little girl smacked at her lips quietly and rubbed her eyes, looking up at the caramel-blonde woman holding her. “You ok?”

The tiny girl gave a pout, but nodded, grasping at Blake’s shirt once again with sticky little fingers and snuggling back into her as she caught sight of Negan, sitting beside them.

But Negan tutted.

“Looks like I’m as fuckin’ popular with her, as I was with you, Doll-face,” he said in a mock-voice of irritation, shoving open the door beside him, before grasping up Lucille and hopping out.

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Bad Date (Steve Fic)

Pairings: Steve x Female Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Smut, Swearing

Word Count: 1,700+

Blurb: You get back to the tower after a terrible date – but at least your whole night isn’t ruined!

It was ten thirty at night when you came stomping through the tower into the kitchen, dining area. You threw your bag and keys across the table, your coat on the back of your chair and kicked your shoes off. The whole time mumbling profanities under your breath.

“You’re back early” Steve chirped, smiling when he came into the kitchen. You were sitting on the counter with a tub of ice cream in one hand a giant spoonful in the other. He took one look at your face and frowned.

“That good huh?” he asked, slowly walking over to you, “Want to talk about it?”

“Am I pretty?” you blurted out, embarrassed as soon as the words tumbled out of your mouth.

“What?” Steve asked, puzzled.

“Never mind. It’s just, no, no, never mind, forget I said anything.” You threw the spoon in the sink, jammed the ice cream in the freezer and started to walk away, Steve grabbed your wrist.

“Yes, you are pretty, what’s the matter?” He asked, turning you to face him.

“It’s just, the guy I went on the date with tonight. He said some pretty shit stuff, treated me like some piece of ass worthy of fucking but not dating and I just,” you took a long heavy breath, and then looked up at Steve.

“He had on his dating profile that he was looking for someone between the age of 18 and 28, why 28 and not round it to 30, I have no idea, but I thought, I’m 27, I don’t get a chance to meet a lot of guys doing the job I do, and why not, so I get to where we’ve agreed to meet and he sees me, looks me up and down and then frowns, when I asked him what was wrong he just said he was hoping for someone younger, maybe like closer to 18, I should’ve left right then, but then we get seated for dinner, and he confesses that he was actually hoping for maybe someone even younger, like 16, since that’s legal, and I definitely should’ve walked away right then, but I thought maybe, just maybe if he just got to know me, to spend time with me, he might see I am just the person for him, so skip forward to we start ordering dinner, and I ordered the steak and chips and salad, and just as the waiter is walking away, my date grabs him and says, oh no, she doesn’t want the steak, she wants the salad, the smallest one, she could afford to lose some weight…”

“That fuck!” Steve scowled.

“Well, I fucking lost it didn’t I? I stood up, grabbed the table next to ours’ glasses of red wine and one by one poured them on him, all the while he’s yelling at me, saying that I am nothing but a fat ugly bitch and no one will ever love me, and on and on it went until I left the restaurant.”

“And you thought this jerk was right?” Steve scoffed.

“I just, it makes sense, I mean, even before I was an Avenger, I didn’t exactly have guys lining up, and it’s even less now, I just, I don’t know,” you shook your head and threw your arms up in the air.

“Y/N that’s absolute bullshit!” Steve yelled. You jumped, it wasn’t often he yelled, or swore. “You are stunning, okay, always, when you’re dressed up like you are tonight, dress, heels, hair, makeup, the whole nine yards, but I’ve also seen you when you leave training, sweaty and exhausted, and you’re, you’re fucking gorgeous. You’re definitely not fat, that’s preposterous!” Steve was yelling, throwing his hands up in the air. You were blushing, you’d never realised he thought this way about you, or that he thought of you at all.

“What if the reason you haven’t met the right guy is because you already met the right guy and you don’t know it yet?” Steve asked, his crystal blue eyes bore into you.

“You mean like, that thing on the internet that says you already met your soul mate before the age of 21?” you asked, confused.

“No I mean like, you met the right guy and you just haven’t been paying attention?”

“Steve, it’s late, I’m not following, I haven’t been on a date in months, the last guy I dated was –” before you could finish Steve grabbed your face and planted a big, hard, needy kiss on your lips. You moaned against his mouth and just about melted at his touch.

“I meant me, dummy” he whispered, hands still holding your face.

“Oh” you blushed. Before you had time to really register your lips were back on his, his hands sliding down your sides and landing on your hips, your fingers tangling through his hair. In a flash he had hoisted you up and your legs were wrapped around his waist, you hooked your ankles together. Between your thighs already burning with thoughts of what was to come.

