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My Little Pony: Equestria Girls - Summertime Shorts: Coinky-Dink World, Good Vibes (1080p)

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Girl meets world for the tv show thing :)

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In no particular order:

1.The universal answer: No triangle. There are a lot of ways that could have taken the characters on the same or incredibly similar emotional journeys that didn’t involve a tired cliche of a plot device and such half-assed explanations and writing that called into the question the validity of everything they spent a season and a half prior to it trying to sell us. And also wouldn’t have involved such overcompensation in the aftermath…

2. Riley and Maya would have started their friendship in season one at the same level as Cory and Shawn on season one of Boy Meets World and we would have gotten to see their friendship develop into epic levels instead of being told how amazing it was with occasional poignant moments but no longstanding substantial evidence to back it up. 

3. Harper would have gotten to be the Mr. Turner-esque cool teacher that we got start having class with more often than Cory, allowing Cory to be more of a father figure and less of a ham-fisted lesson delivery system.

4. The lesson in GM Mr. Squirrels would never have happened.  Instead the constant insults=humor and a sign of love and friendship (from all directions) would have been addressed. They would have talked about how there was a time and place for these things and how people may accept certain things but that boundaries still exist that you have to respect. And that it doesn’t matter that for the person saying the words or doing the thing it was coming from a place of love, if the person the words or thing is directed at doesn’t feel that way. Also that the physical stuff like pinching as a manner of behavior modification is never ok.

5. Parental involvement in Rileytown. Parental involvement in Rileytown. Parental involvement in Rileytown. Parental involvement in Rileytown. Parental involvement in Rileytown.

Send me a show; I’ll tell you 5 things I’d change!

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Hi, just dropping by to thank you for suggesting Poco's Udon World, I've just finished it 😭 I have to say that I prefer Barakamon, but it was still great, heart-warming and way too short.. Ahhh I'm gonna miss my babies (because Souta is also my bby oh boi)

I’m so happy you liked Poco’s!!! It’s indeed a very beautiful anime that totally deserves a season two (because I refuse to think it could end just like that!). I miss all of them so much :,( 


remember when President Snow had a family

And his oldest daughter was vengeful murderer Amy Dunne

And Pirate King Elizabeth Swan was his second oldest

And his middle child was a nurse from Asgard

And Daisy Buchanan followed Johanna Mason of District 7 everywhere

And President Snow was cousins with Lord Cutler Becket, who was shut down by Elizabeth Swan who held a gun to him

And Dr. Harrison moved in from Cranford and fell in love with Amy Dunne

And The Sherrif of Nottingham went with him and he fell in love with Elizabeth Swan

But Elizabeth Swan and the Sheriff had an argument over Prince Albert

And that’s why Mrs. Bennet has poor nerves

because I do


All 4 big winners at the Emmys were about and starred women. Some of the women are powerful, some are in love with each other, some hold their friendships closely, and some are just trying to survive.

Congrats to Veep (Best Comedy Series), Big Little Lies (Best Limited Series), San Junipero (Best Movie), and The Handmaid’s Tale (Best Drama Series). Well deserved winners, all!
Berserk Creator Reveals He Based Band of the Hawk on High School Friendship
Berserk manga creator Kentarou Miura spoke at the "Hakusensha Sokujitsu Debut Manga Shō" (Hakusensha Same-Day Debut Manga Awards) event on Sunday. Members...

Kentaro Miura recently gave a lecture for aspring manga artists over the weekend at Hakusensha Same-Day Debut Manga Awards. 

More info not mentioned in ANN’s article (via Fakul from reddit)

  • First, he talks about how to get ideas.As examples for getting ideas by combining elements he uses “Girls&Panzer”(Tanks+Club activities), “KanColle”(Pretty girls+morphing into battleships) and “Restaurant to Another World”(Food+fantasy).
  • Then he goes on to explain to keep the advantages and disadvantages of your genre in mind, using isekai as example.
  • In regards to Berserk’s Guts, Griffith is a character who draws out impatience, fighting spirit and loneliness, Puck is “relaxation, laughter and a "seriousness crusher”“, the current Casca is "a character who draws out feelings of guilt, uneasiness and pity”.
  • By arranging the characters with the intention to pull a certain something about Guts to the surface, he becomes a multifaceted protagonist.
  • He finishes with stating to keep a balance between using established molds and coming up with original stuff, as original doesn’t necessary mean good.