girl on my wall

all I want is a boy to hold me and call me beautiful and play with my hair and go on late night drives with me. I want a boy to go to carnivals with and movies with and someone I take can naps with my head on his chest. I wanna be able to go on dates where he can’t stop smiling because of how pretty he thinks I am and stuff but then when we get home I want him to shove me against a wall and wrap his hand around my neck while telling me what a fucking whore I am. I want him to turn me around and slap my ass, then grab it so hard that he can see my pussy spreading. I want him to ask me who’s ass it is, and then when I tell him it’s mine I want him to force me on my knees and gag me with his cock because good girls know that it’s always daddy’s ass.

yanno. casual things.

13 year old girl vs The Wall

We just started a new campaign, this time we began as slaves in a battle royal against 3 gladiators.

Cleric: rolls to attack and misses

Gladiator 1 (6'2" with halberd): HAHAHA puny human I will crush you! No one can topple The Wall!

Our 5ft tall half orc ranger child: “I don’t need to topple the wall if I can climb it!” rolls an athletics check to scale the gladiator, passes, then proceeds to attack his exposed neck and rolls a 17 and a nat 20 on a dual short sword attack and nearly removes The Walls head from his body.

Our 13 year old girl toppled The Wall saving the cleric’s life