His lips left yours and he started trailing kisses down your jaw, to your throat, then down to your neck, kissing and nibbling. You threw your head back and moaned. With that you could feel him get hard between your legs and you rolled your hips for friction. Your panties already soaking.

He arrived at his room, opening the door before slamming it shut with his foot. He lowered you to the ground, your hands shot up under the hem of his shirt, and he helped you rip it off. God those chiselled abs, those strong arms.

“What?” he smiled at you when you made no intention to move.

“I’m admiring the view” you smirked before kissing him again. He walked you towards his desk until your legs bumped into it; he hoisted you up, his right hand sliding up the outside of your thigh, under your skirt. Your hands were working on his belt and you unhooked it and ripped it from his pants, throwing it to your right.

“Impressive” he whispered kissing your neck. You started undoing his button and zip, before sliding off the table and pulling his pants and boxers down. His member standing at complete attention, already leaking pre-cum. You wrapped your hands around him and went to lick him.

“No, not tonight baby girl,” Steve said pulling your face up to his, “tonight is all about you, making you believe you’re gorgeous and worthy” his hands went around your back and he tore your dress away from your body. The throbbing between your legs intensified. Next the bra and panties were torn away and he was backing you down onto the bed.

Once you were on your back and he was nestled between your thighs, he started trailing kisses down you. Down your jaw, to your ear, where he gave you a nip, down your throat, to your chest, he made sure to take each breast in his mouth, giving it kisses and a suck before nibbling each hardened nub, down your belly, past your belly button and then he spread kisses onto both your thighs.

You were bucking and rolling your hips.

“Not yet,” he teased, looking up at you through his eyelashes. Your hands were in his hair, tangling it around your fingers. Before you could prepare yourself, he licked a long stripe between your legs, taking your clit in his teeth ever so lightly.

“Fuuuuuuuck” you said through gritted teeth, you threw your head back onto the pillows.

His hand shot up and he put his palm on your belly to stop you from rolling and bucking. He worked on your clit for a while, the coil in your belly tightening.

“Fuck you’re gorgeous” he whispered, kissing you between the thighs. The vibrations of his breath nearly making you cum.

“Steve, I’m close” you whispered, and with that he stopped. You whimpered.

“Do you want me to keep worshipping you, or do you want me to make love to you?” he asked looking up at you.

“Steve, I need you, I love you” you croaked, and with that, he started trailing kisses back up your body, when he reached your mouth you kissed him hard, hungry, you could still taste yourself on his lips. One of his hands shot down between the two of you and he pushed your thighs open wide, before aligning himself with your entrance.

Slowly, agonizingly so, he pushed himself inside you. You closed your eyes tight.

“Look at me” he whispered. And you obeyed. Looking directly into his crystal blue irises. He drove himself into you, to the hilt, and you moaned loudly. He gave you time to readjust, he was huge. When you were ready, you wrapped your thighs around his back and locked your ankles.

Slowly, he started pulling out and thrusting in, he started suckling one of your breasts, still watching you through his eyelashes, and his hand went down to your clit, he started rubbing small circles.

“Steve” you croaked, your hands tugging strands of his hair. He applied a little more pressure to your clit and the coil in your belly snapped, within seconds you were coming undone at his touch, screaming out his name, never taking your eyes from his.

“I love you” he whispered. He was still slowing rocking into you, he was close himself. So you grabbed him by the waist and rolled over, until you were perched right on top of his hips. He was lying on his back looking up at you.

“Who said I can’t worship you while you’re worshipping me?” You said looking down at him before rocking back and forth on him. His hands slowly moved up your sides, until he had both breasts in his hands and he was kneading them, softly.  

You got up a little and just as you started to rock back down, his hips thrust up into you, and you yelped his name, and he did this a few more times until you were riding out orgasm number two and he was coming inside you. Slowly you hopped off of him, before half collapsing on top of him, your breast against his chest, you were both panting.

“I think you’re right Steve” you whispered in his ear before nibbling and sucking on his neck.

“Oh yeah?”

“I think I already did meet the right guy …” you said, you could feel him smile against you, and you couldn’t help yourself from teasing, “yeah, it’s Bucky”. He pulled away just a bit and looked you dead in the eyes, you started laughing.

“OH! I think that deserves some punishment Y/N!” he slapped your ass.


Inspired by some fuck face of a guy who once told me he would fuck me (if I covered my face) but he wouldn’t date me because he doesn’t date chubby ugly girls. At least this one got a happy ending.

