girl power!!!!!

Beauty and the Box

This one goes out
to girls young and old
who don’t feel pretty or feminine,
courageous or bold:
you are more than your looks
and the clothes that you wear,
each one of you is different,
and every one of you, rare.

The young mum with the stretch marks
across her belly and skin,
who is told how to hide them,
and that they shouldn’t be seen.
But human scars show we’re tough,
we’re resilient and strong.
Those brush strokes are beautiful:
they’re right where they belong.

The bigboned Latina,
with curves of a queen,
struggles again to fit into new jeans
that the size charts tell her will hug tight at her figure
and maybe they would…
if they were made slightly bigger
and catered for hips, for curves or love handles
because beauty includes different contours and angles.

Society, we’re ready
it’s our time, we’re right here,
to rise against all your standards,
we won’t show any fear!
Every young girl out there
has the right to ‘fit in’,
no matter her size
or what covers her skin.
Our scars and stretch marks
should not be something to hide.
We should wear our 'tiger stripes’ with strong womanly pride.
We are pretty and feminine,
Courageous and bold
We have to believe it
no matter what we are told.
Articles all tell us just “how to look good”
rather than building us up,
as we are,
like they should.

The 'non descript’ girl with words in her veins
spills these words with a hope that society will change,
for the sake of all people who “don’t quite fit in”
To the small box that society says 'beauty’ is in.