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This be my belly after I’ve had a Chinese and a brownie 👅 a lot of people want to know how to maintain a flat stomach, the answer is ur bff WATER 💦
Which leads me to my tip of the day:
The inactive person should drink 2.5 liters of water a day. Someone who works out should drink 3-4 liters a day and always remember to drink dat h2O during your workout.
If you aren’t drinking enough aqua and you get dehydrated this leads to a rise in body temp, extra strain on ur heart, lungs & circulation and impairs performance in the gym.
You should drink 400-600ml about 2 hours before your workout.
Also coconut water is the new thing, it has fewer calories, is good for ur skin, boosts hydration and reduces blood pressure (there’s a lot more benefits so try the shit) 👀🤘🏻

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Who would the BatB characters be in Anastasia (musical)?

@forr-everrmorre get your giddy ass over here, someone’s wandered into this ask box thinking i know about the other russian musical when,, truly, my heart is only claimed by dave malloy’s musical about playing accordians in a 1990s techno bar