Dress up - Request

Requested by anon:  can i have request where you’re dean’s daughter (5-7) and you ask him to play dress up with you?

Summary: After a hunt, the brothers go back home. Dean’s daughter, (Y/N) asks him to play dress up with her and he can’t say no.

Pairing: Father!Dean x Daughter!reader

Word count: 1,261

Warnings: None.

A/N: This was haaaaaard.


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“Daddy! Daddy!” The little girl called as Dean entered the bunker. Castiel and she were at the library, reading some of the few fairy tales the Men of Letters kept (for research of course). The angel had taken care of her while the brothers solved a case nearby.

The little girl was just five, but she was as clever as an older child and maybe even more. She memorized lore books like one memorizes their favourite song, and she was a real bad-ass that didn’t really feel frightened of monsters, for daddy would always keep her safe from them.

Dean ran to his daughter at the same time she jumped from Cas’ lap. They found each other very close to the stair case and melted into a loving hug. He had only been away for a week, but being so far away from his daughter made him feel like a day was ages.

“I miss you.” She mumbled, hiding her tiny face on the sweaty crook of his neck.

“I miss you too, (Y/N/N).” Dean replied. Sam and Cas stared at the scene lovingly from afar.

“Daddy!” She giggled, “I’m an old girl now, you have to call me by my full name.”

“Okay,” Dean smiled, and the girl pulled away to meet face to face with her father, “(Y/N) Winchester, I missed you.”

Another giggle left her lips and her chubby cheeks blushed. Dean fell in awe with his daughter, her innocence and her happiness in spite of the life she lived – the same life Dean grew up with, but not quite as traumatic for Dean knew better than his own father.

“Isn’t there going to be a hug for Uncle Sam?” Sam inquired, approaching the pair. The girl squealed and extended her arms for Sam to carry her.

After those minutes of rejoice and a meal prepared by Castiel – who had learned how to cook basic plates in order to babysit (Y/N) – Sam went to his room, Castiel went back to the library and Dean accompanied his daughter to that tiny bedroom beside his that they had adapted for her.

In spite of the military essence the whole bunker expelled, the cartoon bed-sheets and the bunch of Barbie dolls spread on the floor made it clear that a little girl slept there.

“Uncle Cas didn’t ask you to pick up, huh?” Dean muttered as he picked the dolls with each step he gave.

“Nope.” She shook her head nonchalantly.

Dean flopped on her bed, feeling the relief of the soft mattress. It had been an awfully rough hunt, and he was tired and bruised – although he wouldn’t admit it to his daughter – and he wanted to sleep for two days in a row.

(Y/N), on the other hand, craved to play with her dad. That’s why she walked confidently to her closet and opened the door to reveal lots of sparkling dresses Charlie, Kevin, Sam, Castiel, Jody and even Rowena had so kindly gifted her. Dean was the kind of dad to dress her girl like a tough kick-ass huntress, and he didn’t understand why a girl in such life would need princess dresses, but he didn’t complain when everyone else gave those ones to her.

“Daddy?” She inquired, looking back at her bed. Dean had his eyes shut, and he barely flinched at her voice.


“Can we play dress up?” Dean left a heavy sigh out, but he didn’t refuse; (Y/N) had a power over him nobody else had, and he couldn’t say no to her.

He stood up tiredly and walked towards her, sitting at the floor, right by her side. “What will we be today?”

“I was thinking we could be British fairies drinking tea.” She offered.

“You know fairies drink cream, not tea, right?” Dean mocked her. (Y/N) rolled her eyes and smiled at him.

“Of course I do.” She said, “But… The fairies in fairy tales aren’t that bad.”

“British fairies it is.”


“More tea, Mrs. Lollypopsprinkles?” (Y/N) asked in a fake British accent.  She was using her fairy wings, along with a hat that she felt look too British not to be British – when in reality it was a hand knitted beanie with a daisy pin – and one of her sparkling dresses.

“That would be lovely, thank you Miss Flowerbloomingelephant.” Dean replied with a perfect British accent.

They were at the bed, using a pillow as a table. (Y/N) grabbed the plastic teapot from the middle of the pillow and pretended to serve tea in Dean’s cup, unbalancing the whole tea set a little, but not enough for it to fall.

Dean had another knitted beanie, which of course looked more like a kippah on him, and a pink blanket over his shoulders to pretend a dress. (Y/N) stared at him as he took the recently served tea cup and pretended to drink it.

“You look so pale, Mrs. Lollypopsprinkles.” She observed.

