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Nightengale Needles has FIVE NEW Pride flags available!

Just in time for Christmas shipping, we’re proud to announce the availability of the Lesbian, Polysexual/Polyromantic, Greysexual/Gray-Ace, Demigirl, and Demiboy pride flags for our customizable Pride Pal Monster plushes and Mini Pride Hearts!

Our 22 styles of pride hearts are made from ultra soft printed minky that you just have to touch to believe. Get one to show your love and support for family and friends before our Christmas shipping deadlines, or treat yourself to a little something this holiday season.

***We also offer a special Stealth heart, the design of which will never be shown on the internet, for those that are currently stuck in an unsafe situation. If you buy or are gifted one of these hearts, and you later find yourself living in safety, just contact us online or at-con and we’ll exchange your stealth heart for your flag of choice with no extra cost to you***

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Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has been racially harassed on Twitter.

The new Ghostbusters movie is finally out but it’s already receiving a lot of hate. And you have to be dumb not to guess what exactly most people (*cough* white people *cough*) are dissatisfied with.

So one of the characters, Patty Tolan, is portrayed by a Black actress and comedian, Leslie Jones. Last night she was attacked by an army of fans of Milo Yiannopoulos, an Islamophobic British journalist who writes for, after he published his review of the movie, in which he, among other things, said:

Patty is the worst of the lot. The actress is spectacularly unappealing, even relative to the rest of the odious cast. But it’s her flat-as-a-pancake black stylings that ought to have irritated the SJWs. I don’t get offended by such things, but they should.

Jones received a colossal amount of disrespectful hateful tweets, while Yiannopoulos was having fun.

Fellow actors and other people supported Leslie by expressing their thoughts on Twitter with #LoveForLeslieJ.

#LoveForLeslieJ   #RepresentationMatters 

#Ghostbusters #BlackExcellence

Slytherin girls who offer to wing each other’s eyeliner. Slytherin girls who stay up late in quiet groups in the common room and everyone thinks they’re plotting something but really they’re just studying because Ravenclaws aren’t the only ones with good grades. Slytherin girls who complete mock unbreakable vows that they’ll never share each other’s deepest darkest secrets. Slytherin girls who always have each other’s backs and aren’t afraid to go after anyone who disrespects them. Slytherin girls who act dark and mysterious but have lip synching battles in their underwear late at night.

Gryffindor girls who climb the trees on the edge of the forbidden forest and just talk for hours. Gryffindor girls who can and will take down the boys who sit in the common room and make sexist remarks. Gryffindor girls who all wear bright red lipstick and always braid their hair when there’s a Quidditch game. Gryffindor girls who don’t understand what’s up with all the attention Harry and his friends always get because any of them would be just as willing to stand up to Voldemort. Gryffindor girls who stay up all night, drinking smuggled fire whiskey and ranting in drunken slurs about how much they hate Slytherin house.

Ravenclaw girls who have struck fear into their enemies’ hearts because no one should be that intelligent. Ravenclaw girls who paint each other’s nails while discussing the new book they’ve all been reading. Ravenclaw girls who cover for each other when one of them forgot to do homework because they were too busy working on a brilliant idea they had for a new piece of music they were composing the night before. Ravenclaw girls who never go to the bathrooms alone because they’ve figured out that bad things happen. Ravenclaw girls who lay on each others’ beds and play with their hair while having deep 3am conversations on a school night.

Hufflepuff girls who vow to remain friends even after they’ve all graduated and gone their separate ways. Hufflepuff girls leaving random inspirational notes in each others’ school books. Hufflepuff girls who are usually well-tempered until someone from another house makes fun of them, then all hell breaks loose. Hufflepuff girls who come up with secret languages so that they can pass notes during potions class and giggle when Snape tries to decipher a note about how terrible his teaching is. Hufflepuff girls who always make plans of growing a giant garden full of magical plants together, but just end up eating their body weight in desserts they’ve swiped from the kitchen.