“The cold weather, perhaps.” Dean replied, “The meadow had never faced a winter as cold as this.”

“I beg to differ.” Dean squinted at her word choice but didn’t go out of character. It was usual for (Y/N) to learn new words and expressions, for she read loads of grown up books. “I believe it’s a lack of colour.”

Dean knew where she was going.

He nodded and leaned back on the rest of the pillows left. (Y/N) chuckled, she always got what she wanted, and jumped out of bed to look for her make up bag without caring that the tea set had fallen off the pillow.

She grabbed the tiny pink bag and got back up. She opened it and took a small lipstick out.

“Pucker up.” She commanded and Dean did so, without worrying if he looked ridiculous.

It was a bubble gum pink lipstick, very creamy. But Dean allowed her to paint his usually pink lips and even outline them. Then, she took out a butterfly-shaped eyeshadow kit from which she picked lavender purple that was soon spread from his lash line to his eyebrows. Then, she took out the blush and spread it in a circle shaped across his defined cheekbones. She also added a few lines and dot here and there to make him look more fairies like.

“Now you don’t look pale.”  She giggled. Dean smiled foolishly at her to make her laugh – which she did.

“But you do look pale.” He commented.

(Y/N) extended the bag to him and Dean proceeded to paint her. He wasn’t a professional but he had seen so many women all over the years re-applying their makeup that it wasn’t that hard to get his daughter to look like a gorgeous fairy.

Pale pink lips, pink eyeshadow and a slight blush as well as glitter at her temples and a tiny heart drawn with a red lipstick at one of her cheeks. She was lovely.

(Y/N) took a tiny plastic mirror from her night table and stared at her reflection. “It’s so pretty!” She squealed and threw herself to her father’s arms. Dean received her into a warm hug. “Thank you, daddy.”


“Hey, Dean, I…” Sam stopped mid-sentence. He had his laptop in one hand and the door knob in the other. Dean and (Y/N) were still drinking imaginary tea  with their makeup on. “What are you doing?”

“Tea party.” (Y/N) replied.

“Can I play?” Sam inquired. (Y/N) and Dean shared a compliance look.

“You’ll need some colour, though.” Dean joked.

“I can handle that.” Sam was quick to respond.

“Then you’re welcome, Mrs. Hollymollymoose.”

*Requests are ALWAYS open.*

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twice before the close

My life closed twice before its close;
It yet remains to see
If Immortality unveil a third event to me,
So huge, so hopeless to conceive, 
As these that twice befell.
Parting is all we know of heaven,
And all we need of hell.”
- emily dickinson

 Remus stared at his reflection in the small mirror that was speckled with dirt, dust, and grime. If he moved just right, the jagged crack in the mirror would cover the scar that ran across his face, and he could pretend that the mirror was the only thing that was broken. Remus smiled bitterly at this thought, running his eyes over his face. He was old now. There was no denying the slight wrinkles and cracking scars that traced his face. There was no denying the weariness in his eyes. He was only thirty years old, but somewhere between a youth of wonderful chaos and years of twisted sadness, he had aged.

Standing in the small bathroom, he absentmindedly ran his thumb over the handle of the worn leather suitcase that he held in his hand. He let his finger follow the grooves of Professor R. J. Lupin carved on the top years ago. He remembered when he got this suitcase.  He never expected that it would accompany him for the past 12 years, or one day enclose everything in the world he held dear… Except one thing… Remus cut that thought off as quickly as it came. He would not think of him. Not today. No matter how much his heart bled and his ears rung with the silence of being alone, he would not think of him. He was not laughter, an infectious smile, he was not love, Sirius was anguish, and an ironic emptiness that Remus could do without. He was a traitor. Remus inhaled slowly maintaining bruising eye contact with his reflection trying to bore these thoughts into his mind. He would not go there. He would not let something as dangerous and harmless as nostalgia tear open the wound he had so carefully stitched up.

He stood there staring at himself in the mirror, willing the tension to uncoil from his arms. The clock ticked by slowly, and Remus waited for the thoughts that had come so suddenly to fade. Breathing in, Remus rested his finger on the indent of the J , and when he had thoroughly calmed his mind, he let the memory of the suitcase rush back to him. Something almost fond with a touch of longing bloomed in his chest.  He willingly let his friend’s faces slip into his mind, he let their laughter, and their words “Come on just accept it Moony. We all know that you’re going to become a swot of a teacher someday.” come back. The words that stained his suitcase with their generosity, came with a smile from the same black haired boy that had spoken them. Remus remembered the drunken warmth that had washed over him with that smile, and wished he could forget. He felt the familiar late sting of comfort from something gone, and wished he could forget. If he stopped moving, if he thought for too long, his friends laughing faces would steal all the air from his lungs, and leave him with nothing to breathe.

 So Remus stepped away from the crack in the mirror, and slowly shut the door to the bathroom. He walked slowly towards the front door, the only sound in the cottage being the click of his shoes on the wood floor and his own breath. Remus walked through the empty house, and stepped through the front door closing it hollowly behind him. He stood in the street, arm outstretched for the Knight Bus and momentarily forgot what was waiting for him at Hogwarts, and what would follow him there. The bus appeared with a whoosh and a bang and Remus got on with his small leather suitcase, and a sweet ache in his chest.

The Hogwarts Express glinted sunlight off of it’s bright red paint as it sat still on the tracks puffing up smoke as if it was a beast exhaling breath. The station was bathed in mid morning light, and mother’s wrapped their children up against the unusual September chill, kissing their cheeks and repeating casual warnings. Remus smiled slightly at the students he passed, and walked across the station the click of his boots following him. He carefully ignored the sick sense of being out of place that fluttered in his stomach. The cool breeze tingled his cheeks and contrasted the heat of the steam rising from the train, and Remus felt as if he had been pulled back in time to when he was eleven years old and holding his mother’s hand. Young kids scampered around the platform teasingly grabbing the back of their friend’s robes, and a younger sibling yelled to his mother about how unfair his brother was being. Remus grinned behind him at the commotion, allowed himself to bask in the warmth of the sun, and look around the station at the early-morning-world bustling by. Remus waited behind a knot of first years that had clogged the entrance to the Express with their attempts to cut in front of each other while stimultaneously yell back at their siblings and parents.

“Stop it! You’re going to hurt Lorenzo!” A small mousy faced girl pulled her cat out of harm’s way as another first year purposefully bumped into her. A stout woman, who had the stern face of a mother, spun her head around to reprimand the children and saw Remus patiently waiting to board the train.

“Helen, Oliver, out of the way. Let this man through.” The woman shook her head and smiled knowingly at Remus pulling her children by their arms off the stairwell.

Remus nodded politely and squeezed past the remaining children onto the train.  The express was unusually quiet, and Remus felt secretly grateful that he had arrived early enough to avoid the swarms of students scrabbling for a seat. He walked down the aisle glancing into the occasionally half full compartment until he reached one that sat empty and inviting. As Remus reached his hand out to slide open the door he realized with a pang of familiarity that this was his old compartment. It was the exact same one he had sat in for every trip to and from hogwarts for seven years.

Remus sat on one of the cushioned seats in silence listening to the methodical chug of the engine and chatter outside, and for the first time allowed himself to feel. He rested his head against the seat, retracted his hands into the sleeves of his sweater, and sat in the newfound feeling. It rested in his chest, not heavily, just present. It felt like a hearing the muffled tune of a song that had been lost for years. Remus eyes felt heavy, and although he had woken up hours ago, weariness from the moon and from simply living, dragged him down. He sat in the warm even air of the compartment and let the sounds of the outside world, and hum of the train, softly wash over him. The world became dreary and light and slowly began to slip away until it became something he could feel, but no longer quite grasp, like a gust of wind, it was there but only because he was conscious enough to feel it on his skin. Slowly and then all at once, the world went dark.

“Do you think we should wake em’?” Through Remus’ closed eyes he could hear a boy speaking in a Cockney accent.

Another voice disrupted him, and Remus slowly opened his eyes.

“No, Peter, better not… oh wait he’s awake.” Remus looked up at the laughing boy who had spoken last. He had round glasses perched on his face, dark skin,  and a mischievous grin. Remus blinked blearily at him and rubbed his eyes. The boy across from him boldly stuck out a hand.

“‘Morning, I’m James Potter.”

Remus looked around the compartment to see two more boys sitting nearby. One with a shock of blonde hair, who when he nervously squeaked out “Peter” was obviously the owner of the accent that had spoken before. Remus looked beside him and saw another one sitting ramrod straight for an 11 year old, with strikingly perfect features.  Remus’ eyes rested on him, and when the boy’s grey eyes intensely stared back, Remus remembered to speak.

“Oh… I’m Remus. I suppose you are all first years as well?” The boy nodded back at him, watching him with a slightly guarded expression. It was then that Remus realized, that although he had meant to address everyone, he had been staring at the dark haired boy instead. Remus tore his eyes away to see James grinning back at him.

“That’s Sirius by the way.” Remus nodded dumbly, still getting over the bleariness he felt from his nap and struggling to comprehend the conversation he was now in the midst of, and managed a weak smile.  James showed no interest in leaving Remus alone.

“Why were you sleeping?” James was still staring at him brightly, and Peter was doing the same his eyebrows furrowed with curiosity. Remus glanced around the compartment, taken off guard by the sudden polite interest all three boys had taken in him. His father’s warning from that morning flashed through his mind. Be careful Remus, don’t get too close to people, don’t make friends. It’s not safe. Suddenly he wished he was back with his parents.

“Err… I- I just didn’t sleep well last night.” The words tumbled out of Remus’ mouth haltingly, and he turned his head to the side to see Sirius still watching him.

Peter nodded politely, and James had leaned himself haphazardly against the seat where he was mercilessly biting the head off of a chocolate frog.

“What happened to your face?”

Sirius’ voice was had a proper lilt to it as if he had been raised in royalty, and when Remus looked at him  he didn’t see any signs of malice in his face, just an inquisitive look in his eyes that seemed to bore into Remus’ soul. James leaned across the compartment to kick Sirius in the shins, and Sirius jolted backwards feigning a counterattack while grinning.

“Sorry mate, you don’t have to answer that” James rolled his eyes at Sirius who was still watching Remus this time with a smile playing on his lips.  

“No, err, it’s okay” Remus paused subconsciously touching the long red scar that stretched from his right eye to his cheek, his heart pounding in his chest, as he fought to come up with something to say “I was attacked by an… animal when I was younger. That’s why I have scars.”

Remus dropped his eyes and played with the leather strap on his bag, desperately hoping that the other boys would accept this answer without question. Sirius opened his mouth to speak, but James’ foot came down on his, hard this time, and he only emitted a small sound of protest. There was a beat of awkward silence that Peter finally broke.

“Sorry mate.”

Remus nodded clearly uncomfortable, and the compartment relapsed into tense silence aside from James’ soft chewing. The only person who didn’t seem uncomfortable was Sirius. Remus opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again realizing that it was no use. No matter what he said now to try to appear cool, he was forever marked as the weird boy covered in scars. Remus sighed, and he felt a sinking disappointment in himself for hoping for anything different.

Much to Remus’ surprise James continued on cheerfully, as if the stranger in front of him hadn’t just revealed something incredibly personal.

“So what house do you think you’ll be in? I’m going to be Gryffindor. My whole family has been.”

Peter looked at James “If your family was in a certain house does that mean you will too?”

James nodded in response, and popped the rest of the chocolate into his mouth nonchalantly.

“So that means you’ll be in Slytherin then?” Peter asked turning to Sirius.

Sirius’ grey eyes turned cold, and he stared at Peter with haughty anger. Peter must have realized he had done something wrong, Remus thought, because he seemed to immediately retract into his seat under Sirius’ intimidating glare. Before the mousy boy could stutter out an apology Sirius cut him off.

“No. I’m nothing like my family. I’d rather leave Hogwarts than be in Slytherin with my cousins. I’m going to be a Gryffindor like James.”

Remus looked out the window at the endless green fields rolling by hoping to avoid Sirius’ sudden glower.

“That’s a lad! Gryffindor is the best house after all.” James grinned jokingly seeming not to have noticed the sudden strain in the air.

Peter remained silent and now had his eyes fixed anywhere but Sirius.

“Where will you be Remus?” Remus heard Sirius’ articulate voice speak again, this time much more friendly.

“I’m not sure. No one really knows until they’re sorted. My dad was a Ravenclaw, and I like to read and stuff, so I probably will be too.”

“Well for what it’s worth, I hope you’re Gryffindor.” Sirius grinned at Remus with a smile that made his stomach flip.

“Yeah, me too.” Remus smiled to himself and leaned his head against the foggy window, as the boys went back to talking among themselves. He felt the nerves that had sickened him the moment he stepped on the train and wracked him into a fitful sleep, fade away.

“Ravenclaws are good too I suppose. They’re fairly nice blokes, and I’m sure they can help with assignments in a pinch…” James continued to ramble seemingly unaware of anyone else. Remus wondered how James could feign such knowledge having never been to Hogwarts. James turned to Peter.

“What about you Pete?”

Peter shrugged, still subdued by Sirius’ outburst. James leaned forward across the red cushions holding one hand to his temple, and waving the other back and forth in front of Peter’s face. He screwed up his face in faux mysticism and took in a deep breath.

“I predict… that you will be… a Hufflepuff! No! A Gryffindor” James waved himself back and forth dramatically as the boys laughed at him, and dropped backwards onto the seat, “The seer has spoken” his hand shot up from the cushions and Peter sat before him laughing and redfaced with the new attention.

“Wait, wait, my turn now” Sirius was grinning with a smile that seemed to transform him from the person he had been seconds ago.

James sat up and propped himself up on his elbows stretching across Peter and Remus to lean closer to Sirius.

“Hmm..” Sirius was inches away from James and had a serious searching look in his eyes “You’re… oh my god… you’re” the compartment sat with bated breath and smiles as Sirius slowly paused “you’re an idiot”.

James flung an arm around Sirius’ neck and wrestled him into the seat, and Remus turned away laughing occasionally catching a stray foot or insult from the other two. He sat smiling to himself, but couldn’t help but feel out of place. It was like he was watching a play, it was something that made him laugh, but he was acutely aware that it was not something he was not a part of. Remus picked at the beds of his fingernails and turned to Peter to try to quell the awkwardness he felt.

“So” he nodded towards James and Sirius who were now in a heated game of rock paper scissors, “are they best friends or something?”

If it hadn’t been for James’ dark skin and Sirius’ chiseled appearance, he would have assumed they were brothers. Peter shook his head busy folding a piece of paper in his lap.

“No, they just met on the train. James was here first, and Sirius came to sit with him to escape his family” he looked at Remus and shrugged “I guess he doesn’t like them much. Anyways I sat with them after they had met, but I thought that they already knew each other too. Apparently not though, I guess great minds just think alike” Peter nodded with raised eyebrows to Sirius and James, who were both now trying to pelt each other with Berty Botts Every Flavor Beans.

Remus laughed again, and James and Sirius settled down. Remus was momentarily distracted by Sirius’ long fingers winding his black hair into a small ponytail at the base of his neck, and Remus frowned at this thought as James bumped into him trying to scramble into his window seat. Remus smiled at James apologetically, and wondered why he was so absent today.

“So, Remus, where are you from?” Sirius leaned casually beside him stretching his legs out until the soles of his shoes almost hit Remus’ thighs.

“Oh, well I live in Leicester, but I was born in Ireland, although we moved away when I was five.”

“Ohhh Irish, I see matey” James said in a mock Irish accent.

“Oy, he’s Irish not a bloody pirate” Sirius rolled his eyes at James’ who was now pretending to play the bagpipes.

Remus laughed “Yeah also they don’t play the bagpipes in Ireland. Just Scotland”.

James shrugged and continued on until Sirius threw a pumpkin pasty at him. Remus allowed the rest of the ride to pass in comfortable silence as the boys chattered around him occasionally throwing a question his way. He sat with his curls and cheek smushed against the cold glass, and peacefully watched the towns turn to countryside, and the countryside turn to thick forests and jagged cliffs.

An hour later the train pulled into the station letting out one last puff of air from the smokestack. The boys shuffled around each other to grab their various luggage, and Remus was surprised when James grabbed his arm to lead him out of the train, as Remus tried to quietly slip away.

“Where are you going?”

Remus wasn’t sure how to tell James that he wasn’t supposed to do this. He was dangerous, that much he knew, and his father’s warning still echoed in his head. Remus stared back at James with a lump in his throat, grasping for the words to describe how much of a freak he was. Before any excuse could slip from his mouth James smiled warmly at him and lead him confidently down the aisle. Remus gripped his suitcase with pent up excitement and nerves, and let himself be shunted along between the other three boys.

In the commotion of students and bustling crowd Remus weaved in and out trying to not lose the head of Hagrid the gamekeeper who was supposed to be leading them to the castle. Their bags had been taken long ago, and all that Remus could see was the heads of other students and the black path ahead of them. Suddenly up ahead students swarmed gasping around an unknown sight, and Remus began to push his way forward.  He  ran up the hill to keep up, and burst through a stray thicket of bushes to be greeted by the sight of the castle rising out of forests and rocky crags. The evening light bathed the spires and glittered off of the vast lake in front of them. It seemed as if the whole world had been painted with the sole purpose of leaving them completely dumbstruck. Peter elbowed him and pointed, and for a second Remus’ worries weren’t with the moon that hung in the sky. He looked at the new world before him, and felt a sense of camaraderie with the other first years in his pure anxiousness and excitement. For the first time Remus thought that his dad might be wrong. Maybe things could be okay. Maybe if he was careful, really really careful, he could have a flicker of normality too. Maybe if he was really lucky, he could even make friends.

This is the first chapter of my fic “Twice Before the Close” which will be published on ao3 (soon not yet) and tumblr.  It will follow Remus and the marauders throughout their years at Hogwarts and afterwards, until the story ultimately comes back to where it began. On a compartment of the Hogwarts Express. 

thank you to @amortentiando for reading my writing and constantly consoling me over every little decision. Also for crying over wolfstar with me, and helping me brainstorm the idea for this fic through many many rough drafts.  

And thank you to @captofthesswolfstar for indoctrinating me into this fandom with We Were Infinite, and ultimately inspiring me to pick up a pen (or computer) and write myself. 

russ vans and kittens

The aftermath of today’s clip, with 100% more kittens. Read it on AO3!


Sana slumps down onto the seat in the van and giggles.

“I love you guys so much,” she says with a grin, “and I’m so s-”

Eva dives on top of her, and puts her hand over her mouth. “We know, Sana,” she grins. “And we forgive you. We’re actually sorry it took this long for us to realise what was happening.”

Sana tries to smile, but Eva’s hand is still covering her mouth. Sana giggles again and licks it, and Eva pulls it back immediately. “Ew! Never mind. Chris, turn the van around!”

Sana’s face hurts from smiling too much, and it gets even wider with what Noora says next.

“So we talked to your brother,” she says, grinning. “And he says the best way to cheer you up is kittens.”

With that, She lifts two boxes onto the seat that Sana hadn’t noticed before, and opens the doors, to let 5 kittens out into the back of the van.

Sana is lost for words, an expression of pure delight on her face.

Keep reading

Doctor au

This was the blessed @mvjoey ’s idea so here goes:

Phichit drummed his manicured nails impatiently against the polished wood of the reception desk, watching the exchange between his friend, Yuuri and his assistant, Viktor.

“How many days have they been working together, again?” Phichit asked, taking a sip of water from the cup Christophe had provided him earlier.

“Six months, two weeks and three days.” Christophe replied, quickly scribbling down some notes into a file, reaching behind him and placing it in the stuffed cabinet.

“And they’re still not banging?” Phichit asked, turning to look at the receptionist.

“Viktor hasn’t told be anything, and he usually tells me everything.” Christophe shrugged, smiling to greet a passing woman. “Good morning Helen! How’s the husband? Still terrible in bed?”

“Still. It’s been fifteen years, can you believe it?” The woman sighed, tucking an auburn lock behind her ear.

“Such a shame, he really is handsome. I might have to steal him from you, teach him a couple things.”

“Can I join?” The woman grinned dubiously, breaking into a laugh. “I’m only joking, don’t worry.”

“Its quite alright. Just go straight through, love, Gracie’s missed you so much, bless her heart.”

“I’ll be seeing you!” The woman called, strutting down the hall.

“Were you seriously going to try steal her husband?” Phichit asked, leaning against the desk.

“Hell no.” Christophe snorted. “The man may be drop dead gorgeous but he’s straighter than the poles I dance on at the weekend.”

“I just don’t get it.” Phichit sighed, turning his attention back to Yuuri and Viktor in the corner of the room. “Their feelings are an obviously mutual, how the hell can they not see it?”

“I honestly have no idea. I’ve never seen Viktor this lovesick in my entire life maybe he’s scared of what might happen if he admits his feelings?” Christophe shrugged, stamping another sheet of paper.

“-Nice braids, Plisetsky!” Called JJ, the psychologist as he sauntered through the hall, followed by an army of small boys in hospital gowns and pyjamas waving action figures about.

“Nice toys JJ, you get them with the happy meal your mommy bought you?” The nurse shot back, the tirade of little girls pulling faces at JJ.

“THESE ARE LIMITED EDITION COLLECTORS ITEMS! HOW DARE YOU!” JJ yelled from across the room, clutching a red ranger doll close to his chest.

“DON’T SHOUT AT YURA! YOU’RE A MEANIE JJ!” One of the little girls shouted, waving a pink wand at JJ.

“YURIS ANGELS ATTAAAACK!” screamed a small brunette girl.

“KNIGHTS OF KING JJ! DEFEND HIS ROYAL AWESOMENESS!” Screeched a little black haired boy, waving a cardboard sword in the air.

“Dear god not ANOTHER turf war…” Phichit groaned, leaning back on the desk.

“Looks like it is.” Christophe sighed, thumbing through a file. “Ear plugs?” He offered, holding up a small box.

“Christophe Giacometti, you are a goddamn saint.” Phichit sighed gratefully, taking the box.

“I know.”